Dustin Williams Video: The FL5 Type R Gets FULL VARIS JAPAN CARBON KIT!

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-13 17:00:08
Author: Dustin Williams
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The last and final SEMA build… in today’s video, we install the all new Varis Japan Carbon fiber lip kit on the FL5 Honda Civic Type R! This includes a carbon front lip, dry carbon hood, and a carbon fiber wing!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Every morning so I remember the goal good morning guys we’ve been waiting for this for a very long time and uh yeah I uh think I forgot about all of that all we need is uh this one for today PRL I come bearing gifts some MI exciting things number one this but

We’ll talk about this in just a bit look what we got Tim okay you know what this is I do but I don’t know what that is you don’t know what this is Amazon no can’t see I think everybody is going to be excited about this package I need a knife check this

Out it’s phone holy we all know what this is everybody that’s been watching the channel for years knows how long I’ve been talking about a shop scale hold that for me and today it finally showed up we got a shop scale so as if this month couldn’t get

Any busier as you guys saw we’ve been working on the HKS r33 unfortunately we’ve had a runin with a couple of parts that we had problems with I was going to explain it but you guys should just watch the the video when it comes out so

We’re going to be taking a break on the r33 and I figured today would be a perfect day to kind of reveal and show you guys what our last and final SEMA build is and probably one of the most exciting builds that we have this year

Finally our last and final SEMA build of the year is going to be the fl5 thaon now this is super tight because this car is also going to be at the raise boot we’ve had the amazing opportunity for the past couple of years to show off our cars at the raise Booth

So this year we’re going to have the 33 at the Advan racing booth and we’re going to have the fl5 at the rais Boost they’ll be right next to each other which is the coolest thing ever raising ADV right next to each other but we also

Have a really killer spot it’s kind of like right in the center of central Hall at SEMA and it’s so cool to get to see both of my cars there this year what we will get to see what makes the fo5 super exciting is this right here so I don’t

Know if it’s the first but it’s very close to the first we have one of the very first varis full kits for the fo5 everything that they have available to us right now we have right here so Hood Wing front lip we are doing the full

Vars kit today and it’s going to be absolutely sick first off let’s talk about the hood here so when ordering this kit it took us about 6 months to get the kit which was crazy but they actually upgraded us to the uh the carbon plus option on the

Hood their carbon plus option is a dry carbon option and we opted to actually take this to the body shop and get it cleared so that it would match both the wing and the front lip which we’ll show you guys everything else as we start to go throughout the day but for today’s

Video we are doing the full vars fl5 kit it’s going to be sick it’s going to be full of carbon and I think it’s going to be a massive and awesome upgrade to what we have currently on the f45 so I I definitely think first off

We’re going to go ahead and knock out the hood since it’s already on rout it’s probably the e easiest thing to do for today the the hood you know four bolts hey you know what we can do weigh this yes this is aluminum right yes it would

Be yeah aluminum so I’m curious to see what the aluminum weight is versus the new varus carbon you guys probably comment and say that vars just released new pictures of their full kit they did and so hopefully you know after this we can get the full kit whenever it

Actually releases but in the time of filming this that kit is not released yet so this is what is actually available on everything you can get the hood front lip and the wing there we go oh now what we’re going to do is can you hold this by yourself it’s pretty light

It’s it’s really light so the OEM hoods aluminum okay how what do I weigh here 190 we’ll say 196 what am I with the hood 215 215. 6ish 20 lb oh okay that’s it I’m going to pop this guy back in here I can’t believe it goes in that good that’s pretty

Awesome the fact that we are actually building a varis Type R for SEMA is crazy I’m trying to like wrap my head around it the whole time or modifying this but I mean not only are we going to have the varus WX we’re about to have a

Vars fl5 that is insane I’m going to say it’s like a couple pounds lighter couple I think a couple yeah I don’t think it’s going to be anything super I’m going to say five all right let’s oh this is this feels significantly lighter actually 3 and 12 okay so remember I was

196 holy crap holy crap that’s a lot we’re going from a 20 lb hood that is a huge weight that’s 8 lb so this is 12 lb the previous H was 20 that’s a that’s big I really wanted to leave the top of the hood dry carbon but it just

Wouldn’t have looked right with everything else not being dry carbon and there was some imperfections yeah yeah of course with dry carbon you’re not going to have that nice clear look like we do with it cleared but it’ll be a little Easter egg for all of us I mean

Having the dry carbon underneath the quality and the weave of this is insane I’m in love um and that’s also why we didn’t paint it we wanted to show off the carbon the quality of the carbon for SEMA so so let’s go ahead and install this and probably move on to the front

