Dustin Williams Video: Taking My Tokyo Drift Evo To REAL Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift Location in Japan!

Taking My Tokyo Drift Evo To REAL Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift Location in Japan!

Posted: 2023-08-13 17:00:01
Author: Dustin Williams
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I CANT BELIEVE THIS!! In today’s video, i take you guys along for the REAL Tokyo Drift touge. we took the Tokyo Drift Evo to the real location where Han teaches Sean how to drift in the evo!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Thank you aside from obviously the cars my favorite things about Japan are the traditions and the cultures and today we’re starting out with something that’s kind of turned into my tradition hakone holds actually my favorite Shrine that I’ve been to so far in Japan hakone Shrine it’s whether it’s a new year a

New car whatever the case every year we come back to Uncle on a shrine to get an omamori for good luck we’re gonna head up to hakone Shrine give a little prayer and get a new omamori for our Tokyo Drift Evo Thank you Success albemari acquired this is for Traffic Safety now we should have some good fortune Evo no crashes as you guys know very quickly becoming a tradition even for me to come here at least once a year and when we get a new car or we’re driving something different coming to

Hokane getting a blessing from the shrine and then getting our memory it’s just so cool and that’s again what I love so much about Japan is just the culture and the tradition you ready to go on a little road trip let’s do it let’s get sweaty It’s probably my favorite thing about my 34 and that’s the Toge Badges and of course since the evos here we got to start that and uh we went ahead and got the whole Kone Toge because we ran this last night and this is the beginning of another Toge collection Oh it’s so awesome dude this is gonna be so freaking sick man the Toge Tokyo yeah yeah it’s so rad okay but we’re not stopping there today we have another Toge Adventure that I think you guys will be super stoked about but before we do that one last thing we got to do

There we go all said and done now it’s official yep let’s go this is where things get difficult here hi Hi Let’s see best purchase ever all right well I guess I should explain where we’re going today probably very loud in here we’re heading out to a place called and talk a little bit about this Tokyo we’ve been there once before I’m actually being able to take the Tokyo

Trip evil there is going to put on a two-hour Drive it’s a really beautiful White Horse Lion of Chima really well known for their fresh seafood we’re gonna head to a restaurant first get some get some some really fresh sashimi and then we’ll run some toga it’s gonna be a fun day Foreign Huh you need a hand I got it I got it Oh we made it you guys have no idea it is hotter than Satan’s butthole here but we made it safe and sound and that’s eventually where we’re going but first let’s get some food [Applause] While we wait for our food mission number one Toge sticker number two Oh my gosh I’ve been wanting this since I got to Japan right on the coastline literally write a cosign of Yokosuka it’s super sick you have to go under something called the uh the aqua line which is the longest tunnel in all of Japan underwater it’s insane this little town

Is a Japanese fishing Town known for their fresh fish so only right that we come and get sashimi you guys know that I love tuna That is insane Or just follow me It is time we’re gonna be heading up to the infamous Tokyo Drift Toge and this specific toga is actually where Han taught Sean how to drift in the Evo for the first time the fact that we are about to bring the Tokyo Drift Evo Tokyo Drift Toge where Han thought Sean

Had a drift that is just absolutely mind-blowing it’s okay it’s right up here in these mountains here we go this is one of my favorite spots that we’ve ever been to in Japan it’s so crazy to think about a little bit over a year ago when we took the R34 off this

Toge that’s where the idea of getting this car the Tokyo Drift EVO to Japan came about and the Tokyo Drift evil is actually here and this is unbelievable It’s to the base now it’s so funny because like I said it’s such a random toe game and it literally probably it probably takes a minute and a half to get up the whole the whole Mountain but it’s so freaking sick because it’s an actual movie location it’s on the ocean so cool

It is Bumpy as you guys can tell the roads here are terrible yeah this is Vertical over this is this is so sick owl welcome to noko giriyama so you guys can’t tell literally a shot from one of the scenes is when you watch Han and Sean and the RX7 and the Evo drift up the mountain over and over again trying to teach Sean before the

Big Race I mean think about how crazy this is that we have the Tokyo drafivo in an actual Tokyo Drift movie location standing on actual soil what is life man this is so cool I think we should go give it a drive Foreign foreign It’s just crazy dude it’s crazy now I know I was like why don’t you drift the car why didn’t you chill it’s it doesn’t make for drifting and yes it’s not a it is a Time attack race car it’s still all-wheel drive this car is not rear-wheel drive I mean even just being

Able to drive this car on this iconic road is absolutely insane ended up they use exact Bros yeah I mean for filming yeah when you watch the movie it’s all like a little bit dead like all of the greenery is gone it’s it’s been overgrown a lot but when you go back and

Watch the movie this spot is so noticeable once you see it and it just it’s so cool We did it I call that a mission success this place is really crowded right now which is crazy because the last time we came here there was not a soul here um well last time we were here where it was empty as hell yeah now it’s like I

Don’t know what happened maybe just don’t get a good thing boys here you want to see the Tokyo Drift Evo I want to see the view of the beach and then I think we’ll start making our way back to Tokyo yeah yep but this is what we

Dreamed about a year ago now it’s happening it’s pretty freaking insane what are you doing we prepared for situations like this you guys know the evil has a 10 gallon fuel cell and in preparation that we won’t make it to a gas station we carry an extra fuel so

We’re really putting in use everything that we bought it out of the box this is hilarious I can’t believe this is actually working told you it will work this is clutch this is a necessity all right so we’re gonna do a quick fill up and then I think we’re good to go yeah

