Dustin Williams Video: Skyline GTR Gets UPGRADED! *Install*

Skyline GTR Gets UPGRADED! *Install*

Posted: 2019-06-06 17:00:04
Author: Dustin Williams
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Huge thank you to Ultra Racing for always supporting my builds! In today’s video, the GTR gets a much needed upgrade


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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Ooh what is up guys welcome to today’s video we are solo here once again but that’s totally cool because we have some awesome GTR mods to install today as if the GTR wasn’t already an amazing track car we’re making it even better for today in today’s video we are gonna be

Installing some ultra racing suspension parts first up we have we have the ultra Racing rear sway bar and then we will be installing the ultra Racing rear strut tower bar also when we finish it up we gotta figure out a cool place to put this big sign huge thank you to all true

Racing for helping me get these parts for the z4 the GT are still thinking about the V over there but huge thank you to them for helping me get these parts for the GTR before all of you say oh my gosh just you you don’t even go to

The track here I can’t even track this car shut it yes I am actually as you guys know I do work closely with Yokohama and after my fitness competition June 29th we actually having a lot of track days planned with the BRZ and with the GTR cuz as you guys know I

Do have their amazing sticky Yokohama AO 52 s on this car so I’m gonna get actual track time with a professional to properly learn how to track this car so in preparation for doing that I wanted to have the best of the best on the GTR

I’ve used ultra racing on the BRZ on my Type R and now on the GTR so let’s go ahead and get started with the rear sway bar here it should be a full don’t fall it should be a fairly simple install I say that but I’m looking at these bolts

These things are crusty like I’m talking 1989 crushed pending whether or not these bolts break on me break this should be a pretty easy install so I’ve already gathered everything along with a 12 and a 14 let’s go ahead and start taking the stock one off and comparing

It with the new sway bar okay we’re gonna go and start with the end link nut right here so you’ll have to use top to keep it steady good to go we’re gonna do the same to the other side and then the end links should be loose yep

Okay other side is loose now – now all we have to do is go ahead and do both sides where the rubber mount is right here these are two fourteens – right there – right here should it be too bad these guys are so I don’t believe I’m

Gonna be able to get the sway bar out without taking the exhaust tip off unfortunately so I’m gonna go ahead and just take off the tip and this thing should just lie back finally got the stocks way tomorrow actually wasn’t too bad these bolts are just a little bit sketchy but I expected

Big success getting out these stock sway bar here are the differences between the two I need to actually get a scale for the shop so I can start weighing things but this one is much much heavier than the stock one lot thicker you guys can see can’t really tell on camera but the

Ultra racing is a lot thicker and weighs a ton more what I’m currently doing right now is swapping over the end links now I have noticed I am probably gonna have to go ahead and get replacement end links cuz these are really really old definitely coming soon

Replacement end links but I have to use what I have right now let’s go ahead and do this side we can start putting this thing back in Okay any links are installed in a new sway bar let’s go ahead put the new sway bar on the GTI one thing I did forget was motor racing does give you new rubber mount so I’m gonna go ahead and put some grease on these get outside of these hopefully no

Squeaking nice and greased up now I’m going to go ahead and stick these on this way A few minutes later and we have successfully gotten swaybar in it I went ahead and hand tightened everything as you guys can see the two four canes right here the 12 on top of the end link and same for the other side so now all I

Have to do is use the gun tighten everything up and we are good to go Oh just a little bit difficult by yourself but everything has been installed and we successfully have is the brand-new ultra racing sway bar on the gt-r I’m super excited to do a drive test with this but before we do that we also have to install the rear strut

Tower bar which is gonna be super super easy in the back I was a little bit nervous about this with all the bolts being so old but we got it done and it came out perfect All right taking a quick intermission here to get some get some food in I found this Chipotle mustard stuff it is a game changer I can’t have many sauces during my prep but I can have this and it is on real so for those of you who do

Watch the fitness videos or those of you who don’t watch the fitness videos I am competing in summer shredding June 29th so I have been prepping dieting for this fitness competition and it has been absolutely crazy you haven’t seen the fitness videos you should check them out

Because it is something new that I’m doing on my channel and I really really enjoy it and I want to continue to do it even after my prep and even after my fitness competition and I do I am gonna do an update video on like what’s next

After the competition but yeah if you haven’t seen the fitness videos at least try them try them check them out if you are curious we’re taking a small break and I am having eight ounces of chicken as well as 80 grams of broccoli with this bomb Chipotle mustard definitely

Try it out okay well I was looking at how to install comedian rear strut tower bar but it actually seems like they set me the little focus focus the gtst two-door version and I actually have the GTR and I don’t think that this guy is gonna fit I’m mocking it up where the

Strut tower is currently definitely is a little bit too short and just to double-check myself to make sure that I’m not just screwing myself on this it does look like there is a difference between the r32 GTR four-wheel drive versus the G CST two-wheel drive one

That they sent me to will drive you guys can see that so unfortunately no rear power bar today but good news is we officially finished up the rear sway bar so we can actually take this thing a nice little test drive so I guess we can finally add this to

The collection of stock parts in the corner good to go I’m not expecting to feel too much especially because I’m not pushing the car I will notice a huge difference on the track as well as want to take this thing to the canyons again if you guys remember when Chris were you probably doing this crispy media did the whole

Documentary on my open house we took this car to a local Canyon and it was amazing I’m definitely gonna have to redo that again with the new sway bar kind of to kind of feel it out but I’m gonna go test right now to see if I can

Oh is anything different on the street as well as listen for like me clanking or knocking noise from the back okay so far so good new and noises just jabbering over speed lump and then and we’ll be on the main road where I can get on in just a little bit

Speed bump any noises nope no noises okay we are heading on the main road right now let’s see if you can notice anything in the corners Yeah definitely it does feel stiffer especially with just these small turns Hit this circle on the cul-de-sac pretty hard oh yeah It also helps that I have like the creepiest sticky as tyre as possible from Oklahoma but then what you’re racing swaybar does feel good like I said it’s not a huge difference on the street but I am very very excited to take this thing on the track and on the

Canyon because Kenya driving is definitely one of the most fun especially when you know stuff so that has to be planned a very very soon I need my daily water intake and I forgot my big jug at home so I need to get another water don’t forget to drink

Your water guys it makes you feel better perfect now let’s head back to the shop a little special delivery if you follow me on instagram you saw it first made it back to the shop I think I give you guys a little a little sneak peek of

Something that we got going on here may or may not be for the WRX it may or may not be from accuAir I don’t know pretty cool this we are ending today waiting out traffic watching some office eating my fifth meal of the day which is from

Shrimp and broccoli just hanging out for a little while traffic always gets so bad by the time I’m finished working on the car so I just hang out thank you guys very much for watching today’s video I’m super happy we finished the ultra racing install I’ve had that for a

While now and I definitely I’ve been meaning to get it on but there’s are so many other things that need to get done especially the Z I want to put all projects on hold especially you guys been asking for the turbo build on the GTR I don’t want to

Start anything until we have the Z with the motor out off to paint so that is my number one priority right now I’m just waiting for some extra hands to help me get the motor out of the Z once that’s done can start working on newer projects

And you guys just saw the sneak peak for the WRX too so thank you guys for watching the video if you haven’t already please hit that subscribe button we are so so close to 400,000 and I want to do something special for 1000 subscribers so help me get there let’s

Do it tell your friends tell everybody hit that subscribe button and let’s get to 400k I will see you guys in the next video peace out