Dustin Williams Video: Saying Goodbye to My R34 GTR in Japan

Saying Goodbye to My R34 GTR in Japan

Posted: 2023-05-03 17:00:08
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thank you @ToprankGlobal for taking such great care of the R34 GTR. In today’s video, we drop the R34 GTR off at Top Rank and say goodbye. Next time i’m in Japan, we wont be driving the R34 GTR.. we will have something new!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Japan And really set in last night but it’s coming home random clip here but we just made our final conveni stop before I head back home on the plane when we’re at the convenient which is right there we noticed this house over here and look what’s just chilling here freaking Supra

It’s a random street find looks like it hasn’t moved in a while but this thing is Super Rad man whoa random Japan finds For our last day in Japan come by Kind of sad man there are stacked today this S15 oh man 32s weren’t so expensive I would absolutely get a 32 to be my full-time Japan car but all GTRs are just pretty pretty much too insane now but this one’s beautiful man actually super clean OEM air box contains suspension I love

My R34 GTR is getting built and it’s going to be coming to America in January we have to find our full-time Japan car I think you guys know the answer I know I keep saying it but this is like really really it I know you remember when we went to um

Yeah yeah yeah and you know you couldn’t get the stickers right oh because we did the Nico toe game yeah yes I remember yes it is you were like well you get the stick we got to the door of the place that sells a Toge sticker at five when

They were locking the door and then I went back by myself oh my gosh Masa no way you got me the Toge sticker yeah that will be done final sticker for your car right before you ship it to the states so here you go that’s a present oh not only actually we

Do need one more oh heck yeah I got everything souvenirs dude yeah thank you Masa this is amazing I’m gonna give away for this video oh I’m gonna give away one of these which one should we give away Masa I think you should give away this one give away this one

Okay I’m gonna give away this Toge sticker to one of you guys actually I’m gonna get my Sharpie real fast me and you are gonna say I’m also you’re up next oh it’s a little faded but it will get the job done we’re gonna be giving away this

Sticker right here all you guys have to do is number one be a subscriber of course number two like this video of course and number three comment down below saying I want that sticker I want that sticker and what you guys want to see on our next your pantry oh yeah what

Like do you want to see us do more Toge runs do you want to see a circuit run what do you guys want to see or any shops you guys ones oh let us know that’s good that’s important part because next time I’m gonna actually

Have my my Japan car but that’s a secret for you the secret so let us know what you guys want to see in the next Japan trip and I’m gonna pick one of you guys on we’ll give it we’ll give it 24 hours 48 hours 24 hours we’ll give it 24 hours

After the video goes live I’m gonna pick one of you guys leave me your Instagram so I know how to get in contact with you and you’re gonna win this Toge sticker yes Masa before we go home I gotta hook you up with your new grmn a CEO of approval

That you love this car I do love this car and I got the coolest car in the whole entire group whatever you say this oh that looks good special CEO of approval from the man himself look at that look at that that’s nice thank you that of course thank you

I think that’s perfect the last Toge badge that we’re gonna be doing in Japan The Toge window has come a really long way this car lived a long and healthy life in Japan and we’re going to continue It in America but now our next build is going to have an entire window of tailgate stickers Before I go there is one thing that I do want to show you guys and I talked a little bit about this when we first got to Tokyo and picked up my GTR and that is the top ranked chassis refresh program for R34 GTRs which is what I’m

Looking into doing because since I am getting the Midori High spec engine build something that would be really nice to go along with that is a full chassis refresh meaning like bushings alignment maybe some arms and pieces and bits like that and what top rank does is

You guys know Sato Sato is an incredible GTR mechanic he actually does full chassis refreshes on GTRs now Mazda can explain a little bit more than I can on this because there’s three different tiers we’re about to drive this R34 GTR that’s actually owned by yaskasan in the

US who has their type c suspension refresh which is the most aggressive and track spec so it’s basically full Nismo bushings uh Olin suspension and a special alignment provided by soccer oh yasuka your GTR is incredible so you guys know I I do have the aragusta and Midori suspension setup which is very

Very nice but it’s just coilovers we had uchanagasan actually set that up and align the car for me and it feels great but it’s kind of creaky you can kind of feel the bushings are getting a little bit soft so this should hopefully feel really nice and kind of nudge me to

