Dustin Williams Video: Spoon S2000 Gets AGGRESSIVE Carbon Fiber Front Splitter! *Install*

Spoon S2000 Gets AGGRESSIVE Carbon Fiber Front Splitter! *Install*

Posted: 2020-09-16 17:00:19
Author: Dustin Williams
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To completely finish off our Spoon S2000 kit, I wanted to do aero. You guys saw that we just did the spoon wing and today we actually finished every piece of the exterior. Today we installed a quick release chassis mounted front splitter!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

What is up guys and welcome back to the channel we are jumping right into it again today we are currently at wr technica getting this splitter chassis mounted up to the s2000 for the final piece of arrow going on the car so i wasn’t actually here yesterday i

Dropped the car off for wr technicon will to get the material that they need to actually mount this up so i’m gonna go ahead and put in some footage that wr technica took yesterday while they were doing some of the work before i could actually get here You guys can see the mounts that will made up these are so cool because they’re actually recessed into the splitter so if i scrape it’s gonna scrape a splitter before it scrapes the button now these are all quick release tabs that will hold into the front bumper right here

And we are waiting for our chassis mounted pieces to come in that way we can have this chassis mounted on both this side and this side this thing is going to be crazy stable but i just thought this is one of the coolest things because this glitter is

Going to make it a pain in the butt to get on and off trailer so we can actually just press these buttons down here and it releases the splitter completely off of the car very very easy and very simple will you give us a run down what’s going down today yo what’s up

Guys got the brake spread components uh a little bit of brackets coming right now however these are the quick latch this pin right here was installed up here just like so it’s gonna go down right into the catch and that’s it and you just walked in

And it comes right out that is so sick dude that’s so cool so whenever uh he has to load his car on the trailer or take it off for whatever reasons at all it’ll be quick [ __ ] sick dude Here well just making more mounting holes yep basically i’m calling these red nuts so if you wanted to mount like let’s say a bolt to anything at all onto like cheap metal or plastic you want to install like a permanent nut that’s what you can do so you rivet these nuts into

Literally up here just like oh sick the spoon bumper already came with some right but we’re also adding our own i actually personally don’t like these style because when you uh crimp these ones you actually have like a whole uh a lot more footprint right it’ll be like a larger washer area

But i feel like these could get pulled out a little bit easier so they’re perfectly mounted yeah yeah so we’re actually installing these ones so that when you crimp it it’ll literally be about that fast kind of like a thick one yeah perfect So these are the actual chassis mount brackets that we need for the splitter from race bread components here let’s see these things are actually like super gnarly too wow that is actually pretty wild dude and it has a yeah full adjustability and everything too so check this out

So when you have this mouse down to the car you pull this pin here you could set it so this could slide out oh my god so you can literally just slide slide you just slide it out that’s that’s the idea slide it out slide it in that’s it that’s so cool dude

So the cool thing about the race brake components chassis mount kit it actually uses all stock stock parts so right next to the radiator support you have this bracket up here uh it gives you a little bracket that you slide in and bolt in the actual bracket too that’s how it

Basically mounts and it’s quick release too so on and off super super easy and it’s got some crazy adjustability so if i want to raise the splitter or lower it we can always do that but i think we have the perfect height with the spoon bumper right here but

Adjustability is amazing on this and this thing is going to be mounted like Crazy so we’re uh we’re testing the mounting position right now to see how high the chassis mount has to sit we need to lower it or raise it and there will be like a piece of uh mesh right here to kind of block out block out any air that slides

Are in between the bumper and the splitter right here maximum downforce tim you know what i’m saying sounds good to me so some of you may have questions on why i didn’t go with a bigger front splitter uh i’m running in the global time tag street class

And our front splitter is not allowed to be five inches past the front bumper so i think that this is a perfect amount what do you think this is tim uh let’s see here let’s do a dab measurement here about three inches about three inches that’s like the perfect amount right

Here and then obviously once i go uh bigger wing and stuff in the rear having a bigger splitter will come in handy too so we’ll just upgrade the wing and splitter at the same time when i see fit i don’t know if you notice it but it

It hangs off the bumper right here yeah it’s so the air will actually go past you’re not gonna hit the tire but it’s gonna be really good for you yeah so basically uh you guys can see the bracket is right there looks really cool and it has a quick has

A quick release pin system where you pull this pin and you can actually slide the bumper out so let me put this back in so what we did to make it easier so we don’t have to remove the wheels when we’re removing the pin we took this mesh out right here

