Dustin Williams Video: Midnight Tokyo Run in the Tokyo Drift Evo | Wangan Run & Daikoku Car Meet!

Midnight Tokyo Run in the Tokyo Drift Evo | Wangan Run & Daikoku Car Meet!

Posted: 2023-08-14 17:00:34
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, i take you guys along for a day in Akihabara, one of Tokyo’s coolest cities! Unfortunately it was raining, so we couldn’t do too much during the day. We were able to spot some cool cars in the UDX parking garage. Later that night, we hopped in the Tokyo Drift Evo & made it out to Daikoku. We got to see some really amazing cars and go on a Wangan run in the evo with some friends! We ended at a secret parking garage car meet and found out my car is broken…
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign good morning guys getting a little bit of a late start it’s almost one o’clock today but that’s okay because I feel like we’re gonna have a very late night and also this morning it was absolutely pouring I feel like the weather is now really coming in so thankfully it

Actually stopped it’s kind of like on and off so hopefully the weather holds out for the rest of the day and we can have some fun but start out today we’re exploring Tokyo a little bit it does look like it’s gonna rain anyways morning we’re heading to a place called akiabara

Actually one of our favorite places in Tokyo to go especially for like driving at night time with all the crazy City Neon Lights it’s really cool but today we’re gonna be spending the day in the city tonight we’re actually going to meet up with everybody at daikoku and have some

Fun for some night meets some night runs it’ll be a really awesome day so let’s go explore our kiavara we made it one thing super cool about akiyabara is it is known for seeing cool cars itasha cars I mean everybody brings a car to akiabara and it oftentimes finds stuff

Like this the Atasha Style dude this is sick things you find Akiba freaking Japan man it’s so crazy to see akiavara like this now again last time we were here dude it was Dandy oh no it’s not dead anymore I know there’s no such thing as dead Akiba oh no of course

This is a worst case scenario here I think I like coach on brought an umbrella he’s the wife of Japan look what I just found in box Japanese Soul Silver definitely picking this up oh this is bad this is worst case that’s oh my God so I guess since it’s raining we’ll just

Explore some cool akiabara stores which always downtown Tokyo shop like this are literally the best cooling it’s actually pretty sick I think this might help me a little bit with speaking Japanese so this is the new version of long gone midnight it’s cool special yeah ready

Good luck 32. I’m feeling my inner power my night kids power see what channel is a 35 yeah oh thank God he shall need coldies thankfully rain cleared up which means we could finally drive the car well not a bad way to spend a rainy day

But this is just the beginning of our days we have lots of night runs in the Evo plan but before we go grab dinner and start all of our fun I want to take a look at the parking garage here in Akiva because like I told you guys at

The beginning I mean it’s just non-stop cool cars and a lot of itachios thank you okay I’m so pumped because we haven’t had time to make it to daikoku yet to like actually enjoy a car meet tonight is that night me Masa and kyochon I’m gonna go grab

Some dinner from one of my favorite burger spots in Japan actually maybe even my favorite verse but 32 well how is that in the wild are you oh man man it is a pretty surreal experience driving it the Tokyo Drift Evo through the rock keep it right now

But we have some really exciting plans tonight one of which absolute bucket list item we of course are going to be driving the Tokyo Drift Evo through Shibuya Crossing in honor of the iconic scene in Tokyo Drift when they’re drifting through shibido Crossing it’s going to be awesome hopefully we can get

Some good shots of it I don’t know how packed it’s going to be I’m sure it’s going to be crazy but I think we’re gonna get some awesome stuff but like I said first dinner thank you thank you well I just realized everything I filmed

For the past like two hours was in slow motion so finally I’ve gotten to bring the Tokyo Drift EVO to daikoku it’s the first time ever this is so crazy to actually see it at this legendary spot and it’s absolutely packed tonight Evo is uh definitely a hit at daikoku it’s so cool

Go check out what’s here tonight see where our adventure takes us definitely should be your Crossing later on but uh for now let’s go check out what’s here at daikoku and just enjoy the evos it’s crazy heck yeah dude dang this thing is rad oh my gosh so

Many good cars out here tonight and as always you can really come on any night there’s a good showing of cars we definitely picked a good night to bring the Evo for the first time whoa I didn’t notice that left-hand Drive gang in Japan foreign

I see these in Japan it makes me wish I never sold mine it’s just so good perfect for Japan not so much in the U.S yeah we checked out some of the cars and I think it’s time to start our night runs we’re gonna do a quick Yokohama Loop get

Some shots for you guys first ever Evo Yokohama loo I’m so pumped right now foreign it is so crazy seeing the Evo run the expressways of Tokyo dude it blows my freaking mind it’s so cool so awesome to be here at daikoku but there’s actually a meet happening in odaiba there’s a

Little bit deeper Tokyo and now we met up with our friend and Shoji here in his beautiful R32 GTR we met him actually the first time I ever came to Japan and he was kind enough to show me around to some of the car meets and we just been

Friends ever since so should you meet up with us and I think me Shoji and Masa are all gonna go to the Tokyo car me cruise together and have some fun like I said tonight’s gonna be an adventure also cool thing about tonight is the car meet goes directly along the long gone

So a little long gone run tonight this is like unbelievable a little bit right you’re literally about to take the Tokyo Drift people on the wangan with amazing cars 34 32 gr Yaris we have an awesome Squad going I know I keep saying it but it is so crazy to see

The Evo right here look at this guy matching she’s just able to start the car then it will be no problem I just understand why it’s not turning on I can hear the fuel pump priming well push it all right you can try long story short is

We are bump starting the car right now dad what the heck dude it’s got 13 volts right now I don’t know if I was recording or not if I wasn’t recording I just had to be bump started out of daikoku which is not ideal but something is drawing power from my battery so

We’re heading to the meat and we’re gonna have to bump start me out of the meat as well so but we got the squad rolling for a little long gone run foreign that’s so sick oh it is that’s so rad so this is so this is blasting through

As we can catch that this is the actual Highway and the Seymour Han and Sean were racing the blue R34 and that little pull-off that we saw was where the cop was sitting and they clocked him at 120 kilometers man it’s so cool just seeing the little things like that foreign

Hopefully we’ll see but this is insane parking garage meet but at the top it’s completely empty with a crazy skyline of Tokyo this is so cool myself dude how cool is this dude and we just went to the location where the haunted if you go 180k they won’t catch you that

Spot which was so Random totally true right yeah we’re just I mean I can’t say it I tried it or not but anyways that thing is crazy this is so sick on some work meisters those are so sick leave evil for a bit let’s go check out

The cars in the parking garage team do we’ve seen some pretty crazy cars today even at Akiba yeah this is like like a month thank you this is absolutely beautiful oh my gosh look at these bbs’s dude look at these wheels wow this is the latest we’ve been on a long time

Shooting running long gone car meets this is awesome this is what it’s all about friends cool cars and memories this is awesome I mean look at this right now this is insane so I think that we still have a lot to do we’re going to be shooting with kaita I think we’re

Still going to Shibuya yeah you coming sure yes oh it’s gonna be a late one Martha I won’t be stuck around with you for until like five a.m so the real question is this whole night is not gonna happen if this thing doesn’t start we’re having some kind of

Weird battery issue I think that’s causing it to drain even though the car’s not on so I don’t think it’s gonna start do it oh bump start dude what is going on dude dude we gotta have to sort this out man yeah the PBS definitely the starting

Because we have some issues starting up your car it kind of sounds like iffy when you always started it oh my God I think the starter’s out it’s the starter in that case we can’t even fix it oh God what should we do for tomorrow I have no clue dude like if oh

Thank you