Dustin Williams Video: Taking My R33 on GTR Night Cruise with JDM LEGEND! *FATHER OF GTR’S*

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-10 17:00:22
Author: Dustin Williams
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Had a super fun time hanging out at @ToprankImporters and getting to cruise around with a TON of other GTR’s! Trying to get out more and have more fun with all of the cars!.. especially the GTRs haha We also go to see Tamura San, father of GTRs, and get him to sign our MJ R34 GTR we got in japan at TAS!
@BrianJannusch – check out his channel!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

We’re just getting right into today’s video Welcome Back we’re starting here out at Top Rank two days in a row but uh we have a different one for you guys today we’re actually doing something that we do quite a lot when we’re in Japan except for in America we’re going

For a little cruise at a night cruise yeah but it’s very unique because we’re going on night cruise with Marissa a lot of special guests the GTR dad but also there’s a there’s a lot of other very special guests here very cool cars coming I’m excited I figured it’s nice

To be really cool so I’ll just take you guys along for the cruise top rank just got a fresh shipment in and I really want to check out their dude that is that is good that’s David’s car really I really want to check out uh some of the

Cars they have in stock yeah we’ve got some Eva fives we’ve got some Pajero evos that’s Civic type awesome yeah Civic Type R and oh my God I’m in that purple R34 is it under show and display here short it’s really important uh it’s got endless brakes all the way around is

About the front bumper tees on it oh man right next to it my dream my dream yeah is it a real GTR uh nope this is a uh it’s a GTX uh with the GTR you know becoming more and more unobtainable they are yep harder and harder to get so what

Does a base Taco go for not GTR right now 80k is or is it higher now oh yeah much higher now yeah uh like 140 ish for a non-gtr yeah that dream is dwindling away you know and then uh for the GTRs there you know anywhere from 350 plus really for GTR

Right now please hit that subscribe button yeah let’s get this guy to a million before these cars cost a million dollars Reach outer space uh top rank does sell cars with multiple bug antennas here that’s insane more and more people are rolling in we got a good squad here yeah yeah so tons of 32s but I want to I really want to see Brian so Brian has actually been racing his 32

And this thing is dude if you guys don’t follow Brian Shannon you should because you showed the process of getting this thing from basically what was almost a shell yeah to a full running and racing car which is really cool the amount of camber you have up here is pretty crazy

A lot yeah so we used uh jic arms to push it out a little bit um a lot of Tire on this car and uh you needed to tuck it in a little bit this is sick man I want to see the engine bay took a page out of Sean’s book oh and

You got some some more cars yeah put a Recaro in here so I really like the Nismo seats that I have the seat covers but for racing the Recaro is much more comfortable freaking raining again dude it’s non-stop oh that’s nice Nismo plenum too this thing sounds crazy the top rank branded

Radiator now we have our own radiator yeah uh this is just the Proto but we’re making them in black and silver so you’re on our list of people to get them for sure so dope well yeah we have a ton of really awesome cars gonna that we’re

Gonna be cruising with today it’s gonna be pretty fun yeah yeah in the rain in the rain time for the GTR Crews Oh this is definitely one of the best cruises I’ve ever been to wait a minute rb28 garage Soros build absolutely crazy also active here away very very cool bill we got the address of course give me some juice Chris give me some juice spicy I love the sound of it of an RV insane it sounds so good this is crazy this is this like reminds me of of Japan right now guys if you don’t know I have Jay in the passenger seat here I know him as as JDM ego and Jay

Is a OG of the ogs which is really cool he’s right past her with us today gonna have some fun but look at this Thank you All right so our first stop on our little cruise is gonna be this Brewery where we’re all gonna go grab some dinner together we have like 10 skylines with us this is so cool [Applause] Dude this is more than 10. no intense skylines dude we are mobbed out here this is so cool and we got the other group right here the stupid speed bump is like yeah perfectly in the middle for difficult for all of us but we gotta die

