Dustin Williams Video: The FK8 Type R Blew Up and THIS Happened..

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-31 17:00:29
Author: Dustin Williams
In today’s video we pull the blown K20C1 engine out of the FK8 Type R to try and see what happened. As soon as we pulled the oil pan everything made so much sense..

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign what actually happened to the FK today we’re gonna find that out well before we figure out what happened with fk8 we have a little announcement today if you guys have not been keeping up what are you doing you should be we actually have a brand new Legends collection that is

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Right now oh yeah and last but not least the brand new cherry blossom hat go check out the site once you come back sit back relax and enjoy today’s video let’s get into it well if you guys don’t know by now you probably should during our last event at Global time attack

When we were at Circuit of the Americas we had catastrophic engine failure with fk8 it was a very unfortunate situation something that we really didn’t expect to happen now there’s multiple reasons why it could have happened and what we’re speculating is we had oil starvation now number one we did not

Have an oil temperature sensor on the car or a gauge I should say so we don’t know how hot the oil was getting my water temperatures were normal but that doesn’t mean my oil temps were normal I also don’t have an oil pressure gauge so I didn’t know about that either what

We’re thinking is one of the last corners on circuit America’s it’s a big triple Apex sweeper looking at the data that we collected from the car we were pulling 1G going around the triple sweeper which was pulling all of the oil to the left side of the car if you don’t

Know the oil pickup on the FK it is on the right side of the car now we’re thinking that the car wasn’t sucking in oil when the oil was sloshing to the left side of the pan now today we do have a plan on getting this FK back up

And running very very soon so today’s mission is getting this engine out and we’re actually pulling it apart to see if we can see what happened we kind of think we know what happened to let Tim explain a little bit what you think it is um once we get the engine out we’re

Gonna pull the pan and see if we can see any bearing failure but Tim has a good theory here as you guys probably know I’ve worked around Subaru’s a lot that sounds like rod knock rod knock to me which is bearing failure and when you don’t suck in oil it starves the

Bearings and then they just start breaking apart now granted it might not have just happened from this one case the car has almost 60 000 miles we don’t know who owned it before we don’t know if it ever was run low on oil and I’ve had cases of people running their Carlo

On oil and coming back to me 20 000 miles later and then the engine blowing because of that one yes there’s uh something else I forgot to mention as well not only everything I just said but also yes the car has almost 60 Thousand Miles during our first ever Dyno tune

With the car we did figure out that the car was connected to a separate hondata tuning system so we had to remove that off of this car to use the new Honda system that I was using so this car before I owned it was previously modified and tuned which I was not aware

Of as well as you guys didn’t see before this we actually had turbo failure before we put on our brand new Purell p700 which could have also sent something from that previous turbo failure into the engine that we just don’t know about it was a it was like a

Like the perfect storm of events to happen before this car just unfortunately let go so hopefully today find the aftermath of the issue to hopefully tell us a little bit about what actually happened so the the whole goal here is that hopefully there’s not a window in the engine hopefully the

Engine’s okay and can be rebuilt the whole idea of this is to have a this engine as well as a spare engine that can be used for competition so that just in case this issue does happen again we have a spare that we can throw in that’s

The whole goal here let’s get into it Thank you Integrity I really hate this hate this it’s like Jack in the Box Why isn’t it going I’m so scared Every time foreign Is out so we figured the easiest way to get the engine out is to take the front subframe out and just drop the engine from the bottom of the car now that’s usually what you do on a Skyline and that’s what we’re going to try with this

And so far I mean we’re like 95 there we had a couple of lines up top and then this thing should just fall right out so almost there last step ready for this Timber oh she’s loose one more side all right Tim bro this is the last bolt you ready yeah I’m ready

I’m sure the engine doesn’t just fall okay I don’t know if you know felt that but the car moved down theoretically the engine should be free it is free okay let’s lift her up Get it all right Mission success for what we want to accomplish today but we’re not stopping here like I said we’re gonna try and see if we can actually see and Visually see what happened to the engine in order to do that we got to put this thing on an

Engine stand and in order to put it on our engine stand would have got the trans on we have to get the trans off which is good anyways because we do have a new clutch for this thing which it needed anyways this is the perfect time

