Dustin Williams Video: My Biggest Project Yet.. Literally

My Biggest Project Yet.. Literally

Posted: 2023-07-05 17:00:09
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thanks @diodedynamics for getting us these headlights! They are AMZING. Check them out: https://www.diodedynamics.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwqZSlBhBwEiwAfoZUIL8StYI0xQB75hRFifo1LRSA6cVw7KMArodxLd3MfLue7Ie9FDqqmhoCTUYQAvD_BwE
Thanks @TOPSKnivesofficial https://www.topsknives.com/

The new LED headlights came out amazing! Can’t wait to show you guys what we have in store for the Great White Buffalo. I hope to see you guys this weekend out at the @drivecartel9962 Modest show! July 8th Saint Paul Rivercentre. It’s gonna be a blast!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Today we’re taking a break from the cars and hopping into something a little bit bigger [Applause] [Applause] we got something a little bit different for you guys today we’re working on a trusty Steed the Great White Buffalo as you guys know we got this not too long ago and I don’t know why but I am just absolutely fallen in love with this day

We got the truck because we initially needed it for towing not too long ago we got rid of the Jeep Tiana and I love to camp we love to explore and we love to travel so we wanted a rig that was kind of all in one so far it’s been fantastic

For towing and everything that we need but we also wanted something that’s Overland exploration just just an overall writ and that’s where the Great White Buffalo comes into place we want this thing for camping over Landing of course when we take it to the track to

Tell our big trailer over here and I figured it’d be kind of cool to like have an all-in-one rig so that when we do go to track days how sick would a beadish to camp out at the track like it’s just I have so many ideas and this

Thing has just been so much fun and so comfortable something a little bit different so I figured we would take you guys along for a full Overland extra rig it’s going to be sick we have a lot of fun with this thing [Applause] Which brings me to our first ever truck mods from our friends at diode Dynamics now this is really cool because diodynamics has been with us from the very beginning if you guys remember the wrecks over there we worked with them back when I very very first got that car

And we did some really awesome HIDs on it and today we get to put them on the truck and this is a mod that the truck desperately needs I mean you think that this big truck would have really great lights and they’re just all right you know mediocre

They’re mediocre they they’re gonna be great so I’m gonna unbox this for you guys show you guys what we have and we’re gonna begin the truck build I don’t want to get two sidetracks if you look over here we’ve got some big boy parts but this is

For we have pallets of Parts yes there’s T-money and I and it’s gonna be a struggle to get a mom but we’re gonna do our best we’re gonna try so that’s why today we’re starting with the small stuff we’re getting accustomed to the truck life um so if anybody has any suggestions on

Stuff that we should do to the truck as well let us know down in the comments but this is gonna be our first like real real truck build and I’m super pumped about it so here we go and look at that now the problem is we

Just have to figure out where and how to mount these things because you look here all right let’s what are we getting into Jimmy rig it Jimmy rig it somehow and like maybe this plastic piece comes out or I’m not too sure about the fog lights

This is something that we might have to research but it’s okay because we have more than just fog lights these will be absolutely insane once we’re actually able to install them truck oh oh no this is what I needed today for the truck build okay Mississippi duck is back that’s an even

Bigger okay wait this this oh it shows you is this yes here I’m gonna beat Dustin on this already for a difference no while he tries to figure it out there’s just a photo is it the same though okay it’s different trim we may potentially be able to use it so if you

Come over here let’s look over here once we get back here and we’re working on the headlights themselves I’ll be able to look inside behind the bumper to see if we’ll be able to mount this but I know for sure that we’ll be able to get back there and just look

So if I am correct these are our headlights hope this might be our prizes there we go so this is what we’re installing today it’s uh not too bad of a process here as you guys can imagine it so those guys but uh yeah this is

Gonna make a huge huge difference in the truck and I’ll go and show you guys right now what the OEM lights look like versus what these guys are about to look like it is bright outside I know I’ll show you guys when it gets dark as well but on

So we have some pretty basic just regular old halogen bulbs which like I said it’s not terrible but it’s also not great we’re gonna upgrade these and it’s gonna be awesome for all of my uh my truck guys watching this I’m gonna say this now please don’t roast me I am the

Equivalent of a truck ricer so if there’s something that I say that is wrong or you get the point I’m a racer okay I’m new to the Truck World so help me out like I said at the beginning give me some suggestions I want to hear

From you guys as to what we should do to the truck to make it better um if you guys have any good locations that’s like in Southern California that we should take this thing like over landing and to go camping or something like that give us some locations for that because we’re