Here too let’s watch Vlogs here I know all of you guys are gonna be asking what is Diet driving he’s got the greatest hit ready r33 GTR here this is the rb30 in it right no I’d be 28 or 28 okay okay close enough still pretty insane but

Probably the craziest thing about this car guy has got to be the transmission yeah let’s check it out real fast I want to show you guys this so they call it like a air what’s it called Airship Airship that’s what it is sure so it’s

Got the always good can uh 88 to just just dog transmission which is still the age pattern to comes with okay but we put the air shifter unit to do some uh alternating company that’s sick so basically you can switch it from H pattern to paddle shifter right here

Right and so you’re still kind of like developing it and like uh figuring out like what works best but dye’s been testing this thing at the track it’s been absolutely insane hopefully one day we can get out the track together I won’t need to drive too it’s not quite

Ready yet yeah yeah just don’t understand one of these drivers off so still so freaking cool guy how much fun is this super fun it’s super fun yeah I want you to see the engine too yes yes that’s a good point covers Billet covers on the 28 massive turbo

This is actually the greatest great engine this is like a number one they’re gonna sell the engine like like this it’s really nice it is it’s awesome I like the garage active strut Tower bar as well very well built thank you guys thank you things Oh yeah oh man look at all that meat nice juicy bacon meat oh yeah the juicy bird oh look at that meat whistle some Aubry 20 20 Tower mix Before I go I had to get tomorrow sign to sign how’d you get tomorrow sun to sign and The Wedding Date R34 I actually bought this at Tokyo Auto Salon at the Nismo food so freaking cool bye other side I’m no dude we’re such little girls we are that was

So sick I’m so happy all right unfortunately our very fun GTR cruise is now coming to an end we’re heading back home oh we have made it home I know that this was a short video I hope you guys enjoyed it something that we don’t really do too often here in the States

But something that I absolutely love doing in Japan so kind of like mixing the two and just having more fun with the cars and hopefully something that you guys enjoyed you guys know that we just got back from vacation for Tiana’s birthday and everything is just piling up

Um I figured that we’d sit down and just do a little talk for a couple of minutes we haven’t done this in a long time and uh just kind of explain to you guys what’s going on in life because it’s been pretty damn crazy and I feel like

We just haven’t sat down and talked in a while so I figured we would do that just for a couple minutes so first of all thank you guys for sticking around the song in the video but number two thank you guys for all the support on the

Recent videos I know it’s been a jam-packed month full of Honda content but like I said I do want to say thank you to you guys because this was the biggest deal that I’ve ever gotten in like my career you know we were working side by side with Honda those of you

That have been fans of the channel for a while know that I started this Channel with my Honda Civic SI and to be working side by side with them for the new fl5 Civic Type R that’s a huge deal and uh we finally finished the entire project

With them promoting the fl5 so the partnership worked out amazingly and you guys uh you guys absolutely helped me crush it you know I’ll support all the love that you guys shown on the f05 videos so far has been amazing uh not all of them were sponsored by Honda but

A few of them were and I think they were super stoked on what we brought to the table so hopefully we can do some more work with Honda in the future so thank you guys so much because that really was a a huge deal for me so moving moving

Forward we’re going to modify the fl5 how we want and uh as things start to roll out we’re gonna modify it more and more so stay tuned for that but now we can talk about the future because these next two months are the craziest months of my entire life like these are gonna

Be so busy and I kind of want to round things up for you guys so this week as you guys are watching this we actually have a special guest coming into town because um you guys may or may not know we’ve been looking we’ve been searching for

Someone to help us Tim and I have been searching for someone to help us in the shop film edit like like a videographer just to help us get more content and more things because you guys know for the past three years and even before that it was just me in the past three

Years it’s been only Tim and I and there’s so much that Tim and I do behind the scenes or that we do um even in the videos that you guys see that don’t get to see if that makes sense like Tim and I both work on the cars and I’m constantly filming

