Dustin Williams Video: SINGLE TURBO R32 GTR IS HOME!


Posted: 2020-09-30 18:15:01
Author: Dustin Williams
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The GTR is finally back!! The entire single turbo kit fabrication is complete, which means we can get the R32 ready for wiring. we have the motec 150 ecu and a ton of other bits to make this car an absolute beast! In today’s video i give you guys a complete update on the state of the car.

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Be Is What is up guys and welcome back to the channel as you can see something’s a little bit different the r32 is finally back in the garage john has finally finished up welding the entire custom turbo kit and it looks amazing this is by far my craziest car

That we have ever built and i am so so excited to show you guys what’s in store we sold a few secrets and a few a few things up my sleeve to really call this thing complete but we are definitely getting there even though this thing is back in the

Garage it’s not complete yet we still have a couple of oil lines water lines clutch master cylinder brake master cylinder and a few other miscellaneous bits and pieces that need to get done to this car we need the entire engine bay to get wired up because we do have the motec

150 ecu system and our wiring guy is about a month out so we can’t really get this thing wired until november but i’m gonna show you guys all the steps that we’re taking to actually complete this car and get this thing back on the road i

Promise you guys the weight for this gtr is gonna be so so worth it you just have to trust me and in today’s video i’m gonna be giving you guys a walkthrough of the entire completed custom turbo kit some accessory pieces that we’re doing today and that what needs to get done

With the car i have everything ordered we’re just waiting on parts to show up so let’s get started so i thought what would be best to show you guys first is obviously the completed custom turbo kit i mean this thing insane so gonna give you guys a walk through

Everything that you guys saw we do have the custom painted rb26 cover as well as you can’t really see it as much right now but the aluminum painted engine block as well it’s very subtle but it actually makes the engine bay pop a lot more than

Than what you guys actually kind of see things that we have we have all of the gretty bits and pieces we have their fuel system we have their intake manifold all of our bells and whistles on the rv26 as well and their massive massive intercooler which is still covered up because i

Don’t want to ruin any of the core and for quicker spooling on the rb 26 we do have a twin scroll manifold with dual waist gates one in the front of the turbo one in the back of the turbo both of the wastegate dumps uh shoot at the bottom of the car

I was having a hard time choosing whether i wanted to come out the fender come out the hood or go at the bottom but i figured we would go clean and simple with this car because after all this is just gonna be such a rad build so both of the wastegate dumps go

Underneath the car we do have custom intercooler piping it looks really freaking good so charge pipe number one and then the four inch charge pipe on this side absolutely mad then we have the custom catch can right here as well and what’s really cool is we relocated the oil filter

And the oil filter is now right there so if you guys don’t know changing the oil rb26 is a nightmare and with the grete oil relocation kit we kind of customized it put it in put it in a custom spot where it’s out of the way but still easy to access

Now moving to the back of the car i want to show you guys the fuel system because i absolutely love how we have this set up this is the dw 5.5 surge tank right here as well as the filter it’s a lot easier to access the filter in the trunk than putting it

Underneath the car we have extremely nice fuel line and fittings thanks to ditch work so you guys can see fuel lines run all the way underneath the car and come up super clean in the engine bay this car is just like blows my mind at every single corner i also forgot to

Mention that we do have the grete radiator as well a little bit thicker we are waiting on fans i have two low profile fans that are coming in that we need to uh wire up right here as well then here is all of our stock wiring which

This all needs to come out and be rewired we’re gonna do a full mil spec and a quick release engine harness in the engine bay so that if you need theoretically if we were to have a bill rb26 it’d be kind of easy to take out this engine but then built one in

Theoretically and for all my electrical nerds out there here is our motec ecu right here this is going to be the game changer on the entire build um as cool as the custom turbo setup is having the right engine management is honestly one of the most important

Things especially if i want to track this car so we did get the motec 150 ecu and then thanks to aem also have a cd7 screen that will be replacing the current oem dash we can read all of our all of our gauges anything that goes wrong with the car everything

Is gonna come right up on this display and make it quick and easy to read so that’s for all my nerdy bros who likes the wiring and the science aspect but that is basically where we’re at on the car all right so in a nutshell this is everything that

