Dustin Williams Video: Parents Reaction to My GTR Collection! *First Drive*

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-25 17:05:00
Author: Dustin Williams
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My parents are in town and i had to get them in a video! This was their first time seeing the shop and they were blown away! GTR’s have always been my dream cars, so i knew i had to get their reaction to my collecton

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Feels so empty in here with all the cars getting ready for SEMA it’s been absolutely hectic but also really nice because we’ve gotten to a lot of cars that we’ve kind of put on the back burner finished them made them really awesome and we have a ton of stuff left

To go but we’re gonna be taking a break from the builds today for something special we have a couple of special guests visiting us this week and I’m super excited to show you guys and we’re gonna be taking out a couple of the cars to have some fun with today let’s show

You guys who’s here actually really quickly this week we’re heading back out on the road for a really exciting event that I’ve been wanting to go to for years I’m super excited because we’re heading back down South heading all the way to Tennessee for slammed enough Gatlinburg and not

Only are we heading there we’re taking the 911 and I am super pumped it’s gonna be this car’s first event and we’re going cross-country baby in partnership with fitment Industries we’re going to be heading out to slammed enough Gatlinburg in Gatlinburg Tennessee taking the Legends Booth taking some

Merchandise bringing the P car as well as hanging out with the fitment industries crew we’re gonna be there all weekend Thursday to Sunday and I hope to see you guys in Tennessee but okay now let’s show you guys who’s here Everybody I want you to say hello to Mama and Papa dot look who’s in town for the week unbelievable so my parents are in town for the week and I figured this is this is the first time when’s the last time you guys saw the shop you know but yeah but what stage

It was just the dirt it was just the dirt it’s the last time that they saw the shop was just when it was complete dirt you’ve got if you guys have been following me since that point you guys know how big of a project this has been

So for you guys I’m sure it’s pretty crazy to see it now unbelievable it’s just incredible it’s so huge and the pictures it’s big yeah but this thing with Justice so for those of you that might have been watching me for a long long time you guys know that my parents

Were the ones that pushed me to make the jump to actually come to California so I’m sure for them it’s pretty crazy to see all of this now my dad was the one that got me into cars which we’ll talk about a little bit later but pretty

Crazy to see where we started versus now I mean me and you were in the driveway working on the little Civics putting stickers on it and de-bedging with fishing line yep yep absolutely beautiful so I know a few of the cars are away getting ready for SEMA but a

Couple of the ones I mean ever since I was a kid me and my dad always talked about GTRs and specifically the R32 GTR because is that’s what got the nickname Godzilla and ever since I was a little kid my dad got me into Godzilla so this

Was always the dream card I really wanted to of course now that it’s finished show my dad the R32 GTR because this is one that you’ve never seen right so my dad’s come a couple of times and he’s gotten a ride in my first ever Type

R he’s gotten a ride in the R35 GTR but I feel like it’s time that we give him a ride in the R32 GTR but my mom has never ever been in the R35 I think this is your favorite right that’s my favorite so for today I figured we’d get a little

Parents tour here and uh get them a ride in a couple of my cars specifically the GTRs because you guys know those are my favorites so maybe I can take that one home we’re going to start in the R32 GTR because we had to put gas in this one

And give you a ride in this one okay and then we’ll give my mom a ride in the R35 GTR I’m ready I don’t know what do you guys think about the Porsche it’s so different than everything else yeah yep pretty well it’s like my my most old

School in here I guess I guess that’s why I like it so much that fits back in my time yeah it’s really it would be beautiful repainted but I like the originality of it thank you I think so too okay out of the what’s in the garage right now what do you think

Is your favorite car so far the 35 really of everything in here right now yeah 32. 32 really yeah okay well I picked two good ones for today then okay so you guys know this one we have to definitely warm this up before we go give it a rip so

Still have the duct tape knob never forget Okay you fit missing I think it’s going back if you need to I think the fastest car you’ve ever been in is probably the Evo you and I drove when you were in high school ah okay so when I was in high school when I was first

Getting into cars me and my dad would always go test drive the the crazy expensive cars just because we could so we test drove STIs evos um we test drove really like everything right yeah we did the car he’s ever been in is a stock Evo

10. so I think this will surprise you yeah some warming up that is crazy it sounds pretty wild huh I think a lot of you guys have watched me for a while now no my dad’s the one that got me into cars but that was you’re a muscle car guy

But I think when I was getting old enough was when Fast and Furious was coming out right yep and so my dad would always bring home mad take me to see the movie oh my God wanting to modify Civic and my dad will help me in the

Garage even some of the videos that I filmed my dad would help me film s you go if you guys go back to my early early videos what was it 12 years ago yep yeah I was your videographer for someone but my dad was helping me film and it’s

Crazy that we’re here now in such a crazy position to be riding in GTRs and having to shop and well the transformation from 12 Years to now foreign first kind of full pull here okay ready it’s absolutely it’s unbelievable too many I don’t know how much gas we have Time I think it’s perfect because it’s right in the middle of being uh complete crazy race car but also we can still drive it on the street relatively comfortably all right quick 85 fill up that’s what you think unbelievable absolutely crazy The last time my dad was here was when we got to see Godzilla versus Kong early with Warner Brothers so you got to ride in the 35 and the 33 but never in this right because ever since I had it 35 from the airport and then we took the 33

