Dustin Williams Video: My NEW Civic Type R! | REVEAL

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Posted: 2023-10-16 17:00:10
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video we get the Type R back from it’s new wrap and put a ton of parts on it! We are gearing up for the Gridlife Laguna Seca event and we have to prep the FK8! We installed a new motor mount, new lower control arms and a new downpipe for the car!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Oh it’s so good good morning guys it is officially crunch time for Laguna Sega this has been my most anticipated event of the entire year I mean we’ve raced a Laguna Sega before in ms2000 when I very first started driving it’s going to be an amazing event and today the start of

Crunch time we’ve got to get this thing prepared and we have so much work to do and to start that off we’re giving the FK a completely new look and uh we are heading out to our boys over at DH Graphics to get this thing wrapped and ready to go for

Lagona so hopefully they get this to us quick because we still got cooling we have suspens stuff to do and we got Arrow packages to do so we got a lot of work ahead of us but that’s what makes going to the track fun getting your car

Prepped getting it ready and get to go use it so let’s head over to DH raffic made it seems like they are very busy for SEMA what up she’s yours I’m going to hot lap this just around the parking lot well that was pretty easy and painless I hope I guess we’ll

See what happens we’re cutting it very close at this point when you guys are watching we have less than 2 weeks until we have to do everything for the Ty bar and get it ready plus on top of that all the SEMA build so wish us luck and the

Next time we’ll be here hopefully the typ bar is done fast for just a couple of days and seems like Dan and the boys have gotten started on the FK let’s check it out I guess now you guys can kind of see the whole Vision that we had we are

Making a Valene Type R in partnership with Valene and Advanced Auto we’re heading to Laguna sea this weekend and we wanted to do a full Livery for valin it’s going to be awesome uh DH Graphics as always absolutely killed it think they’re just doing the finishing touches

Right now we still have a little bit left to do we have to do all the sponsor logos and just the finishing touches this thing will be ready to pull out and then we have a lot of work to do in preparation for the actual track day

We have the allnew Valene typar ready to go for the well the wp is ready we have so much work so the rap is done massive thank you to DH Graphics you guys know every time we get a car done DH Graphics not out of the park for us especially

When it’s last minute like it is now so massive thank you to them if you guys are in the Tula area you definitely got to check them out I’m leave all the info in the description but now we’re going to goe and take the ti bar back home and get to

Work welcome back day two of today’s video and uh you can see the wrap has cured nicely it looks freaking dope I’m actually really excited about this this looks so awesome it’s going to give us a new look for for grid life it’s going to look great on the track now today is

Preparation day for the FK there’s so much to do last time we were on the track I had a pretty gnarly off and destroyed my front splitter destroyed my downpipe which Tim is already gotten off right here look at this um where’s the look at this denty boy if you guys can

See that I absolutely smacked my downpipe right here and uh destroyed the it’s not destroyed but it’s cracked a little bit um makes the car sound funky so our boys over at M performance has sent us a brand new downpipe thankfully we do have to use a caded downpipe

Because of the class that we’re in but Tim onead got us new wrap we’re going to wrap this thing up put the new downpipe in and like I said uh we have a lot of stuff to do today to get this thing prepared so number one Tim will be

Working on the downpipe number two we have our motor mount a solid rear motor mount this is going to be insane I’ve heard that this is a really great upgrade for the FK type bars so I’m excited to pop this in we already have to do it because Tim basically pulled

The downpipe off that way we can get the front pipe off easily um so I’m going to go ahead and do this while Tim’s working on the downpipe and we have one last and final mod which I’ll show you guys whenever I get done with the rear motor

Mount um quick little view here this is the Mount that we are going to be replacing right here this is going to make everything a lot more stiff I’m very curious to see the feel of OEM versus the uh the Wonder Laden by the way this Wonder Laden racing uh rear

Mount I’ll go ahead and Link this in the description box below in case you guys want to do it for yourselves but I feel like this is going to make the car feel really really rigid and we’ll probably end up wanting a short shifter after

This but for now we’ll go ahead and just knock this guy out and let’s put the new one in wow this has a this really holds the engine in that’s crazy so now it’s going to be solid AF look at this let’s look at the difference holy hey you know what

We can do weigh this Fu thing oh yeah stock let’s put this together okay stock engine mount here 2.4 lb that’s not a that’s not a huge a huge number but let’s see how much this one weighs 4 lb every little bit makes a difference guys so all right but anyways that’s a

That’s a pretty pretty large difference there Wonder Laden’s very very nice I like like the machine finish with the laser edged logo there very nice polyurethane bushing all right let’s go ahead and install this thing there it is yeah there you go nice nice ah beefy mouth to like a toyer oh like

