Dustin Williams Video: Reviving the Abandoned WRX that Started it All!

Posted: 2023-08-28 17:00:03
Author: Dustin Williams
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The long wait is here.. we are bringing the WRX back.. WITH A BANG!! In today’s video, i show you the big reveal of how we plan to completely transform this WRX into my dream car. This is something I never could’ve dreamed of 8 years ago when i got this thing.. i’m so excited to show you guys what’s in store.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Back home for a day now time to get back on the road Over here snuck up on me what up dude not even five minutes off the plane and we’re already start already starting Burger week that’s absolutely right sir last time we were here in Minnesota wow last time we were here in Minnesota we found like the kind of like underground

Burger scene that’s right and on the uh yeah the little known facts yes so me and Kyle are having Burger week and we’re starting here out at the angry line angry line cook before we get into the juicy stuff today’s video look at this burger oh my that’s insane we’re gonna be

Testing out how many Burger spots do we have this week I don’t know we’ll have to figure that out a lot we’re gonna start today’s video out oh look at that there’s a lot of stuff going on there order test here we go here we go

The best one do you think so yes one last look all right let’s get to the shop Welcome back to America we had one day at home which was very nice but now we’re back to work four what is one of the most exciting projects and builds that we’ve done in such a long time and I’m so excited to take you guys along

For this but as you can see we are back at Ma performance in Minnesota one of the best places to come because every time we come here we either have a fun event that we’re going to or a very very fun project and this one I think you

Guys are going to be stoked about come on we got a video to make hustle up I thought you were gonna give me a high five well they were going to give you a high five are you ready for what’s about to go down I’m super ready I’ve been

Ready for months where have you been at I gotta go to Japan guy oh guys we have a very exciting project for you and I think I guess we should just hop right into it I mean they’ve they’ve seen in like enough teasing content sure sure we’ve made

Some you know a little bit of hints and stuff there here and there we walk right in guys it’s finally time Foreign So a couple of months ago you guys know that we shipped the WRX off to ma performance for modest here in Minneapolis through that process we’ve been kind of hinting at a bigger project with the WRX and now is finally the time now what does that mean let me show you

Guys over the past few weeks Kyle has been doing some secret work to the WRX and as you guys can see we don’t have an engine now Kyle what’s been going on here well you said over the past couple of weeks and what you meant to say immediately after you left modest One

Singular day the car came back here after modest the next day engine was out and then the next day the engine was completely blown apart into a million pieces yes now if you look over here we have a Parts corner and then a new Parts

Corner now a while ago we told you guys we were bringing the wrex back if you don’t know if you haven’t been watching channel for a while this was the car that really started it all for me yes we had the Civic but once I got the Duggar

X YouTube kind of became more of a full-time thing for me and I was making videos more regular and this really started everything from me and over the past few years it’s kind of been forgotten about and sitting and I told you guys one project that I really

Wanted to do was to bring this back and bring it back fully now we’re doing it with a bang because the whole idea and premise around this build is to build the car that 20 year old Dustin could have never dreamed of the build that

When I first got this car what I strived to build my most distant dream and we are finally doing that now with map we’re able to do some really really cool stuff and I think let’s just go ahead and show them let’s show them we got in

Store so this is most everything this is most everything okay so right here this is this is a pretty juice this is a good first okay reveal so from our friends over at FP this is the FP blue turbocharger um I’m not going to read off any specs

Yeah I think uwx guys you know this is this is the sauce right here um so this is a FB blue stock location set up up so this is a good bolt-on turbo for the power range that we’re looking for so about 500 500 ish probably could do a

Squeeze a little bit more out of this guy but I think 500 is probably a safe number a safe number to just hang out we’re giving you guys a little bit of a taste of what’s to come so we’re gonna start small and end up going back yeah

So we have Fe blue brand new turbo for the car which this is going to be absolutely sick I mean it looks juicy I mean honestly there’s not like really anything that isn’t going to be new on this yeah like it’s again I have to give

A big thank you to ma performance now if any of the stuff that you guys see in this video and throughout these throughout this next series because this is going to be what like a four or five part series of whatever you want it’s gonna be sick so if you guys see any

Parts that you guys want I’m going to leave a link to my performance in the description box below and you guys can get all of these parts from ma performance because that’s exactly what we did as well so we have our FP blue brand new turbocharger with an actual

Functioning and working new wastegate which is not the case with our current turbo some other knickknacks I assume this is like gaskets oh look at that I even bought some new OEM ones oh is this the inlet Piper this is the inlet pipe nice next up from our friends over at

Act this is something that we desperately needed because our old clutch was actually do you want to go show them yeah our old clutch was going out I just got a laying over here and you guys can see the the wear on yeah it was starting to kind of touch some of

These rivets you can see the wear marks on there so Dustin said it had some had some gnarly Chatters had some chatter going on so we just said it’s time yes shout out to my boy Eric for always helping us out we have a brand new act six putt clutch and a lightweight

