Dustin Williams Video: Starting the Build of My Vintage Porsche 911!

Posted: 2023-07-26 17:00:00
Author: Dustin Williams
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Today, we finally start the Porsche build! We’ve been gone for a while, which means we have had some time to let parts roll in. In today’s video, we install The DAS Auto rear cage on the 1983 911 SC. This cage is perfect because it utilizes all OEM holes and requires no drilling, cutting, or fabrication. Easy plug and play!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign We’re back and we’re getting right to it now please excuse the uh ambient fan noise in the background we’re back in California and as my good friend zash would say it’s hot degrees outside it is blazing so we have the big fan running in the background really helps

Us out here in the shop now that we’re finally back in America at least for a few days we have so much going on in the shop and so many updates for you guys but number one for today what I really wanted just to hop right into right off

The bat is the Porsche I’ve been blown away by the amount of support on the 1983 911 super Carrera I am so stoked that you guys are just as stoked as me on this car if not even more I was really nervous about what the reception would be of doing something like this

Because like I said it’s something that’s so different but you guys are just as excited as me which makes me really really happy and if you guys haven’t seen the Reveal video on this car yet definitely go watch that before you hop into this one because we go over

Some really cool stuff and the story behind this car which by the way still got to make that background Story video for you guys which is going to be coming but I wanted to start with some modifications today I was really hoping while Tiana and I were in Italy a lot of

The stuff would come in now while some of it did not a ton of it we’re starting with something today I’ll show you guys our little Parts corner that we’ve been uh developing over here we have the Dos Auto rear cage that we’re going to be installing today which I am super pumped

About and I’ll tell you guys a little bit about this in just a second but we also have a special delivery from our friends over at fitment Industries now we’re still waiting for our tires for these so these won’t be going on just yet and that’s why we’re going to be

Starting with the cage today but just know over the coming days or weeks or whatever we have a lot of stuff coming for the Porsche and stay to the end because there’s something at the end of the video that I want to show you guys and ask you a very important life or

Death question not really life or death but an important question that I need your help with um regarding a part on the Porsche but like I said we’re just gonna hop right into it Hello these old school 911s at their core at their heart are raw racing machines and I want to say 100 authentic to that and that’s why I love this cage right here I love putting cages into cars because number one obviously the rigidity and the stiffness of the car increases with

This it’s gonna make the car feel so good especially because of how light this car already is adding the extra rigidity and extra extra stiffening points in the car is going to make it feel a lot better not only that but it just stays true and authentic to that

Raw racing Spirit when you look inside the car you can see the cage from the back or looking through the side windows and you see that cage sitting in the back it stays true to that authentic again raw racing feel that these cars have and that’s what I really wanted the

Reason why I picked this specific cage the Dos Auto cage is because there’s no drilling cutting and Welding anything required with this it just bolts right in OEM holes you can use OEM Hardware if you want to they do Supply newer better Hardware but if you want to into you

Could use OEM bolt with this there’s no obstruction to the car yes you do have to take out one of your rear seat flap things out but aside from that it keeps the car looking OEM there’s ever any point where you want this to come out of

The car it’s easily put back to stock again with no cutting no drilling no plates required it just goes right into OEM holes which I am super pumped about turning over a new Leaf we’re not hacking anything up with this car we’re keeping it true to the Porsche spirit

And I am so freaking stoked so let’s hop in foreign Hey guys really quickly we’re gonna take a quick break in today’s video to give a big thank you to today’s video sponsor of high blue and if you guys like high-end fashion you’re gonna love this one hype blue is a mystery box platform that makes it easier than ever to buy

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Back into today’s video now first things first you guys know how this goes we have to uninstall a bunch of stuff well not really actually apparently on the Forum did a lot of research before I made this purchase which is which is something that I found

Myself doing more is going back to the older forums to see to see how people are maintaining these cars and what parts they’re putting on these cars and again the Dos autocage was a cage that a majority of the 911 ST owners did so I’m super happy about that but apparently

You only have to uninstall your driver’s seat in order to get the cage in so we’re gonna see how true that is today but first things first let’s get the driver’s seat out strangely my seat is only held in by four small Allens so it’s actually pretty easy to take out I

