Dustin Williams Video: Revealing Our INSANE R35 GTR

Posted: 2023-06-16 17:00:37
Author: Dustin Williams
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The final reveal of the R35 GTR is here! I wanted something iconic for this car… and midnight purple was the answer. we rebuilt this car from a wrecked gtr into something amazing! i’m so stoked we get to finally show you guys.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Do Not Go Gentle into that good night old age should burn and Rave at close of day rage rage against the dying of life Thank you well I hope you guys enjoyed the reveal the color came out absolutely amazing and I could not be any more stoked I really hope that you guys love this car just as much as we do uh the midnight purple is absolutely fantastic and it

Came out really good in case you guys are new here and you don’t know every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend site is actually one entry into win this car and in honor of our color reveal we have dropped this limited edition R35 Legends GTR t-shirt on the

Site right now to help you guys get some entries in every one dollar that you spend is one entry in to win this car so we’re dropping this today and you guys can get this throughout the giveaway it’s really sick also if you guys are in

The area you can actually come see this car in person this Saturday we’re hosting the Legends charity car show on June 17th where we’ll be displaying this car giving back to our local animal shelters having really awesome and fun car shows if you guys are in the area

Come check it out but with all that being said we’re gonna hop into the video show you guys the behind the scenes of getting this car wrapped I’m doing the shoot it’s a lot of fun so stay tuned let’s hop into today’s video good morning guys we are starting here

Out at DH Graphics we have finally made it back home from grid life Midwest Fest and it was an absolute blast but it feels really good to be back home and working on the R35 GTR so I believe the last thing that you guys saw was the

Exhaust as well as us dropping the car off here to Dan at DH Graphics to start the wrap and today they finally got number one they finally got the vinyl in but number two they actually started wrapping the car and by the time I got here they’re practically almost done

With well just like the bass wrap we have a lot of accessory stuff to do it’s gonna be amazing sorry if I sound a little stuffy I have like this head cold thing going on right now but that’s not going to stop us let’s head inside and

Check out the car for the first time Thank you well George you guys have done some serious work since I’ve been gone this is beautiful so a lot of you guys guessed this I really wanted midnight purple I wanted to have my Millennium Jade R35 GTR and then for you guys to kind of get the opposite end of that

With a midnight purple R35 GTR so this is actually hypnotic black violet this is one of the coolest wrap colors that I’ve ever seen and I didn’t want the color shift R34 midnight purple 3. I wanted something that’s close to my r33 GTR I love the like the the true

Midnight purple it’s almost black but it’s a very very dark purple and it came out insane I am so stoked so I’m gonna let these guys work uh get them doing the bumpers the the fenders the corner panels and then we actually have some accessory pieces for all of our sponsors

For you guys and we’re even doing some black accents which I’ll show you guys as well but they’ve been working we got George doing the front bumper here they’ve already done the hood both quarter panels are getting worked on right now too and the rear bumper It’s really good check this out oh

I am so in love with this color so like I said I’ma let these guys do their thing get some oh this shot right here this is perfect ah when we do our uh our our shoot for the reveal which you guys by this time I

Think have already seen uh it’s gonna be so good in the in like the dark lighting wow I can’t wait to see this in the sunlight actually as well but oh my God on camera it looks even better that’s insane I cannot wait to see this next to my Millennium Jade [Applause]

Holy crap What’s up dude what up what up oh my gosh it looks freaking amazing Tim what do you think about the color see I love this this is my favorite color period it’s sick oh my gosh you guys are in for it holy the the rear Oh it’s a giant plum wow I know you guys have already seen the really cool reveal this is my first time actually seeing the car and it looks fantastic this is the coolest color ever and we did like black accents too which is really sick so today’s mission is to get the fenders

Off so that they can actually wrap the fenders for us today make these look nice and pretty for you guys oh I guess I should show you the rear here oh the midnight purple is dude it actually like looks really close to my 33. yeah yeah it’s very very close

That’s what I wanted I wanted the 33 midnight purple because that’s my favorite color this is this is like Plum it’s beautiful it is so dope and I like how we left black accents here too like in the in the tail lights we left the wing black in here just like gives it

Kind of like an even more midnightish look so sick especially oh okay let’s get to work and get this camera I did this All right so for day two of the GTR rap this car is pretty much gonna be finished up today Tim and I took off the side skirts and the fender so the fenders could get wrapped with leaving the side skirts because those do have a black accent with carbon fiber to look

Really really nice George and the crew are going to finish up the fenders and that’s going to go on Tim and I are going to put the door panels back on so if this thing is basically ready just to be bolted back together and then we actually have to work on the accessory