Flywheel it should be in here right here look at this baby oh did you nice okay perfect all right oh should we open these or should we leave them for a surprise we could talk about them but yeah yeah so a part of doing this like with Dustin and building

His dream at least engine bay yeah WRX so let me let me prep this real fast this is the this is star stuff this is like part one of the Ultimate Dream build WRA the this is like the heart of the build this is what’s going to power

Everything but after the map portion is done we’re heading back to our shop for the official makeover and you guys will see what I mean by that stream home yeah you’ll see what I mean by that later on uh all of these boxes are basically our entire catalog of bolt-on parts so we’ve

Got the header I believe intake down pipe charge pipe kit intercooler intercooler and the intercooler is recently redesigned so that’s cool everything on this build is meant to be attainable and like replicable so if you wanted to build something that was similar all of these parts are readily

Available from us from wherever that you could purchase and build on and do uh company 23 stepped up they sent us a bunch of stuff you’ll see one of those things in a second here when we go off the juice of this project they also provided me with some OEM parts that

Dustin was a naughty boy and deleted on his car that we need to put back on the car so they provided me with some OEM parts so OEM because we had some tgbes stock throttle body nice I think it’s time to show you guys what we’ve been hiding

Let’s see here what’s up guys oh man a work of art are you ready to show everybody yeah This is this is what we’ve been hiding for so long for you guys and I honestly can’t believe that we’re about to do this Kyle what do we got here so this is an iag 600 horsepower spec block so it’s Pistons rods OEM correct so pistons and

Rods and then they do the whole Machining process and these are actually the cylinder heads from your car from the original engine correct so we redid those hit a valve job just went through and made sure they’re fresh and clean and then there’s a set of Kelford cams

And valve springs in here so a little modest engine build it’s not something over the top oh also Tomei head gaskets that’s the only other notable thing yeah a nice handful like just simple Parts easy to come by now it’s like something super rare or something that’s going to

Be a headache to find just all parts that are drop in yeah like easy to set you up with um so but a you know a modest 600 horsepower engine it’s sick I mean we’re doing it from top to bottom engine build complete makeover it’s gonna be sick all

The heads in-house and actually if you guys are interested it um we do do Subaru short blocks here as well so if you guys want to do Subaru short block Miami performance we can do a very similar setup we can do CSS we do a bunch of different things yes ours is

Iag block though which is super super nice I told you guys company 23 came through in a big way not only giving us some OEM Parts but hooking up our engine guys this is sick dude with some tools so this is their brand new to the market

What’s a redesign of an original piece that they had before but this is their engine stand that they gave to us for this project and what’s really cool about this is not only it’s already set up for ejs and FAS it actually detaches this side of it so you can have the case

Halves split and still have them on an engine stand which that’s so gnarly from everyone back here has told me that is an awesome feature um all we have left to put in is the the cam sensors and the oil pan and then it’s right so close I’m

So pumped up this is good this was so unexpected and I’m so pumped for it you guys know the WX only had 40 yeah miles but to have this upgrade is going to be so gnarly I’m excited to just hear it start up it’s gonna sound rad so

We’ll let Alex finish up and we got some work to do on the cover I am so pleased you’re freaking sick dude okay after a whirlwind of a day yes it’s been quite the we’ll explain it later on but uh this is gonna be Super Rad like I told

You guys this is 20 year old Dustin’s dream built before before we had any of this before while I was still in school before YouTube was a full-time thing just figuring things out is what we’re doing and this car is about to get an entire full fully built heart transplant

For real fully bolted fully bolted now there’s still a lot of work to do in here we have not a lot but we have some stuff to take out so we’re no longer you unfortunately rip to this stuff we’re no longer running the ETS front mount intercooler because we’re gonna have the

Map top mount intercooler which we got to figure out something to do down here because it’s going to be nice and empty so we have to rip out all of the oh yeah or all of the ETS piping and the intake and then the front mount itself and this

Thing will be ready to be worked on starting tomorrow so you guys get ready for a full four to five videos of just non-stop awesome exciting Subaru Extravaganza awesomeness that’s right I’m super pumped Kyle I think that we should get started with taking this stuff out yeah I think it’s about time

Let’s do it There’s many reasons why this build had to happen yeah it wasn’t like an option it was like a hey Dustin like you really gotta do something it was time it was time I mean look at this guy I mean if it weren’t for Speed density he’d be

Stuck on the side of the road now since I’m only going to be here for five days as you guys saw Kyle did a bunch of the lake we’re getting the engine out and then the anime performance team did all the work putting the engine together which is super freaking cool now while

I’m here we’re gonna be doing all the fun stuff now I probably should have mentioned this earlier I don’t know where Kyle Kyle went but last time we were here doing a build we completed the Z for SEMA which was a ton of fun and that’s where me and Kyle actually met