Think we’re good to go foreign also a nice surprise here we have a little amp I wonder if at some point this car I mean I guess yeah the speakers are upgraded too I wonder if the old lady that owned this car was just bump into this must have so we

Actually have a little we actually have a little sound system that’s pretty cool okay Step One is complete now step two I told you guys we did have to remove one thing out of this car that’ll have to stay out because of the cage and that is

These little I don’t know what they’re called but I’m sure Porsche guys will I mean hold down the comments but you do have to remove these little seat I’m gonna call them seat flaps but lucky enough for us back here you still have nice leather so it looks OEM and looks

Clean well because it is OEM still looks very clean back here even without these little seat flaps which honestly don’t really do much of anything anyway so I’ve already got the driver’s side one out because I wanted to see how these actually got removed and they’re surprisingly very easy so drivers one is

Out we’ll go ahead and remove the passenger one and we can actually put the cage in here foreign just like that it’s out now we’re ready for the cage Interior is good to go actually looks really nice without the uh little seat flappy things speaking of things I don’t know why I’m thinking this is your first time ever seeing the Porsche what do you think I’m very proud of you for getting this car honestly because like I remember

When you did that photo shoot in Mississippi you remember that that’s crazy yeah so like give me goosebumps well they’re not they’re like there but they’re not there but like this thing’s sick like it’s so cool it’s just a completely different end of the spectrum I can’t wait for you to cruise around

All the meats and stuff with this thing that’s the goal and I was going to talk a little bit about that at the end of the video for you guys so stay tuned for that but uh I went ahead vacuumed up the rear of the car and I think we can go

Ahead and put this cage in now this cage is beef it is all the beef this thing is super thick super uh rigid rugged it wasn’t called rugged rigid it’s very nice actually it came just raw steel so we went ahead and had it powder coated gloss black looks very nice I figured

That’d be nice uh to contrast the blue with this car so with all of that let’s go ahead and throw her in see how she fits it should be right on the money let’s check it out foreign dude this was the easiest like probably an hour-long install for a cage I mean

Literally OEM holes and actually you can’t I said you could use your OEM bolts but it doesn’t look like you can they actually give you eye bolts in case you want to do harnesses in my car we’re not necessarily building a quote-unquote race car so we’re not going to be using

Harnesses we’re going to keep it you know just OEM seat belts which is better for the streets because that’s what I am going to use this car for but again it just gives you that Ambiance of race car and the stiffness as well which is going

To be really nice for some of the roads we’re going to be taking this thing on all right so that one started this guy just needs to get started and we’re basically this actually lines up really really well too I mean yeah that’s it that’s it that’s pretty

Sick and then you got to put the seed back in that’s gonna be pain in the ass especially with the cage in the way yes all right well let’s tighten this thing down and get the seat in foreign and just like that we have the rear cage installed super simple I’m telling you

Guys installation said it would take two hours it took less I would say I would say right about an hour super simple all OEM mounting positions you have one in your seatbelt here where your rear seat backing mounted to right there and that is it cage is fully installed and it

Looks freaking sick my favorite part is when you look through the back and you can just oh it’s so good but you can just see the cage from the rear of the car that’s what I absolutely love man again just add so much more of a raw

Porsche look with that cage in the rear even going back to the GT3 RS the rear cage is just iconic with these colors and I absolutely freaking love it now the real real question is eating position I need to put my driver’s seat back in see how far back the rail goes

I’m a little bit worried because of this eye bolt right here but it shouldn’t be an issue you guys know I like to sit a little bit closer closer to the steering wheel anyways so let’s go ahead and wipe this down I’m going to actually use the mcguiar’s glass cleaner to wipe that

Down it’ll make it nice and shiny and wipe it down put the seed in and let’s test it out foreign say hi all right check it out first mod ever done to the Porsche come see come take a look step inside oh my gosh how gnarly is that like come over here

Come over there’s no seat over here I think we did good for the first month so cool I’m not gonna lie I didn’t want you to put a Cajun in I was pretty hesitant about it it’s sick right it looks really nice all all OEM only thing we had to

Remove were like the little uh the little like seat backing things but you wouldn’t you wouldn’t even notice yes I told you yeah but my favorite part come look back here I love looking at it through the rear glass yeah that’s super cool still the seat in

