Dustin Williams Video: My Abandoned WRX First Car Show in YEARS!

My Abandoned WRX First Car Show in YEARS!

Posted: 2023-07-12 17:00:27
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video we take the WRX to it’s first car show in YEARS! Today is the Modest car show in Minnesota. It feels so good to be back. We started this channel by doing car shows and to be back with the WRX made it feel like old times. We got to see so many amazing cars, people and had an amazing time. Now that the show is over… the build begins!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Years of being a team let’s go air five from a McLaren fans oh I really thought he was going first good morning guys the destination is on your left Advanced Auto Parts it’s a nice little surprise in the morning our first stop this morning though is Advance Auto Parts we need

Some cleaning supplies for the car show what better place to go than advance We are going to use the ceramic detailer and we will also get tire shine Got it is it your soupy outside nice to meet you man very clean of course like always you guys know if you need anything for your car auto parts wise Advanced Auto has got you guys this time we of course are meeting some car cleaning supplies for the car show but

Other than that you guys can get oil or really whatever you need now we are set and ready to go for the show Albert thank you so much for watching dude I’ll see you at the show today Albert’s STI is freaking sick I love the Avid ones on there too

Super clean okay we are running so late we gotta go break in today’s video to let you guys know first of all thank you guys for 750 000 subscribers our secret car is getting revealed this Friday but along with our secret car revealed we have the brand new Legends collection and we’re

Bringing back a fan favorite the Sparco drop but this time it Sparkles Ramen House look how crazy this is we have tons of new stuff for you guys blankets shirts hoodies everything and all of the stuffs to be dropping this Friday 10 a.m Pacific time don’t miss out on it and

We’ll see you guys for the secret car review let’s hop back in today’s video thanks Welcome to modest 20 and 23s for those of you that are not caught up we are here in Minnesota at the River Center for our first time ever out on Modest which is very exciting I think this is probably the biggest show here in Minnesota and it brings out the best

Cars the whole premise of modest was originally to be the top 100 cars here in Minnesota but it’s quickly turned into as you guys can see the biggest show here in Minnesota so I’m very excited to be here today number one this is the wx’s first return back into the

Car show world and I am so excited I mean it’s gonna be what four or five years since this thing has been out and about and had like a real car show and I am so stoked about it like we told you guys in the last video you gotta love

This card it’s worse to really appreciate it at its best which is coming soon so this thing’s pretty gross right now that’s why we ran to Advanced Auto Parts this morning to actually get a bunch of McGuire’s stuff to wipe this thing down and just make it shine as

Best as we can so first things first today set the booth up and and get this car clean what up brother I’m so happy you’re here dude we finally made it happen so Brian coincidentally also you helped start this right what this all is so as early member of the drive cartel

Team they kind of brought me in after they had already yeah it started as high horse club and then it went to driving Horse Club yeah right and then went to drive our tile I had a Skyline I started going to some events and met these guys

And they kind of brought me into their family and they’re very cool foreign [Applause] Foreign Booth is all set up and good to go cars wiped down looking as good as we can make it but it feels so good to be back at a show especially with the WRX like it keeps saying just like like when we first started all this if you guys guys

Are ogs of the channel you remember we started out doing car shows at tuner Evo taking the car you know 10 plus hours I mean it’s awesome it just feels really good so now that we’re all set up it is currently 12 o’clock show starts at 2 so

We have a couple hours to hang out get some food and we’re actually gonna go check out some of the cars here big midnight purple guy right here man in purple paint and wheels that’s so nice Another very good miat with a beefy stance oh that’s good we’re gonna do it we’re doing it This thing is nuts look at his Instagram thick P car that’s so good look at this Wing that is absolute goals one day one day right oh my God look at this thing Wow is this uh it is outside no way not everybody’s taste but I’m digging like the 2000s look on this this is so gnarly it brings me back to uh underground too never Speed Underground two for sure this is something I would definitely rock and a full Veil sidekick that’s crazy foreign

Shaker which he said was the best burger in town now we’re trying this is like our Burgatory yeah I mean we’re here with Brian we’re gonna take a break before the car show starts so we Have No Frills uh kind of burger it’s a parlor Burger okay it’s my favorite in the city

