Dustin Williams Video: Reviving the Attack FK8 Type R with MY FAVORITE MOD YET!

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-27 17:00:30
Author: Dustin Williams
@wunderladenracing7759 Thanks for sending out some parts! https://www.wunderladenracing.com/
In today’s video, we bring back the FK8 type R!! One mod i really wanted for this car was a big break kit and we went all out!! Today we installed the AP Racing Big Break Kit in the front. This will help stop the car and let me dive in a little farther into the corners!
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Fujitsubo Headers
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*2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII*
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VIS Carbon Duckbill Trunk
Rays Gram Lights 18×9.5 +12
Tomei Expreme Catback Exhaust

Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign little side quest before the main quest today to start today we’re taking the Duggar x to the body shop to start the complete transformation of the car this will be working towards for so long and it’s going to be awesome hop on in thank you eight years later full transformation time

A quick intermission in today’s video because I have a couple of announcements for you guys that I’m super hyped about number one we are having a brand new Legends collection dropping this Friday and we’re bringing back the dragon design bigger and better than ever these culture Dragon inspired collection we’re

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Collection on Friday and we’ll be in Tennessee all weekend let’s hop back into the video foreign good to go I’m not sure how much of the process we’re going to be filming but very excited to completely transform this car I can’t believe that this is actually happening all right so her new

Home is going to be here at TSM Collision they’ve been working with us for the past few months and have done an incredible job on all of the work that we’ve been needing but today is going to be a full and complete transformation of the Duggar X I’m so excited to show you

Guys what the final product is gonna be anyways while they get started I’m gonna film the process that I’m sanding and all that stuff I don’t know how it would fit into whether I’m going to do it for the Vlogs or if I’m going to do it all

In one big Reveal video but it’s going to be sick either way we have a very busy day at the shop getting one of our race cars ready so let’s head back as I’ve been telling you guys track season is upon us this next year is

Going to be our busiest and our biggest year yet for this and we got to get the FK back in Action um over the past couple of years I’ve been loving driving this car learning this car learning the platform just constantly improving for this coming up track season we have a

Busy end of the year our next event is Laguna Seca and I really want to have this car completely dialed in for that so we have a lot of exciting stuff coming for you guys in today’s video for this upcoming track season we have a couple of improvements that we’re making

Right off the bat and something that I really wanted from this type R is a big brake kit but not just any big brake kit we got the AP Racing full front big breaker you guys remember or if you don’t remember we actually had this kit

On my McLaren 570s and I loved it and I wanted the same kit for the type R I have a really aggressive driving style so braking is definitely extremely important I mean no matter what braking is extremely important but I wanted something that I would never have to

Worry about and we have an upgraded lightweight big massive juicy brake kit that we’re gonna be installing today and this is honestly going to be one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in the car and I just I haven’t done it yet but I just know it’s gonna be great so let’s

Go ahead and unbox this thing and get started look at this nonsense you ready for this just wait look how ridiculous I want you guys to get this to scale here look how ridiculous this is now let’s get a comparison between stock here so don’t get me wrong the stock

Brembos on the fk8 are fantastic on all the type bars are really really great I just wanted to go to that next step we’ve been developing this car so much and as I’m driving this car uh and as I’m developing as a driver there’s things that I feel that I would like or

That I would want for the car a big brake kit was definitely high on the list now look at the dip whenever we get the wheel off it’ll be a better comparison but the difference between the AP racings versus the OEM brembos are ridiculous and I’m a little bit

Nervous to see if they’re gonna fit behind this wheel but I don’t know I guess we’re gonna find out so we have like I said we have the caliper as well as the strolling the rotor here it’s just this is insane look oh my god dude look at it next to the wheel

It’s almost as big as the wheel it fits the wheel that is ridiculous well we’re going to rip all this stuff off and get started we have rotors pads and brakes but what’s cool about this is it already comes burnished so rotors and the pads

Are good to go right out of the box so honestly we could install this and take it right to the track but um for us this is gonna be really nice I’m gonna Street drive it just to get a feel of the car afterwards it’s gonna be cool let’s go

Ahead and get started while I’m working on the brakes we have Tim bro back here also working on the type R but with some accessory stuff that’s actually like small things you would never even know about but actually have a massive impact on the way the car drives and then I

Mean even the stability of the car so we have a massive package here A bunch of little accessory pieces that we’re gonna be outfitting the car with today now we have obviously rear adjustable toe arms so you guys will see all of this in just a bit but these are caliper bushings to