It’s gonna be a sparkle Vlog little guy’s helping me that wasn’t so bad thing thank you look at that big booty hey over here oh I’m working look no one cares they care about Sparkle look at them you’re right whatever I’m gonna bolt this thing in I’ll show you guys what I’m done Oh so good all right actually I can even go back a little bit Perfect I have my same driving position Everything feels good I also have even more room back here with the cage I am so pumped this came out even better than I thought it would oh yeah dude I’m so stoked okay now for my dilemma I want to show you guys this

All right moving on from one of our first mods to something that I have been hoarding for a very very long time I luckily found this right when it was posted on Facebook Marketplace and right after I bought my Porsche right here and I’m extremely proud and extremely

Excited for it but I need your opinions okay here we go I actually found a Carrera 3.2 liter whale tail OEM Porsche part which is insane okay take a look at this one of my favorite Parts the Porsche badge and the Porsche engraved onto the wing this thing is absolutely

Sick and in mint condition I’m talking like they’re Plastics and everything is just perfect I’m so excited about this this is one of the big mods that I wanted for my Porsche now now obviously it’s a different color and that’s what I need you guys help on we’re going

Between two options option number one is to wrap it black and I wonder and I say wrap it black because obviously I have the light blue metallic car and it’s not perfect it’s patina and especially back here if you look at the rear the rear hatch back here it is extremely patina

Back here the only way I could see it really fitting without actually painting it is wrapping it black but also I also but also I kind of feel if I wrapped it black it might be too much black in the rear but I don’t know what do you guys

Think option number two and it’s a little bit more risky is actually getting the wing painted and trying to get the body shop whoever paints it to try and match the patina that’s currently on the car now I know it can be done it’s just what is it gonna look

Like I mean the car’s paint is so faded and it’s actually like a unique patina that I’m worried that whoever tries to paint it won’t match it and it’s gonna look a little bit goofy I mean especially back here when you look right here I mean all of this is gonna have to

Be kind of that like light blue patina that you see on my car and my only you worry is that it doesn’t match perfectly and it’s like an off colored blue that might even look a little bit worse than just having the rear hatch wrapped black

For now until I can decide if I even want to paint this car and you know restore it back to its light blue metallic color that’s where you guys come in what is y’all’s opinion do you think that we should wrap the rear of the rear whale tail black or do you

Think that we should get it painted and try and have them match the patina Tim’s suggestion is to just send it with the paint and we have our local Body Shop TSM they are fantastic at what they do they’ve done a ton of stuff in the shop

For us it’s just I mean like that’s a hard job to do like I’m just worried that if we paint it it’s gonna be like an off blue that’ll even look funkier than the black wood well if you look down here it’s really not that much bad

It just looks like somebody took a buffer and burnt it yeah on the whale tail over there that whale comes to about here right you’re right and like it looks it where there is good paint it’s yeah but also like on top there’s that like square that like I don’t know

The answer and I want you all suggestions I think I know what I’m gonna do but I want to hear from you guys and and see what you think that’s one of my biggest mods for the car one of the ones I really really wanted and

I’m so stoked that I found it um because it is an oem part number one and number two I really feel like it’s gonna set off the look that I want for this car and again if you guys watch the Reveal video the whole idea for this build is

To build the ultimate fun Haver driver’s car and do what this Porsche was meant to do travel with it take it on road trips go on Canyon Roads Take it to car shows I mean anywhere we can take this thing that’s the goal and like I said

It’s the it’s the most fun 180 horsepower that you will ever have so again I just really want to bring that Porsche raw race car Spirit to this car and uh that whale tail is really going to help us out with that so I guess

We’re gonna wait and see we we read all the comments that you guys leave us so again thank you for all the support on the building let us know what you think about the wing what should we do thank you I really just can’t say enough good things about this car I am Head Over Heels again I love the look of the car how you can see the cage in the rear window right there it’s just this is exactly how I wanted the car and I’m so excited

To continue this build with you guys and show you what we have coming in the small little mods to really make this car my own again wow I’m so pumped but for today that’s what we have for the Porsche now I told you guys there’s a ton of updates within the