Okay so it looks very similar to the one that we had last night the Beef skirt very beautiful we’ve got a crusty bun oh melted cheese on this one yep all right give it a bite let’s see what you think smells so good How do you compare from last night it’s different okay it’s unbelievable okay look at that it’s a juicy it is Juicy all right here we go Wow more meat yeah that’s true this one is very basic oh my God I don’t know how I’m gonna do this as I try to marinate with this last bite here I think I’m my conclusion this burger was Chuck and ribeye right last Burger was his wagon this one’s a

Little bit more tougher and I kind of like the texture of the wagon but still a fantastic choice this is this is right behind it T-minus 20 minutes until the show unknowingly I’m actually a uh a part judge here for modest my my award is actually just my pick overall I guess

That’s gonna be very difficult but we actually have our little professional modest judge book here yeah we got to really think about this so I’m gonna go around before the show starts and just take our favorites I guess All right time to start first we’re at the boothman thank you for stopping by bro I appreciate it have a good show man Okay you are an attitude this guy drove 22 hours to come to this show you’re from Washington yeah right next to Tacoma once you drive here uh 2018 Type R that’s the best car to do it in right my man thank you for coming dude all

Right now is the best time of the day because I get to hang out with all of you guys so we’re gonna hang out get some sign pictures Okay what was your name Johnny we have a fellow McLaren fan over here what are your predictions for tomorrow’s race hopefully B10 are fun beach okay I I agree I like that okay that’s a good that’s a good estimate okay let’s go Thank you Making it a point of this show to take breaks to actually go see the cars now our mission here is we actually I want to show them come look at the awards look at this out of all this and find my favorite car here I mean there’s just so many good

Cars here I don’t like Mugen 8th gen with a supercharger on some works as well We have the ultimate power couple here this is insane so we have Kimmy Kimmy Kimmy and The Miller’s name again Michael and the STI dude so cool you guys the Builder amazing guys yeah so much Thank you Spotted in the wild that’s so sick whoever owns this thank you very much for rocking Legends all this beautiful RX7 too Legend sticker we should that’s cool again I know who you are but I appreciate you gonna get your little care package in your car here thanks for supporting

I think we made the decision all right it’s just it’s the one that got away you know I feel like Dana sex and this is a really good one I love the wide body it’s got a super OG it looks like uh supercharger kit it’s got a nice red

Paint I love the nsxr door card things right hand drive it’s just good it’s really good Yes that’s crazy bro hey Justin thank you for coming back to Minnesota we love you come back baby I will thank you too oh man we got some good balls look at this it’s been a pleasure yeah Oh what a show I love getting to walk around and see all of you guys cars and you know don’t blows my mind that everywhere we go there’s so many of you guys that watch me get to interact with it’s it’s just so much fun you’re always coming to a wrap we’re

Gonna head to the movies like look how sick this is so no dude Joanna sex is amazing man hey thanks man thank you Well this is it guys We are officially done with modest I’m absolutely exhausted foreign car show is over Minnesota it’s been real I’ll see you again in like three weeks or something like that but uh the WRX is gonna live here at map for quite a while because we have some big plans

Again we’ll share with you guys when the time comes but it was amazing to have the WRX back at the show our back doing shows and we’re getting ready to do a lot more plus plus that it’s gonna be awesome so stay tuned but we’re gonna

Load up go grab some dinner and head back to the hotel and finally go home for tonight’s meal the handsome hog this was another of Brian’s suggestion which he is driving fl5 right now which is super cool but of me and Tiana’s favorite Parts about coming to different

States and different places is trying all the different good places to eat so we’re excited for this one so we both love whiskey Cheers Lose yourself we have finally made it back to the hotel and like we said we’re absolutely exhausted we’re gonna get some sleep we have an early flight in the morning but quickly I did want to say I know I say it often but it’s because I truly mean

It thank you guys so much without you we wouldn’t have any of these opportunities and I really do appreciate all of you that support and take the time to come see us at all the different locations and we are fortunate enough to get to come in and visit Minnesota is always

Amazing and modest was fantastic so truly from the bottom of of both of our Arts I know thank you guys because it really does mean a lot I love getting to talk to you guys yeah so now we are going to crash I gotta get up early

Number one for the flight but also the races tomorrow and I’m super stoked on the clearance p2p3 it’s gonna be sick again thank you guys and I hope you are excited for the WX build and I hope you guys had a good time at modest and we

Didn’t make it hopefully we can see you guys at another show but we’re gonna crash now once again thank you guys if you have not already be sure to hit that like button leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you for the next one peace out