Dustin Williams Video: MASSIVE Upgrades For the FL5 Type R! *BILLET GOODNESS*

MASSIVE Upgrades For the FL5 Type R! *BILLET GOODNESS*

Posted: 2023-07-23 18:00:28
Author: Dustin Williams
@RadiumEngineering http://www.radiumauto.com/
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Thanks to the Radium Engineering team for hooking us up with their Billet coolant expansion tank & Oil catch can kits for the FL5 and FK8 Type R’s! This is really going to come in handy when it’s time to hit the track! Not only do these have massive performance gains, but they also look incredible inside the engine bay.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign we are just knocking stuff out in the shop yesterday was the GTR today we have some really exciting Type R stuff now as you guys are watching this Tiana and I are kind of like on our like summer vacation but here in the shop past tense

Wanted to knock a lot of things out so that when we get back home to the shop we can knock out our bigger projects which I’m really excited to show you guys for today we have some super exciting stuff not only for the fl5 but also the FK right back there now

Unfortunately this summer we have a crazy busy travel schedule which means we haven’t really been able to hit as many track days as I would like but that doesn’t mean that we’re still not prepping and preparing for our upcoming season and the fall now we have a ton of

Races coming up starting in September so until then it is crunch time today we have a very special package from radium which I’ll be showing you guys but we’re not only thinking about the fl5 we’re really thinking about the FKA back here as well kind of had an unlucky streak

With the fk8 and and I myself really want to practice and put in the preparation for upcoming season and so not only only am I preparing as a driver but we also have a ton of stuff that we want to do to the FK you guys will see

That coming up soon but a lot of things like radiator brakes uh we need a new front bumper a new arrow for the front I mean just a ton of stuff but before we can get into that I want to show you guys what we’re doing kind of accessory

Wise so we have a special care package from our friends over at radium so if we open this thing up we not only like I keep saying have stuff for the f05 but all of this stuff corresponds over to the fk8 as well so what you see going on

The fl5 Today is what Tim is going to be installing while we’re actually out of town on the FKA but it’s really cool because radium just made this stuff for the fl5 so any of my fl5 guys watching this video right now all of this stuff

Will also fit your cars as well or if you’re an FKA guy they make the same stuff for that as well so let’s go ahead and take a look at what we have here this is coolant tank and then dual catching all right so and then of course we also

Have FK itself but [Applause] here as you guys saw we have a dual catch can kit as well as a coolant overflow tank kit as well this is all going to be really nice not only in the fl5 but also super beneficial for the race car the benefits of the Dual catch

Can kit as you guys know all of the modern cars really have blow by now and this is going to help reduce that and catch all the oil particles so that it doesn’t go into your intake or your charge piping and then we of course also

Have coolant tank kit which this is one piece it just connects we’ll show you guys building it in just a second this will be really nice to help reduce the heat emitted by our plastic coolant overflow tank as well as keep the heat in and be more durable than the plastic

That’s OEM which I’ll show you guys in just a bit this overall Gonna Last a very long time and not fail as quickly as say the plastic one would so overall this is just a massive upgrade for both of the type RS and I’m super excited

Let’s go ahead and hop in the car and show you guys what the OEM stuff looks like basic not very exciting engine bay but we’re about to have Tim is a very exciting engine day it’s gonna be awesome that was like the corniest thing you’ve ever done so first

Of all we have our OEM coolant tank right here which like I said old and plastic not that it’s bad but just radium is just gonna be overall so much better and then we’ll also have an oil catch can which currently doesn’t come on the car since it’s a dual we’re gonna

Have one that sits right in this vicinity right here as well as another tank that sits right back here yeah we’ll uh start with the coolant overflow today first no we can probably take that out and try not to spill anything nice and of course

If you guys want any of this for your own car whether it’s a type R or whatever you drive radium makes I would say they make the best fuel and you know emissions stuff for your cars and I’m gonna go and leave a link to them down

In the description box below as well if you guys want like a very detailed install on how to do this stuff they include this QR code right here for you guys to get like an in-depth look we’re just gonna give you guys the overview install but like I said if you want the

Detailed stuff check out this little QR code that provide but with all that being said let’s get started First things first we’re going to start with the Kool-Aid it’s super simple basically all we have to do is remove all of the lines and get our cool intake out and then we can actually build the metal one for radium and put it right back in so we’re going to start by

