Dustin Williams Video: Saying GOODBYE To the Tokyo Drift Evo

Posted: 2023-06-26 17:00:24
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thank you at @ToprankImporters & @BrianJannusch for helping me with this special project… it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be so worth it!! In today’s video, we take the Tokyo Drift Evo to Top Rank Importers to be dropped off for a special project we are doing. I can’t say too much yet, but just know… all of our JDM dreams are about to come true!
Tokyo Drift Evo Recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C99yJvRp2QA
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Today is the last day for you guys to get entries and for the R35 GTR now I know why you guys clicked on this video we’re gonna get into it but before we do that I did want to tell you guys that today at 11 59 PM Pacific time the

Giveaway for the R35 GTR ends now you guys have seen us build this thing from start to finish and now it gets to go to one of you guys as you know every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend site is one entry into win this R35 GTR

If you guys haven’t gotten your entries in yet today is the final and very very last day to do so it’s your last chance I’m gonna go ahead and leave the link to legendsight the first link down in the description box below so you guys can

Check out the site all of the awesome stuff that we have on there we put up so many new designs so many new variants of different colors of designs that you guys love and even digital downloads if you guys don’t want physical things you can buy a lot of really awesome digital

Downloads that we just put up on the site last night with that being said don’t sleep on it get your entries in so last time you guys can win this midnight purple R35 GTR I’m so stoked to see it go to one of you guys with that being

Said of course don’t forget to check out the legend site first link down in the description box below but before we hop into today’s video do me a huge favor like this video leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe because we are so close to 750k and I

Have a big surprise for you guys when we hit 750 000 subscribers so sit back relax and enjoy today’s video Are we really doing this I think so We’re really doing this I think by now I don’t even really have to tell you guys where we’re at but welcome to top break importers we’re taking the Tokyo Drift Evo for a very specific reason we’ll talk about it later I’m hot I’m sweaty I love this car and you know

It’s just preparing me for what’s to come exactly so exactly you are sweaty yeah let’s go inside you got it yep Oh my God I just oh here we go are you ready I’m not ready at all this is the exact opposite of what red is Where are you What’s up what do you think about it Sean it’s uh interesting because you know I worked I worked on Tokyo Drift okay so that’s what I was gonna say you know so I worked on the Mustang I walked work you know I didn’t really work on any of

These cars but I was around them because I was in the picture Car Warehouse in Burbank so um you know I remember you know obviously seeing them and they’re they beat a few of them up for the movies so but it’s uh it’s crazy to see the actual

Original you know this car since the movie Sean this car has original 12 000 miles well yeah I mean they never get you know they never get driven you know I mean basically right especially like a demo kind of car it just doesn’t get many miles so this is really interesting

Because as Sean said he did work on Fast and Furious a lot so having him take a look at this it’s pretty cool I mean it’s like it’s all too like it’s a time machine right it’s crazy so if you guys aren’t up to speed maybe you’re new to

Watching the channel this is the Tokyo Drift Evo I found it in the back of apr’s Warehouse it wasn’t running for 15 years some miracle ended up buying it got it to run and now it’s here and alive I have a full series on the channel about it I’ll link it down below

Um but today I brought it here to top rank I don’t want to talk about it just yet it’s mine now I want to go look back here well this is what I really came here for um I’ll be taking this and I’ll head out now

I know you guys know because I come here 18 million times a year one of my favorite places in all of the Americas we are at top ranking Porters this is where I buy all and actually also now sell all of my JDM Cars you know there’s

A rally car right behind me that kind of fits with the results with the racing with the racing and Martini Livery it is very it is very cool last time I was here a lot of you guys pointed this out in the background there’s one specific

Car that I really do want to check out here and I think you know which one that is yes but um also so many things now are becoming available that it’s really cool to see stages we’re starting to see R30 illegal r34s that are somewhat more affordable than the four to five hundred

Thousand dollar cars you’ll see up here so it’s all just really really cool but there’s one specific here do you where is it is it over there well let’s move a couple things and we’ll get it for you okay okay you’ve got to come see this

So this isn’t the car that we were talking about but I want Tiana to see this it’s actually almost your color it’s a little bit more silver more silver holy update on that um the guy that we need to come to in the car will be here we’ll be out of

Town Tim Bros gonna head back so soon but look at this thing this is dope this is the interior oh yeah basically what yours is gonna look like pretty soon Comes for an air-cooled horse you guys know how much I love porschees and especially now I’ve been really getting into the Vintage portions especially air cool I love that year I love that style when I saw top rank had this car I had to come check it out since I was already

Bringing the Evo here it was perfect time so this is a 1996 993 turbo like the air cooled of the air cool this is absolutely beautiful now granted it’s like three hundred thousand dollars oh Listen to the air-cooled engine back here too Brian this thing it oh it even has the has the noise yeah that’s good great car this is a beautiful car I know yeah I want to pop the hood actually or the not even the hood the boots you ready yes

Wow so you have a big intercooler because this one is the uh the turbo here I think with the non-turbo versions you can get a lot more into the bay here but this is so cool I love the whale tail on the back just classic oh my gosh oh it’s so clean 53