To the movies that’s cool that’s cool so finally as soon as it’s done and running perfectly he gets to finally ride in it good thing we came and got gas yes we’re pretty close to going on empty with my left hand yeah stupid power steering going out

On this yeah we didn’t do power steering pump all right we got gas do one more before we get home back to the shop all right here we go laughs like this at all no don’t worry about but this feels the wind is absolutely insane all right well my camera conveniently

Overheated but what did you think that was absolutely crazy I loved it it’s pretty awesome that was great are you ready for the 35 I don’t know that sounded pretty fast [Applause] Foreign This one is definitely my fastest but the it’s such a great car that you don’t really feel you do feel that’s fast but you don’t it’s not as crazy yeah it’s very very nice car warm it up a little bit even though everybody at all and if I barely pressed the pedal

Action right here okay you ready I’m ready is up on this one and just true is comfortable we are for a little bit I love this talk yeah I do because my dad was the one that got me into cars but my mom was the one that really

Pushed me to come out to California right you gotta make a jump gotta make everybody always asks me what’s the how do you do it you just got you just have to do it just have to do it so I was very very lucky to have

Parents that supported me I mean how I mean ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved filming and yeah and just being behind the camera even in front of the camera and I don’t know I guess in high school I just got into cars from Dad and yep that’s

That bars and cameras together scariest thing for me to have to be more proud I don’t think you really realize how incredible honestly it’s hard for me not to tear up walking in the garage I mean it’s just but it’s all because of you guys too everybody that stuck with me this far

Pretty pretty freaking crazy you ready to go I’m ready oh my gosh the yards are good in their own yes you want the full raw race car experience the 32 is definitely crazy one but if you want you want dinner really nice road trip it yeah it’s really nice what you expected

I don’t know what I expected not that bad yeah like it’s hard for me to sit up like I mean I feel like a jet yeah it’s different so she’s never driven or ridden a basket what’s the what do you think the fastest car anything no come on

Oh God it’s really fast it’s in my throat the wing on the back and we have some Nismo seats but nice in this mode anybody watching has any suggestions on what you’d like to see with the GTR let me know because I’m kind of I’m like I’m really content

With it so if you guys have any ideas on what we can do with it maybe just upgrading some of the interior I think that’s all that’s especially left yes can you breathe it’s pretty cool it’s incredible absolutely incredible still so crazy looking at them side by

Side especially when the R34 from Japan comes over having the 32 33 34 and 35. it’s gonna blow my mind okay anything else you guys got everything pretty fun should take him to the canyon at some point but I think for today we are done and we’re gonna hook them up with some

Legend stuff give them the full day in the life here shop going to Legends HQ go to our favorite Italian spot and Dutch movie reviews are coming back today everybody wondering this is where we keep all of your miscellaneous things that you guys order stickers hoodies and shirts hats

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Members get free shipping on every order absolutely insane you guys should check it out I’m gonna link it down below but okay we’ll take my parents to our favorite Italian restaurant now look at this perfectly executed Park job it’s a bit with the big truck gang look at us see that A little tradition after our Italian dinners is cappuccino but this time with a Twist because we’re going to see a movie so I’ll see you guys at the theater it’s been a while since we’ve had a Dutch movie review this time we’re taking the whole fam and we are going to

See The Equalizer three best part about the movie theater Joe Coke always different when you get it from the theater comprehensive one out of 10 movie review coming soon foreign that was so good that was excellent all right Dutch’s unofficial official review I think I’m gonna give it a seven 7.7

Out of 10. it was excellent I think it might I think it was my favorite one at all it was really good 100 out of ten what did you guys give it 8.2 and a half eight and a half nine wow that was excellent Denzel’s the man even

If you haven’t seen the rest of them I think you should go see it because it was a really good movie night success top tier action number one great storyline great storyline the ending if you know you know the ending was fantastic the reason I gave it a seven

Point set what did I say again I think you think 7.7 7.8 it was a little it had some that the classic action movie cheese but it added to the movie it was very good well we’re gonna go ahead and end our video today it was awesome to have my

Parents come out and just get them to experience the shop in a couple of the cars it was a lot of fun and I hope you guys enjoyed this video because then I get to come visit often so it was nice just to have them around I think they

Enjoyed being in the videos so quickly before we end uh this Friday we have a brand new Legends collection coming out is a full Japanese dragon inspired collection and it is insane we have some really amazing products some very high quality products that we’re bringing back uh that I’m super excited to share

With you guys so it’s gonna be dropping this Friday at 10 A.M Pacific time if you’re a VIP member you guys will get Early Access and don’t forget Thursday through Sunday we’ll be in Gatlinburg for slammed enough uh if you guys are in the area come see us at the Legends

Booth we’ll be next to fitment Industries in the slim enough Squad it’s gonna be awesome and I hope to see you guys there we’ll be in the Porsche so it’s gonna be a great time with that being said thank you guys for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit

That like button leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out