Lip that is a that’s crazy that’s cool Jesus okay and we’re going to be using the black bolts right yes dude this going looks so sick I’m this looks so good down here oh it looks very nice that is that was good wa that’s hitting it’s over this so with

Any carbon hood and stuff like that it’s definitely going to need some adjustment but this looks really really freaking sick we’ll update you guys once we have it all lined up properly and looking good yeah mine’s good yeah dude look at the fit right here guys look at that that is

Wild that’s way better so much better dude carbon hood Perfect all right next up on our list the front lip now I think this is going to make a massive difference if this is even big enough for this yeah this is going to make a massive difference on

The car the front buper is very basic there’s no front lip like there is on the FK so adding something like this a carbon fiber lip is going to look awesome especially p with the carbon hood now we completely change the front end of this car check this out

Dude so nice going to extend out the front just a little bit add a nice aggressive look to the front bumper definitely a much needed piece of the F5 this will be next it’s actually pretty easy install for the installation on this one it’s actually fairly simple since this

Car doesn’t have a front lip it’s kind of like already built into the front bumper there’s nothing to really take off except the plastic under panel right here cuz we do have to drill holes in for the screws so we’re going to remove the plastic mock the lip up and start

Drilling for our screws I was joking abouts but so as you can see the entire plastic thing just drops down from the bottom and okay we’re going to hold that side we can we going to make sure this isn’t perfect like that this need to look at that that is spicy bro

Damn the lip is pretty much mocked up like I said it’s very easy once you get this plastic piece out I mean it’s so nice it just lines up right within the grooves of the OEM bumper so now there’s a bunch of holes that we’ll have to

Drill out for our vars Hardware other than that this thing’s pretty much on that’s all of them you got to tighten everything down put the plastic back on and for lips done so people will look up things like that and just like that we have a VAR front

Lip nice looks super sick I mean I don’t even see what it looks like yet but damn I’m looking at this lip from this side and just seeing it on the front bumper is insane I love it it’s like it’s like they knew everybody was going to put a

Front lip on the car so they left it aggressive enough without a front lip it looks sick woo that is so dope look at this shot like right here with like the the hood to the front lip that is super super aggressive I like that a lot that is

Awesome it’s going to look way better also when we put it on the ground and roll this thing out of the shop but come look at how well all of this fits around the bumper that is so nice we all have matching weave because carbon carbon all VAR stuff beautiful exactly what I

Wanted this is so dope we’re get a better look at it once we put this car on the ground but next up we have to start working on the Wind so this is something that I haven’t even seen yet let’s look at this real fast I love

Where this go yeah it’s pretty cool back there dude that is way bigger I don’t know what my favorite part of the car is going to be after this it’s going to be I feel like this once we get this thing out of the shop it’s going to look so different yeah

No do you think that this Wing weighs more than the first Wing we have a SC we have a scale now should weigh everything every part that we do I don’t know pretty heavy these are pretty nice is it he’s pretty she’s got put her on the scale

Let’s see scale it up okay this go off of your CR oh this is heavy holy moly that’s what I say it was Heavy okay so 20 203.27 lb okay so current Wing is 7 lb 7 lb current Wing is 7 lb let’s see what this one is jeez four 4

Lb 4 lb so we’re shaving off 3 lb what is that a a total of today of eight and that’s 12 lb that’s cool 12 lb deduction that’s cool our last and final piece of the vars fl5 puzzle I’m holding this in it’s like air all this stuff is so

Quality and I’m so in love look at that so good dude get all them in loose we have a Varys fl5 Type R it’s hard to say which is my favorite the wing I think is probably going to be my favorite from today just how much more

Aggressive the rear end looks with still being kind of like an oem plus kind of look here that little bit of carbon back here adds so freaking much I love it and have this like nice aggressive angle right here on the edge of the wing too everything is just uh more pronounced I

Guess you could say super sick let’s pull this thing out of the shop and get a full walk around of it and just come come get a little sneak peek here we still got this is one of my favorite Parts about varis are the little carbon

Badges they give you we still got to put this guy on just right there carbon goodness in the sunlight let me check this out that is so much lower oh God that looks sick that looks like infinitely better night and day difference with the vars

Kit the hood and honestly I know a lot of people get torn whether you like painted hoods or non-painted carbon hoods whatever the case I do think think with this color the non-painted carbon look fantastic I really really do like it and paired with the lip it’s awesome

Let’s go back to the rear let’s see the wing oh yeah that is so good get a little bottom view here the bigger Wing makes such a big difference in the rear of the car too wow oh yes so of course if you guys want to come see this thing at SEMA it’s