000 kilometers is that accurate 30 30 000 miles yeah oh my gosh original oh it’s Sony look at this I think it’s so funny how everything is shifted to the right on a Porsche oh it’s just really good see how there’s like these almost equal size gauges yeah all the way across

Everything’s kind of like so right in your face what do you think are we taking home straight trade even the smell the smells this is so nice It’s good but it doesn’t stop there because also I’m sure you guys if you follow top rank have seen this NSX as well and I kicked myself from the butt all the time especially she does because she’s the one that told me I should have bought one and I’m surprised you don’t

Have one to be honest with you all right very surprised you can rarely see them I know and now they’re just being such a big Honda guy I I know and now it’s like the it’s like the GTRs now though you know like they’ve just skyrocketed so

High that it’s just hard to get them but this one is really cool because this was actually imported to Japan and has come back right yeah yep so it re-import process which is a little bit different so this is a US car it was already sold

In the United States went to Japan uh somebody wanted in Acura and wanted left hand drive just like we want right hand drive so this car can come back regardless of being 25 years old or not 25 years old and also can be certified for emissions here in California and in

The U regardless of his age because it’s already a US car yeah that’s sick so if yeah if any of you guys want this car it’s it’s here but this thing is absolutely beautiful oh my gosh it’s so good I love the red too I love the arrow back here Titanium exhaust down here too yeah my friend Sean had one you guys remember Sean and his car was fantastic I remember with the titanium exhaust you know these things are just so good and so well-rounded and this one has been modified extremely Tastefully Thank you Before I get too ahead of myself here wow oh my God it has that like Classic Honda gearbox as well really tiny but very very sharp okay we’re gonna start at 57 000 miles on the odometer that is incredible I do want to hear it has a titanium exhaust before we

I know it’s just gonna make me want it even more but I do really want to hear it oh that’s nice That’s awesome all right well Brian you are gonna be taking possession of the Evo now I do want to say really quickly you guys are probably asking yourselves am I selling the Evo why the heck am I selling evil you’re probably yelling at me in the comments and you’ve probably already

Posted a comment but I do want to say we’re not we’re not selling me it’s going away and I’m not sure how long it’s going to be away for but it’ll be reunited we’ll be reunited at some point I’ll see okay [Laughter] we’re not good at that we’re not selling

It it’s just it’s going away for a bit I promise it’s going to be worth it and I promise I’m going to keep you guys updated but for now all you can know is we’re not going to see her for a while and she’s gonna be going away very very far

For also for a while what is it with women and leaving their snacks in the car because you never know when you’re gonna be hungry how long have those been in there over a year what are the odds that you eat one you’re ready you know this game all right between between

One and ten okay three two one two all right these are easily over a year old it’s gonna break a tooth go oh I can’t do it also Jessica manager Jess drove this car back from our car show and look who else left their freaking snacks in the car

Come on anybody else’s girlfriend wife do that I don’t know always gotta be strapped okay well I guess we’re just gonna that’s why they’re never hungry they’re just constantly snacks before we head out lunch break we usually eat at towel but today we’re gonna try a Japanese comfort food neighborhood vento

Right up my alley this is my place Oh it just smells like Japan in here a little chicken katsu for lunch with well we made it back and I guess it’s really official here I’m nervous I’m excited I’m excited to see what you guys are gonna think but like I said it’s gonna be a while and we’ll we’ll reconvene

When it gets closer but for now we’re leaving Evo at Top Rank and we will see you again relatively soon take good care of her man I will Oh well it’s official I’m so scared I’m so scared let’s head back in the T-money assassin mobile that’s right this thing is really sweet foreign a lot more spacious in here without the Evo but I promise you guys like I’ve said in the video I think your minds

Will be blown when you see what we have planned coming for the Tokyo Drift Evo but you guys know just like at the beginning of this video today’s the very last day for you guys to enter in to win at the R35 GTR so last chance before I’m

Not gonna remind you guys anymore uh head to the legend site get your entries in to win because today is the very last day for the giveaway and after today you guys will not be able to enter in to win and get any more entries for this car

I’m so excited to see this go do one of you guys and I hope whoever wins this car is truly ecstatic and super super happy because it really is such a great car I mean off the dyno making 526 horsepower the car runs fantastic it looks fantastic whether you guys want to

Daily drive this car or take it to the track I think it’s set up perfect for whatever you guys want so definitely a Bittersweet one I’m gonna miss having the Evo here but like I keep saying it’s gonna be awesome when you guys see what we’re doing with it uh we’re gearing up

For our next big build I haven’t talked to you guys about it but I think you’ll be super super stoked when you see what we’re getting ourselves into I know I am and it’s it definitely holds a special place in my heart so I’m very excited to

See what you guys think as well but it’s almost time to make some changes and I’m excited to show you guys those changes and what’s coming for not only the builds but the channel and just in life it’s going to be super cool and I just

Want to say thank you guys for staying on this crazy Journey with me it’s been bumpy ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade this for anything and I wouldn’t trade all of your support for anything either so thank you guys so much I guess it’s time to officially end the video once

Again thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to get your entries in for the GTR and I will see all of you guys for the next one oh also of course don’t forget to leave me a like leave me a comment down below and subscribe because I will be revealing

One of my bucket list cars at 750 000 subscribers and we are so close I’ll see you guys for the next one peace out Thank you