Help the caliper actually stay in place or stay in line along with the rotor here pretty much saves uh the life of your brakes it wears them they will wear them flatter than these would because this is what I’m replacing let’s show them stock person so this is a solid

Color and it has rubber inside and then this is what was in there nice so the pins can move around in this one and this one they can’t that’s really sick so if you guys want any of this stuff for your own type R as well I’m Gonna

Leave a link to Wonderland racing down in the description box below because all this stuff is extra wow that has some weight to it all of this stuff is super high quality and very beneficial if any of you guys are racing your car not only

Do we have that stuff but we also have a solid bushing rear motor mount right here that we’re gonna be installing as well the car is going to feel absolutely insane as you guys know the smallest things make the biggest difference and today we have really big modifications

As well as really small modifications as well it’s overall gonna make this car feel night and day different so while I’m working on brakes Tim Bros don’t work on all this stuff let’s have some fun if I said this but I really need a weight like a scale in the shop to get

The weight difference between this because this is super ridiculously light and I know that this guy isn’t very juicy and heavy so I’m curious to see the weight difference thank you oh my god dude I need some Leverage oh they’re so tight dude doesn’t go to the gym for nothing moly

Dude that’s why I go to the gym nice let’s get her done man that screw’s so easy to get out yeah you see that like just like that movie Magic dude oh that’s huge that is it looks way bigger now it does it looks way bigger okay wow

And again if we had a scale the difference in weight this is really heavy the difference in weight is unbelievable this is insane I want you to do wow that’s nice that is that is nice this is going to be insane okay so accessory pieces before we can

Actually Mount these brakes up if you guys look back here when we previously did our gyro discs and Our Endless brake pads we upgraded to steel braided brake lines but this is only one half of the brake line now with the big brake kit the other half of the line is right here

Which is still hard line we’re going to be replacing this with new provided steel vertebra brake lines so now we have an entire fine now we have an entire silver to brake line a braided line heat resistant high temperature ready I don’t have any more for you but that’s

Nice okay we gotta tighten her down and can you do a no spill no spill dog I am becoming a pro nice okay wow we really didn’t spill that much at all now the steel burner brake lines on I think we can go ahead and start bolting everything up four foot pounds

And now ready for the brakes all right in the rule book of AP Racing the rulebook State the removal of the factory plate behind the OE disc this plate significantly reduces the airflow to disk Center so if you’re doing this and you’re actually going to race your car I I definitely recommend removing

That plate all right let’s get this they’re talking about this thing which no it’s fine this isn’t going to come off I guess I could yeah trash absolute trash 50th time’s a charm here maximum airflow maximum girth maximum stoppage now we can put it on 68 newton meters

Later I like that sound this guy is just gonna it’s gonna slide right on here oh where is it hold on that is very good oh okay this is the girth on this is insane what do you guys see the pads it’s ridiculous foreign oh my God

That is insane well we’re gonna be able to do three track years holy that’s a lot that’s a lot of beef right there so we do want to run the Enduro pads they have the same bite as what we’re used to except they just last forever which is what we need uh so

We’ve never tried this brand of Pat out right besides on the McLaren which is different so I’d be interested to see how these uh how these feel a lot of people recommend the CSG pads to us so I’m gonna try these out since this is

What comes with the kit and see if I like them and then you know the beauty of it is we can just try different pads out and see what we like we used to run the endless kids I think our next option is going to try out these csgs but for

Now these pads look pretty insane and we’re gonna use these test them out and see how we like them okay wow wow oh that’s just good dang man we got a big break hit up here now look at that look how fat these pads are in here dude

Get a little zoom in there oh my God we may have to do some heat management I wonder if we’re going to like route some brake ducting I mean so the cool thing about OEM FKA is they have really good brake ducting already but I think even routing more of like a

Tube or something directly right here could help us out but I’d be curious to see um how all of this affects the big brake kit not having the shield behind it and having a bigger kit it’s going to be interesting unfortunately we don’t have too many shakedowns before Laguna Seca

Or a shaked out at all so we’ll find out when we’re there 50 newton meters that’s a big break kid dude now the real test is let’s put a wheel on I want to put a wheel on without the spacer which of course we’re still going to run the

Spacer wheel out the spacer and then a wheel with the spacer dude it is so close oh my God it’s it’s close dude dude wait hold on I just love it because it fills the entire wheel it looks so good everything fits it’s it’s cool that it’s a bolt-on

Application yeah you have to take off your brake shielding but uh to a point we need a spacer true yeah you definitely have to run a spacer but for us that’s what we ran initially so the other AP Racing brakes yes they’ll fit instantly so yeah this this is the

