Dustin Williams Video: The Last Drive With My R34 GTR in Japan.. | RIPPING JAPAN MOUNTAIN ROADS

Posted: 2023-05-01 18:00:31
Author: Dustin Williams
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It’s true.. This is the last touge run with my r34 gtr in japan. The registrations up, the engine build is happening, and it’s time to move on. The r34 gets imported in november, so i wanted to one last touge run with my gtr and all my friends. in today’s video, we take a trip to one of our favorite spots, hakone, to run touge and have one last trip in the R34 GTR.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Over the past four years of owning my R34 GTR in Japan I’ve had the amazing opportunity to drive some of Japan’s best roads from Initial D Toge all the way to Fast and Furious drifting locations my R34 GTR has been there every step of the way now when one door

Closes another one opens and in a way today one of my doors is closing thank you Ohio good morning guys welcome back for another adventure actually our last adventure of this trip here in Japan we just met up with our good friend Maya arito we have Masa here and we have albu here and we are all heading to one of my favorite spots in Japan hokone and this

Is one of my favorite things to do in Japan is just go on road trips with all of our friends and go on a pure driving road trip that’s what we’re doing today we’re gonna go run Toge and hokone go see hakone Shrine and just have a full

Fun day we always get bitten by the uh I kind of fall yeah yeah right you can’t see anything it’s like Initial D it’s awesome but today today is gonna be good it is gonna be different this is one of my favorite things to do in Japan when

We all get together and just go drive now this is like a a mini scale of like the many road trips that we’ve done because ahone is the closest place yeah but we had to do like the last maybe the last drive with your GTR and really it

Might be the very last drive with my 34 because if you guys watched the last video uh the engine build is underway and by the time I come back here my car might be torn apart and also my registration actually and yep so we might be moving on to the neck

We’ll say the next thing so in Japan there’s this concept called restaurant can you guess what restaurant yes restaurant so this is kind of our last run well maybe with with the with the 34. in Japan and I thought there’s no better place or no better way than to

Get all of our best friends here and go run one of our favorite spots to be in all of Japan still one of my favorite trips to this day is when you and I went and stayed at the Airbnb in hakone that one night and went toe gate hunting and

Awesome went into Target together sorry for another time that’s a that’s a fun Turtle story but anyways we’re all gonna get together and spend one last day in hakone potentially with the R34 GTR you guys saw Maya on the last video I think when we’re when we were in daikoku she

Actually brought her 8-6 tonight and not the Supra but this thing is actually really cool because this is the 86 Cup car which means it comes OEM with is it unlocked yeah there you go uh OEM with a built-in cage like this is the Toyota race version of the 86 this is what

She’s been learning how to race in auridosan has been teaching her a little bit and uh you’ve been doing a ton of different driving right so like have you rally drifting uh circuit that’s so cool yeah I can drive this car um rally drift to the different tires I’m

Learning how to Rally with this there that’s so crazy you’re just learning everything yeah that’s so cool let’s go So our usual Meetup spot for hokone is this PA called Ebina Ebina is like a massive threat behind me I’ll show you when we’re leaving but a massive PA with a ton of spots to eat and like a little combini but a specialty of Ebina is something called melon Pond which is

Kind of like sweet melon bread and it’s absolutely delicious you guys know when you’re watching like Japanese anime and they like just eat bread this is what I imagine the reading you know like when you just see them eating like a loaf of bread like this is what I think of when

I when I see that the meat buns yeah We haven’t done a Toge video in a super long time so this is gonna be great Thank you foreign We have made it and it is absolutely sick look at the view of Mount Fuji that’s crazy also we stumbled across some testing for the new Prius I mean dude it was HKS I know it was an HKS Prius on the Toge testing their hypermax suspension and now

Tame and Blitz and I’m sure it’s like a big testing day for the Prius which is so funny because who would have thought the Prius would be at this point where like it’s actually okay I actually I actually think that looks good it’s crazy that all these JDM brands are

Testing it right now to be honest you know Okay gonna go on our first run for today now there’s multiple different Toge in hokone but we’re probably gonna do the most iconic which is the hokone turnpike when we get down to the bottom I’ll show you guys what it looks like we’ve done it a million times but one of the

Pinnacle tailgates there’s there’s a ton here but the turnpike is like the hokane Toge Okay first run we’re gonna make it down to the Oklahoma Turnpike and then get started gonna make sure there’s no speed checks before we bomb the token The iconic start location for Hulk hon intern but you guys have seen this so much of my videos but that’s because it really is one of the best spots if you guys ever visit Japan you’ve got to come to hakone tons of just crazy cars always bombing the hill we’re gonna start here

