Dustin Williams Video: Rebuilding a Wrecked R35 GTR.. THE FINAL MOD!

Posted: 2023-06-21 17:00:06
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video we install the beautiful ETS front mount intercooler! This is a must have modification for your R35 GTR. The quality is amazing, but the performance is where this thing shines!!

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*2015 Subaru WRX*
APR Performance GTC300 Carbon wing
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Crown Carbon Crafting Widebody
Seibon Carbon fiber hood
Tomei Exhaust
Invidia Catless Downpipe
Fujitsubo Headers
ETS intake
Cobb AP
Pro Tune
Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers
Sway away front/rear sway bars & end links

*2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII*
Voltex Front Bumper
VIS Carbon Duckbill Trunk
Rays Gram Lights 18×9.5 +12
Tomei Expreme Catback Exhaust

Dustin Williams Video Transcript

We are less than a week away from giving you guys this R35 GTR I think by now as you guys are watching this video we have five days left of the R35 GTR giveaway if you guys are new here we rebuilt this GTR from a wrecked car into this

Beautiful midnight purple R35 GTR and I could not be any more stoked this Friday our last collection of the giveaway goes live it’s the enjoy your cars Circa team collection and all came out very very cool and if you don’t know every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend

Site is one entry and to win this awesome GTR but best of all if you guys are a VIP member you can get up to 10 times your entries depending on what level you guys are and if you guys don’t know what Legend VIP is those are a

Monthly subscription where you guys get an exclusive t-shirt every single month that no one else does a ton of extra benefits Early Access and so much more it’s really really cool if you guys aren’t up to date on the R35 GTR build series you should go check out all of it

But today we are starting the last couple of mods that we have for the R35 GTR build and I think you guys are really going to be stoked let’s check it out okay we got some juicy stuff here right Tim yes you wanna know what’s funny about

This too though in these boxes we have one of the very first like big extensive mods that me and you ever did to the wrf yeah it’s true right it is true that’s crazy let me unbox this and show you guys what we got oh my gosh I do not

Remember it being this big it’s massive okay take a look at this oh sleep but not just any from my intercooler we have one of our favorite companies to work with and somebody that has supported us from honestly very beginning honestly the very beginning and uh one of I think the most quality

And badass companies let me show you guys this real fast extreme turbo systems on the R35 GTR you have two separate intercoolers this is one massive juicy core to give you guys all the silk power so you guys love how awesome my R35 GTR sounds so we got the same exact setup

For the giveaway GTR today we’re installing front mount piping and blow-off valves it’s gonna be good let me see those pipes to Mika that’s nice I like that that’s gonna look really good super it’s gonna match the M8 performance intake oh it is actually yeah so we also have the entire piping

Kit right now as you guys know or if you don’t know we only have the upper charge piping because whoever owned this car prior to us wanted to put HKS Bluff valves on and honestly this is just way more high quality and a lot bigger too more airplanes Foreign For our GTR as you guys know we already have the upper intercooler piping with these HKS ball valves which is really funny because these are recirculating and honestly you can’t even really tell if they’re HKS if you guys know what HKS blow up Bells sound like they have a

Distinct noise it’s the same one that’s on my WRX it’s very distinct and you know it’s HKS yeah it’s it’s weird but it’s cool it’s cool unfortunately on this setup that they currently have um you can’t really tell and I’m not sure what intercooler piping this is it

Might just be generic whatever to be able to run a blow-off valve so we’re removing all of this and you’ll be able to see how much thicker and more airflow we’re going to have with that ETS intercooler and intercooler piping just overall a lot better so we’re going to

Start this out by taking all of the intercooler piping out and then moving to the front where you guys can kind of see our two little baby intercoolers right in this shroud which this guy gets out of the way we have to cut our shroud

Itself up here to be able to fit the intercooler I mean overall this is going gonna add so much more performance to the car let’s get started taking all the OEM stuff out we’re going to take a quick intermission in today’s video to give a big thank you to our sponsor

Advanced Auto Parts Foreign parts we think Advanced whether I’m looking for filters oil or even batteries Advanced sizes covered Their employees make it easy for us to find what we’re looking for and if they don’t have it in store they can order it for us today we just had a quick battery change in the R35 GTR they made sure we had everything we needed and we were on our way Next time you need Auto Parts make advance Foreign the thing about this is the easy part is getting all the OEM stuff the hard part is fitting all the juicy ETS stuff but that’s what’s fun and I mean when you see the ETS from out peeking out of the grill out of the front of the bumper

It’s insane but uh we’re pretty close now I think all we have to do is just the hosing the interpolar hosing and then the intercoolers themselves and they’re ready to go thank you So much yeah look at okay look at this there you go wow and you’re saying that’s a massive difference this is huge the amount of airflow this car is about to get all the sauce cheese the intercoolers are coming off um it is a pain in the butt these screws

Back here are like sandwiched between like the frame of the car and this bracket that we have that is honestly gonna have to get cut out I remember this from what we did it on my GTR pain to the butt and all of this entire bracket system has to be cut completely