Logo stickers that we’re gonna put on the body of the cartoon we’re not doing some crazy Livery I do think that this car looks really really good clean so that’s how we’re going to keep it while still incorporating everybody that made this build possible I’m very very

Excited for that but first let’s go ahead and button this car out Special guest in the Bro van everybody’s stoked that we still have this honestly truthfully this is our most reliable car never breaks never has a problem it’s the best okay but now you got to come see this don’t look okay here we go I want your first real reaction

To the midnight purple okay okay are you ready okay three two one oh my God look at it in the sun it’s crazy right oh I haven’t even shown you guys this it’s sunny outside now and the flake is so gnarly right oh that’s beautiful and we did some like

Black accents right here for this and then under the wing is black It’s pretty dope oh my gosh and if you like stand back it’s like this nice plumish purple you know I I don’t I wasn’t expecting it to be honestly that like that’s sparkly yeah

But if it’s so plummy I’m obsessed if you come in here it just looks like regular midnight purple yeah but like look even the way the light catches it I know this looks like my r33 and you get back here and it’s just like boom I think that that’s

What’s so cool though is because wherever it is it looks different yeah it’s the sun then like inside with the lights or no lights yeah it’s dope oh my gosh all right but before we get on with this I need your help we got to finish this thing you need my help

Yep you’re helping me well that’s why is this just harder yeah well they just finished it so this Fender’s done we’re gonna put the fender on and we’re gonna put the side skirt on and then we can lower it down and put the front bumper on

So if this car falls apart and you win it it’s Tiana’s fault Tiana pieces yep it’s just like Legos adult Legos yep Snapper you really got to do correctly okay already failed as a cameraman because we did this and I didn’t film it but I was helping it’s hard to do two

Things at once you did fine it’s okay okay look at that there we go look at that boom like a glove beautiful she’s looking good I was gonna say we gotta make a sticker with this because you do that but that’s the next merch drop it is the next one so yeah

Are you gonna help what are you doing I’m supervising uh did you film anything that happened at all no we were talking and then after watching this video one around there’s six minutes long turn the camera listen I it’s hard to remember to turn on the camera and do things

All right I’m not skilled in this but here I was doing this so don’t say I didn’t do anything for this giveaway car look at this stop it am I not supposed to put these in no no oh all right hold on I gotta undo it I’m really sorry I’m already doing this

Wrong Dustin’s annoyed are you glad she called me to help yes awesome I have one job to film and I am epically failing at it Justin’s working tightening all these bolts I’m filming nothing still still well let me do one okay I already tried to to screw some in an

Extension it was wrong here take that off take this socket off crap okay extension nope yep there you go hold on I got it okay okay come get this guy wait am I undoing it nope you’re tightening it why would you undo it nope you’re going the wrong one [Laughter]

Okay wait I got it I got it I got it stopped this is really easy okay okay wait straight it holds pretty tight there you go okay okay that’s good okay let me do another one sky right here I have to redeem myself there you go oh come on you got it

There it is yep no you’re doing a star pattern so this one and this one okay same thing Okay okay cute easy don’t Jam things in the holes that’s what she said okay there we go okay and then this one yeah oh there we go it’s so good oh my God I love it why do we always build the cool giveaway cars come on I can’t wait

To say this see this next to my Millennium Jade I will drive that when you drive this one a deal oh my gosh dude it just looks this is how I envisioned the car when we first bought the car and it was missing like an entire front end it was smashed

This is what I had envisioned for the car it was a rough now look at her all right let’s get her off the ground off the lifts are you guys in the sunlight until it’s complete all I can say it’s it’s fantastic I can’t wait to alike you know

How you go take all your cool pigs and like the candy and stuff like it’s gonna look so good oh my God should I give you I’m gonna give him a quick no no don’t do it watch a quick peek watch watch no don’t do it okay quick peek if you guys

Are skilled enough to pause this you win that’s all you got that’s all you got okay we’ll see you guys for day three day three official pickup day are we ready for this okay now this is real this is our first time seeing the car complete I got the call from Dan this

Morning that they put the front bumper on they put the sponsor decals on and it’s all complete ready for pickoff wait do you think we’re gonna see it oh it’s right there wait pull up to the side I wanna okay we’re gonna go this way we’ll just get a

Little peek before you guys get a peek hold on hold on look at it dude when the sun is it oh my God the logos looks pretty good all right we’re just gonna eat right here all right let’s go check it out oh my God wait this is look at it

