Dustin Williams Video: My First Bad Crash in the FK8 Type R…

Posted: 2023-06-07 17:15:01
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, we have competition day. Unfortunately, our first session resulted in my worst crash yet. I ended up in the gravel pit with my front bumper, splitter completely destroyed. Time to fix and get back out there! Right before we left I was able to run a 1:41, which put me 1 full second faster than my first time. It was an absolute success!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Good morning guys and welcome for grid life day number two huge thank you to Advanced Auto Parts again for having us out today is officially a competition day if you guys didn’t see our first episode of Good Life Midwest Fest go check it out we have practice we had

Qualifying and today it sets us up for what’s going down right now so currently time attack is out this morning it’s 9 30 in the morning so not too early but we’re getting set up we’re getting ready yesterday we were able to set the car up

Perfectly how we need we are having a little bit of overheating issues but today this morning is a little bit cooler hopefully we can get out there and not have too much overheating you can actually get a full session in we are currently placed 13th out of 25

Drivers in our run Group which is actually really surprisingly great because we are absolutely underpowered and underbuilt for the class that we’re in so we’re sitting like right Midway 13th out of 25 drivers this class is really weird it is I mean and you gotta

Think on Podium right now we have a AMG GT yeah so this AMG GT I mean we have a lot of work to do in this car to make it competitive in this class but uh we’re rolling with it and we’re just competing against myself today so as

Long as I go faster today from my previous time I’m gonna be happy but we’re about to get ready and go out for our first session see if we can run a good time for our first lapse today Thank you [Applause] a high impact area right there Hyundai and ionic 5 sky cam here looking down at gingerman Raceway and Dustin Williams stuck Trackside here unfortunately and again this is his first time with the new format he’s run with us before he’s here last year as well but he’s dug that

Car in there pretty deep he was so close to making it out if we could get the shot that’s kind of behind I don’t know what happened I didn’t have my GoPro my helmet I didn’t finish the full lap so the Garmin didn’t record I’m

Gonna try and look at the the grid life live stream but um had a pretty naughty crash [Applause] ruined pretty much splitter like Pro lip my bumper is ruined what an idiot well you know it’s not a fun one but you know what you learned a lesson you feel good about yourself it’s

Racing it’s gonna happen I know it’s not a big deal it’s my first like real yeah this is like it’s not gonna sound good it’s not gonna sound good because it just happened but this is like best casing yeah went back and back into the bracket to the

Splitter went into here all of this came up and hit it the damage here is obviously the Splitters in pieces I have no idea where the other pieces are uh my front lip and my bumper cracked in half my uh splitter bracket it’s pretty much saved my car um

My oil filter is bunk and I have a huge dent in my downpipe it was uh coming off of the back straight going on to the Front Street and uh I don’t know what happened I think I hit the berm hit like a like a dirt dip in the berm and it

Unsettled the car and sent me into the gravel pit one of the pieces that we actually I mean really the only piece that we need to order currently to get the car back out on track is an oil filter um the rest can be buttoned up which Tim

Is working on right now but fortunately in this unfortunate situation we are working with advance and in advance you’re a good life you can actually order parts to the track from Advance which we’re gonna do right now to come over here to the parts pickup what’s our

Team I’m having a terrible morning but it’s fine because you guys can get us the parts that we need here at Grid live so you guys have a Parts corner where basically you had to order themselves right you can take this little card you get to see the website the store and

Everything in the order times which is really cool and you can order the part that you need which we’re doing getting our load filter so we can get back out on track bill I don’t know what I hit well we’re gonna make the best situation we order our parts from Advance we got

The boys uh doing the fixes like wasn’t this just absolutely destroyed mine honestly this saved my car yeah bracket saved my car yeah um we’re gonna do our best to get back on track as soon as possible I won’t have a front splitter and I’ll have a

Bunk front bumper but like we said it’s part of racing and most importantly is getting me back out there just to wipe the feelings out you know oh my God Okay oh my God Yeah it’s the first time that grid line yeah first time nice you know enjoy all right oh I can’t wait we’re gonna we’re gonna fix this thing Shout out to Advanced Auto Parts we got our new oil filter thankfully report service is a lifesaver now we gotta get this bunk oil filter off and drain this oil out of here oh yeah look at this You guys probably can’t see the the downpipe but it’s also super dented um the self shame and embarrassment to wear off you know but that’s just the name of the game of racing what happens I gotta get back out there yeah well despite all the issues this weekend we’re finally making out

For our last session unfortunately again they they just changed so much this year that uh the ending is actually today instead of tomorrow so the last session is just a Podium shootout so unfortunately we aren’t going to make it Podium but I destroyed the car today the important thing is all of us

Worked and we got it back on track for the final session and that’s what’s the coolest thing about it that’s what I love about racing is build race break fix repeat that’s exactly what we did at the track so I’m stoked that we’re actually just able to

Make it out to the last session and we’re gonna go have fun and we’re gonna we’re gonna stay the whole time we’re gonna make it the whole session okay we’re gonna that’s gonna be good they’re gonna make it the whole session okay so let’s have some fun all right guys so

Duck is going out for the last section like you said I’m I just want to say this I’m really proud of him he got down on himself after the the off but he gathered himself together he learned a lesson from what he did and I think he’s

Gonna run a really really good session here I’m really proud of him staying positive Tim got everything fixed so let’s head let’s see a good session I know he’s gonna have a good time the weather’s nice out right now and uh I’m really really proud of him though

And I think it shows a lot he’s learned a lot about driving becoming a better driver so let’s see how this session goes Thank you that’s funny Well what a freaking weekend unfortunately uh I dipped two tires so I think I wanted to come in check tire pressures uh when I went back out and immediate Black Flag closed the session so this entire weekend I didn’t get in it I didn’t get a solid full session at