Always looking we’re always down for a crazy adventure but to do the install all we got to do is there’s some some torque bits bolts in the fender liner and some pop flips we’ll get those out of the way and that’ll give us a direct view behind the bumper so that we can

See where the lights go and hopefully where the fog lights go as well all right Oh nice okay what do we let us get in here yeah get in there so what we’re going to need to do is oh first of all I need a light but we’re gonna pop these guys off this rubber grommet here okay and that you can see your headlight

Right there so we’ll do the top and the bottom one that’ll get us right to our light bulb but what I’m looking at really is more down here that does not look super promising to be able to get upon for the review these in fact do not fit this year truck yeah

These are for a 2021 or something like that we just need updated bracket so I think we still use the fog lights which need the correct bracketry for this spot we’ll figure that out but for now let’s go ahead and get these headlights out at least we’ll have brand new fresh low and

High beams okay I’m gonna tell you how to change your headlights babe in case you’re ever in a pinch I know exactly how to change my headlights call you yeah okay too long all right here’s your I don’t know I think this is your high beam right here okay you’re

Gonna give it a little counterclockwise turn Okay pull her out look at that easy as that I didn’t know it there you go I didn’t know that was a thing okay so we’re replacing that yeah while we’re here this is the H9 you can tell right here okay so let’s grab the

Corresponding H9 gold which is this guy so here we have our diodynamics and then we have our OEM nice so This little light is going to give off way more light than this big bowl oh it’s pretty insane going back here so we’re basically just gonna plug it back in okay

It’s like Legos love this I don’t we have a 50 50 chance at odds are odds are in your favor let’s do it okay yeah you can actually look through here okay oh look you’re moving it so we’re gonna line up the splines and walk her in there we go boom one down

Just like gentle so now we have the h11 bulb which we will and then just repeat the process kind of see Buck there oh there he goes me holding back every possible joke there she is all right okay now before we button everything up test it out all right she’ll be able to

See a good before and after if it doesn’t work that’s a swap the plugs okay let’s try it you ready yep nothing neither neither one babe either one neither neither one swap them out really I guess you’re oh for two look at the difference you guys okay look at the

Yellow all right here very faint just this bottom one I love the white oh yeah wait you don’t want to come look oh look I gotta fix it okay perfect all right okay okay second time is a charm here we go here we go here we go three two

Okay tops boom worked now do the bottom oh baby you gotta you gotta see this before after incredible yes look at that look at the difference so much better this it’s so bright this is what we needed just the color white and clear yeah That does look absolutely freaking sick I really wish we had the fog lights to do because that would make it even better but we’ll reconvene on that one but yeah basically all we got to do now is button this thing back up we’ll put this rubber grommet like actually hear

The LEDs too that’s pretty cool we’ll actually put the rubber grommet back on here and uh we’re good to go move on to the next eye basically rinse and repeat super simple all right buttoned up side one complete let’s go ahead and knock out side two and we don’t need that Thank you foreign [Applause] now the bottoms oh let’s go two for two how’s it look very cool freaking dope it looks so much better so much better I know I can’t wait to see him at night we of course show you guys that perfect let’s blend it back up I hit Tiana’s first casualty

First casualty in the shop why are you wearing sandals in here because this I don’t work here this isn’t my job gotta give you the uh the old shop bandage give me your toe you don’t have normal normal Band-Aids no this is a shop what is this

I’m a little crippled here holding up over there yeah how’s she looking bolting her up oh yeah that stands we got like a brand new truck now thick thighs save lives right and today was leg day you know what leg day means test out the new lights that’s really why we’re getting sushi [Applause] That is a wrap on the headlights for the great white buffalo I am so stoked on the outcome let’s turn them on for the ending here so you guys can check these bad boys out it is super sick it came out really good this is exactly what I

Wanted for the truck and overall it’s gonna be a massive upgrade I’m excited to show you guys once it actually gets dark outside but overall massive massive upgrade to our OEM and this is just something good that you can really do to any car or truck you know this is

Universal diodynamics definitely has what you guys need no matter if it’s a truck GTR WX whatever they they can hook you guys up uh like I said I’m Gonna Leave the link to diode Dynamics down in the description box below so aside from just the truck we also have some really

Cool mods that we’ll be doing to the fk8 which I am super super excited about we do have some fog lights for that but other than that we are going to wait to get our new brackets for the fog lights and install those eventually but for today great white buffalo gets its first

Mods Beyond just the lights I do want to give you guys a little sneak peek at what’s to come next for the car which will redo she doesn’t sneeze cough anything at all when I’m not filming but as soon as I turn the camera on instant sneeze aside

From the lights we have some really exciting stuff coming for the truck this is all from Trail built off-road we are partnering up with them again we’ve worked with them on the Jeep and it came out so sick so it’s really cool to be able to work with them again on such an