Special like Enduro so it can fit a wider pad in there um so it’s a little bit bigger but better for what we do anyways all right so this is what comes out and these pins go in it like this pretty much that holds the piece in and

We’re replacing it with these very solid pieces with a piece of rubber in there and then that’s going to go in just like that and be way way more solid once it gets bolted in that’s satisfying that sounded that’s great foreign hates these nobody likes these at all

Get in your home there you go just like that and the installation’s pretty messed up it’s just a good sound it’s a great sound all right and just like that you’ve got a arm installed there we go now you just need an alignment look at the amount of break juice on this camera

Look at the the flap foreign this is gonna be insane do you guys understand the girth the thickness of this brake setup is going to be wild and I cannot wait to test this thing out on the track so Tim finish up everything in the rear we now have caliper bushings we

Have uh adjustable rear tow arm and we were going to do the motor mount if you guys can look down here we have the rear motor mount trans mount whatever you want to call this Mount right here we were going to do this today but it looks like we actually have

To take off the front pipe to get to this Mount well we actually have a brand new downpipe and we’re going to be taking off pretty much the entire front end of this car because we have all new cooling stuff coming in so we’re gonna tackle the motor mount trans mount

Whatever you want to call it when we do the cooling and upgrade video for that but for today I think we’re going to keep it with what Tim did in the rear and BBK we have to leave the brakes now and we can go for our first test drive

Our last and final touch for the brakes are you ready for this no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no you can pump it for a second I’ll pump it for a second I can already feel it tingling in my little piggies they’re breaking power

All right that’s good brakes are done time to put everything back together and go for our first test drive all right so we are doing the first test drive gonna do light light braking these have already been burnished so I’m not really worried about setting them I just want

To get a feel for the car make sure everything we did is correct and bolted in properly fast I forgot brakes feel good the brakes break all right person oh I’m gonna throw up that was really rough it stops you can get the good smell you know it smells like race car breaks

It works thank you all right successful first drive sir please no leakage from the brakes and they feel fantastic and I kind of like them because they don’t make any noise with big brake kits you really get the gnarly squeals but with this I haven’t heard a single noise

Again it might just be because we haven’t really blooded them in yet but so far so good all right made to the gym bench time right I was about to leave what’s up Alexis what’s up bro nice to meet you man Alex is a view of the channel about

To also get chest day in what are you hitting today a little bench uh we’re gonna do cable stuff and then barbell stuff get after it bro get after it thanks for watching the channel dude I’ll catch you in here I like to get out a shout out to my cousin Eric Garrow

He’s also a really big fan of watching amazing dude thank you so much go get it in see ya that’s always my favorite getting to see my Jim Bros at the gym and stuff just random places that’s not I don’t know the track or something I don’t know it’s cool because you guys

Know a huge passion of mine is obviously you see lifting so getting to getting to see you guys different places I don’t know that just makes me feel pretty cool but successful awesome chest day still working up in my program since I did start a new I did start a new blog ever

Since I’ve been back home and not traveling as much which has been super nice I tried to skip all the boring stuff and just show you guys my main lifts I never know how much to film when I’m in the gym if you guys want to see more you

Want to see less or you don’t really care at all let me know in the comments because I want to try and include more of just me not so much just in the shop all the time but just there’s so much more to me and what I do outside the

Shop and just wanna and kind of include more of that so let me know if you guys like the gym stuff if I should show more or get like maybe like a little love mic to like take around the gym and do some workouts in I don’t know maybe I’ll

Start taking the race cars to the gym more often but anyways everything with the brakes seems like a success no noise is no leaking feels incredible I cannot wait to take this thing to the track I wish we had time to take it to a track day before our competition at Laguna

Seca but you know sometimes it is what it is and this time is like that so we’ll just full send it and hope for the best we’ll be as prepared as we possibly can and we still got a lot more work to do with this car a lot of accessory things that

We should make this car feel and run a lot nicer with that being said I’m gonna go ahead and end today’s video it’s pretty late so I gotta go home eat edit all the good stuff so I just want to say thank you guys so much for watching

Today’s video stay tuned for everything that we have to come so I’ve SEMA cars to build and a lot more to do with more race days so we’ll catch you guys in the next one if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us a

Comment down below hashtag made it to the end and let me know your thoughts on showing some stuff outside just the shop and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button we are so close to 800k I can’t believe I’m saying this but we are so close to 800k

I don’t know I think it’s doable before the end of the year so let’s make that a goal we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out thank you