Dustin Williams Video: Making the GTR Look NEW! | Rebuilding Wrecked R35 GTR Ep. 2

Posted: 2023-05-24 17:00:05
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, we fix a couple of the biggest damages to the GTR, the oil cooler & the headlight! With both of these fixed, the GTR looks SO MUCH BETTER & is ready for all of our mods!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

What’s up guys welcome back to the GTR rebuild Series where we’re gonna be rebuilding this wrecked R35 GTR now if you guys watched the last video you guys got to see all of the damage that was done to the GTR now granted it wasn’t that bad and we got super super lucky

With it this thing has a ton of front end damage the front bumper was destroyed the headlight was destroyed and obviously the oil cooler but the oil cooler didn’t get completely busted so today to start the rebuild of the GTR we’re gonna be fixing a couple of the

Damages needed so we can actually start modifying this thing so we have a ton of aftermarket parts such as a body kit you guys saw the performance parts that we have suspension all of that good stuff but before we get into that there’s a couple of things that we have got to get

Finished so that we can start fitting up our fenders our front bumper Etc and those two things being a new headlight because the bucket got absolutely destroyed as you guys can see so we’ll be fixing the headlight as well as the oil cooler down here and we had a

Couple of really awesome parts that we’re gonna be fixing this up with now the goal for today is obviously to fix those two things so that we can actually start mocking up our aftermarket body kit and doing all the aftermarket things that we have for the GTR so with those

Two things fixed we should be good to go so let me show you guys what we got To start us out from our Parts corner number one we got lucky and found a very very decent 2009 GTR headlight we got super lucky because most of the ones that you find are actually pretty heavily damaged missing a bunch of the clips missing the lens or don’t have any of the wiring

Down here like the hid ballasts and stuff like that this one came fully equipped with everything including the brackets which was really nice so we have a new headlight that we’re going to be installing today and also cleaning up a little bit as well as our good friends

Over at fitment Industries helped hook us up with a brand new Alpha oil cooler from AMX this is going to be awesome much beefier much more high quality than the OEM one check it out much beefier and much nicer than the OEM real question is are we gonna be able to

Get this bracket to fit this since it is damaged I mean it does look easily bendables or we can actually get it back to its original shape or close to its original shape the question is can I get it good enough to actually hold in the

Alpha oil filter so that’s what we’ll be working on today headlight oil cooler and getting it one step closer to being finished let’s get started but before we hop into today’s video I wanted to remind you guys that every one dollar that you spend on the legend site is one

Entry into in this awesome GTR and the finished product is going to be amazing I’m going to leave a link to the Legends page down the description box below we did just revamp the VIP program as well and VIP members can get up to 10 times entries so don’t miss out get your

Entries in right now link below Foreign Stripped so we got this you can see how messed up this bracket is we gotta try and bend this thing back or make a custom bracket or something but the bolts are okay now we’re gonna try and get the oil cooler off Mixture Okay got it oil cooler has been removed now looking at it I don’t know how this thing wasn’t leaking dim this thing is destroyed but it’s good because the damage is more on the oil cooler than it is on the actual bracket I mean yes this thing is

But the bracket itself oh there you go yeah just pull on it hard the bracket itself really is there you go uh fixed we’re just gonna like we’re gonna try and line it up with that so yeah it’s close and I’m bending this this way we should be we should have a usable

Bracket it’s this guy that I don’t really know about uh we’ll try and get it back we’ll figure this guy out but Oil stock oil cooler versus look at that look at that look at the juice that’s uh what you need pancakes are nice I can’t believe you’re giving people this when

You need it like it’s fine we’ll get one you guys get the good stuff for your GTR so we’re gonna go ahead and figure out the situation and update you guys on what our plan is with the actual brackets quick little bracket update Tim was actually able to bend these out pretty

Perfectly I think I mean as good as it can be right it’s just like when we put that one I’m gonna move it it’ll hold yeah so tentatively this one didn’t get bent it pretty much hit like this so it pushed this down yeah the bottom bracket

Has been bent back and he used a set of crescent wrenches to actually Bend where the bolts go in back so it should if you hold this should let’s put in these guys here okay boom okay so now this should just easier the bolts for it it’s Straighter than it was dude that’s pretty insane it’s actually very easy it looks like it got a little banged up but I mean but it’s there to protect it that’s sick it actually worked so we can just bolt that back off and it just it just freaking fits it just

It works nice okay now we can bolt this guy back on and we got a freaking oil cooler man Look at that dude we got a brand new Alpha oil cooler foreign Does include extra gaskets for your oil lines so you’re good there we’re gonna go and start the car and make sure that we don’t have anything leaking we’re going to add a little bit of oil not too much because we’re gonna do a full fluid flush but just for safety measures I

Want to make sure this isn’t leaking dude that’s some that’s bloody black she needs an oil change that is pretty black I’m gonna put it a little bit above that line because you know we have to put fluid into the oil coolers yeah yeah this all just needs a nice detail clean

Tim Bros going to give her a start we’re gonna be checking right here and over here to make sure there’s no oil leaking out of this just to show you guys how much the alpha oil cooler actually holds inside of it just in the oil cooler look at this

