Dustin Williams Video: Spending 24 Hours in TRADITIONAL Japanese Village | Japan in a Van EP. 3 – Aomori

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-21 17:00:24
Author: Dustin Williams
Thank you @ toprank_japan for allowing me to use this van for my trip!
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In today’s video, I take you guys along for my trip from Sapporo to Aomori. We take the ferry from the port in Hakodate to Aomori. Once we landed, we made our way to Hirosaki castle and it was one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever visited in Japan.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Oh IO ah we survived night one camping in the van and it’s cold welcome to day three Good morning yesterday I know I couldn’t fully enjoy my campsite but night one was fantastic I actually caught some damn good sleep it was freezing but the sleeping bag I have is incredible but I think uh I think it’s time to take a second and really take in where the hell

We just camped foreign that’s what this Trip’s all about learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable despite all the hardships we faced so far I’ve never felt more free I guess the universe has been throwing me curveballs but in those curveballs have been Unforgettable memories and experiences even though

We’re only on day two I feel like I have hundreds of stories to tell today will be no different Foreign Time to Say Goodbye to our first campsite we have our longest journey yet so far today longest journey yet and to be honest I have no clue where we’re going so let’s figure that out we are right on the coast of Sapporo that’s insane so that’s

Where we are and today we’re getting all the way down to the top of the Mainland which is aomori so we have to drive from here all the way down to the very bottom of the island of Hokkaido take a ferry and go to the very top of the Mainland

We’re officially going to the mainland but let’s first off let’s figure out how the hell to get there we have a four and a half hour drive we are going to be cutting it super close we gotta go Ferry leaves at 12. it says we’re gonna get there at 11 30. please universe

Had nothing go wrong knock on wood everybody watching the video knock on the wood we are heading to hakodate terminal In fact if you guys watched the last episode uh we are actually on the togang that our tow truck driver runs in his GTR and with all of it proof of Toge racers it’s pretty damn cool Down there To be honest this has been stressing me out so bad this is gonna be uh this is going to be the difficult part so now we’re putting the van on a ferry and crossing the ocean to get to the mainland so I think that this is this looks like the

Fair eh turn right I’m going to update you guys once I figure out what in the hell is going on in 200 meters your destination will be on the left um that is where I check in um we did it got our ticket got some coffee

I kind of want to get some food from here but before we do that let’s go drop the van off in line just to make sure we’re all squared away okay now we are good boom we’ll figure it out actually this is I just I have no idea what I’m doing

We’re just figuring it out together comply to that foreign This is so sick I don’t know why I think this is so cool making a massive it’s like a cruise ship Okay cool God of your seat you’re gotta be kidding me Oh my gosh this is so dope wow we got a pretty sick seat here but the view of the back holy crap this is pretty freaking awesome I have no idea why I’m so stoked about being on a ferry but pretty damn cool the good thing is

We have a nice reclinable seat to be nice and comfortable because we do have like a three and a half almost four hour four hour boat ride all the way to aomori which should be pretty cool I’m excited to come out here and check out

What it looks like on the ocean but uh this is gonna be perfect timing to get a ton of work that I’ve been needing to get done we’re gonna be going to a Japanese Castle called hirosaki castle and if we’re lucky fingers crossed there’s gonna be an insane cherry

Blossom blue let’s head back to the seat and get settled in oh this makes me so happy look at this there’s a shower room right here yes we get to take a shower No [ __ ] way I’m literally about to take a shower on the ferry thank you taking a shower it kind of worked out I wasn’t able to go into the onset because showering in fairies way cooler I don’t think you understand how amazing I was Foreign would be so cool but it was actually really awesome to be able to see Hokkaido on one side and the mainland on the other once I got settled in I went ahead and explored the boat for a little bit got back to my seat did some work

And three hours and 40 minutes later we landed it on more All right it’s nice and relaxing as that was time to get back in the van continue our journey we got here a little bit early I actually perfect because because foreign welcome back to the mainland and welcome to amore the road to hirosaki Castle is actually pretty quick but what made it really