Out of the car but it’s all for a good reason the uh the upgraded one is is huge it’s gonna be much much better so first one’s out let’s go ahead and get the other side if we can start having some fun and shopping things up

This car sat for a really long time so there’s just dust and crusty bugs in this thing Number two out now let’s take a quick look here just put one side up that’s just it eats it it eats the other one this is 25 of this you you’re literally getting 75 more of an intercooler here it’s a lot that’s insane that’s it’s actually let me see the width here

Oh yeah and plus you just have like the Billet end tanks which are just so much nicer dude the ETS quality is fantastic you guys know all pretty much every one of them yeah every build that they make parts for we use because ets’s quality is unmatched wrex both GTRs now evos

Um super sick so I guess now it’s time if you guys look at this it’s not only quality though performance performance they have the highest performance which is also awesome I mean talking 2000 horsepower GTR system um but if you look at this this bracket right here is made

For the OEM intakes or intercoolers this guy we are literally going to be Zapped yeah you gotta zap zap get all rid of all of this yeah so let’s have some fun and chop some things up There she is a little cutting required I think it just makes it a little bit easier we just gotta do this yeah so now this guys have to get zapped like right here because this is still our mounting bracket right here for our intercooler so this guy has to come off but other

Than that I mean it’s a lot easier this time around because I kind of remembered what we cut from from my personal GTR so as long as we can keep this bracket right here and cut this last piece of plastic off we’re ready to stand foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] All right oh all right now that we finally have the ETS front mounted completely we can start figuring out our piping which we’ve already kind of started doing so there’s so many different pipes and since this does have four connections a little bit weird but we’re gonna figure

It out so obviously our blow-off valves go right into the throttle bodies up here and then basically we’re just gonna route from the intercooler up to the engine and we already have our first pipe that goes to the bottom section up to the intake so we’ll work on this

Along with our massive ETS from an intercooler we of course got you guys new blow-off valve this is actually the same exact setup that I’m running on my R35 GTR so gives you all the good noises while still keeping all the performance so we actually have tile blah fouls that

Vent atmosphere to give you all the good noises here so we’re going to install this on our charge piping up here work our way from the throttle body back down and should be good to go Got it I got it Okay all right upper charge piping is on I did forget to mention also guys that you can you can get different mounts for different blow-off valves I’ve already told you that we have the tile block valves that’s the mount that we have but they have different options for you guys

As well also I’ve got to mention ets’s link is down the description box below if you guys want to get this kit for your own GTR it is fantastic and I could argue to say it’s probably the best kit on the market I really do like

It it comes with not only you know you can get the the piping kit as well as the intercooler but you also get really really nice Hardware couplers clams everything that you need to efficiently and properly do this which I really enjoy as well so now that I’m done with

The upper charge piping we’re gonna move on down here to the intercooler and start doing the rest Thank you foreign As much of a pain in the butt getting all of these clamps and these pipings are it looks absolutely fantastic but only not only looks I mean not only does it make it look extremely aggressive and really really good at the front end it’s going to give this car so much more

Performance I mean if you think back to my fl5 what the intercooler gave us 20 plus horsepower on the f05 so now this ETS intercooler you can only imagine how much this is going to improve the car and we do have a Dyno tune scheduled tomorrow so the next video you guys see

Will be the power numbers on this thing which Tim and I are both extremely curious about because ever since we got this car we just figured out that this thing had more and more as we got done to the car so it’s very very cool now I

Think we should do a first start okay because I remember when I did this to my GTR granted it wasn’t tuned or anything my car ran like absolute crap now this thing has been tuned and it already had blown off valves I’m curious to see if

It runs just a little bit better so that we can make it safely to the tune tomorrow I mean either way the car will make it to the tuner it’s just I wonder if it runs correctly so we buttoned everything up we’re gonna make sure there’s no leaks I’m going to have Tim

Look over all the piping and stuff here we should be good to go let’s give her the first start I remember in your video it took a little bit to start too because there’s just so much airflow coming in so let’s see foreign okay wall valves are working properly and you’re a nice

Is up front okay okay but here the here the valves actually see them in the video [Applause] this thing is going to be so rowdy after we get it too all right I guess we can uh but this honestly runs way better than when I did my GTR so it has [Applause] [Applause]

Look I gotta show you guys this this so okay really quickly what I discovered here is we actually have I thought that these were custom let me tell you these are actually Kansai service JDM canards and this is a June front air dam for the R35 so oh dude

You see has like a it’s kind of like an airplane wing so whoever owned this before me had really excellent taste and you guys are getting some seriously cool JDM bits I mean Kansai service in June those are two major major JDM companies they actually added this and now you

Have direct airflow straight into the intercooler that is so freaking dope I’m in love and I put that plastic piece on so now that goes straight straight to the air the oil cooler oh my gosh you guys better get some entries into this car because this thing is absolutely

Freaking sick I’m in love look look how menacing this is from the front oh my thumbs up thumbs up the video right now subscribe we’re almost to 750 000 subscribers go get your entries in because this thing is absolutely freaking insane foreign [Applause] [Applause] Foreign