We need to complete before this gets to wiring in november pretty much all of this has been ordered so we do need 12 inch low profile fans four port boost solenoid ordered hike is delete ordered but back ordered until mid october that’s the problem

With a lot of this gtr stuff so a lot of it is either in japan or it’s back ordered hard to get so that’s the difficult part but we do have the hika sleep order we need hood pins for the carbon fiber hood we need an oil

Restrictor for our turbo which i have to order and then also the one of the biggest things that we are missing are the brakemaster cylinder clutch master cylinder we need a power steering pump relocation kit we are deleting haikus so we need to get a new power steering pump and all of

That and make it look really nice in the engine bay which i’m still sourcing these three out we might end up doing something something custom people that are gonna be wiring the gtr also doing all the plumbing for the brake lines and the clutch line just so

That you guys can visually see it this is everything that i have to do before that car can go to wiring and start for the first time and then last but not least a lot of you guys have been watching the videos know that i love accessory pieces and the

Smallest things can make the biggest difference i want to give a massive thank you to dress-up bolts because we got their entire kit for the engine band you guys probably didn’t even realize this but i’m going to point it out to you and you guys are going to realize how much

Nicer this makes it look we have every nut and bolt for the engine bay by dress-up bolts to make this thing look so much cleaner and really bring it back to life like as you guys can see we wanted to get blue to kind of match the black and blue

Theme with the engine bay so all over the engine bay we have other nuts and bolts you guys can see the radiator support we even have there there are valve cover bolts in here as well which i’m gonna have to install this side and one of the biggest

Differences that you guys are gonna notice are i do have bolts for the fenders it’ll go all along up the fender and even our hood latch bolts right here looks so so much better i’m going to go ahead and leave a link to dress up bolts down in the description box below they

Have tons of different options for all different cars and if you guys are a gtr lover like me the rb26 kit is a must-have to bring your engine bay back to life so uh while i have you guys here i’m gonna go ahead and put the rest of the bolts into the

Engine bay so that you guys can see them and it should look so much nicer let’s get to it okay so really quick you guys can see the dress-up bolts kit they actually give you uh instructions with each nut and bolt numbered so you guys can correlate each bolt with where they go

In the actual engine bay here super super cool super easy to use and like i said i’m gonna leave this in the description definitely check them out let’s go ahead and do these fender bolts and clean this thing up a little Bit [Applause] hey guys we’re gonna take a quick break in today’s video to give a thank you to today’s video sponsor mcguires today we’re going to be looking at mcguire’s black chrome total car refresher this is a permanent odor eliminator that finds odors and eliminates them permanently this is a

Simple one-time use aerosol air freshener that reaches every corner of your car’s interior mcguire’s whole car air refresher penetrates the complete interior by moving through the ventilation system across the headliner and in between all other hard to reach areas this has definitely come in handy especially

With the new subaru that i just picked up for tim if you guys are curious about the whole air refreshener be sure to head to the link down in the description box below and you guys can find this for yourself and be sure to clean out all of the cars especially

When you buy a new used car and want to get it all cleaned up for yourself the whole air refreshener is a must have check the link down the description let’s hop back into the video so with all of that hopefully you guys got a better understanding of what else needs

To get done to the car and why the car is taking so long i hopped on instagram and asked you guys if you had any questions about the gtr since now that it’s home so i thought i’d go ahead and answer a couple of those questions for you guys i

Know this thing has been gone for so long and we’ve waited this long it’s not gonna hurt us to wait just a couple more weeks until this thing is back on the road so let’s answer a couple of these questions here one of my good friends n1bnr asks what horsepower am i shooting

For this engine so for the current engine that’s in the car i’m shooting for around 500 horsepower not a ton for an rb 26 but just enough and theoretically again if i were to have a built engine maybe we’re shooting for like seven to eight hundred horsepower down the road

Then again just theoretically there what’s the overall goal for the build is it a track car so the overall goal for the build is for right now i do want to take it on the track but i also want it to be streetable i plan to do the entire

2021 season of gta and the s2000 and then hopefully all things go good i want this to be an a limited or an unlimited class car so eventually making it into a race car but for now i want to enjoy it as it is driving on

