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Posted: 2023-03-24 17:30:06
Author: Dustin Williams
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Starting at our morning with giving Masa an old-fashioned American breakfast by Chef dutt look at this excellent display of American southern breakfast right here okay take a look at this that looks nice oh crunchy very crunchy bacon Masa does not have a lot of time left in the U.S

Masa this is actually masa’s last day so it’s a very short trip for him but I’m still able to come visit us and for today’s video I figured we would take you guys along for masa’s short American journey basically we’re gonna go check out the shop the weather could not be any worse

Sucks though we’re gonna make the best out of it so forever good day today guys eating these backgrounds and there are just so ah excuse compared to uh breakfast in Japan I mean breakfast in Japan is uh different it’s different it’s like for you guys but for me it’s because we need

Breakfast here Masa it’s good it’s great though look at The Scrambled look at the eggs today’s gonna be excited that’s gonna show me the garage which yesterday I’ll try to talk to him to check out I want to check out the garage he said no I want your genuine reaction so YouTuber

It can’t be fake ready to see garage Legends duh I want to see your the garages where the all the magic happens welcome to sunny California where’s the sun park all right Masa all right are you ready Moment of Truth might make you stand outside so I can open up the

Garage door come on welcome to holish I would turn more lights on for you but the power is going to go out okay be very careful it’s gonna be very slippery in here yeah I can tell wow this is it deals where all the magic happens I’m always curious to think to

See what people think when you come here in person what does it look like compared to the videos when you get it oh that um it’s actually feels much smaller much compact really because all the cars in here probably yeah yeah and then like you have tons of boxes over there well

Yeah we’re getting our lost built so all of our stuff is kind of piled in over there while I lost getting built but wow let me think dude insane this is what everybody wants to come and I got a exclusive go check it out first so this is your

Pride and joy like this is where this is where I started to know about you yeah this is where people found the channels from the 2015 WRX yeah I love I remembered like this you had in the BRZ when you get the new motor build and you

Put that thing inside yep which by the way guys don’t worry we actually did get our trunk for this car so that is coming soon and once the trunk goes on this is going to the body shop to get fully painted I mean this is your pride

Enjoyed and I know this card been almost completely totaled yep and now it’s fixed now it’s fixed but now you gotta put more mods to it and make it better exactly and then glad that I will see you in this period like this well this before changing yes exactly like this

Style before it goes like full different like styling yes and obviously the new Z which I drove newsy in Japan and I do dig it I really like the car but stock form is just a normal Z it’s a snowball Z right yeah but it’s cool it’s I like

The way it looks yeah it needs a front lip for sure and the side skirts in the real wig but yeah I love it yes the motor is blown so a lot of people have been asking about this Masa and the answer we’ve answered a million times is

We can’t do anything about the engine until we figure out the engine build from ma performance so this thing is going to be taken out and actually shipped on a pallet over to ma performance and it’s going to be fully rebuilt so we’re gonna have this as the

Full-time track car and the fl5 as the street which we got we gotta we gotta show them their reactions in f05 as well we’ll do that in a bit then we have the k-swap EG what are we going to do with it this is on a halt right now we are

Waiting for a baffled Oil pan for the car why because you can’t track without a baffled all fan oh you don’t have it yeah the oil will slosh so we have our baffled Oil Pan on order but unfortunately seems like they are on back order so it still hasn’t come in

Just yet but just know this is a work in progress as well because it’s raining dude it is like it has never rained this much in my like five or six years of being in California I’ve never seen as much rain it’s insane

So I get I guess I’m kind of Lucky in a way too lucky to see all the rain yes I guess if they want to call it that no we have the various R35 this is where the even the vars Japan noticed about this car and like likes it this is a t-spec

Before the t-spec t-spec is the D spec oh yeah it is a diesel I like you still got the um the 20 like the Zinky headlights yep yep I really like it and especially he’s a bigger Wing dot it does I know that’s that’s next on the

List don’t worry don’t worry he’s a bigger one what about the Tokyo jerkivo this is this is this is one that Masa really really wanted to see because this is the legit car this is the legit even the seats are legit right yeah wow oh my God

Oh yeah you need a quick release for sure yep oh keichi Sushiya drove this car Masa really keichi Sushi was sitting in that same seat that you’re sitting in right now oh wait I think he was in the American tow game yeah yeah American toggy series wow wow pretty insane right

Basically a time capsule like every cluster like every gate gauges are like so old school wow even like old school evc’s and like all you said no no the funny thing about it though is is it functioning none of it works none of the gauges function actually that’s a lie

