Dustin Williams Video: Skyline R32 GTR Gets BIG SINGLE TURBO!


Posted: 2019-01-27 20:00:02
Author: Dustin Williams
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Our new Legends Media merch is up now! Today, we finally get the big single turbo for the GTR! I have been wanting this for so long, so huge thanks to Comp Turbo for being a part of this r32 GTR build! We got a Comp Turbo 62/65. This is going to make the most power and spool the quickest. The GTR is about to be an absolute beast!


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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Today’s a big day guys you can’t guess we have something special coming today before I tell you guys we have a legends of media drop this Sunday all new line everything’s very limited be sure to check it out if you haven’t already but let’s uh go do some turbo things today

Oh is it here it’s finally done amazing bro this is it dude this is massive damn what’s the rundown give me the rundown on the turbo essentially we did you a sixty to sixty-five it’s gonna be perfect for your RV platform you know it’s gonna be the fastest responding

Unit in that side that you can get on the market and it’s gonna make some good power for home and I’m excited it looks good I’m ready I’m ready bro People’s metal horse scanner all bagged up so obviously you guys can tell we finally got the GTR turbo been a long time coming I know talked about it a bunch but I’m finally excited to show you guys I am working with Comp turbo again these are the same guys and I got

The motor so it’s a sound amazing and it’s gonna run really really good if you remember that Evo made 575 horsepower on dyno so we’ll see what we can do with the gt-r as well so pretty straightforward and at the start of today’s video came over to come turbo

Picked up I’m brand new turbo for the GTR I’m gonna explain the full GTR to real build once we get back to my shop tomorrow so I just wanted to show you guys the process of me going to pick it up because it is very very exciting I’ve

Been wanting to do this GTR bill for so long now and it’s finally about to happen so still have tons of more parts to order we’ll go over that once I get to my shop so I’ll give you guys a more detailed in-depth look of the turbine Finally made it to the shop now it’s time to talk about the turbo build I really hate I don’t have any table or like workbench station thing to do this on but coming soon another lot of you guys in the last video we’re telling me

To get like a tool chest and all that stuff it’s coming I promise I’m working with a company right now to make some things happen in the garage so it’s not so empty so hopefully that goes through but guess I’ll just do a little unboxing of this over here real fast course

You’ve met some copter about stickers thank you to them a products for certification of authenticity the good stuff the turbo this thing is big this is I believe you said a 60 to 67 comp turbo I figured since we finally got the turbo I go ahead and talk about the

Exact plan for the gt-r on the different turbo setup that we’re going How rough estimation but when it’s all said and done this turbos mounted it’s gonna sit somewhere around here kind of like this obviously as you can tell I decided to go single turbo and let me explain for the GTR I think I want to go with a kind of crazy power build similar

Power range to what the Evo pushes right now but not a crazy setup like forward-facing turbo kit hood dumping all of that stuff I want this to get more streetable I guess you could say with the same power capabilities as the Evo now I’ve done a lot of talking and a

Lot of researching on the different turbo setup so you can go win-win versus single and since going to Florida and talking to Lee with monster performance I’ve made the decision that goes single turbo on my arm 32 for the different power reasons on all of the good turbo

Noises that’s only partially the reason I’ve decided to go single turbo on the 32 when I was in Japan with top-ranked I made a really big decision for 2019 my ultimate goal is to buy an hour 34 out there I absolutely love my r32 but I think the 34 has always been my

Top-of-the-line absolute dream car and I think right now is the best time to go ahead and pick one of those up and with top ranked I’ve chosen a few throughout 2019 that are coming in to auction that I’d like to place bids on and they’re gonna be helping me by bidding on those

In Japan for me to help me get the best price available which you can also get as well if you go through top ranked import your car but I’ve already chosen some that are coming to auction this year and hopefully one of those ends up

Being in my price range but on that arm 34 I decided on going twin-turbo on that so the goal is to have a 32 single a 34 twin at that point when I get the 34 and do a twin turbo build I’d like to have