Nice was the scenery not only did we get to see blooming cherry blossom trees on the way up we had an incredible view of Amore’s Mountain iwaki-san peeking over us for the entire ride it was absolutely stunning thank you I really don’t think the camera is into this Justice Success found parking time to find hirosaki Castle to get to hirosaki Castle it takes a quick hike through hirosaki Park and the Botanical Garden which were absolutely beautiful safe to say I think we made it when the cherry blossoms are blooming look at this there’s so many okay so here’s the entrance

Oh my God Full of experiences oh yes yes to take a picture of it Here’s the castle oh my God just when I think something can’t be topped Japan always surprises me hirasaki Castle is one of Japan’s most beautiful castles it was constructed in the hiriyama style which gives you that traditional Japanese look and along with the 2600 cherry blossom trees around it it’s absolutely stunning Thank you [Applause] Foreign Yesterday blew my mind this is just on a whole nother level this might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in Japan look at these cherry blossoms not only hirosaki Park you get a good look at hirosaki Castle as well as the cherry blossoms you get an incredible

View of milwaukee-san as well [Applause] thank you This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my entire life wanted to quickly document this because this is like one of those times in your life when you just you get that feeling and you can’t quite Express what that feeling is but special and uh

This is one of those times I mean look at this perfect way to end our day today [Applause] Man this is one of those spots that you just never want to leave you know but it’s getting pretty late almost six o’clock we have to go check it and we actually got like a little Onsen hotel that we’re going to be staying at the problem is I can’t park at the hotel

Because the van is too big so I gotta find parking and I kind of want to do that before it gets too dark just so I don’t get lost but man what a freaking day every day just keeps getting better and better and it’s always an adventure

That’s exactly what we were looking for one last look we’re heading out of the park and head to the Onsen foreign we have made it to the hotel unfortunately we were supposed to camp tonight and turns out there’s too much snow on the mountain so we were not

Actually able to make it up and go camping to have it closed until actually 29th and it’s currently the 19th so we missed it by 10 days but that’s okay because we super sick on send spot but before we can go do any of that we haven’t really explored any cities yet

So I figured let’s go walk around we got to get some books like in our area there’s a pretty bomb udon spot and udon noodles and broth sound really good right now This place is sick we’ve done so much nature because Hokkaido is really a bunch of nothing and uh to be back in the city is pretty awesome look at that it’s definitely the coolest City that we’ve been to on the entire trip so far so [Applause] thank you [Applause] so loud [Applause] and um This is literally once all about finding little hole-the-wall shops like this I’m so stoked we got some tempura udon looks incredible we got an extra shrimp that are why I’ve been craving something like this but this looks fantastic thank you oh my God All right Thank you I mean come on now I think it was the perfect end to the day all right well uh base camp is all set up for the night another insanely successful day Not only was everything that we saw today or experience today absolutely amazing the

Town we’re staying at is an amazing too uh dinner was delicious I just went for a bath in the onset and that was incredible after such a long day you only sit in the hot spring is just I’m gonna enjoy a little bit of Boss Coffee

We got a lot of editing to do hopefully you guys are enjoying these uploads I’ve been putting a lot of work into them and like I continuously saved throughout this series I mean I was looking for an adventure and I definitely got what I wish for

Um it’s been crazy it’s been ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for anything this has been absolutely incredible and uh it’s everything that I kind of wanted but so so much more so I’m gonna go and wrap up today’s video we have a big day tomorrow we’re

Dropping four hours down to our next stop called Sendai um so we’re gonna get there I’m not sure what time I’m leaving in the morning yet but we have a couple of stops there and then we have a big campsite day um so I’m trying to decide

What to do about the campsite and how to get that all set up but uh camping in the van tomorrow should be a lot of fun like always going to take you guys along for the journey so once again thank you guys so much for being a part of this I

Know we’re in the middle of it my brain’s a million miles an hour but uh every day all day throughout all the adventures I’m thinking about how grateful and blessed I am to be in this position um so thank you guys I’m gonna wrap this video up if you have not already make

Sure you hit that subscribe button so you can stay along with every single episode and everything we have going on after this make sure to leave me like if you enjoyed it and leave me and let me know what you think down in the comments

Below I will see you guys in the next one I’m assuming this eye Hi