The street do some canyon run some togay runs on the mountains of los angeles i think that would be a lot of fun so that’s kind of the goal right now just a street car uh at the moment this is probably the one of the most asked questions am i going to be

Changing the exterior with a wrap or paint i haven’t really decided that just yet there are a couple of uh dings and nicks around the entire body that i do want to get fixed i might just have it resprayed the oem black i really do like the r32

And the black that it came in but i honestly don’t know if i’d ever wrap it give me some wrap suggestions what color would you guys like to see the r32 i like it clean and simple the way it is but i’m open to ideas straightjdm asks am i

Going to be putting a roll cage in in the near future yes i do want to roll cage i think i’m just going to cage the back of the car the rear seats in the r32 are useless and i do need some harnesses for when i do track the car so

I want a rear uh rear harness bar a lot of questions on when the car is going to be done honestly i’m really hoping it’s done by the end of november that’s the goal and like i said there’s only so much that i can do especially with a car like this

It’s very very difficult to find parts and get them quickly especially with wiring wiring takes such a long time and with mil-spec wiring even longer so bear with me hopefully by the end of november this thing will be back on the road last question here am i going to race

Randy when the gtr is done abso frequently but i think that would be amazing but i mean randy’s got to finish his car too so go comment on his video and say dust wants to race you finish your car go comment on his latest video now unfortunately we don’t have any of the

Parts that i need in stock of course so we’re gonna leave the gtr here for now uh hopefully the parts in the next few days but i have something exciting to show you guys so i have throttle’s giveaway car check this freaking thing out man i’m so sad oh

Damn do i miss my evo sitting in this thing so throttle’s actually giving away this evo and the sweepstakes ends today like today 11 59 p.m pacific standard time so if you guys want to learn how to enter to win this car be sure to check

The link down in the description but i figured i have their evo for a day let’s take it for a drive and have a little bit of fun with it man oh this thing sounds crazy Oh man this thing sounds cool So this is their evo 8 full sea west body kit has the jdm headlights and the tail lights the paint on this is freaking awesome let’s check this hood if there’s anything that makes me regret selling my evo it’s this this thing is crazy clean and the interior on this is freaking

Crazy sparco seats rear cage like mine used to have very very good sounds amazing sounds good but not loud which i really really enjoy let’s go do some rips [ __ ] dude wow holy crap dude whoever gets this hard oh my god oh that’s so sick holy [ __ ] dude good work throttle with all that being said we have a lot to do throttle’s evo is sick but uh i will keep you guys up to

Date on when all the parts for the r32 come in we do have everything ordered you guys are now up to speed and good to go you guys can visually see everything that needs to be done so you’re not wondering just like myself so we are gonna head

Home and i have a special surprise to show you guys all right we have finally made it home uh the special thing that i wanted to show you guys if you guys remember a long time ago i picked up a really rare set of wheels for my gtr

And i had them rebuilt by the guys over at nifty and they have officially completed them and i’m going to show you guys for the first time this is my first time ever looking at them but check out the lmgt2s oh my god so we went ahead and did a

Polished lip with polished hardware and a white face oh my gosh what size did we actually end up doing do you remember yeah they’re 18’s by i believe 10 and a half all around squared yeah so it should be perfect nice and meaty nice and thick for the gtr

Oh my god dude these look so amazing so as you guys know i always use nifty for all of my wheels to get rebuilt so if you guys want any information where can they find you um right now just instagram it’s a nifty built wheels uh with underscores in between each word

Perfect so they actually built my lmgt2s as well as my wheels that are on the wrx right now and they just do a fantastic job oh i’m so hyped before we ended the video i just had to show you guys that because i am so hyped on these now

I haven’t really decided whether i’m going to keep these for the 32 or save them for the 33 that’s coming up big decisions big decisions but at least we finally have them back in our possession and they look freaking sick so with all that being said thank you guys so much for watching

Today’s video i know we’ve been waiting a super long time for the 32 but i promise you it’s gonna be worth it so i will update you guys as soon as all the parts come in and stuff we’ll be doing build series and updates if you guys haven’t already

Please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel because it really does help me out i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out