The uh turbo timer does work yes that’s the only thing that works why why I don’t know for you Masa wow so actually it’s just like none of these switches work but it works like normal okay yeah so yeah yeah let it Prime when you switch

The key there you go wow really yeah it is 11 000 original models crazy right okay you’re good now wow it’s not Rowdy no it’s very mild but I mean that’s total like JDM style though you know like it’s very rare to have a super loud car yeah but it’s all HKS

Let’s go check out the uh the new Loft that’ll soon be finished hopefully one day this is a very fun story that not fun actually a very it’s not fun I’ll explain it to you later and hopefully once the loft is done I get to tell you

Guys how much of a nightmare this has been but this if this is gonna be the hangout area so we got the dusty old spoon s2k up here it’s gonna be a full rebuild but definitely needs a motec system exhaust so you don’t know Masa all of this stuff down here right

In that area is going to be up here oh cool and then these lights will be moved and replaced with those lights right there but yeah this loft is going to be absolutely insane once it’s done this the view over the shop is just so cool what do you think about the Godzilla

Big so yes that is shop tour hopefully one day it’ll be like completely finished finished so that we can give proper tours with like the signs Outside The Loft will be done everything will be set up in here and nice and not all cluttered but until then we gotta make

Do yeah so this is gonna be like a cool little break room right here with the AC no and then we’re gonna have bathroom in here with a little bit of storage and shower no wall Masa yeah it sucks I know I wish I wish it wasn’t absolutely

Pouring outside then we could like rip all the cars but but it’s because then again one I don’t have enough time to hang out first of all yeah I know you leave tomorrow literally yeah so actually technically he leaves today because we gotta go drop them off at top

Ring today but but second that means I have a reason to come back again we Masa in America for summer time that’s what we need summer Nets yeah well hey it actually looks like it’s clearing up a little bit oh getting it’s getting better at least okay

Now we gotta take Masa all the way back to top rank to start his journey home before we go Moss is definitely gonna try some ghost energy use the code right Dustin close first try cheers everybody it’s it’s the best energy drink that I ever have you guys gotta go and check it

Out ghost energy drink what do you think about the fl5 versus the f8 that you saw that’s all five fl5 yeah my opinion FKA it’s cool but it needs a ferris wide body kit the fl5 I like it as is yeah is like aggressive aggressive make it more aggressive you

Know what I mean sure so I like this to be more moderate moderate you know you want to take a girl for dinner with this car then FK FK it’s like I want to go like all out I want to go the track but yeah okay now like this

Though midnight purple 33. actually before we head to top rank we are going to be going to the Legends merch Warehouse so we can go get Masa some stuff before he heads back to Japan first stop Legends merch Warehouse you got to get some stuff for uh the top

Rank rule yeah sick this is behind the scenes stuff no one gets to see yeah like really behind the scenes stuff oh we got all the good stuff the secret stuff here one of my favorites look at that oh we had a training card you were with me whenever we took these pictures

That’s crazy this is this is like literally I was with you filming it that’s crazy dude I think this is like the first year that you got the 30. no this is recent actually oh this is oh yeah I was with you yeah you might have

Been even driving at this point I think I was saying that Jarvis yeah all the stuff that you guys don’t get to see but this is all of our various jet tags and stickers and stuff I never realized how crazy this actually is and how much

Different stuff that we have so we got Masa just kicking a bunch of stuff for all the top rank guys out in Japan just boxes upon boxes of stuff all for you guys thank you ready for Japan now we can finally head to top up welcome to American Toge

Oh yeah brother this is uh this is our local Togo that we take the cars on do some POV driving sometimes I really want to take the fl5 out here and do a POV uh K and fl5 drive that’ll be a ton of fun but figured on the way to top rank we

Had to let Masa experience at least one America Toge since that’s literally all the way to go over around Japan right yep we take always like uh you know good ashinoko Skyline you know go to the turnpike now we’re in a what’s the highway called It’s called

The Ortegas oh so not quite as cool as like initial detail game but that’s what we have in America that view right there oh just wait just wait oh my God wow oh that’s a very nice mall right there cops waiting for us to give us a ticket

And you don’t really have cops that wait on toga in Japan right nah they do actually nice person there we go nice person that’s a very nice flasher very nice person right there but actually Turnpike has a speed trap yeah yeah so you don’t want to go fast on

Like weekends because they do have a speed trap and I saw it and I see someone getting caught okay yeah so we’re gonna have to be careful guys Maza Pro tip right there if you want to go if you go to your visit hakone Turnpike remember they have a

Speed trap they have a speed trap sometimes so not too often so that’s the scary part those are American I’m going to Turnpike yeah it’s quite good wow holy smokes oh my God quick little Toge stop here for Masa this is masa’s first American togei yeah I mean it’s so nice

