Dustin Williams Video: Skyline GTR Gets CARBON AERO! *AP1 Race Mirrors & Nismo Install*

Skyline GTR Gets CARBON AERO! *AP1 Race Mirrors & Nismo Install*

Posted: 2019-01-23 20:00:00
Author: Dustin Williams
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Getting around to installing some of the bigger jdm items on the R32 Skyline GTR! Today we installed the carbon fiber AP1 race mirrors and old logo Nismo strut tower bar!


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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

What is up guys welcome to the video we’ve got some more GTR mods going on the car today finally being able to put on a lot of the cool stuff that I brought back from Japan you notice I may have half the mod on already because

Kind of wanted to make sure that I knew what I was doing before I got into it but the mirrors we’re doing the carbon-fiber mirrors today and I think we can also sneak in for the Nismo strut tower bar but I went ahead like I said

It already did one of the mirrors this morning just to make sure I knew exactly what I was going into and actually found out that I needed some bolts so I’ll be showing you everything you need to swap over your GTR mirrors if you do have a

Different set if you guys don’t know if these are the carbon-fiber a p1 race mirrors for the GTR full complete carbon fiber these are super rad and I didn’t realize how tiny they are until I actually you compared the stock to the a p1 style so really sleek adds a nice

Little carbon-fiber touch on the car and I’m very excited to get these on it’s a fairly easy install I walk you guys through the entire process on the car right now you can kind of see the difference in how they look stock a p1 race stock a p1 race pretty sick just a

Little addition to make the car that much cooler so what you’ll need for the install and eight millimeter wrench I got the ratcheting wrench it’s a lot more helpful and then you’ll also need some m6 bolts that are a little bit shorter than the stock bolts that come

On the stock mirror so let’s go ahead and take off the passenger side mirror and I’ll show you exactly how to do that oh I forgot I had these for math these are nice it is a little bit sketchy you have to take out this little triangle

Panel that you have right here on your mirror and you really want to be careful to not break any clips that’s like my worst nightmares breaking stupid clips really don’t want to break anything twelve seconds later okay so far so good Oh yep yep I broke one

I did exacto you guys had to do and I broke a clip uh anyways you have three eight millimeter bolts in here that you need to go ahead and take off so I’m gonna get to that all right I got all three bolts out and once you do that

This mirror will literally just pull right out so stock mirror is off super easy process besides the part of picking off at stupid little panel clip piece we can go ahead and install the carbon fiber a p1 race mirror before we do that I’ll give you guys a little comparison

Our stock versus a p1 there’s such a big I wish I had like a scale there’s such a big weight difference and size difference in these but I think it’s really cool I will be keeping these mirrors especially because these stock mirrors have this cool little I believe

It’s an ismo or like an OEM nissan part that not a lot of them come with but this little mirror visor thing I’m pretty sure that’s kind of rare you guys can correct me if I’m wrong but not all of the GTRs come with this little visor

So I definitely will be keeping these mirrors just in case I ever decide to put it back to stock but let’s go ahead and install the new a p1 mirror basically the same exact process you just want to mock it up right here and everything looks good so I’ll go ahead

And put in if these new m6 bolts right here and this thing will be ready to go And boom we’ve got carbon fiber racing a p1 meters and they actually look really awesome I think I like it so much it’s just a very subtle mod but it gives a car a really cool shape especially with the carbon fiber and like the little vents in here and that’s my favorite

Part it’s such an awesome little addition to the car now both the Evo and the GTR have awesome carbon fibre Racing mirrors actually looks pretty cool next to each other too so now I know some of you guys are gonna ask me where I got these from

And I got these from garage Soros in Japan I believe they are been used before these aren’t brand new so I honestly have no idea where you can get these mirrors I’ve never seen these mirrors on another GTR before so all of these cool little monitors making my

GTRs stand out which is what I really really wanted with an old-school JDM car like this let’s see visibility oh my god yeah visibility definitely is not gonna be the greatest I’m gonna go grab my keys and we’re gonna adjust the mirrors now all right so anything so surprisingly

These mirrors aren’t like absolutely terrible they’re definitely limited visibility but it can see PHY out of them I can see perfectly fine now let’s do the passenger side I can put it this way I can see exactly what I will need to see nothing more carbon fiber mirrors

Are installed I have to go put that little panel back in and then let’s do the Nismo stretch our bar Now surprisingly when this GTR was imported it did not come with a stretcher bar which is kind of weird because a lot of the cheat cars that I see always come with some sort of strut tower bar but luckily mine didn’t and jóska while I was in Japan helped me

Find this Nismo old logo edition strut tower bar here from up garage and go sit a little something like that which this is actually a pretty rare find this is gonna be a very very easy install as well I think it’s just a couple of like 14 millimeter bolts and then we’ll

Tighten this thing down make sure it’s adjusted correctly and I think it’s gonna look pretty awesome in the engine bay these are actually 12 and not 14 millimeter bolts go ahead take all these off from the struts and then we’ll place the struts our bar on top okay all the

Nuts are off let’s go ahead and easy enough perfect let’s go ahead and tighten everything up and I think we should be pretty good And we’re done actually not like completely done because unfortunately I didn’t have enough tools and have a 15 millimeter wrench to actually tighten this down with after getting another tool but I’ll do that another day pretty much I mean we have all the stretch hours tightened down we just need to adjust these

Mounting points right here but that it’ll be like completely done but overall installs for today went really really smoothly we have the new carbon fiber a p1 race mirrors as well as the Nismo strut tower bar – very awesome pieces to the puzzle of this car this cars coming along amazing everyone even

Done yet these parts so we still have the bridge or pan seat by the way all you guys talking in the comments about me calling this a Brid seat not bride it is actually pronounced bred in Japan look it up ask people that actually know it’s pronounced bridge so shut it I

Called the base of Motorsports and they don’t have the rails for these so I do have to order them from Japan so it probably will take like a month or even more unfortunately but it’ll be worth the wait we still have the the short shifter as well as these carbon-fiber

Side skirt extension pieces unfortunately I have to cut it short today but good news is we do have a Legends media drop this Sunday so I’m heading to my merch warehouse right now to go pick up all the new product which I will show you guys once we get there

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Like a week and a half it’s gonna be crazy but either way I hope you guys enjoyed the video more GTR mods are coming up and something special hopefully I can show you this week is coming for the GTR so once again thank you guys be sure to

Like this video if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next one peace