Dustin Williams Video: Porsche 911 FINALLY Gets the PERFECT Wing | RARE PORSCHE FIND!!


Posted: 2023-08-25 17:00:27
Author: Dustin Williams
Shoutout to our amazing body shop @tsm.collision for getting such a perfect match
Our long awaited wing install is here… before i even owned this car, i found this BEAUTIFUL Porsche 3.2 Carrera OEM wing and I knew i had to have it. Today, we got the wing back from paint and finally got to install it! It’s perfect.

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

I feel like you’re either going to really love what we’re doing today or you’re going to hate it today we’re finally installing the 3.2 L Carrera wing on our 911 but first let’s hop back when we pick this Wing up we’re going to take a quick intermission in today’s

Video The Long awaited install of the Porsche Wing to let you guys know that the brand new Legends vintage collection is live on the site right now this is a drop inspired by one of my favorite cars of all time the Porche 911 that you see

Right behind me we have so many new and awesome items on the site for you guys right now and before we hop into this install I want to go ahead and run through everything that you guys can find on the site because we have so many

New things on the site that I know you guys will love number one our brand new heather gray crew neck pullover that might be my favorite item of the whole drop as I told you guys is inspired by my Porsche 9911 super Carrera so we have a little description of the SC down

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The site so everything is live right now you can head to the first link down in the description box below that’ll take you guys directly to the site and you can find everything everything that we have to offer so do me a huge favor check out the site and let’s hop back

Into today’s video we have been waiting a long time for this you guys killed it we had a unique job for my friend a FR here at TSM Collision you guys know that we had the wing for the 911 and we were kind of indecisive on what we wanted to do with

It we either going to wrap it black or come have our guys over at TSM try and match the paint to our super faded patina color and you dude you did a fantastic job it looks I’m excited to get this close to the car it’s a little

Hard but I mean with our experience we able to do it it works dud I’m so pumped to get this on the car we’ve been waiting weeks for this it’s going to look freaking sick thank you guys so much perfect man so I know we’re going to do this at

The shop but quick reference real fast on what we gave TSM and keep in mind this is almost 40-year-old paint that sat out in the sunlight look how freaking close that is that is insane if you guys are in the Tula area and you

Need a body shop we used TSM for so many different projects in one very very big project I could not recommend them enough I’m so pumped to get this back to the shop all right time to install this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for so freaking long and

One of my favorite Parts about this wing and something why I jumped on it so fast is it’s actual OEM and one of my favorite Parts I showed you guys this before is the Porsche stamp right in the back of the wing with the logo on on the

Rubber molding of the wing that is just so cool I mean nice little Easter egg that if you know you know kind of thing so this is an actual OEM piece from the 3.2 L Carrera that just makes it so much better I actually bought this Wing

Before I even bought the freaking car and Tiana went and picked it up for me it was was a whole thing it was it was really exciting cuz this is such a cool piece for the car I’ll talk a little bit more about what I want to do after this

Swing once we get this installed but this is going to be such a cool piece so oh did we already get the badge off that’s off dang so we’re going to be installing the 9911 SC badge onto our new Wing somewhere like that just to keep it nice and classic that’s going to

Be sick take one last look at how the Porsche looks right now before it completely transform I think aside from the wheels and tires this is going to be probably the biggest transformation on the car so far it’s going to add so much to the body of the car and just really

Add that again that Motorsports style that I was really looking for on this car I think it’s going to be sweet first things first is we’re going to go ahead and uninstall our current deck lid back here which should be pretty easy this is a a pretty much straight swap we

Do have I think this is our AC condenser back here taking this off folding it down and then taking this deck lid off and we’ll give you guys kind of a comparison of what the OEM looks like versus the career way the uh what are

You what you in the way yeah but like my hand is back look at this crusty hood latch Noah the thing is gross we’re going to we’re going to do the Lord’s work and clean this stuff before we put on the new one please do smells delicious we need like a wire

Brush here you know yeah that’s what we need it’s still crusty but it’s better looks like it worked hood latch is on now we’re going to work on actually getting this thing off like I told you guys got to get the AC condenser down and then really this

Thing should just pull out these do have their own springs for the actual hood latches but I don’t think that this is going to be strong enough to hold the new Wing so we they’re over there somewhere we have new Springs and deck Li latches to hopefully hold the weight

Of our new deck Li that is definitely something we got to replace holy crap that is oldy these will not hold anyway you one of the fish place you’re going to have to hold it at some point boom let’s take a look at the OEM deck

Lid versus our brand new one dude that’s pretty insane how good the body shop got the col yeah I told you guys it’s definitely going to look fresher obviously cuz it’s not 40-year-old paint that’s been sitting in the sun but like the color is really really really close

So one really cool thing that I’m stoked about the wing is I’m going to I’m going to refer to this as duck may be right may be wrong I’m going to call it ducting for now for us and you guys can correct we have the OEM ducting right

Here which is kind of just flat and regular and then you take a look at the wing ducting and this is going to direct so much more air flow into the engine bay the ducting here kind of grabs the air and we’ll send it right into the