And just became really great friends so it’s awesome to be back in the shop working with him on such an amazing build and really resurrecting the car that you know started all of this for me so the front end of the car is completely ripped off now we can get

Started cleaning this thing now before the new engine goes in I want this to be spotless and ready for the brand new iag block I mean just hear myself say that is so crazy never in a million years would I have thought that we’d ever you

Know build the engine that was in it much less get a brand new block from iag I mean it’s just insane this car is going to be so gnarly and I can’t wait to show you guys I mean even obviously the engine but beyond the engine how

This car is going to come together at the end of this series here at Ma performance before we start the makeover version of it we have some exciting news so stay tuned Kyle is it time yeah degreasifying dustinifying this thing the deep clean when you neglect it and

Abandoned this guy take it easy I’m doing Justice to come back okay just coming back in a big way we’re gonna clean this thing and I think we’ll be ready to start our big build tomorrow Squeaky clean all right I think our mission for today Kyle is complete basically I mean a lot since I’m just now getting here a lot of the stuff that we’re or the majority of the things that need to get done are going to happen tomorrow but we definitely wanted to get

The bay cleaned and ready for our beautiful ieg block to go in so now Bay is cleaned front mount is off tomorrow so we start assembling all the stuff on our new engine this is so freaking crazy dude I wish I could have been here when you guys did the assembly because it

Really is so cool getting to see like the valves and the springs and you know the new head gaskets all of that stuff going in is really really fun to watch but it’s cool that we get to be part of the process of putting everything back together and throwing this throwing this

Thing into the car and getting the first start it’s going to be pretty awesome it’s going to be super awesome so it should be a breeze shouldn’t take too much time at all yeah yeah so tomorrow’s Mission like I said is to put everything back together and we’re hoping to have

The engine go back into the WRX tomorrow so we can get to the fun stuff but for today I’m excited that I finally get to show you guys and announce the entire build that we’re doing well at least for the engine bill because this has been such a hard secret to keep knowing

They’re about to put a freaking iag block into the car that is so damn cool and this thing is going to be a ripper finally Say goodbye for now Alex has a couple more things to button up on our new engine before we can throw this guy in and we’re done for today I gotta go check into the hotel get all my stuff together and get ready for a really

Insane and fun week I hope you guys are excited too oh all right for this week lifted WRX last time you guys saw this we were actually driving this last time we were here for what we call Z week but this car is actually slammed on some

Cheese which I really really like but this is a nice change they’re going a little off-road for the uh for the season yeah dude we got we got the 1552s with the wild piece on there if you are like I like it actually I do I do yeah

This is a cool over Landing car that’s all about to say it looks like it’d be an awesome fun Overland car but we have the truck now but this is like yeah bash bar with some fog lights bar okay no bashing no trash cans are gonna be hit with this all right this

Thing’s sick this is gonna be our ride for the week and then hopefully by the time I have to leave the WRX is ready to rip and we can go for our first drive and stuff it’s gonna be awesome okay Kyle’s will be dyno tuning the car

But also he’s gonna be Street tuning the car because it’s very important to have especially when driving a car like this on the street after it’s a fresh engine build and stuff it’s very important to also have Street parameters as well yeah I just want to make sure that the car is

Drivable under all conditions so we’re gonna put it to its test We’re Not Gonna We’re Not Gonna sugarcoat anything we’re gonna do all the hard work we’ll make her good we’ll make her great it’s gonna be one hell of a ride I’m excited okay we’ll see you tomorrow we will see you

Tomorrow hey for fun what time do you think you’re gonna be awake uh whenever you need me let’s head to the hotel all right well guys it is already 1050 we just wrapped up our final Japan video we can officially get to work on all the stuff that we have coming up as

You can guess I am absolutely wiped out it has been an extremely long travel day and on top of that doing some work at Ma performance and getting things ready for the week now like I told you guys these next few videos are going to be a full

Series on building the WRX and even continuing that once the WRX gets back from Minneapolis but this week is going to be really awesome and hopefully everything goes as planned we’re still waiting on a couple of parts for the WRX that didn’t quite make it on time and today’s Thursday tomorrow’s Friday and

They don’t come by Friday it’s really cutting it short and I don’t know if it’s gonna make it by the time I have to leave but fingers crossed everything goes well we get all the parts in and Dino day goes as planned as you guys saw

This week is going to be really nuts for the WRX all the parts that we have the built engine this is definitely one of the craziest builds that we’ve ever done and it’s just the beginning it’s not even it doesn’t it doesn’t end here and I’m so excited to continue to show you

Guys what we have for the car because it really is and will ultimately be the WRX that I’ve always dreamed of it’s gonna be awesome but we have an early morning tomorrow so I’m gonna go ahead and end the video here thank you guys so much for watching as always if you haven’t

Already make sure you hit that like button for me leave me a comment down below let’s go hashtag subie is back and of course don’t forget to subscribe thank you guys once again and I’ll see you for the next video peace out Thank you