JDM JDM dude Jerry can success one last stop before we go the more we do the more I just really can’t even believe it and look how beautiful it is here oh this would have been such a sick shot right here that’s really rad Ar oh my God you’re literally Living In Fast and Furious I know if it was 800 Degrees in the movie we almost forgot the Toge badge we did hulkani this morning now we have knuckle giriyama and uh it’s official perfect it’s so sick man when this thing comes

Back to America having the Toge batches from Japan that you stick on right in the Toge gotta stick on after running the Toge that’s insane it’s the best feeling all right one last take in the view one last time we’re about to sit in

A car for an hour and a half and sweat our butts off well that’s for you Doug me I’m gonna sit in a nice AC cool car from Top Rank foreign Foreign we finally made it back to the hotel and we have one more stop for tonight somewhere I’ve never been but I’m super stoked to go and take you guys along and it’s perfect because we can get dinner at the same time so super successful day

At the Toge let’s go grab dinner and start our night Foreign Tokyo at Sunset I mean I mean honestly just Japan in general at Sunset isn’t literally unlike anything else so tonight we’re actually heading to another Tokyo Drift location that’s honestly one of my favorite scenes of the whole movie and I had no idea I was actually filmed here I know the movie

Was actually filmed in L.A but they had a couple of scenes and a lot of like b-roll stuff that was actually filmed here in Tokyo in the actual area that we’re staying which is really cool and one specific spot that made a huge lasting impression on me as a car guys

So we’re gonna go visit that one spot tonight right now and grab some dinner foreign It’s crazy how much I do recognize it and I hope you guys do too they changed the sign up just a little bit oh here it is this is the parking garage from the scene where Twinkie picks up his car and they go to the parking garage car meet

About that we’ll talk about it in just a second dude this is so sick it’s literally it this is exactly it yes oh my God this is the parking garage where they pick up Twinkies weird Hulk car and they go in to the parking garage car meet and

That’s where Shawn gets his Taste of the Japanese car culture for the first time ever and I told you guys that scene really like resonates for me because for me as well that car scene as well and it’s it’s really cool freaking evos here dude

They come here on the way around yeah do the exact do the exact thing so sick Go That is actually so cool that might be one of my favorites it’s so simple but might be one of my favorite spots we visited it was so iconic to me like them entering into the parking garage to that massive JDM car meet like I love that

Well that’s where we met DK for the first time like I don’t know like that’s like kind of like what got me into this now you guys are probably ask yourself well the inside looks completely different we have a JDM you know taxis going on you know taxi parties so uh the

Actual car meet itself was filmed in La not here but they actually filmed like I said the b-roll portion of it outside of this parking garage right here which is absolutely nut so our dinner spot is close by yeah Dude this thing looks so freaking nuts it looks it’s just it it’s it I still just can’t wrap my head around what we’re doing Come by myself to a successful day amazing so we’re ending our day here uh in this awesome little Shabu Shabu shop downtown Tokyo this is ponzu sauce this is um if you guys know what Shabu Shabu is basically it’s raw meat that you dip in broth and it Cooks in the

Broth this looks insane yeah Japanese chicken shoulder and dude this is gonna be insane then with some cheap meat huh foreign If I win let’s just call it a night and go home okay that would be fun do a little C1 Loop oh my god dude we haven’t done C1 Loop in so long that’s what we gotta do but there’s so many police activities yeah I’ll follow you so we gotta be we gotta

Be safe it is Japanese holiday so lots of police out lots of people out so everything’s been really crazy but I think it’ll be a perfect way to end tonight to hit up Tatsumi my favorite PA and do a little C1 Loop that’ll be a lot of fun bring out of here go

Tatsumi yes another bucket list location and just life goal achieved one last look before we go I mean even this just looks freaking sick but man this is just absolutely crazy Admitted to one of our favorite Pas dude that Evo 5 is amazing it’s one of our favorite Pas here you guys probably recognize this from the last few times that we’ve been here this is hatsumi number two we usually shoot right over there but we brought the uh

For one last little trip today before we head to the hotel and edit and crash but uh it seems like we came on a good night tons of Euros but now the JDM boys just showed up foreign [Applause] That I have subscribers here in Japan that is so cool I’m a subscriber yeah the yellow evil that just pulled in viewer of the channel that’s pretty insane seems like we came to Tatsumi too on a really good night favorite spot to park in because we get the skyline of

Tokyo behind us as well just like classic iconic Tokyo nightlife view I’m gonna hook my dude in the Evo up with some stickers and a jetpack always forget to bring these this time I remembered for you thank you so much yes thank you for watching thanks so much I

Need to Evo 5 so bad well this is a six I know and on the oggs that’s really good this is next once that gets back to the US Evo five times so cool oh my God left hand drive Evo in Japan and evil owner myself yes this is just

So this is just crazy all the stuff in the car of course well guys I think this is where I’m gonna go and end today’s video we had an absolutely crazy bucket list fun exhausting day but I literally wouldn’t trade it for anything I mean look at

Where we are right now and think about what we got to do today all the way from visiting a traditional Japanese Shrine to a running Toge to visiting Tokyo Drift Tokyo Drift locations so then hanging out in a PA seeing some amazing cars there’s literally nothing like

Japan I’m not a long night ahead I have to go home edit do all of that stuff and get ready for our day tomorrow so like I said everyone in today’s video thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure to hit that like

Button leave us a comment down below what should they hashtag if they stay till the end this time Masa hashtag Tokyo Drift Madness Tokyo Drift Madness that’s a good one leave us leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out foreign

Right as I say we’re going to leave cooler and cooler Stuff shows up