It build out one of the og shops out there like Midori savvy or a top secret or garage Taurus or something like that eventually when the car is actually legal in four or five years imported back here and it’s already been fully built fully refreshed one of the og

Shops out in Japan that’s like top blue line ultimate goal hopefully 2019 brings that but for now we’re gonna worry about this amazing single turbo bill okay so now with all of that being said let’s talk about everything that’s coming in for the car right now while mean Tianna are in Thailand which

We leave at tonight to go to have a few parts that will hopefully come in by the time I get back so enticing Motorsports is going to be helping me build this turbo kit again it’s not a custom manifold awesome kit we’re actually going with the full race single turbo

Manifold to be going with Reddy’s new cast intake manifolds we’re gonna do a full fuel system new injectors are coming in all the accessory pieces such as like the fuel injectors and things that I’ve already said but after all of that this is where the fun really starts we couldn’t actually custom fabricating

Our own intercooler as well as their own intakes so kind of the rough idea that I have in my head for this setup of this RV motor if you don’t know the skyline comes with soft intercooler piping right now that’s actually really really not good at all we’re gonna be doing all hard

Intercooler piping and your pretty standard intercooler setup but for the intakes I really like the dual intake setup obviously if it’s twin turbo but I was thinking we could integrate this set up into a single turbo intake I’m hoping once we mount this we can find room to

Actually have the intake come out and split off you separate intake filters I think that would look really awesome and also add some really nice air flow to the turbo as well so now that you know the kind of bigger plan in here we’re obviously also going to be taking off

The RB 26 cover getting this painted I still haven’t decided what color I want to do this yet but I don’t want to do candy red that’s super common and I kind of want this engine bay to stand out a little bit I don’t know if I’ve shown

You guys this yet but I’ve been saving this specifically for the engine build I scored one of these from Larry he had an extra one in his garage that he’s been keeping I got the r34 gt-r sticker for my RB 26 cover here and it’s going to

Look really good once this is actually painted or whatever I decide to do with this I’ve been waiting so long to put this on the car finally once we actually get this cover off we can start putting this on – what do you think baby it’s huge it is pretty big is it

Than the Evo turbo that’s the real question I guess you can’t really tell if it’s outside of the car you get I don’t know it looks a little bit bigger I mean the account for boobs is sixty two sixty two and this is a sixty two sixty seven

So the spool that faster doesn’t make some really good noises so either way it’s gonna be awesome ever have two big turbo cars okay so now that you guys know the big turbo plant if you have any suggestions at all for any supporting mods to go along with the

Turbo build let me know in the comment cuz I’m always down for suggestions but that is the rough plan of what man and ice are gonna do for this single All right turbos all boxed up and ready like I said once I get back hopefully a bunch of the parts that we have ordered will be in I can actually bring this car to anti so we can start tearing apart everything but for now me and Gianna are actually about to go

To the airport and head to Thailand and I thought I’d take you guys along for that like once we get to Bangkok and stuff it’s gonna be a cool little adventure so let me go ahead button all of my cars off lock up the shop I’m not

Gonna be here for a couple weeks so see you guys when we get to bank Look where we are this is not America Tianna this is cold paradise and we’re never coming home this is amazing okay so last night we were at Bangkok funny enough Sakaya was in Bangkok the same day that we were if you don’t remember from the Japan vlogs sekai took

Us around all over in japan and he was kind enough to take me in tiana around Bangkok last night we went a little like rooftop bar thing but now me and tiana on our own look at the view outside of our diamond hotel it’s a villa we have

Like a whole compound over here but this is our view it’s absolutely amazing I just wanted to end this video by showing you guys we’ve made it once again I’m out of the country but this is just completely different and amazing if you guys want to see Thailand vlogs let me

Know in the comments down below I might film like a little adventure vlog like I did in Hawaii a few months back I think that would be pretty cool let me know in the comments down below me and tiana have some business tonight food and then some

Business so I’m in this video thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you in the next one you