Dude yeah I filled it to this line right here so it it’s almost a quart that’s pretty sick a lot better cooling yes so if you guys do happen to want to take this thing to the track or just drive at long distances you got some good Cooling

First project of the day is down and honestly the alpha oil cooler actually makes a pretty large difference when like you’re like looking at it from the front that’s so sick that’s just one less one more step to looking less wrecked okay now our mission number two

For today is something a little bit less hard because the headlight that the previous owner had was actually like split in half when they ran over the stop sign it just crunched this entire area of the front bumper and all the mounting points are still here the

Headlight that he had was actually like cut from this right here so this is actually pretty easy now that we have our OEM headlight this guy essentially will just slide right on in here foreign there it is of course we’re gonna fix the fender yeah well so the defender is a little

Bit misaligned but this is why we need the headlight in so that when we actually get the aftermarket Fender that we’re gonna be putting on the headlight will be in its correct spot already and we know where all of that goes but if you guys can check this out

All of the mounting positions still work right here right here and even even this one here on the fender and this one here on the fender now we do have to figure out this guy back here but most importantly once all of these are bolted in this guy will be mounted and good

Then we gotta plug it in and make sure it works yes we have not done that so crossing our fingers that the ballast actually still works in this thing well we can actually plug it in and test that before putting it in we can do that just

In case we need to do let’s redo that now yeah why don’t we let’s do that here why don’t you just start the car and go through like the blinkers the headlights the Sprites blinker Works blinker horse rights order that’s a good sign so now we can put the

Headlight in and it all works nice nice sick dude it’s like bolted in so I haven’t wrecked anymore no we’re just gonna leave the front bumper off and everything no we got a kit for you guys yeah it’s gonna be sick so let’s go ahead Bolter in and this thing’s gonna

Be ready to rock for the body kit tomorrow So we’ve officially almost unwracked this wrecked GTR almost on wrecked it this looks so good the amount of difference just the freaking headlight and the oil cooler did it’s not even wrecked anymore that is awesome and best part is all of it works all the parts were correct all the

Bolts went in where they needed to go and the lights were this is awesome mission for today was an absolute success Now that the headlight and the oil cooler are finished our project for today is complete now we’re going to stop here for today because we’re still waiting for our side skirts for the kit to be back from the body shop and The Body Shop said they should be done today

So I’m really hope I’m really hoping that they give us the call that we can go pick up the side skirts but if not I’m just not going to wait any longer and we’ll start on the kit tomorrow even though we don’t have the side skirts and

We’ll just put them on whenever they come in but it actually kind of works out as well because you guys have noticed in the background of the past few videos we’ve been working on the FKA you guys are going to see this make a comeback within the next couple of weeks

But we have a serious time crunch because this thing leaves for grid life next week we could just put the engine in Tim bro actually welded up his first ever exhaust with a new Miller welding machine that we got now we have to get this thing tuned with the new engine in

We have to get this thing in line we have Arrow coming in and Tim currently just now finishing up the exhaust we have to get those four things done before next week so we’re working on both cars simultaneously trying to get them both done we just have a lot going

On in the shop so like I said you’re going to see this entire build within the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for this but I’m pretty stoked for the progress that we made on the GTR today Back to one of my favorite places Dan we got a big project for you have you did you see that has George shown you the picture of the GTR I gotta show you the picture but we’re here at DH Graphics which coincidentally enough for actually working on some of our Legend stuff is

Where we get all of our stickers and Banners and all of our wraps really done here but this is also where we get all of our car wraps done and we’re looking for the specific color that we’re gonna do on the GTR I’m not going to show you

Guys what it is just yet but we’re gonna look at our choices here and Dan has a couple special ones that we’re going to be looking at chose a color and it’s one of these that I have right here I’m not gonna tell you guys which one but it’s

Really really good and I think the GTR is going to come out so sick with this color and the accents and the stuff that we got going on it’s gonna be I think this is going to be a really really nice color here maybe match the uh match the Z

All right we’ll see you guys soon it’s going to be sick yesterday wrap color picked we also have a special delivery for Legends so if you guys ordered a rear windshield Banner you’re getting your delivery soon let’s go bring these to the warehouse shop and then we can get started

Last stop for the day quick pit stop at Legends media HQ special delivery look at my new office okay well that was an absolute Mission there is so much stuff happening behind the scenes that you guys just don’t even see and I don’t know is it interesting

For you guys to see like the back end stuff of like the business side of merchandise and the website and by now I think everything is live by the time you guys are seeing this clip we just revamped VIP and added three different tiers so and it’s just so freaking cool

We now have a Facebook Community page for all of you that are VIPs to get like Early Access and sneak peeks into videos and drops and extra entries into the giveaways like it’s just it’s so cool if you guys don’t know about it I’m gonna link the VIP program down below and I

Literally could not do any of this without without the entire team for Legends I mean without them I have no idea what in the hell I would do so the Legends team is hard at work and just making things consistently better and better every year constantly innovating

Coming up with new ideas has new products and it’s just it’s so freaking cool and I can’t wait to expand but uh anyways all of our errands are done for today we figured out our GTR color got some work done now we can head back home