Pulling off the lines Very little spillage there that’s good proud of myself we have OEM boom okay OEM versus let’s check out the radium now whoa this is crazy how they package that look at that that’s so nice wow look at that the quality on this is ridiculous okay so we got that guy

This guy this guy is going to end up something similar to this and we’ll have our coolant expansion kit Yeah let’s all take a second to really appreciate how beautiful the Billet expansion tank is this is ridiculous and this is why you should use radium I mean look at the quality of this thing it’s ridiculous and what I really love about it too are the an fittings look at this

It just swivels freely even though it’s tight now how much of a pain in the butt just normal and fittings are they cleared that this is so sick and then we also have a easy to see reading point for the coolant overflow because if you guys look right here basically you kind

Of have to just look yeah look through this like cloudy stuff I’m just gonna leave that there nothing happened you guys get what I’m saying it’s just overall this is so much nicer come take a look at what it looks like in the actual engine bay we put on the

Bracket as well right here so this guy basically mounts just like and it’ll sit something like this once it’s all mounted in but this thing is absolutely beautiful again just looks so much nicer in the actual engine bay and especially for the race car is going to

Make a huge difference and a lot easier for Tim and I to tell when we pop the hood where the cool ones at let’s go ahead get this guy mounted in we’ll put the hoses on where they need to go and we’ll be good for the expansion tank Thank you [Applause] nice that’s perfect I mean is that all that’s all the lines right yeah we just gotta so the only hose that we had to replace for the Billet expansion tank is the one that goes directly to your radiator right here and we replaced it

Ran it all the way through here up to this fitting right here Mission one complete coolant take is done now we can move on to the fun stuff we have our dual catch cans and I will go ahead and build really quickly before we start throwing them into the car but they provide you of course with everything that you need all the

Fittings all the clamps and new line which will show you guys how we’re going to be routing as well all this stuff is fairly simple just like the coolant tank we just got to build it and put it in so let’s get started foreign Now that these are built we can start mounting this guy mounts to the back and then this guy will actually Mount to your motor mount pretty cool Mm-hmm Foreign s like that our radium overhaul is complete it’s so much better and it looks amazing it does and me and Tim are really going back and forth with the fk8 on how much this is really going to benefit that car with how with how much

That car is in the higher RPM the blow-by’s gonna happen way faster as well as the cool is going to fill up and get hotter a lot faster as well in that car but just having it in this one for you know a daily driver and an weekend

Track car it’ll be really beneficial as well not only does it have a ton of performance benefits also it just looks super nice with all the Billet in here and it cleaning up the lines too it looks fantastic and they leave you room to actually put your cover back on so

You can see our our two catch cans one in the rear for the intake manifold which has both your lines going to the top and to the bottom we have our front catch can going all the way to our to our valve cover All right Final thoughts it looks fantastic we want to go ahead and put the valve cover back on as well as our strut Tower bar everything fits really nicely we even have the lines tucked right here it looks super clean one of my favorite things is that we got rid of all like

The hard line hose mess that was right here and it overall looks a lot cleaner radium has the best looking stuff they really do it’s it’s the it’s the black Billet along with like the green accents I don’t know just gives it a really nice

Look once we get back from Italy I’ll be sure to update you guys on how it looks in the FK and all that good stuff because we have a lot to do with that car but for now fl5 is complete one last and final little Little Italy

Trip update we are currently in the city of Como and we’re staying on Lake Como it is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my entire life me and Tian on both it’s it’s really incredible but I just wanted to give you guys one last and final

Update because this is our last day here in Italy in the next video you guys get we’ll be back home in the U.S starting to hopefully work on the Porsche I’m super pumped about that but I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and they’re jamming out over there it might not be

The most exciting mods to do or or to watch but all of this accessory stuff really plays a big part into building cars and and making really good cars and this radium stuff is incredible and I’m happy that we’re able to do it now like I said perfect time to do all the

Accessory stuff while we’re here on vacation uh right before I leave so we can really focus on the big stuff back home and we’re gonna hit the ground run with that being said thank you guys so much for watching stay tuned because I think we are gonna make it Vlog I filmed

Throughout the entire higher trip my big camera is actually currently in the lake somewhere because it fell in and you’ll see that in video but uh you know classic done luck anyways I’m rambling on thank you guys so much for watching today’s video if you haven’t already

Make sure to hit that like button leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’re on the road to a million once again thank you guys and we’ll see you in the next one foreign