To do it shout out to act but we’re gonna go ahead and pull the trans off get this thing onto the engine stand flip her over and rip the oil pan off and hopefully we’ll be able to actually see what went wrong so let’s go ahead and start ripping the trans off Thank you foreign It’s not bad at all actually I mean a little scored but it looks like uh okay Now I can put the engine stand on time for engine stand we could finally take off this stupid oil pan foreign a little bit later we finally got the engine on a stand and it’s finally time to take off our pan now we’re really hoping that once the pan is off we can

See some damage so that we think so that we know our theories correct but obviously it’s we’re taking a chance but the good news here is there’s no window in the actual block the engine looks savable right now we’re not going to disassemble it any further than taking

The pan off because when this engine does go to get built we want to make sure everything is just as it is for the builders that makes sense so let’s go ahead and take off all of the little tins on the pan and get her out I love you so much so much though it’s like a drain forever because the drink too this is a shitty set look at this dude oh put your finger in here Look at this guys sorry didn’t name all that oh Yeah that’s a piece of your Berry okay well this is uh I’ll show you guys our current findings before we spin the engine over and show you the bearing that we think blue you guys can clearly see oh look that is insane all that yeah dump her out where

And then we have an oil thing yeah we have the cover as well you can see how glittery this is now we can get a good look at the bottom of the engine here and we’re gonna turn the engine over because Tim thinks that this bearing right here is the one that disintegrated

So hopefully we can get a good look releasing some pressure here what happens is the bearing loses oil and then it just it’s like sandpaper yeah oh no bearing I knew I knew it was going on but good news we don’t have any breakage on the crank well the crank’s probably

Pretty messed up yeah um the rod did not break so it didn’t make a window piston still moves up and down we know that for a fact because we just did it yeah yeah so that’s really good news if all you got to do is replace a crank and rebuild the motor

You have an engine that’s good it’s like worst case but best case you know like the engine blew but see this is even getting a little loose yeah so is that what you’re hearing when the engine knocks is that what this is what you’re hearing oh yeah okay I could

Probably almost replicate it so it’s been super fast yeah it’s not as crazy yeah bearing toast well that’s pretty cool that our theory was correct Tim yeah at least we know at least you guys know now our mission for today was very successful now we just got to figure out the engine build

Portion which we’ll talk to you guys about in just a bit all right well we have made it to the next day as you guys have seen we finally figured out what happened to the FK it’s actually very nice to finally know and we can start making arrangements and plans on what we’re

Going to do next and I wanted to get you guys up to speed here on what we’re thinking about doing and what’s going to work best now that we all know that we can reuse this block we should get the internals built this guy is going to be

Going off to get built from ma performance that’s the plan right now we’re just waiting to hear back on build details and what we’re actually going to be using the parts we’re going to be using and all of that good stuff um so I’m very excited for that and I think in

The meantime while this engine’s off being built we are going to put another stock engine in the car just so we have this thing up and running as soon as possible now we have one potential engine candidate right now but we are still actively looking for a stock fk8

Engine so if any of you guys in SoCal have one for sale we could potentially maybe buy it so let me know down in the comments but that’s the tentative plan right now and then once it once engines done being built and back to us this

Engine will go into the car and we will get the engine out of the stock engine out of the car send that one ma performance and have that one built as well so that we have a spare engine at all times just in case the situation

Ever happens again and not only are we going to get the engine built we are also going to get our trans built so this can hold a lot more power than what a stock trans can do ultimately this car is going to come back bigger better and absolutely insane hopefully keep up with

The super guys in higher classes at some point um but yeah that’s the tentative plan on getting the FK back on the road so like I said stock engine for now and once this thing is built we’ll go from there all right I think that is everything if I ever got something I’ll

Update you guys in the next video let me know in the comments if any questions um but yeah I think we’re gonna go ahead and wrap it up there guys don’t forget the brand new Legends collection just went live so if you haven’t already please do me a huge favor go check out

The legend site see all the awesome stuff that we have available for you guys whether it’s the new collection or all of the old stuff that we have on there I’d really appreciate you guys giving it a look that about sums everything up if you guys have not

Already make sure you hit that subscribe button we are on the road to a billion I mean almost even 750k the goal is a million but 750 would be awesome too and also don’t forget to leave me a like and leave me a comment down below if you

Made it this far leave us a hashtag and hit it to the end thank you guys so much for watching we’ll see you guys for Monday’s video which is a very exciting fl5 video so don’t miss that one once again thank you guys and I’ll see you in the next one peace out Good luck