You can see so we can actually just reach our arms in there like this and pull the pin right there for an easy quick release system this is actually super super sick i love this All right so our chassis mount brackets are officially in now not super tight this one isn’t super tight yet but we have to go ahead and drill holes into our diffuser now or our splitter now so that we can actually have it chassis mounted and they went ahead and lined up all the

Holes already this is where we’re gonna be drilling into the splitter and then it’ll officially be chassis mounted this is gonna be so soon So I lost my way out of line Is Quick update on the splitter here it didn’t mount up quite exactly how we had hoped with the foam the foam is a little bit too dense so it’s not compressing against the front bumper and the splitter so we’re gonna take a break from the splitter try and find a solution but

While we do that we’re gonna put this thing on the alignment rack so when i go to the track on monday this thing’s all in line and good to go uh just like we had it before we did the button so take a small break from this let’s get this thing in line

But damn this thing does look freaking sick on the car i just have to take a quick second here and say this car is freaking amazing like this is honestly gonna be one of my favorite cars ever so perfect Hey guys i wanted to take a quick break in today’s video to give a huge thank you to our video sponsor valvelain with every great car comes great reliability and that’s where valvoline comes in you guys know that we’ve available is a huge part of the channel and for the gt-r

We only use valveland’s full synthetic to keep this thing running strong and smooth this is basically my daily driver and valve lane’s full synthetic keeps it running strong every single day all right day number two of mounting the front splitter and it is officially on

They did a little r and d here dude you feel how [ __ ] oh hold on it’s in there so we got the foam all underneath so this thing has no air gaps which is exactly what we wanted for maximum downforce um it does have a pretty gnarly angle

Downward so we’re gonna have a ton of downforce in the front so that’s something that i’m about to get very used to especially with having downforce in the rear with the wing what do you think this should i can’t move my foot yeah this should be an amazing amazing

Difference when we get to the track and we are doing laguna seca this weekend my dream track if you guys didn’t see the rally i told you guys that next year was my timeline for driving laguna seca i’m sending it this weekend we are full stand doing it and i am nervous as

Hell but we have aero for it i’m super super stoked this is what the splitter looks like and we actually this is like super dark why are you super dark uh we actually have to take the splitter off before we can load it up on the

Trailer so i’ll show you guys how easy it is to actually unmount this thing and throw it onto the trailer but um here you guys can actually see the the foam that they use down here to restrict any airflow getting in between the splitter and the front bumper

Maximum downforce am i right tim yes maximum until you go in the really advanced class and have wings all over it yeah yeah but it’s gonna be crazy like like a full like what’s that one top uh top gun not top gun but it’s like i don’t remember what it’s called but it’s

A really sick s2000 so my question for you dustin top fuel top fuel that’s what it was okay how nervous are you that you haven’t even tested the car with downforce period when i think about driving on laguna seca i wanna throw up that’s that’s my feeling right now but

It’s okay we’re gonna just figure it out i’ll try and get that on film if you actually do if you don’t do it you’ll never know so you gotta just just go for it yeah so let’s go ahead and load this thing up i’ll show you guys how to unmount the splitter

Then we’re gonna drive the art of attack so we gotta drop this thing off for a tune and i’m gonna play a little bit of Sin so thing is super easy to take off there is two pins on the inside of the bumper that you unlatch and then you have quick release tabs underneath got one more on your side easy enough splitters off and we can easily load this in and out of the truck

Some nice downforce there tim we got a little bit of air right there yeah it helped me out a little bit ready this is laguna seca prep yeah you got this this would be the perfect lap we’re driving s2000 sort of modded like mine right this tim yeah you got this [Applause] [Applause] so [Applause] A little low too early on that corner [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] live action right here time oh don’t don’t do that in real life i’m not ready for the corkscrew Oh my burst i shouldn’t first yeah we had a little bit of work here right tim yeah just try it on the sim not in real life notch that’s not shift into first on the track this should be okay All right tim i’m not even mad about it what did we get this time What is that 147 that’s 2k if i can get a 147 in real life i’m a proud man if you’re getting on here you should be able to get in real life one more lap okay maybe not maybe [Applause] oh all right i know it’s hard to believe but i ended up uh

Doing really well on the sim actually 144 with s2k which i would be so happy if we get a 144 on lagoon on this sunday so that’s going to be the goal now 144. before we end today’s video we’re going to we’re going to go ahead and head over to