Actually just do it before it comes to America yeah my car definitely isn’t feeling tired this is way more responsive it’s faster than mine so you see has been redone ah is that why yeah nice this car feels really really good like I said there’s not much that I can

Express to you guys other than it feels rigid it’s really hard for it to come across through camera when you’re trying to like feel or experience uh suspension on the car but it does feel really responsive I just it’s just a different feeling I mean it’s kind of like going from a

Untuned like like going from an untuned car to a tuned that’s basically the best way I can explain it as far as chassis refresh I think to go along with my Midori High spec engine the chassis refresh would be really really good overall it just feels a lot more

Comfortable and a lot more rigid a lot more um on Rails you know what I’m saying so the chassis refresh we have a we have a three different tiers plan a will be full OEM bushings Plan B will be a uh OEM bushings but some part will be in

This bills Nismo bushings plan C will be fullness though rear subframe drop we dropped all the plant A and B we get a brand new a rear subframe this is refresh rear subframe so we’re gonna use your own subframe uh and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna replace all the

Bushings with Nismo nice so Nismo uh rear diff mounts that’s why you can you you might have heard it but there’s a little bit of plunk yeah because it’s tight and they use a stiffer Bush yeah that’s why it feels so direct and so like on Rails I remember I

Did that to my S2000 and that made the biggest difference I think if we if we do suspension refresh we gotta go type c 100 especially for when it gets to America we have the Midori High spec engine plus chassis refresh it’s gonna be so nice driving on the game

Give you guys a quick look underneath the car you can see actually here the subframe has been painted and everything you can see the new bushings right up here diff bushings right above the diff all super nice and this one actually has Nismo arms too which is super cool dang

So much better so something similar on my R34 this is a Sato special actually does r33 lower control arms with a Cusco tension rod right here with a brake duct going straight to the brake so he actually does this to get more adjustability in front of the car especially for track cars because

Stockton new that I would like to drive on tow game like drive on circuit so you can actually get more adjustability with the Coosa Cusco tension rod and r33 lower control arms so you guys will get this as well with the suspension refresh which I think is super cool I don’t know

If have the ducting the ducting is a cool little cool part but as you can see it’s just Sato DIY brake ducting but super effective and super cool I think this is going to be the last time you will ever see the car in Japan

No not the last time I ever see the car let me see it when I’m back I just won’t be able to drive it I’m gonna miss it oh I’m really gonna miss it so the reason why I can’t like technically I probably could drive it it’s just the registration expires next

Month and it’s like really expensive to register the car here so why would I register it for you know the two more times I’ll be here for three months when we could just have a car that I keep here indefinitely so that’s why it’s gonna be the last time that this car

Gets driven in Japan but we will have an update on it both times that I come here hopefully by the time I get here in October or around October the car will be finished and in August we can give you guys a big build update with Midori

Midori’s baby high spec engine but with that being said the car won’t be driven in Japan she had a full long life Masa a full long well driven beat to the moon and back lights when I owned a rich man and we’re going to continue

It and take care of it in America but for now I think uh once one door closes another one opens Japan door for the R34 GTR is almost coming to a close let’s head to the airport which one one of the mountains you you loved all the places that you visited

But yeah miyogi was my favorite I think the most memorable is a Renaissance because that was our first like Toge experience with Initial D which is really cool we had so many memories just on this little wall alone from everything that we’ve done I’ve done some sketchy things Masa

Um I don’t want to disclose that or else I’m gonna get fired you definitely enjoy I enjoyed the car to its full potential and then not only dad you drove entire almost entire not I want to entire half of the Japan in this thing I did yeah even though you missed

Two years two years for sure yeah but with all that being said there are so many more Adventures to be had and ideas that we all have and so many things going through my brain for what’s to come next so just because this car might not be getting driven and it’s coming to

America it doesn’t mean anything is stopping here Japan is still my favorite place in in the entire world we have a build coming up that’s specific to Japan and will not be coming to America it’s gonna be my Japan only car and some even bigger surprises than that coming up so

Like I said one door closes another one opens and this one that we’re opening is quite much Come on It’s time Doug all right I think we should have backpack the other side of Japan now man it looks so heavy though it’s not happy at all it’s nice official Japan in a van what the heck yep it’s really it bye-bye for now we’ll see

You soon yes I will see you in a couple months love you bro love you bro as always I’ll see you I’ll see you guys in two months peace yes back to America