That all right we got the motor mount pretty much in and uh good to go I’m really excited to drive this thing now we got the big brakes we’re have a nice New downpipe we’re about to have more mods you guys see in just a second this

Is all good let’s tighten this stuff up and good to go there we go motor mount is complete lastly for today we have some stuff from our good friends over at rv6 performance something that we’ve honestly needed for such a long time now and I think this is

The perfect time to do it I’m going leave a link to rv6 down the description box below for those of you guys that might want to check them out for your Hondas they have a ton of great stuff for a bunch of different platforms but specifically today the typ r platform we

Should have done this a long time ago but like I said now’s the perfect time to do it right before for Laguna look how beautiful those are rear control arms this is the Pinnacle suspension arms this is absolutely beautiful fully adjustable coated look at the adjustability here we are going

To be able to set up the type R exactly to spec this is going to be absolutely insane today we’re going to be installing the rv6 performance rear lower control arms right here look at that OEM versus rv6 very very real robust Stout piece of suspension this is

Going to be really nice so essentially just going to take off everything back here and completely mess up our alignment and stuff but uh it’ll be definitely worth it so this is uh one of the very last big pieces of the puzzle that we have to get this thing set up

For lagona but it’s going to make a world difference on the track so we’re going to go ahead and get to uninstalling our OEM stuff and again throwing on the new good stuff there we go okay okay all right so next thing we got to

Figure out is how in the heck this is going to work so it’ll sit like this we have OEM right here versus our very nice rv6 performance we will let the alignment shop do the adjusting for us we can talk about specifics when we actually go get the alignment as you

Guys can see the adjustability that we have with these rv6 arms is insane it’s going to be night and day differ so this will be really good let’s go and throw her in and get her ready for uh the alignment okay like that boom just like that both

Of our rear control arms lower control arms are out and we can start putting our new stuff so this is actually super nice because it comes with all new hardware very nicely Hardware all this stuff is old and crusty from the amount of times I have raced and gone off track

And all that good stuff so it’s nice just to swap things out so I guess we can start reassembling and put these bad boys in like I said we are not going to adjust until we get to the actual alignment shop but I don’t know how much

Adjustment we will do back here but it’ll give us any option all one go all right oh you’re so close there it is there we go oh look at that teamwork that was good work building race cars easy install incredible upgrade for a quality ass piece rv6 killed it with

These and I am so excited to bring this to Technica and get finally a proper alignment we’ve only just done the OEM adjustments in the rear and even just having that little bit of toe or especially with the uh the Wonder Laden um rear tow arms back here even adding a

Little bit more toe adding a little bit more camber can make such a big difference on a race car um and this gives us all the adjustment in the world that we could use so anybody is thinking you have fk8 and you want more adjustment or you want to track your car

This is a highly recommended upgrade that we should have done honestly when we first started tracking the car so I do wish that we had more time to focus on the fk8 and racing but just with everything going on with SEMA um it’s kind of been a rush for us so we’re not

Going to have any practice day with our new tune coming up with our new alignment coming up with the new arrow that we’re about to have and we got to fit all of this guys in less than a week so as you guys are watching this we are

Serious serious crunch time but part of building we in the yeah we’re in the truck yeah we are uh this it’s it’s it’s part of building a race car part of racing um next year I am going to try and put more of an emphasis on this and

Hopefully have more time for it but with what we’re working with this year we don’t get any practice we just got to go and we got to do our best and you know all of this stuff all of these upgrades are going to help us with that and only

Going to push us further for next year’s development as well so tighten all this stuff up Tim’s going to button up the downpipe and we can go get a test drive in oh yeah brand new fresh downpipe Freshly Wrapped by timro here don’t judge me you need it’s built to last okay

Listen it’s a race car I want it to stay on nice downpipe is in everything’s buttoned up suspension is complete we have the motor mount this thing’s a whole new car dude oh yeah all right first start I’ll let you hold this and we will start her up just to make sure

Everything works works oh oh dude the car you guys won’t be able to feel it but the car is it’s stiff it vibrates holy moly it doesn’t move at all feels crazy oh my God hop on on in D feels crazy with that mount S I can tell

It’s well as you guys can see very successful day I totally forgot to make an ending to this video just cuz we’ve been so busy with so many different things that you guys will see coming up very soon so I’m going and end it here thank you guys so much for watching if

You want any of this stuff for your own typar I’m going leave a link to all the parts down description box below as well as DH Graphics so you guys can get your cars wrapped they do all my stickers for Legends they are incredible and they do

Really good work so check them out but yeah thank you guys for watching we have a big day coming up today as well so I got to go down to the shop and get ready for that we’ll see you guys for the next one if you haven’t already make sure you

Hit that like button leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button we are so close to 800k can we do it before the end of the year I believe once again thank you guys we’ll see you for the next one peace out w