Entice motorsports so you can see you guys can get an update on the r32 and then we’ll be good what up come here the best games of all motek ecu baby look at this this is gold john this is freaking gold bro all right guys before we end today’s

Video we are back at entice motorsports to check out the r32 and give you guys a little progress update i’ll be back later this week to show you guys a more in-depth update and give you guys a full video on it but there’s a lot that has been done since

The last time that you’ve seen this car i’m letting john explain to you guys every little detail that’s been done so far since the last episode lay it down for me john there’s been a lot right yeah there’s quite a bit i mean we got all the hardware done uh all the

Hardware has been installed yeah so like the intake manifold is now fully in place we do have to take out the uh the turbo manifold because we do have stuff for the motec system yeah that we didn’t anticipate for so we had actually already bolted on it all the studs got replaced everything

Stainless steel 304 uh nuts and studs on everything everything’s been replaced with new hardware went ahead and welded in fittings for the water lines change out the pulleys new timing belt deleted the ac uh compressor pump rip jc i mean delete the ac compressor and the pump the lines have been deleted

This has been fully welded we smoothened it out so you couldn’t see the weld all the piping intercooler everything’s been welded already um however when dustin brought the motif system today we didn’t know that it was going to have individual monitoring sensors for each runner which is sick though yeah it’s always

It’s better to have it than to not have it i should say um oil cooler relocator has been installed um there’s quite a few things that have been done already um but there’s still a lot more to go so hopefully now we can start hitting it now that we

Have all the gaskets all the parts so it should be all right we’re looking good we’re looking really good we’ll probably have it finished within probably the week or next week to have everything completely done and buttoned up but it goes friday obviously the goal is to get it done by friday

Um it’s more waiting on stuff as you’re going you start to figure out okay we can relocate this we can move that around we have the oil cooler for instance that we got but the lines go all the way across and we’re actually going to redo the lines and have it

Mounted a lot closer to the to the actual whenever you guys see some rbs uh that are built or have an upgraded turbo system whatever there’s always crazy lines ran all over the motor and everywhere in the engine bay and we’re trying to clean that up a little bit

Make it look as clean as possible in here because we did do a lot of work in the engine bay to make this extremely clean as you guys can see this is my dream car and building it single turbo like we have has been a dream for me so i wanted this

Wanted this to be perfectly spec as clean as possible but also as functional as possible which is where john comes in so so we’re i mean a lot of stuff we removed we’re removing it because it doesn’t work anymore and a lot of those parts are hard to get

So i mean with with time you’ll you’ll see it’s going to look a lot cleaner it’s going to be easier to work on the car in the future so if anything ever does come up you don’t have to struggle getting into stuff especially on the intake side these cars are a headache to

Work on yeah now look everything is just right here you guys can see the oil cooler relocator down there so uh the oil filter usually sits around like right here but john’s gonna go and relocate that so that it runs from down there up to probably like

Right here in this vicinity to make it super easy for us and it just looks weird in this area especially with how nice we have everything so having it right here easily accessible and will look a little bit better but this is where we are so far Oh all right guys we have just made it home and before we end this video i’m gonna show you guys something that’s super cool so my good friend joseph is actually an artist over bungie if you guys don’t know bungie is the creator of destiny and destiny 2 and like i said

He’s actually an artist there and me and joseph became friends back on xbox uh 360 on halo 3 like forever ago 10 years 8 ten years ago whatever it was and we became really good friends that we had never met in person uh but we have always kept in touch he’s

From san diego and i was from mississippi at the time and when i moved to san diego i’ll be actually linked up in seattle i know this is probably so confusing for you guys that we linked up in seattle and uh we’ve just kept in touch ever since and so uh

What both of our dream both of our dreams were to work at bungie and now he’s actually doing it and he was kind enough to send me over some of his artwork of the vex i’m just nerding out right now but i thought this was super cool and i wanted

To put this in the video to show you guys super cool artwork i’m going to throw this up in my studio i haven’t put anything up just yet because we are going to paint the office so i didn’t want to like put holes in the wall and then have the

Painters cover it and all that stuff but i thought this was super cool all right guys that is gonna be the end of today’s video um i hope you guys enjoyed all of the updates with the s2k and the r32 and stuff we have a lot going on but i’m so stoked

To drive laguna seca this weekend uh if you guys haven’t already please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel we are so close to 500k i will see all of you guys in the next one peace out