Constantly editing and there’s so much stuff that we do that just goes unseen because I physically can’t be everywhere at all times so we were really looking for some help and we have a special guest coming tomorrow actually that’s going to come see how he likes it here

At the shop but we may have a new Legends team member which I’ll be sharing with you guys this week um so that’s something that we have been constantly going back and forth on and working on uh and then next most recently on Friday I’m heading back to

Japan and this Japan trip is going to be unlike anything else that I’ve ever done this is a very unique trip something that’s completely out of left field that you guys really aren’t going to expect and uh it’s it’s the scariest and biggest adventure that I’ve ever gone on

Um I’m nervous to put the footage out to you guys because I’m not sure I’m not sure like I don’t even know how to explain I’m not sure how like interested I it’s gonna be interesting I’m not sure like it’s just so it’s completely different than anything I’ve ever done

Before and I really hope you guys enjoy it that’s what I’m trying to say like I’ve never been nervous about anything before but like I’m really nervous for this trip and it’s I don’t want to save too much I want to I’m gonna I’m gonna explain it to you guys once the first

Video comes out because I don’t want you guys having any idea in your head until we just get there and I’m just doing it so I want this to be a complete raw experience for me for you guys whether it does well in the channel or it

Doesn’t do well this is just going to be an experience that I want to do for myself and that I want to share to you ice about my passion so we’ll see we’ll see it’s gonna be a two-week trip it’s a long scary Adventure but we’re gonna do

It together and I’m super super excited and then you just gotta wait you just gotta wait and then okay last thing that I want to talk to you guys about I know this is getting getting to be a little long but last thing that I want to talk

To you guys about is is our next giveaway car so I’ve seen uh quite a few actually which is surprising um I think it’s becoming a bigger thing now that you guys enjoy is is when am I gonna do another giveaway car and the answer that

Question is in May it starts it starts in May and this is going to be the biggest and the craziest giveaway project that we have ever done and that is also scary like this is uh we’re really taking it up to the next level using kind of what we learned the past

Couple years doing the giveaway cars we’re going all in on this one and I really really hope you guys enjoy it it’s it’s a it’s a huge it’s a huge investment to be able to do this but I think for what we do on this channel and

The cars that I truly love and am passionate about I want to give you guys a piece of my passion so huge investment but but hopefully you guys really really enjoy it’s gonna be a new series for the channel that we haven’t dove into yet

And I think that’ll be great for us on our end but also uh you guys I think are really really Gonna Love what we have in store so like I said these are just the the craziest two months ever and it’s just gonna keep rolling on and we’ll

Keep talking about it as as time goes on but yeah just so you guys can get a view from my perspective we have a lot going on behind the scenes rather than what you guys just see on the screen so no matter what I hope you guys have been

Enjoying all the content that we’ve been putting out and producing uh as always it’s a ton of fun and I’m really trying to take things to the next level and hopefully these next couple of months are some pretty big steps to get there you guys know that I absolutely love

What I do and there’s nothing else in this world that I’d I’d rather do I literally started for from the very bottom and worked as hard as I could to to get where I’m at and I’m still not satisfied as I always say I’m proud but never satisfied and I could always

Always do more and that’s what these next couple months is going to be about and I’m gonna work my ass off for you guys and I just really hope through everything um you can you can kind of see that and you guys and enjoy everything that we’re

About to that we’re about to drop because it’s gonna be a bomb oh yeah I feel like this is just way too long so if you stayed this long thank you you’re a real one I I appreciate you leave me hashtag made it to the end I

Gotta wrap all this up I’m going to the shop right now to start working off to start working on the fl5 and get some things ready for the R32 GTR so stay tuned for those videos if you guys have not already make sure you make sure you

Hit that subscribe button leave me a comment down below hashtag made it to the end and make sure to like this video really does help out the channel we will see you guys for the next one peace out Please