Condenser below the wing then of course the wing will also catch some air and overall it’s just going to be a lot better for our air cooled Porsche than the OEM right here so it’s like light lots of little things that is really going to benefit us when putting this on

Aside from it just changing the whole shape of the car and looking really good it’s also functional so this should just oh my God it fell into the abyss it fell so deep into the abyss ah I see it I see it boom okay so while Tim is

Figuring out the whole shock situation on for the new Wing I’m going to go ahead and take off our old latches just because I mean we don’t really need to replace these but we did get new ones and their color match so might as well just change Mount you know yep a little

Bit nicer hey Dustin can you grab something out of your back pocket really quick for us didn’t I not say 5 minutes ago that he had it he said i’ never used it new fresh shiny brackets just the little things you know all right so I have both of these

Factory shocks off of this car off so the new ones are way beefier so hopefully they’ll hold the weight of the new trunk I think it’s supposed to have one on each side but this car does not have that this car had two on one side

So I’m going to try and install this both of these on this side so hopefully cross in our fingers this works like look at these meaty boys for the wing versus what we had stock now hopefully I mean it should all I mean yeah it should definitely fit cuz we’re

Going to use the new thing these will help us actually keep the deck lid open um and I think that if we were to just use these it wouldn’t even hold it at all so nice little upgrade so this goes on and they tighten and then these will connect in the very back

Tim got that’s really stiff I can’t Tim got the springs in thankfully are the uh the shock I guess we could say the shocks this thing’s basically ready for the wing I think we’ll go ahead and mount the wing to the brackets itself and then do the AC condenser afterwards

But he ready to go oh this thing is Juicy I’m just pretty much holding it yep cuz that should hold it over there oh I’m so freaking excited for this right now it looks incredible already it it already looks like a whole different forch how’s that that’s way

Better did it go in the engine like down in the engine oh oh did you get it did I get it dude look at that he’s becoming professional at this cuz that’s the fourth time on the same project take two never happen this thing is heavy professional okay we’re going to do that

Yes let her go hey that’s sick it works you out it’s going to sound funny but can say like this looks more like a Porsche does it it looks more like a Porche even with the hood SL trunk it looks sick it looks amazing I’m so pumped I don’t want

To look at it till time we’re so close we’re so close we’re so close we’re going to put the condenser on and I’ll test fitter the first ever test not complete we just want to make sure everything fits and it’s align and then we can tighten everything I guess ready will it

Fit this oh my God it looks so sick dude it looks so freaking cool completed if you guys come look down here uh we had to actually adjust the the hood latch and then these little rubber grommets from the OEM deck lid and once you adjust everything it

Actually sits really nice let’s go ahead and do the first look at the Porsche all complete with the new wing and this is the best part it just shuts and it looks so good because this is OEM it fits fantastic with some adjustments but I am beyond stoked how

Awesome it looks with the new Wing look at this from the front oh it’s just that’s that is the touch that the car needed it makes everything flow so much better with the bbs’s the cage in the rear and now with the new Carrera wing

It is so freaking good it just has that Porsche look 12 out of 10 oh my God we’re slowly but surely transforming this car to exactly what I want this Wing added a massive massive portion I think it really makes it look like a Porsche now such an iconic look now

Having it finally on the Super C makes it really just perfect all right all right all right all right right an absolute massive ginormous W for today’s installing video honestly I didn’t know what to expect but this far exceeds what my expectations were the wing just adds a whole new Dynamic to

The car and it really does fit so well Noah said it best it looks more like a Porsche now and it really just finished off the exterior of the car on the look that I was really going for it and another massive massive shout out to TSM

I mean they did just an unbelievable job color matching the car way to do the Final Touch get the 911 SC badge on there and that really just sets off the rear end so damn nice honestly I really can’t say enough good things about the wing and how freaking stoked I really am

I mean the rear shot is awesome but also when you just come around to the side profile it’s freaking sick and also just from the front it adds so much character to the Porsche especially when you can see the cage in the back peeking out as well really it’s everything I could have

Wanted and more for this car and piece by piece like I said we are truly making this thing my dream Porsche and exactly what I want I’m really content with the car as it is right now I can’t wait to do the accessory bits cuz as you guys

Know I love the small little bits that we do on cars the accessories that make them your own and that’s what we have coming in I can’t wait to knock those out and just honestly drive this car and show it off the way it is I am so

Freaking proud I mean look at this I stare at it and I’m still in a that this is my car and getting to piece it together like a puzzle and like I keep saying make it my own just it excites me and I haven’t felt this for a car in so

Long like I have I have Goosebumps just thinking about it and I’m sure a lot of you guys can relate when you have a car that you truly just love so much you you constantly mod it and make it more of how you want and just just that feeling

Is so so good I hope some of you guys can relate to that too cuz honestly I’m like a like a proud dad so so happy with how this car turned out and where this car is going with all that being said I feel like this is a great time to end today’s

Video don’t forget we have the new Legends vintage collection inspired by the Porsche right here live on the site first link down the description box below that you guys can check out and help support the channel and help support what we do here um we couldn’t

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