Dustin Williams Video: RIPPING THE CANYONS IN MY NEW FL5 CIVIC TYPE R! *Raw POV Driving*

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-05 17:00:36
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, i take you guys for our first canyon run in the Fl5 civic type R! This thing is an absolute blast to rip around the canyon/touge. We have upgraded wheels/tires, brakes, and an intercooler. This makes for an awesome canyon ripper type r!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

What is up guys and welcome back to the channel if you guys are new here my name is Dustin Williams and this is my brand new 2023 Honda Civic Type R before we hop into it over 50 of you guys watching this video right now are not subscribed

Do me a quick favor scroll down just a little bit hit that subscribe button today we’re doing something that we have been talking about for such a long time and that’s just driving the fl5 karachi’s going for any normal Drive we’re going for a little canyon slash

American Toge run and one of my favorite Toge that’s kind of in my backyard we’re going to be taking the fl5 for its first ever Canyon Toge run and it’s going to be awesome so I guess quickly before we just hop into the Canyon Run let’s talk

A little bit about what’s done to the car I mean it’s not a lot but I think what’s currently done to the car is really going to benefit the car and make it a nice little Back Road Ripper if you guys have not been keeping up with the

F05 build definitely go check out all the videos they’re really awesome and really fun but as I’m sure you guys know there’s not a ton of Parts out for the fl5 just yet so we’ve been doing what we can as it releases I guess the most recent modification we’ve done is the

PRL intercooler to help us with some cooling since I have the fk8 it’s really cool to do mods on the fl5 and kind of compare it to the FK and it was a lot easier to actually install the intercooler on the fl5 than it was on the previous generation and of course

It’s ultimately just going to benefit us but what’s really going to be nice on the canyon are wheel and tire setup you guys look down here we do have te37s wrapped in Bridgestone re71r so the r71r is discontinued but as you guys know we work very closely with

Bridgestone they actually had a set somewhere in stock and we were lucky enough to actually grab the set they said this may very well be the very last set of re-71rs in the entire United States which is very cool but we are running 265 35 18 inch tires now this is

A little little bit bigger than stock your stock tires are 265 30 19s but these are also a r compound Tire very very nice these are 200 tread rear tires as well as I’m sure you guys could notice the brakes just peeking out behind the te37s these are actually

Gyrodisc rotors as well as Hawk Performance pads I am really looking forward to see how the fl5 compares to the fk8 and today we’re gonna get a little little taste of that on the canyon now the kick here is before we go driving it’s five o’clock and we also

Live in California I’m not sure how gnarly the traffic’s gonna be on the canyon but you know we’ll never know unless we go try right so that’s exactly what we’re gonna go do I guess I’ve said everything I wanted to say there’s anything else that you guys want to know

About the fl5 let me know down in the comments below but I figured even if the Canyon’s a little bit packed it’ll be a super fun video to take you guys along just drive the car talk a little bit about the car and even take you guys to

One of my favorite Lookout points on the canyon and get some really cool shots of the car so with all that being said let’s hop into it so as you can see we do have a lot of traffic on the canyon we’re gonna give it just a minute but this is the start

All right I’m super excited like I said first ever candy run I hope this angle is okay for you guys we’re gonna go ahead and put it in log R display so this is actually very cool for the track especially because it gives you everything you need to know okay I don’t

Want that we want log r everything you need to know water temp oil temp oil pressure it’s really sick and we will go ahead and put it into R mode as well that’s very cool but okay looks like we’re relatively clear there are I can see the canyon up

There I do see a lot of traffic up there but we might catch up but I have a little special road that I like to go on anyway so if we catch up to traffic we catch up to traffic before any other cars come let’s just go Now I’m going to leave the uh the windows up just to prevent wind noise oh man this thing is a blast so you guys by now have probably seen the dino Day video If you haven’t go check it out either way this car made 294 horsepower and 316

Pounds of torque so it is very is very quick very peppy and a ton of fun I will say I’m on stock suspension and R mode R mode Sport and then you have comfort we’re currently in uh in arm mode it’s very bouncy very very stiff that is something that I’ve heard

A lot of complaints about and you can definitely feel it but that’s not to say that doesn’t feel fantastic because 3 large sweepers this thing feels so good so tight and planted it’s awesome now unfortunately there’s not a ton of exhaust options for this car so you

Can’t really get a good sense of what the car sounds like but not too bad oh got a little squirrely there it feels so good foreign there’s not a lot of exhaust options once an exhaust comes out for this car I feel like it’s gonna sound fantastic

I love the little F1 inspired display that they added for the r mode looks awesome lots of traffic coming the opposite way all right and continuing okay because it really kicks feels great I’m very excited for my new set of suspension to come in we do have a set

Of olins on order so once those come in we have to do another Canyon Run because that’s going to make this car feel completely different but the way this car handles around the corners how dialed in it feels it is fantastic one of my favorite things about

