Dustin Williams Video: Taking ALL OF MY CARS to My BIGGEST EVENT YET! *JDM CAR MEET*

Posted: 2023-06-19 17:15:00
Author: Dustin Williams
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Legends Charity car show is here! What an absolutely amazing event. thank you guys so much for coming out! we were able to take 6 of my cars! we had the midnight purple R35 GTR giveaway car, my millenium jade R35 GTR, 2023 nissan Z, R33 GTR, and my race car civic type R! So many of you guys brought out amazing cars as well. We had a Top Secret Supra AND a Sorcery wide body NSX! absolutely insane!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Just kidding today is a legend charity car show and I cannot be any more stoked this is something that we do once a year where we try and take as many cars as we can and we throw a charity car show to give back to maybe this time we’re doing

Our local animal shelter or just a different charity of our choice and it’s my favorite day of the year now this one’s especially hectic because we’re taking like most of the fleet it’s pretty insane this is gonna be so much fun we have so many all of our friends

Here really it’s gonna be incredible and I can’t wait to meet you guys show off the car and this is the first time really getting the show the giveaway R35 in person it’s gonna be awesome stressed out I’m I’m very says my heart is kind of racing honestly I’m so stressed out

We need all these cars Vehicles it’s gonna be a good car museum it’s gonna be fine it’s cool because they’re all there yeah and everyone gets to see all of your cars yeah I guess we’re gonna head out now yes wish everybody luck all one two three four five six seven cars

Including Ryan’s dad’s car over there we’re gonna have fun so we’re we’re uh uh so you’re getting sandwiched in right yes the way you like it right not in the Vlog that’s going in the Vlog don’t you guys haven’t seen him yet but Ryan’s here he’s gonna be driving the Z

Today we got all the friends and we have a great day this crew is gonna be Rowdy oh man here we go all right hope you guys love this car when you see it in person let’s head out absolute never had so many of my cars all together all rolling at once Thank you all right we have officially made it so we are here at Kalin speed in Ontario we’re we’re fortunate enough to be able to have the event here at K1 which I think is going to be really really cool uh we’ll do some racing with you guys

You guys can go to your own racing and then of course we have the Awesome event here now we just kind of have the car stationary right now we’re not completely sure where we’re going to have them but we got the entire Legend Squad setting up over here you guys

Favorite employees right here Mr Chad and imana you’re not going to say hi to the Vlog that’s pretty hectic right now but we’re gonna set up and this place is going to look so awesome when you guys are coming into the show also every year we try to

Expand a Legends charity car show and add more and more people get more and more giveaways which we’ll talk about in just a bit this year we’re going super big and I think it’s going to be really cool because we of course have the Legends boost setup over here but a few

Of our friends and vendors over here popping up so like we’re gonna have uh SoCal Drivers Club APR performance we have custom Hot Wheels over here it’s gonna be really sick and we have so many more people coming but also we have some seriously sick cars as well look at this

Lineup of GTRs all matching so sick 35 33 32. absolutely sick today’s gonna be awesome And there’s like a million cars lined up and it’s so so crazy it’s gonna take you guys along but we’re about to start we got you guys lining up at the booth this is gonna be so much fun damn this thing is sick Evo 9. oh my God that’s beautiful Supra

With the work Wheels so good I love the Superman thanks for coming out dude damn voice status what’s up man we got the boys here too what up hey thanks for coming man thanks for having us what are you doing in this guy it’s a borrowed car

So sick dude we got the whole Squad here too what up dude this thing is amazing it’s beautiful what up bro how’s it going good to see you thanks for coming good to see you we’re going out for help first one with the backpack yeah I appreciate you man

Okay where you want like right here wherever you are all right you’re the man in the myth oh are you serious do you collect these yeah I like PSN cards oh look at this it’s a landown Norris fish I told you guys last time uh Sunday this is the

