Posted: 2019-02-22 23:00:00
Author: Dustin Williams
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Finally getting around to installing the rest of the Skyline GTR parts from Japan! Today me and Kevin install the Bride Japan Edition Racing seat in the GTR!


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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Hey guys before this video starts I’m gonna let you know that this Sunday is tuna revolution in Anaheim and we’ll be there with Evo and the GTR you can use the code on the screen right now to save yourself five dollars off of tickets and the link to get those tickets will be

Down below we are gonna have a Legends media booth with a ton of mirjana’s Jeep is fully packed with all the stuff that you guys can buy at the meet so come see us like I said we’re gonna have the Evo and the GTR it’s gonna be a lot of fun

Tuner evolution is always my very favorite show so just when you guys there enjoy the video good keV are you excited yeah I’ve had this seat sitting here since I’ve been to Japan the carbon fiber bread Japan this thing is sick we’re finally getting around to installing it somebody actually local to

Me I’ll put his Instagram on the screen he’s another GTR owner his GTR is insane I actually had the correct seat rail that I needed so I still have one coming in from Japan but in the meantime I have this one so we do have the correct seat

Rail we’re gonna be taking out the old faded these are actually used to be black when they come stock and now it’s just faded in blue we’re taking out the stock seat and putting in the new kind of video we’re putting in the new racing seat get out of here don’t need you

Sorry I’m just prepared I’m prepared now these tools keV finally maybe I’m not tools so thankfully older cars a little bit easier to work sometimes a little bit easier to work these seats are extremely easy to take out just for 14 millimeter bolts and this thing should slide right out go on then

We got one back here see my handy dandy light over there we just got accessories and things man though I’m gonna go ahead and get out he’s all four of these 14 millimeter bolts and sure you guys wants to be pull the seat out oh that’s over there you

Know I’ll just read in some Japanese I figured out that you know [ __ ] where’d he go I lost it does I lost so long oh yeah so we have the guy s2 I figured it out don’t worry I got it and so the only tricky thing was just a seat belt buckle

But if you look right here the seat mount itself has the provision for the seat buckles that’ll go right there and then very simple just four bolts for this to go on to this rail and four bolts for the rail to go into the car so

Eight bolts later you got a new seat I mean yeah you don’t really see that every day about me calling for it that’s how it’s actually pronounced right the story the story what’s the story this one Mickey said the story is okay please got this from Mickey so I got it

Wrong Ben okay basically they can’t say like bollocks like I can’t say L okay but he wanted to name a like a bullet it’s like the so to him when they say bullet in Japan they say Brit like the Brid train all the time Brit Brit this uh-huh and so when

He named it and made it he spelled it as Brit but he wants it to be bullet I see but to us when we see it it’s bride so late stock versus new and just a cherry on top right here keV its carbon fiber okay this thing is

Seriously so dope if you guys don’t know the story behind the seat I actually found this a store called super Auto box in Japan when I was there for Tokyo Auto Salon so authentic bridge Japan seat from Japan which is super tight and it’s actually a very sentimental to me so I’m

Stoked to get this in we’re gonna go ahead and mount it to the seat rail before we actually put it inside of the GTR also if you’re curious the seat belt simply is also very very basic just a 14 mil right here the wires zip tied underneath the seat let y’all go ahead

And really do it once we install it on the new bridge so again for nuts or bolts one right here one right here and then two more in their ears and that this thing is oh baby so while I was gone searching for a

Bolt to get the seat belt in it was kind enough to start working on the seat rail on the seat so yeah keV went ahead and bolted up the two front ones and now we’re just working on the two rear we need to loosen these up so if we have

Some play for back here these holes just line up all nice look at the the carbon fiber peeking out over here All right keV I think everything is bolted in and this seat is actually ready to go inside of the gt-r we did good all right cool actually ripped off plastic down here the seat is like real insane like this is so dope we’re gonna go ahead and stick this inside the GTR

You got all the bolts in this is like yes yeah yeah if you’re in there man look at the [ __ ] stances on from the side your positioning is ridiculous it looks like you’re super angled up but I guess that’s just racing position six elbows it’s now both at 50 degree or

90-degree angles if you’re racing so that looks like a pretty good position for you it feels good I mean like it definitely feels like you step out of the car till you see it looks I feel like I’m in a fighter jet alright let’s

Get the rest of the bolts in you want to see yeah dude it looks sick though dude it looks like you can see the carbon fiber yeah you see the rail and there is definitely a strange seating position but if you look at the stock seat over there

It does the same exact thing yeah it’s a safe just hidden yeah all right man Oh keV we did it brother got ya nice racing seat the interiors coming on nicely I’m finally able to start kidding all these Japan parts installed finally on this car so the carbon seat is definitely a good addition to the interior especially with my vertex steering wheel dude it is pouring out

There it’s been raining in California literally every single day it’s the worst so I’m gonna wait till after the rain to pull this car out and get a little test drive one of my favorite things about doing interior like seats and stuff is it really does make the whole driving experience different when

You have like a new steering wheel and a new seat and stuff like that so I’m stoked for the first drive as well as I need to go on the hunt or a second bread Japan seat because what I bought this one from super Auto box they didn’t have

A second one for me to get so I’m on the hunt this is a bridge Japan gaius – racing seat I’ll be looking for them well it’s so little bit sprinkly outside but she’s gonna send it I really really wanted to go time God really want to

Take a drive in the GTR with the new seat so we’re all going to eat together I thought I would Cruise in the GTR so give you guys a little review of the new seat Oh with the new seed the new steering wheel and the Nismo short shifter the gt-r is

Feeling really good boys I’m loving this driver mods are definitely definitely one of my favorite things to do to really any car especially something as fun as a GTR club is that worth it We finally made it everybody’s inside let’s go eat What do you think this is like really nice it’s super comfortable you could sit in this if you’re going on like a drive it feels nice so you’re asking me if you can get another one yes that is the question dope its carbon fiber I just I think my

Favorite part is like Japan on it is just authentic I know okay guys that is going to be the end of the video I need your help help me source out one of the bride Japan gaius two carbon fiber seats because I really didn’t want to buy a passenger

Side one like I said at the beginning of the video if you’re in the area come and check out the seat in person at une révolution anaheim it’s gonna be an amazing show Jr Evo was always always the best so I am finishing a couple little things on

The Evo that I haven’t shown anybody yet so I’m very excited to release that add tuna revolution one last thing this is the very very last week to shop on legends media for any of the old designs that you guys might have liked after this week starting March 1st legitimate

Is completely shutting down and we are getting ready for legends media version 2 we are completely rear anding the site legends itself and everything is getting fully changed and it’s gonna be amazing but we will no longer be selling any of the old merchandise so if you’re

Interested in any of that I want to be an OG head to alleged media site and pick up anything that you might like before March 1st thank you guys very much for watching the seat is amazing I’m super stoked about it so we have some d mods coming in too so lots of

Awesome things happening I will see you guys in the next video peace