Dustin Williams Video: Saying Goodbye to One of My GTR’s…

Posted: 2023-08-04 17:00:11
Author: Dustin Williams
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The time has come… The Giveaway R35 GTR has a new winner! Jay flies all the way from Houston to come pick up his new Midnight Purple R35 GTR!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign I know we’ve had the GTRs for a long time now but prior to all of this owning a GTR was my absolute dream little did I know I would end up owning five GTRs that in itself already blows my mind and by my first ever GTR the one you see

Behind me really changed my life and buying my first ever R35 GTR showed me working hard and working towards your dreams can make your dreams a reality and now today we are letting one of my GTRs Go Hopefully changing someone else’s life and giving someone else their dream today we’re letting the GCR

Go over the past couple of months we completely transformed this wreck R35 GTR into this beautiful midnight purple R35 GTR and I could not be any more stoked on how beautiful it actually came out yeah right now okay are you ready car oh my gosh I can’t believe this is really

Happening Tim is heading to an undisclosed location that I want to make this an experience for Jonathan the new winner of this we hold this for me Jonathan is from Houston he flew all the way from Houston to California to take possession of his new r-35 GTR now what

He doesn’t know is that we’re actually picking him up it’s a surprise but like I told you guys I want this to be an experience for him usually we have the cars in the shop but I wanted to do a little bit something extra so we’re

Gonna go pick up Jonathan and we have Tim bro in the GTR heading up to the canyon to one of our favorite spots to whether we do the driving video so to go shoot take photos videos whatever I want to have it in a really beautiful location because coming from Houston

Seeing a massive Canyon with the rolling mountains and everything in the background is just it’s really cool and I feel like that’d be a cool experience to reveal the car to Jonathan in the canyons plus we’ll be able to do a little bit of Canyon driving and you can

Experience the true feeling of a GTR which is going to be really cool my heart is racing is this him let’s go what’s up man congratulations dude yeah this is what one in this River here I kept telling her like it did feel real until this ball you ready to see the GTR

Very good all right we have a special place for it so okay all right Jonathan the real question is did you get sleep last night not really not much your first look at that California it’s so pretty think about how crazy it is that you just won a car dude I still

Can’t believe it won’t believe it so tell us a little bit about yourself John you’re from Houston how old are you what do you currently drive right now so I am from Houston I’m 25 gonna be 26 on the 25th happy early birthday oh my God how crazy is that and then

Um I currently drive a 2022 Honda Civic sport tonight so I basically found the channel from searching for a car because I was finally getting money enough to buy a sports car I bought a WRX off of searching and looking at WRX and BRZ which is how I found you and then Senior

Build and started watching you since in 2020 until now I’m excited for you dude I couldn’t sleep last night but I can’t believe it I mean so yeah we were driving up yeah we were driving up the canyon I wanted to give them a little

View real fast before we uh get you your your early birthday surprise dude best birthday gift I know yes all right are you prepared for this I am let’s do it for the real the real effect here Jay you’re getting blindfolded all right no peeking I won’t pee I need you to make

Sure he doesn’t pee all right how’s that good I can’t see how many fingers am I holding up I have no clue okay let’s guide you back into the truck unreal here we go I also love the trust you put on us blindfolded up a mountain not knowing what’s going on

The more you think about this the sketchy look at this real fast before we get Jay out of the car I’m here Jay so we’re gonna put you right in front of the car here okay are you ready for this game I’m not say hello I take this really tight it’s

Your new R35 GTR Jesus Christ man God this is yours now dude you’re the owner of an R35 GTR these are for you dude I have an actual trade with you guys you too Tim no way I need the fair trade this funny enough to add on my desk the whole time the

Raffle went on what the hell and like I explained to you guys this morning owning a GTR was my dream and it’s surreal for number one you winning the car but for me to be able to give this away to you Jay is really special because this was my dream

So it’s also my dream so you’re making my dream that’s crazy well I guess do you want to go for a rip yes please is yours oh my God this is crazy it feels like what I expected you have to feel like oh my God that’s crazy pure excitement pure joy just where’s

The first thing you think you’re gonna take this when he gets back to Houston show my dad and then from there there is a garage where you can see a good skyline of Houston oh my gosh I’m so excited you gotta send us pictures keep us updated for sure while Jake or

Prepares himself to be the owner I figured I’d give him a little bit of a of a run through of the GTR do some rips for him and get him acquainted with the the spirit of GTR right yeah it’s kind of like it’s unlike any other other car really yeah it is

Oh that’s so good it makes all the perfect noises oh it really does oh oh it’s your car dude unbelievable this is insane oh man it’s so cool this is going to somebody that enjoys it oh he’s loving it this makes me so happy that was the first drive so crazy I

Started alert it a little bit couldn’t bring you all the way here without taking you to our favorite barbecue spot peas BBQ baby best spot come on our final stop of the day had to be at Legends HQ so we could get them hooked up with some Legend stuff this day has

Been insane I’m so happy that it’s going to you he had this sitting on his desk at work throughout the entire giveaway and it came true so I’m happy that the giveaway 35 is officially yours now dude thank you thank you thank you come here dude congratulations man thank

You keep us updated as well you’re definitely going to want to know gotta send me pictures when it makes it to Houston and hopefully you guys in Houston will see this around and also keep us updated tag Us in some pictures because we got to get this guy to some

Car shows now yeah enjoy it love it I want to see you driving this thing dude have fun guys that was amazing again just having the opportunity to give away a car like this to someone so deserving like Jay who is so excited I mean it’s just an amazing

Feeling and while we end this video I do want to say thank you because only because of you guys is this even possible without all of your support on the Channel with Legends and everything else this wouldn’t be possible so thank you guys so much and if you didn’t win

This one don’t worry we have so many more planned and we want to hear from you guys what is a car that you guys would like to see us give away next or even just build next let us know down in the comments but once again thank you

Guys so much for watching and for the support thank you Jay for coming out and I hope you enjoy the GTR the GTR will be shipped to Jay this coming week so hopefully it’ll show up in Houston soon and we can start seeing some Houston GTR

Content from Jay but other than that I wanted to quickly say thank you guys for watching as always if you have not already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below don’t forget to hit that subscribe button we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out