Awesome rig like the truck and like I said we’re really just trying to make this like a universal all-in-one rig for when we go camping and for me trailer something that can do it all it is super super big but we’re gonna make it work and it’s gonna be awesome it’s all

Really cool okay you guys just stay tuned for the next episode of the great white buffalo build but really quickly I do want to unbox something that is very cool real fast from another actual viewer of the channel that uh reached out to me that works for a really dope

Company so this is a package from my good friend John he actually reached out to me saw the truck saw that we like to go camping and want to do an Overland build with this truck and he wanted to you want to hook us up with some stuff

From a company that he works at called tops and this is sick how do I look here look at with you with your American Flag t-shirt and your army green hat Buffalo DOT uh he works for a really awesome company called tops knives and I’m sure

Any of you that are like into knives because it’s actually a really big thing but I’m sure you guys have heard of them they make really high quality very nice knives and we actually picked out three different knives that I want to show you guys real fast a little knife away knife

Oil look I have a lot to learn yeah so we have our in the truck carry here okay okay we have our everyday carry right here big boy oh my gosh why insane when would you ever need that we’re at the campsite you need to cut some wood some

Wood or get out of a bad situation what look at this hatches this is absolutely insane I got oh the high impact made in the USA look at this carbon fiber I know that’s cool super dope so we have a hatchet and this actually will Mount to our uh well

Actually no don’t stop stop I’m not saying keep a secret okay okay you’ll see it in the next episode but what I’m super stoked about is this is what we’re gonna keep in the truck at all times again in a situation I got it covered you never know what kind of situation

We’re gonna get ourselves into babe you know why because you get us into cheese oh my God look at the okay hold on careful because I’m gonna touch it all handmade it’s it’s really beautiful this is the Tom Brown tracker whoa that’s good that is a good sound okay

Last last but not least we got the little guy this is the everyday carry going on a hike how cute the everyday little guy FDX 66. all extremely high quality very very nice I’m Gonna Leave a link to Tops knives down the description box below as

Well just in case you guys want to get some nice stuff for yourself no matter what the situation is obviously to have you guys covered it’s pretty sick [Applause] oh man look at those headlights this thing looks absolutely freaking sick successful day or what heck yeah Mississippi

Does back in Action absolutely that was sick okay what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go grab dinner and hopefully by the time dinner’s over it’ll be dark let me show you guys the light when it’s pitch black outside oh whoa oh God I’m blinding myself look

At it you actually can’t look at it all right let’s back this also I would just like to point out that usually you park a mile away because you don’t want door things in this car we still Park a mile away because he can’t fit anywhere hey

No you you really can’t look directly at it that’s good that’s good I’m gonna hop out and get a little look real fast oh yeah he looks freaking sick guys I’m so pumped Look at this spread this this is a new world I haven’t tried yet spicy tuna always the superior Sushi this is insane all right here we go that’s insane I’m so full time to check out these lights oh those are good that’s sick they’re so bright this is so much better

Than the ugly yellow dang just makes it like look super sick too okay let’s go test it out when we drive plus it’s gonna be so great on our super dark Street I know it’s like your brights and they’re not even your oh my gosh it’s reflecting

Back diodynamics are as good as they say they are okay turning on to complete Blackness look at this pretty gnarly for sure it really is it really is that is okay this is this is regular let’s put on the brights oh man we got Stadium lighting okay okay oh my

God that doesn’t even do it justice no it really doesn’t we have like a full-on spot oh my gosh yes so we’re just right across from the shop right now [Applause] oh my gosh okay this is with the brights on so sick definitely a great first mod for the

Great white buffalo the truck is coming along quite nicely diodynamics you guys are awesome and the products are fantastic we’re gonna go ahead and wrap today’s video up I hope you’re all excited for the truck build I think it’s gonna be awesome and in the past you guys have

Kind of seen our adventure videos and we want to do a lot more of that and hopefully this truck helps out with that and if you guys have any suggestions let us know down in the comments below before we end I did want to tell you

Guys that we’re going to be in Minnesota this weekend for the modest show it’s going to be so much fun we got the Legends Booth we may have a little surprise there for you guys but we have a meet and greet merchandise it’s gonna be really cool if you guys are in

Minnesota and in the area come to the modest show downtown it’s gonna be a lot of fun all the information will be down in the description box below hope to see you guys there but with all that being said we have a busy day today so I’m

Gonna go ahead and end today’s video if you guys have not already make sure to hit that like button leave me a comment down below and be sure to hit that subscribe button because we are so close to 750k we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out thanks