Interior of this car as well is the suede steering wheel I kind of feel bad that I’m not wearing gloves but wish enjoy the car for a minute here we go oh that is blinding oh my gosh good thing we’re turning off so now we are

We are on one of my favorite back roads here should be pretty quiet not a lot of people drive on this so there are a lot of rocks and these tires love to pick up rocks so gotta be careful there but let’s have some fun great little Open Road

To do some tests on look at that amazing foreign thing I I do notice when driving Toge or Canyon roads in America versus Japan is how wide our roads are which is actually pretty nice but I do I do feel like in Japan you get that real Toge feel with how tight those

Initial D roads are and stuff like that just just from the difference but this is super nice to have so much room to play with be careful of all the wetness it did rain this morning so being mindful of that so stiff and this is pretty much your end of the foreign

I think the uh the type R is very fitting to be on the canyon oh yeah that’s a sick shot such a good car let’s actually go to one of my favorite viewpoints if I had to recommend a setting to drive on I go into individual mode right here

I go and I go into individual mode right here I have everything I have everything on R mode or sport except for suspension I keep suspension on Comfort on that together run I wanted to test out the r setting for suspension and I can confidently say this thing is far too

Stiff I can see them correcting that in the future but for now our setting is a pretty brutal setting so this is my individual settings list oh yeah it’s already so much better on comfort oh but now we have all right we have made it to one of my favorite Lookout points

Absolutely crazy guys let’s take a look we’ll cut her off for now check this out oh that’s insane okay like I said I wanted to take you guys to one of my favorite pullout locations on our little Toge Canyon Run thing and let’s just say it definitely

Did not disappoint this is such a great canyon car I’m sure you guys could see I was having a blast driving it also always duct tape your your suction cup mounts because only thing that saved this GoPro is this duct tape so always remember Gaff tape Interstate whatever tape your exception

Cuffs but check out this view absolutely insane oh my God Take a moment to soak it all in this is what car this is what being a car guy is all about I sit all the time in Japan when we’re doing toe gay runs but taking your car out for a drive and just taking that moment of silence in this beautiful location with

A car that you love so much something about it just Just Hits good feeds the soul so we’re gonna take a moment here just relax with the car a little bit do some shooting get some really cool shots with it and just take in this awesome drive and then

We’ll head back on the tow game have some fun but yeah like I said this is this is this is your sign to take your car for a drive after you watch this video hop in your car go for a midnight run go for a canyon

Morning run I don’t know go drive your car have fun with your car because that’s what these things are made for [Applause] [Applause] thank you Foreign I think we got a ton of good shots kind of chilled out a little bit you guys can see the sun went down look at that view over there oh it is just it is beautiful like you’re like right after it rains the clouds are still a

Little bit there the sunsets are always incredible right after it rains one of those days sounds like someone else is having a bunch of fun in the canyons right now too anyways we’re gonna go ahead and set the GoPros up go for one last little drive before we head home and have some

Fun this time putting it on Comfort suspension because the arm Road suspension I keep saying way too stiff but look at this insane once again I hope that this uh angle is okay for you guys it’s gonna have to be I guess well so far this has been a ton of fun

And I hope you guys have enjoyed this little Toge run here but now we’re gonna head home we should do a mini little run it’s getting dark it’s gonna be a lot of traffic going down the hill as you guys saw but I figured let’s end it on a good note Okay let’s scrub off all this dirt on the tires too oh my gosh dude the view is amazing re71rs feel fantastic oh yeah the Comfort suspension way better lots of dirt still a little step even on Comfort but That’s a dirt batch lots of Hazards on this road out for all the rain but that’s why I gotta be conscious aware and definitely safe see now this road right here reminds me a little bit more of a toga Road in Japan a little bit tighter got the

Mountains in the grass right next to you with a little gate downhill is a little bit more dangerous than uphill so I’ll take a little easy here handed our little Toge Canyon running I don’t know why this is like the best end of the day ever but

We got some sushi from our favorite sushi spot and Sushi after a nice little afternoon Toge run is absolutely perfect so now we can finally head home Oh ending our video with some sush as we all know spicy tuna is the superior tuna what’s the Miso soup watching a new show I just finished the periphery on Amazon Prime it was fantastic if you guys haven’t seen that you gotta go check it

Out I’m exhausted I got a ton of work to do and I’m about to fly across the country to go meet Tiana for her birthday trip you guys don’t know she’s out of town right now so so I’m gonna go meet her at her work and then we are

Gonna go on vacation this would be a ton of fun so I got a lot to do before then but I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you guys want to see more of these let me know down in the comments below and which car you want to see I’m

Thinking we should do more I think we should do more Canyon runs as we do more mods as well I think it’ll be cool to like show you guys the mods on the canyon while we drive but let me know what you guys think all right with all

That being said Thank you guys very much for watching make sure to hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already leave me a like and leave me a comment down below I will see you guys for the next video peace out Thank you foreign