And run up the turnpike I’ll be following Alba today yeah should be pretty fun are going to maintain the speed limit yes it’s gonna get really fast up to the speed limit that we’re gonna maintain of course all the way through that’s the goal yeah let’s do it

First targeted run of the trip foreign Such great Toge that was so good just floor it yeah exactly something another famous spot here at hokone is the Sky Lounge where you can actually get like a super sick view of the whole Kone scenery amazing lunch and I want to quickly show you guys the view of

So incredible later on when the sun sets a little bit we’re gonna go park and get some more shots in front of Mount Fuji some super sick cars out here today fl5 this beautiful RX7 I love seeing an older guy drive like a Japanese 90s JDM

Car you know it’s like OG that’s gonna be us one day that is all right before we continue on with our awesome little Toge day I need gas this the 34 overtime has has begun to start just guzzling gas and I can just tell the engine’s getting tired which is

Honestly kind of good that’s happening right now because we are getting Midori High spec engine so she’s been good to me the past four years in Japan though Thank you finally gassed up and good to go we had to drive around the entire town of Oklahoma to find gas but we actually unknowingly ended up one of my favorite spots here in hokone which is the other side of Lake Ashi check out this view absolutely beautiful by far one of the

Most beautiful places in all of Japan look at this it’s pretty damn amazing okay taking the view now let’s go drive now this is a very important tradition that we have in coming up on a and that’s visiting hakone Shrine we give offerings for safe driving so we go do

Together runs we have special luck from Pokemon All right [Applause] Foreign Out of a nine-headed Dragon film Hey secured our omori and our good luck from hokone Shrine now we’re heading to our next toga location which is another one that I haven’t shown much last time over all together we actually ran it’s called ashinoko’s Skyline and that is probably that’s like it’s like not as

Known as Turnpike but I think it might be a little bit better than turnpike I think so it’s better than because I remember last time yes I slipped I do remember that that was fun that was fun Thank you Thank you Look at this View Now that that starts the toga so this is actually a pretty cool little cafe at the top of our snoka Skyline you can get coffee ice cream I like a little rest area before you actually hit okay Ice cream was amazing but now it’s time for Toge runs super excited to have the crew together and this is a really really great Road [Applause] thank you Today’s the best kind of day just chill chill Drives together actually naitoke is the best still coming for like a full day of just driving is really really awesome thank you well the good old hokane lock we could never catch Fuji when it’s clear Initial D curse eventually we’ll be here

And we’ll be able to catch a clear view of Mount Fuji to get a sick shot but it just means you got to come back right I know and even if this was the very last run in the 34 today was incredible dude the Toby runs today where roads were

Clear it was warm it was sticky it was awesome and no cops yeah no pedestrians this is a magical place the cops don’t exist uh well this is a perfect day success perfect day we’re gonna be heading home from hokone now going to grab some dinner but man what an amazing

Day and what a great way to end just being here driving with friends all day that’s what it’s all about I’m super freaking stoked okay last hogar run of the day and then we’re gonna head out Oh quick pit stop combini run and grab some coffee grab a little snack and then hour drive to dinner the best events quite a little snap in America do you have funny eat it now no I feel like it would be a hit it’d be great One thing I wish I could take to Japan to America is convenient Oh this is for this Christmas Thank you foreign Thank you so after dinner get to check out jamonosan’s fl5 with all the spoon Goods on it so this one I think has the this one has the springs on it yeah the spoon Springs oh I want to hear the exhaust what does it come out exhaust when does the exhaust come out

Oh this week oh I have to go to him oh oh yeah that’s good that’s good With those last stop for tonight before we head back to the Airbnb this is my last night in Japan until our next trip in August so a nice little midnight run I am absolutely exhausted but I wanted to stop at my favorite PA what am I one of

My favorite Pas it’s very well might be the last night that I’m driving at 34. so we stopped here at Tatsumi PA number two usually we go to one but one is closed also has a very similar view to pitatsumi one it’s still super sick if

This is the last PA the R34 goes to I’m happy it’s Tatsumi PA number two just something about the City View at night with the cars in the foreground and the city in the background it’s just so freaking awesome never gets old I think this is where we’re gonna end it thank you guys so much for watching hope you enjoyed the Japan Series this time we had an amazing final day running together all day this year and then of course ending at Tatsumi PA it’s just absolute best and I’m so happy that you

Guys enjoy and that you watch and allow me to do this we’re gonna enjoy the ride back home foreign Come here