Coolest thing ever dude thank you so much man this is insane bro we got it we got a we got a just a deck look at this oh God man thank you man that’s awesome thank you so much dude now you have to learn to play Pokemon I know

Look you guys know me so well I’m such a nerd I hope you like it we can all attest to that thank you thank you there you go so they actually have a couple markets in Vegas oh man knock it till market and then we actually got this one down

We got an assortment of Boss Coffee look at this amazing that’s the goods thank you guys yeah we’re getting out of here so sick they’re so cool you guys are like bringing these and trading them and like you can say we got a really cool set coming out soon yeah okay right

Here’s cool that’s cool right there oh there you go dude I appreciate it of course appreciate you guys so continuing our track what’s up track continuing our uh Legends Show Walk some rad cars here but there’s one that I want to show you guys that I think is really super sick

Um and I’m probably sure Dustin would agree with me look at this thing oh baby this is sick on the Advent GTS oh super dope guys all right here’s one for Dustin I know that he would really really like this car this one’s for you sick S2000 on the full teas with the

Sparkle sticker that thing’s sick boys okay this one’s for me absolute slam to the ground FD on work Chrome meisters oh slam this thing is absolutely air ride just insane car holy crap whoever’s this is Big Ups super sick ride all right for all you JDM fanboys S15

That looks like a turbo VQ 15 on a turbo VQ okay thanks beccar Chrome tease oh whoa okay we’re gonna take a quick intermission from hanging out with all of you guys and we for this event actually had some little awards that we’re gonna give out and uh go pick

These right now what do you think I think so let’s do it this is I’m terrible let’s walk into this I was a terrible making decisions but we have best wheels best color furthest traveled overall favorite and cutest dog this is a good award all right which Wheels you feeling dude a

Lot to choose from man I know this is tough this is what you get for being cool come on you gotta make a decision a really great set of work e-quips our work meister’s I mean meisters Meister three pieces right these are fires now I I will tell you this dot I took

The camera and I vlogged this earlier for you because this thing is sick Chrome meister’s candidate for uh where’s my best wheels Max Wheels I gotta do a full walkthrough before I can decide but okay RX7 is number one on the list for this all right

I think we all we can all agree on this one best color Perfect this is if you guys don’t know I believe this is the top secret kid right yup top secret the Supra Supra top secret kit with the Supra or the top secret gold So boom of course yeah of course I agree top secret gold dude thank you thank you thanks for coming out bro thank you see you soon actually let’s get a little give us like a little walk around it’s just an old Toyota oh my God this guy

You know yeah it doesn’t have a super rare body kid not dressed up you know it’s fine well stupid enough to do you know Celica headlights on the Supra top secret yeah like how what’s what’s the answer well this is actually a 3.4 stroker uh HTS it’s fully built but it’s

Built back in 90 um sure actually right so it’s old school so a lot of old school cars like the hkc51r the June manifold so I try to keep it as you know as old school yes but then to update a couple of things you know I

Love it it’s sick the best color for sure as well definitely a super cluster that is so sick look at the cluster dude The history with this car smoking back in 08 had actually came to build this car my friend worked there and he knows exactly you remember wow and my other super I don’t remember my other yeah I remember same thing so but that was built back you know oh 405. dude Jesus

Old School web thank you so much of course yes we’re all favorite we got best wheels let’s Okay RX7 gets vegetables yeah I think so come back don’t leave stop stop him Oh damn thank you for coming okay I appreciate you man thank you drive safe this one this one is a runner so the last award that we have overall favorite by far definitely this NSX is top of my list but I want to do one more run through coming out

Um we try and do these once a year and it’s just always really awesome that uh we have so many people come out and without you guys know this would be possible uh we try to donate to a charity and this time we have our local local animal shelter and we’ve uh We’ve