The color is so pretty yeah the color on the logos wait the logos with the wheels foreign come on I just have no words look at it right here this is such a sick pick right here oh dude my God [Applause] Oh my God I just I cannot get over this how gnarly is this I know the pics like it’s just oh it’s when I bought this car this is the vision I had for it and it’s right here in front of my face and I

Gotta say I left it up to DH graphics on how to do the decals and they absolutely crushed it I think they made a great decision doing all of the sponsors that even helped make this build possible down the door and then we have the big Legends on the quarter panel here so

It’s still like very subtle but aggressive of the decals with the wheels and then it complements the carbon fiber like it just it flows uh it’s fantastic it’s true to the to the car itself but it’s still like this is a badass car at the same time and

I can’t believe we found the perfect midnight purple I can’t wait to get my r33 in this car next to each other it’s it’s really good I have to give a huge huge thanks to the DH Graphics you guys know every car app that we’ve done DH Graphics has absolutely killed it on

So massive thank you to them if you guys are in the Temecula area I cannot recommend them enough not only do they do a fantastic job but they themselves also have great taste and can assist in a color choice or a styling they just they do such a good job but anyways I

Wanted to show you guys look at this midnight purple like right in the sun it’s absolutely insane with all the flake but then if you like to swap over to like the Shaded area it’s that deep dark almost black purple which is so freaking cool so in all types of

Different lights this car looks completely different see very dark and then you pop over in the sunlight boom and it’s just in your face we gotta go talk to the DH Graphics guys this is so sick oh my unbelievable where’s George come here get me on dude this is so sick

Their color like everything together bumper on it’s so good you can’t express how good this is killer whoever is winning it is lucky maybe it could be you know I think I think people be mad people be a little mad oh man from what it what it looked like coming into the

Shop to what it is now it’s a completely different car you could win it I can’t believe this now the fun part starts because we gotta plan our shoot for this the reveal shoot that you guys saw at the beginning of this video we got to plan that and we gotta shoot it

All right let’s get out of here oh my God it’s so good I am so happy and so in love that we’re not even done with the car yet I can’t wait I can’t wait for you guys to see this car so as you’re watching this uh our charity car show is actually

Tomorrow when you guys so uh tomorrow you guys will get to see this thing in person for the first time ever which is gonna be amazing I’m very excited to see what you can see your reaction to what this car actually looks like in the Sun and in person but we’re

Gonna get this thing to the shop and figure out our actual shoot it’s gonna be uh pretty freaking awesome man we got the really cool Legends banner up here too it’s just the perfect amount of like like subtle and clean but aggressive oh my God talk about actual Smiles per gallon it’s fantastic

Foreign welcome to BTS we’re finally back with the car finished it’s amazing I figured I’d take you guys along for a little uh behind the scenes Rome is officially here at a lot of fun yeah so if you guys don’t know uh Rome has been editing the

Past like two weeks two weeks two weeks videos Rome is officially moving to California and he is part of the Legends team officially so we’re getting him moved here around July but uh this is Rome’s first like real big project with Legends and it’s gonna be this reveal so

Everything that you guys saw at the beginning say yes yes let us know let us know was it sick or what I mean so having fun just shooting it right now I know so tonight we’re we’re getting like this is gonna be a a very quick turnaround and it’s gonna be really sick

So I just want to take you guys along for the end of the night end of the ride and like I said I keep saying I hope you guys love this car as much as we do because this thing turned out so much better than we could have ever imagined Thank you I love how you can hear it through the canyon there it is [Applause] Sunset just gets prettier the camera doesn’t do it justice So sick this car is amazing look at the sky I know camera doesn’t do it justice we have made it back to the shop damn I could not be any more excited if Rome absolutely killed it DH Graphics absolutely killed it and I’m just overall so in love with this car and we

Actually haven’t edited the uh the edit yet so we’re actually gonna go do that right now it’s super late but we got to get this done for you guys um the car came out fantastic and I know I’ve said it 800 000 times this video but I hope

You guys love it just as much as we do I mean to see it next to the r33 that is so cool we got to get these two cars in a shoot together before this thing gets given away to one of you guys but uh quickly wanted to close out this video

And just say thank you um without you guys none of this would be possible and throughout this entire build um it’s just been a real dream come true to be able to give one of my personal dream cars like the R35 GTR away to you guys and the only way that’s possible is

Because of all of you so with all that being said make sure to get your entries in got the new GTR shirt that just went live today so I hope you guys enjoyed that I hope to see you guys at the car show this weekend as well I’m gonna go

Ahead and go upstairs and finish editing this video along with Rome and we will see you guys in the next one if you guys have not already please make sure to leave me a like leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we

Are so close to 750k so close let’s get there we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out foreign