All but I mean like we all said the team was great this weekend I broke the [ __ ] out of the car we fixed it and hey I ran past laughs that’s just part of racing I am so frustrated I am I don’t know but like I

Said it’s a part of racing and I want to show you guys all the fun that we have but also all the times like this coming all the way out here just like Coda when we blew the engine you know this isn’t nearly that bad but still

Um we just gotta figure out the Kinks man it’s all all part of team building and building a race car really best track snack track tacos after a full day of racing until we got Rome ghost hydration I’ve actually been taking this at the track recently and it’s actually really helped especially

On a hot day like today would you guys want something even for the gym actually I take that from the gym too if you like don’t want something with caffeine they just had a long day and you’re about to go to the gym this is actually awesome

As well I could dry scoop this but I just want to enjoy it and if you guys want to get some of yourself or anything else use code Dustin for 20 off I well I was told that the entire Advanced team was uh raving tonight this is actually

Where the pre-party is this is anyone wearing an advanced hat Vicky’s the DJ okay Vicky yeah it’s so cool it was my friend awesome and influencer in the wild how do you feel gotcha here here Game time thank you thank you sure as I was saying I can’t drive you know can drive calcium okay so give me the the quick elevator pitch on yourself yeah Formula Drift Pro spec uh normally I drive a nest 14 with a supercharged 50 Illuminator 700

Horsepower but today we are in my trusty demo fun car which it is then sometimes it’s so trusty but it’s an Sr 2.2 liter with a pbl head oh uh we’re making about 400 horsepower so so essentially you’re just a certified bag is that what is that what this boils down to

Be rowdy [Applause] foreign thank you so much that was insane that was so cool yeah fun for the rest of the day we’re gonna do the drift and taxi session where we get to go out with The Drifters and have some fun so we’re gonna go get some b-roll for tiege and

The Valvoline guys over here and just get some b-roll for you guys you have some cool in-car footage and stuff thank you oh well that is gonna wrap it for all the driving at least today I do want to say I’m super proud of the

Entire team Rome Ryan Tim all of us we did a fantastic job no matter what the outcome was this weekend uh I feel like my headspace was kind of out of it I was all over the place I don’t know why I couldn’t just get in the groove it was

One of those weekends one of those driving things for myself too I mean I haven’t been out practicing in a long time that’s something that I want to get back to Tim and I have been so busy uh but this weekend definitely showed me we need to get out and continue the

Practicing and make time for it because this is something that I really love it’s something that I really want to do and improve in and only way is to practice and have hard tough weekends like today or like this weekend we’re gonna enjoy the rest of our weekend here

I’m gonna drive tomorrow just for fun we have one session in the morning just for fun so I’m gonna go out and get all the Jitters get all the the mindset out and just go have fun but for tonight we’re gonna hang out with everybody and have some fun tonight Thank you foreign Midwest Fest 2023. this is what four months before until October until October yeah I bet Dustin a hundred dollars that he will not beat me in time at Laguna this is the stipulation I’m reverting my car back to stock I’m out of stock Turbo stock Arrow I’m running

Street glass key on the other hand I have as a fully built thousand horsepower capable engine in an EVO 10. I have a 2.2 stroker Evo 10 that is almost done it’s probably 85 okay about 85 percent done there’s no shoddy beats me dude I can put it in reverse and beat him

How embarrassing is this clip gonna be when I destroyed it Foreign All right all right yep FK is loaded up for the weekend as crappy as I felt all weekend I needed that driving session today I am so proud of you man the team absolutely okay you guys leave me hanging moment the team absolutely killed it this weekend I mean it was a hard

Weekend but it was so much fun last session I went over a second faster and we got one lap and it black flagged again but some cars that’s just been the weekend I mean as long as I went faster I think that’s what I just needed for my mental

Just to like get back out there and know that um I could have gotten some good laps and they were just out of it this weekend the car was absolutely fantastic which is most important I think we can call this a successful weekend we’re gonna load her up and Tim burrow has a

Long drive back to California we and Chef Ryan yeah he’s dropping me off I got a long ride back to Phoenix all right we have a new tradition we have Circuit of the Americas up here next up Tim what do we got Ginger Ginger Man so you’re gonna leave the ginger yes

Leave the whole thing it’s Gotta Be the whole sticker so what we’re gonna do is every track that this trailer goes to we’re gonna have a different sticker that travels the entire trailer that would have been really cool but if we did like a huge map in the country and put the trash

I just thought about that wow he comes up with these things last slap her on where at right here right there Sunday So I know we don’t often show this but the reason why grid life is so cool because yes they have they obviously have every form of driving which is awesome but not only is it a track event it’s also a car show the coolest part is

Getting to see friends from all over the country and friends that we don’t get to see often Brandon is around here somewhere but this is his STI and it is absolutely beautiful we’re gonna take a look through some of the car show cars since we get a chance to this weekend

But Tim and Ryan already left they’re heading back home me and Rome fly home in just a bit so I thought before we head out let’s just take a look at some of the the show cars and that’s what we used to do you know before tracking we

All did I just we were much yes we’re now we’re a different type of car yards but we were uh we were definitely a show car guys so let’s go see some cars thank you foreign that’s a wrap dude dude really good weekend really good weekend welp peace out Michigan we’re heading home

Future Die Here I Am and Tim hey future dot when you’re editing this we’re really proud of you we’re happy that you uh were able to go faster um and uh you know that’s good for your mental it means you’re gonna be in a good mental state for when I crush your

Mental at Laguna and I destroy you destroy you