Accumulated so much stuff and it really does help them out and uh just wanted to say thank you because without you guys none of this would be possible in the cars and the car meets the charity donations and everything so thank you guys so much Thank you well this is the final final decision there are so many amazing cars here dude it was actually sick like this was by far our best event so thank all of you guys but hey you guys know how bad I wanted NSX and this one is like popped

Here so I don’t know who owns it he’s not here but when you see this congratulations dude overall favorite cool of course this thing is beautiful give me a little run down on it um so it’s a it’s a 91 NSX okay was it pop-up headlines yeah yeah I updated the headlines

What kid is it uh sorcerer Yeah so you know I love time attacks I picked the right cards yeah you really did love time to talk so this thing is very good right I think under the engineers it’s mainly cosmetic but the engine headers Thank you Dude you’re so red I’m so tired that that smells like dog food the best you guys did all of this this is insane so we didn’t explain this at the beginning video but our charity event was for our local animal shelter we got all of these donations which is

Absolutely incredible show is over we’re packing up right now and getting ready to head out this was incredible yeah yeah just basking to go in for a second right here my dog my dog food Throne thanks for coming man thank you for coming dude safe drive

Thank you so much for coming yes I’ll see you there believe it is gonna be amazing yeah The real star of the show today foreign With the meats there’s nothing like an awesome car show I can just hanging out with the boys my beautiful wife right here oh you know I could put up some meat right my brother we got Birds we’re gonna cook up some duck burgers and some donuts

Rats brats yeah we could get some good meat tonight what do we have here this is my prized possession this is the bird flipper this was actually a present from one of my best friend’s dads when I lived at Danny’s house back in the day this is my favorite tool and his dad

Gave it to me as my going away present here we go Clipper okay okay we got a slow-mo So Good Genius this is so good film gotta make Legends bird flippers oh Legends Berg flippers I Chef dutt I look how juicy these oil oh good BBQ In California all right we got the duck Burgers serve them up well this is for my meat baby Oh look at this setup oh my God Foreign That is a wrap for the Legends fifth annual charity car show um it’s the next day and I’m burned I’m exhausted but um I’m so ultimately Beyond thankful and grateful for all of you um honestly it doesn’t even seem real um I get this sense of like imposter

Syndrome I guess on like how did we end up here and like do we deserve all of this and it’s just it’s it’s crazy it is truly unbelievable the amount of support that you guys showed us yesterday at the show all of you that showed up all the donations that we were

Able to get um all the amazing cars that came out uh from just a kid in Mississippi going to car meets and seeing amazing cars I mean to now having my own charity car show it’s just oh my gosh it really doesn’t seem real and from the bottom of my

Heart I really do want to thank all of you guys all of the friends that came out just this was a truly amazing event and I just could not be any happier and I hope you guys enjoyed the recap video if you couldn’t make it hopefully we see

You next year and hopefully we’re working on a little something to hopefully get those of you that don’t live in California or the West Coast a charity event and hopefully I don’t want to talk too much about it but hopefully I can share some good news with you guys

Later this year or early next year but ultimately I just wanted to say thank you um this kid from Mississippi who had a dream could have never imagined we’d be sitting in this office here today after an amazing show seeing some amazing cars doing Raffles with amazing sponsors it

All still seems like a dream and I just want to let you guys know that it all doesn’t go unnoticed on all the support that you guys show because none of this would be a reality without any of you those of you that watch the videos those

Of you that show up to the events or help support Legends like all of this is because of you guys and it truly doesn’t go unnoticed and I’m beyond grateful and thankful and with all of that being said uh this is just the beginning we have so

Much more left in the tank so many more ideas we’re growing the team it’s only just going to keep going up from here I promise to keep putting my best foot forward and and making things better growing everything and I hope you guys are here every step of the way you guys

Were here for me seven years ago Mississippi and you guys are here for what’s to come as well so um thank you so I’m gonna go ahead and stop rambling on uh once again thank you guys for watching the video if you have not already make sure to hit that like

Button leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’re so close to 750k I’ll see you guys in the next one foreign