Shop as well which will be getting to in the next couple of days the one that you guys have probably seen in the background from today is the GTR Tim has actually been making a legend spec exhaust again he’s doing such an amazing job but I

Want to show you guys too much because this will be the next video that you guys see um but we have a lot coming and I’m very excited that’s all we have for today we actually have Japanese lessons today I’ve been all been slacking a little bit

Because of all the travel that I’ve had recently but we’re getting back on it because pretty soon we’ll be back in Japan so we’re gonna head up to the house now done in the shop for today again it’s so freaking hot so we try and get we try

And get work done as early as we can because it’s a scorcher outside again just take a second should I do the headlights yellow I kind of I kind of want to try out yellow headlights we’ll see let’s let’s head up to the house Oh this is it yeah there is no substitute for this feeling Good job love it I was reading the comments and a lot of you guys have actually said that you missed ending the videos with vegetable Sparco in you’re kind of an OG if you remember that because we did that for vlogmas a couple of years ago but I figured I’d bring it

Back for this one because like I said I really do read all the comments and I appreciate all of the recent support and don’t mind all of this we’re actually redoing our little backyard garden area he’s crazy very good end the video today with Federal Sparkle but also I’m an

Idiot because I thought my Japanese lessons were today and they’re actually tomorrow so I actually get a nice a nice relaxing afternoon here and I kind of wanted to take this time to talk to you guys a little bit uh with something that I’ve kind of been struggling with as

Well and uh that’s kind of with the car builds I guess these past few builds like finding a purpose like a purpose if you will on like what cars to do next and like that kind of like sways my decision on what cars I buy and everything doesn’t need a purpose it

Boils down to you know my passion and what I love doing and kind of getting back to that you know that’s why I built so many track cars I mean yes I love racing and I love tracking my cars but it gives me a sense of purpose in these

Builds and and the cars that I’m I’m doing and it kind of gets repetitive and I feel like I’m in the same robotic motion and I know I’m just like rambling and venting to you guys but I feel like just like letting out my feelings views

So you know like where I’m at I’m sure you guys can relate to this to oop taking a taking a poop over there okay I’m sure you guys can relate to this in whatever you’re doing as well but if you feel like I’m in this robotic motion of

Like getting a car purpose building it for the track and you know that’s what I do and it’s just like repetitive and I’ve been so out of it I feel like lately in kind of taking a step back looking at everything like I said talking Tiana talking to Tiana it all

Boils down to you know getting back to doing what I love and and just having fun and that’s where this Porsche build comes from is just a place of fun no real purpose just a car to drive build and have fun with and like I said it’s been something that I’ve been struggling

With is you know buying and building a car for a purpose yes well I I do think that gives meaning to doing car builds um and you know that there’s a time and place for it sometimes you’re just gonna do what you love and do it for the fun

Of it and that’s exactly what we’re doing and I really can feel that when I’m modifying the cars I mean something as simple and something as simple and small as you know a rear cage got me so excited to see all finished all done and there’s no real purpose to it it’s just

Something that I liked and something that I wanted to do and I kind of want to express that to you guys too and when you’re building your cars or or you know like I said whatever you’re into you know have fun with it there’s a time and

Place to have a purpose for something but also there’s a time and place to just have fun with what you’re doing and sometimes I forget that and I don’t want you guys to forget that with whatever job you have or whatever hobby you have have fun with it and do what you love

For yourself and that’s what I’m gonna get back to doing not everything needs to have a purpose so I don’t know why I just felt the need to let that out for you but uh that’s kind of where my headspace is at and I’m just gonna get back to having fun

But yes of course we’re still continuing on the purpose build race cars like the type R and stuff but for now we’re focusing on having fun and that includes special Sparco my buddy foreign with all that being said we’re gonna go ahead and end the video here can I enjoy

Some time with Sparco we got to cook dinner and all that good stuff huh and edit this video so thank you guys so much for watching if you have not already make sure you hit that like button leave me a comment down below let me let me know what you guys think about

The Porsche wing also leave me a hashtag made it to the end if you made it this far like now’s a good time to do that don’t forget to subscribe because now that we hit 750k we are on the road to a million and it’s coming soon thank you

Guys so much and I’ll see you in the next one peace out