Dustin Williams Video: My Porsche Dreams Were Crushed…

My Porsche Dreams Were Crushed...

Posted: 2023-08-23 18:00:10
Author: Dustin Williams
In today’s video, we take the Porsche 911 to it’s first ever car meet! Since we just did the wheels and tires & Cars and coffee is a staple meet up near where i live, it was only right to bring out the 911. I was hoping to park next to all the Porsche guys, unfortunately my dreams were crushed…

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Thank you Last one Cars and Coffee sort of There You Go sir I appreciate it we’re heading out to our first ever car meet and Cars and Coffee in the Porsche I am super stoked we also have our friend Nikki here and she really quickly guys we’re going to

Interrupt today’s video so I can let you guys know that we have a brand new Legends collection dropping this Friday at 10 A.M Pacific Time now this one is so cool because it’s our vintage collection inspired by the Porsche and I think you guys are really gonna like

Everything that we have to offer coming this Friday it is all super sick and a lot of really new items as well here’s our crew neck with the design that you can find on all of the products that we have dropping this is our passion fuels purpose vintage design like I said

Inspired by my 911 super Carrera you can find a little description down there first time ever in the history of Legends we have some women’s clothing going up on the site we actually have this really awesome passion fuels purpose crop top for the ladies we have so much cool stuff beyond the flasks

Keychains hats so much more the Vintage Porsche collection is something that you guys aren’t going to want to miss out on so like I said this Friday August 28th 10 a.m Pacific time and if you are a VIP member you guys get Early Access starting Thursday afternoon so make sure

To stay tuned to your email and your text you guys will get the code you can get all this stuff before anybody else Now’s the Time enjoy VIP all right let’s hop back into the video good morning Cars and Coffee today are you pumped for this this is going to be the farthest

We’ve ever traveled the Porsche and I am so ready to take this thing I’m like of course you guys know when we go to the eight cars cars we we always save the canyon so we’re just doing the little road trip big this time so we’re taking the portion

Canyon Run and it’s further distance traveled does that make sense yes yes initially I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about the new wheel and tire setup that we got because if you watch that video or if you didn’t watch that video you should definitely

Go watch it but we took off like 30 mil spacers off of the front and the rear of the car and previously now until I would feel comfortable it’s mounted to the BBS LMS nice and grippy in the canyon so we’re gonna have a fun drive today and I’ll get to

Fulfill my dream of parking my Porsche with all the Porsche guys at Carson so uh Jason would be a good one we’ll go check out some awesome cars and just have a fun day they’re all 100 horsepower but it’s great Foreign What up dude let me go check it I haven’t even seen this yet oh let’s go see it come on we have finally made it to Cars and Coffee it is a it’s a big one today yeah we we didn’t achieve my dream of parking next to all the Porsche guys but it’s

Okay because we have Brian here and Brian is actually the brand new owner of also Hey Porsche it’s a 997 Carrera S oh it’s so good wow the leather in here is insane yeah so oh manual too yeah yes oh my god dude I bet this thing is sick

It’s fun yeah it has a 3 8 in it so it’s got a little bit more power there the interior color is crazy too dude terracotta wow this thing is so rad and I know Brian has a lot of plans for it but also so many he already has the

Advan GTs on it ready to go yep so Evan coilovers going on next and then I got a sharks Works exhaust with a GT3 rear bumper yeah one day one day we’ll be at this level foreign does it look great but also it drives fantastic on the canyon the BBS LMS the

Re71 RS the car is just coming out perfect but now we’re gonna enjoy the show go walk around maybe find some good other horse shows yeah awesome I need a coffee beautiful 964. with the wing I can’t wait to get my wing on the car but I also wish I had

The factory wide body like this also I love the color Brian when do you think is the appropriate time here it’s only right it’s only right if I buy it from Ryan so it’s gonna be Brian’s got to find me a good one this thing is beautiful That’s pretty cool yeah and it’s the new one dang only time I’ve ever seen one was at Tokyo Auto Salon so I get to see one in the wild that’s rad my dream was crushed this is where I was supposed to be I wonder if he’s had this since new he

Has this sticker 996 turbo absolutely beautiful that’s sick one day we’re gonna do it I promise one of you is getting a Miata we’re announcing it right now Cars and Coffee might be over but I needed to get some shots of the Porsches together this is crazy dude from GTR boys that’s crazy man gt3s for both of us I thought you could say viper boys I think I think I don’t know how I ended up here but wow 992 manual GT3 wow this is ridiculous yeah I think he’s from he’s from a chalk gray manual 992 with GT3 probably Because he’s on WOW I’m just a geeking the titanium wow that’s so good it’s so good adios p boys are out what a day I know how fun nice weather nice cars nice food look we got the P cars to drive during the day and the JDM cars are driving the night Okay all right yeah yeah okay see ya look at this first time ever using the frunk pretty cool we’ve taken you guys along this far in the video might as well just make a day in the life out of it we got home from Cars and Coffee and absolutely crashed

I went to the gym our friend Nikki the guy that you guys saw with us this morning in the BMW actually owns a restaurant and we’re gonna go grab dinner at Nikki’s Restaurant super bomb one of our favorite spots actually near us so I figured we just we’d end the day

With the Porsche it’s only right right start the day with Porsche and you guys end the day with a Porsche and you guys exactly let’s fire up Thank you Foreign Thing that could be definitely improved on this is the AC it blows but it’s like a like a warm Summer Breeze blow it’s like a warm air we could use some AC in this thing but this is air cooled so it does run a little bit hot during the summer it’s not

Much of a very hot summer car but it’s a cruising car for times like this it’s perfect thank you Still I think my favorite part about this car P car we’re getting some dinner This place is super dope because you get an awesome view of like a little Japanese garden back there too yeah this is uh this is Nikki’s place Super Rad so he’s got a couple of new things on the menu that we’re gonna be trying out today we love food here we’re

Gonna give you guys a half food Vlog now too cheers not only a car guy look at this this is our new dish Ahi Ceviche we call it surf and turf because it comes with the chicharon So good successful dinner time to go home tonight is movie night you guys know my favorite types of movies are horror films and tonight we’re gonna be watching the new Insidious since we didn’t we weren’t able to catch it in theaters we’re gonna watch it at home tonight I’ve heard decently good things

About it so hopefully it’s good I’m gonna give you give you guys rating because you want to watch it but we’re ending our night with a movie I hate it I hate it so much That was not great I’m so disappointed I give it I give it like a 5 out of ten I mean it’s good for it’s good for a night like this when you’re just chilling at home but we’re going to see talk to me tomorrow which is supposedly one of the best horror

Films in a very long time so I’m excited for that this is just like uh this is the warm-up anyways we had an awesome day hope you guys enjoyed our little Day in the Life with a Porsche a little Cars and Coffee hanging out with friends and fishing out

At home but we’re gonna go ahead and end today’s video thank you guys so much for watching I’m exhausted and we gotta get some sleep if you haven’t already make sure to hit that like button leave us a comment down below hashtag made it to the end and don’t forget to hit that

Subscribe button we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out thank you