Going to look different than this we do have a couple more modifications uh until we call this thing done and ready for SEMA that should hopefully be here next week this thing will have a different look for SEMA so if you guys want to come see it it’ll be at the rais

Booth right next to the HKS r33 so stay tuned cuz we got a little bit more to do but for part one of getting this thing ready for SEMA vars kit made a night and day difference 12 out of 10 quality looks everything from this view right

Here the car looks so mean and so aggressive this view you can get the carbon hood the front lip and the wing all in one one shot that looks insane dude you know now that we have all this stuff Tim we definitely got to do the

Full kit whenever they come out with the entire kit they’re coming out with like uh over fenders that doesn’t really look like you have to cut the fenders more aggressive hood and S skirts we got to finish off this thing with the whole k as much as I would love to drive this

Thing today I cannot risk anything happening to this beautiful varis carbon fiber so we’re going to pull this in the garage and we actually have to go pick up our fk8 from a special project that we’re doing before grid life but before we do that we have to stick on these

Guys oh look at that dude dude oh that’s good good yeah last and final touch this this one’s going to be really cool I like this is kind of like under the wing you’ll be able to see it when you’re like getting like a good back view It’s pretty dope nice

I didn’t think this thing could look much better than it did stock cuz it already looks so good but these little adjustments have made a world of difference that is awesome and I’m excited to see the rest of the full kit the vars does as well so very big

Success and win on The fl5 Today okay well it has been a couple of hours now a long few hours uh we just got done at Dan’s at DH graphics for the FK it took a little bit longer than expected we’ve already made it this far

Filming and I am committed to sh you more of my life and stuff so we’re trying a new setup here I’m going to take you guys to the gym with me it’s one of those times where like I really really don’t want to go but I know I

Have to cuz I’m committed work harder you know that’s what I just got to tell myself work harder so we’re be taking some ghost right here and uh we have legs today and this is the worst time to go to the gym it’s going to be packed

All the machines and the squat racks are probably going to be taken but you know what we’re committed and we’re working hard so we’re going to straight to the Dome and uh go get some squats cheers this is this is a big scoop this is this is going to suck here we

Go oh I only got half oh that’s so sour oo let’s go do some squats you know this actually isn’t so bad right now 6:00 usually abely pack actually got the power rack that I like to use God I’m in my Pokemon socks like an idiot all right a

Squat we have a pop set today 36 sounds pretty heavy let’s see how this moves week five of the program feeling better and better every day so let’s uh see how heavy this feels that wasn’t so bad wow now to finish our day or at

Least our squat day here we are going to do back off sets 2×5 2×5 pause squats with 315 and uh these are honestly worse than the top set but trying to grow these little pencil legs baby those kind of suck God the Gym’s playing some jams today

Man well I usually do these as a nice little leg finisher in the brutal Sun but as you guys can see it is uh quite dark so we’re nearing the end of my workout here I never know how much to actually film for you guys so let me

Know in the comments if you’ve been interested in seeing like a full workout or are these little Clips doing it for you oh yeah all right well we have finally made it home tonight and post Le day pizza here garlic chicken pizza pizza looks super

Bomb no way buddy no way watch that big nose of yours a t- money is not home she is out of town for a little work trip so just me and Sparco so we have had an absolutely killer long day and watch it oh my gosh it’s getting pretty late but

Tomorrow we have an even longer day which you guys will see with the uh fk8 so going to smash this pizza we don’t have to edit tonight which is amazing I can relax Sparkle and I are going to watch this new hey watch it we’re going to watch this new movie on Netflix

Called reptile looks pretty freaking good and uh yeah I like to usually like save a lot of my carbs uh until after my leg day and since leg day was super late today we’re having a little bit of pizza and this looks bomb this entire Pizza is

50 g of protein and 35 G of fat so super great macros on this guy and we even even got a little bit of Frank’s Red Hot for this pizza so going to have nice chill nice chill night watch this movie and spend some time with Sparco and get

Ready for uh tomorrow so thank you guys for watching today’s video the fo5 came out fantastic the uh the VAR stuff looks absolutely killer but we are not done yet we have a couple more things to do before the fo5 is completely ready for SEMA so so stay tuned and two actually

Pretty big mods that’s really like thear stuff change it these two mods are really really going to just tie everything together and be unique I’m curious to see what you guys are going to think but anyways we’re going to go and end today’s video relax for a little

Bit and we’ll see you guys for the next one once again thank you for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below let’s do hash uh let’s do hash Sparco H buddy # Sparco and don’t forget

To subscribe we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out actually let’s uh let’s check out this movie wow okay what last thing I’ll say real fast great movie