What do you think about American tour game also I love it it’s actually quite nice the roads are not too bumpy at all which is good it’s good right it’s a good little tester we definitely for this being basically in my backyard we definitely don’t travel out here enough

To come to come drive it and I think we definitely got to do it more because this is pretty insane actually fun fact I’ve never stopped at this pull-off before it really does look good it’s all right Masa let’s continue on we’re super late as always that usually happens when I’m

With Masa we’re usually pretty late to everything yeah we so more of the meaning to go fast you know what I mean can’t like enjoy this and have like Masa in one car and me and another car but maybe it will be cool with you in fl5 I

Mean the gr yeah like vice versa next time for sure yeah for sure and actually it does feel old it aside from the bump some of the bumpiness of the road it actually does feel like Japanese Tokyo really so yeah because aside from being too wide which

In my personal opinion I like the roads to be wider so I can have more better lines and stuff but aside from that I think it’s quite like Toge in Japan it’s actually yeah I do like it I love it I wish I could you know take my gr

Yara cell because this with the gr’s will be much better enjoy the Toge around with Mr dud so nutshell in a nutshell I’ll give it seven out of ten bro Masa we have arrived so this is like this is like where you work but just

America yeah so weird hey look my old 86 about to go off to its new owner oh yep it’s ready for transportation Oh by appointment only brought Brian the goods empty empty what are we supposed to do with this I got you an unopened steel pack oh dang it’s a raspberry gamer yeah

Yeah yeah yeah cool when you guys all ask me how do you do it how do you stay awake 18 to 20 hours a day finding all of these cars and doing things that’s how I do it right there not Health advice yeah 20 off right now

I want to be a proper America trip without taking Masa to In and Out yes I missed this I miss this so bad dude I wasn’t Counting I left Cali to Japan so you’ve had it now that’s my last meal ah little tip you’re not trying to go all in on in and

Out what I do is double meat plain with just ketchup and onion ketchup thank you not as exciting but still super good is it okay to say that yeah I mean you’re coming to Japan next month yeah and they don’t know why but it’s okay no I’ll see you soon All right I know we’ve had the craziest day in this video it’s just how life has been lately non-stop super busy but we are going to be ending today here with a shoot with our favorite BFF photographer we got John here shooting the brand new Legend drop which is actually coming out

I don’t know what day this video comes out but either way we’re shooting the drop and it’s absolutely sick unfortunately as you guys have seen in this video it is absolutely pouring outside still look at this it’s really coming down the lighting with the f05 in here absolutely insane we’re thinking outside

The box here we’re doing tons of different stuff just unique different stuff and we’re doing our first ever clock it’s a Legends wall clock perfect for your office room shop whatever you guys have just a really cool like novelty piece that we decided to do I

Love also we have the Legends plate in case you guys want to run a kind of like a fake plate up in the front or in the rear for car shows this is perfect and then for the merch check this out guys such a cool design like I said it’s very

Totally inspired kind of like I modeled this after like I’ll call nature I’m tyke and like all the togas that we did in Japan full on whole game inspired design so cool and even down here we have passion inspires passion that’s something that I I do believe cherry

Blossom is a pop Tory gate and then passing through the Tory gate got the toad so sick so we have a ton of really cool stuff coming out black hoodie cream hoodie black shirt with a ton of awesome accessories so let’s check out a little sneak peek here

Here the lighting here is so sick solid Sherry on top of your shoe heck yeah Dear John oh thank you so much you guys everything’s finished up and in our little mini shoot for Instagram if you guys don’t follow me on Instagram and John Instagram you guys got to do it got

Tons of good stuff but it’s time to roll out it’s still pouring rain outside so we’re gonna get this thing back into the garage I still cannot get over I’ll stick this thing was and that’s what I’m telling you guys the color looks so different in all forms of lighting you

Can really see that like greenish blue flake in it too it is so damn good I am pumped I gotta stop drooling over this thing and we’re gonna head home guys this is an important moment because it’s the first time we’re driving at night and you can

Actually see like the LEDs and the doors absolutely sick and I also just figured out we have we have four board lighting and when it’s up red by your feet that’s freaking sick look the more I drive this car the more I fall in love we’re currently at 94

Miles we’re about to cross the first ever 100 miles on this car and it’s been fantastic it’s gonna happen oh wait wait wait here it goes any second now we’re gonna hit a hundred miles any second now there it is first 100 miles I was able to document

It that makes me so happy caught it on camera every single mile out of these hundred miles has been coming out of joy I love this Type R Thank you