Dustin Williams Video: Making A WRECKED R35 GTR NEW Again!

Making A WRECKED R35 GTR NEW Again!

Posted: 2023-06-09 17:00:41
Author: Dustin Williams
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June 17 Legends Charity Car show at K1 Speed in Ontario, CA!! See you there!!

Huge thank you to @maperformance for helping us get these amazing parts! in today’s video, we install a brand new MAP R35 GTR Catback Exhaust and R35 GTR intakes! This makes the car sound SO MUCH BETTER. Afterwards, we went to the Legends HQ to sign some orders. lastly, we went to DH Graphics and dropped of the R35 to start getting wrapped!

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Fujitsubo Headers
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*2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII*
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VIS Carbon Duckbill Trunk
Rays Gram Lights 18×9.5 +12
Tomei Expreme Catback Exhaust

Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Good morning good morning welcome to the video before we hop into today’s GTR episode which I think is very very good and the final episode before you guys see its transformation which I want to add is quite amazing very excited anyways before we start today’s video number one

Everyone dollar you guys spend on the lunch site is one entry into win which right now is a really great time and are in a win because not only does the car look fantastic sounds fantastic but we have some never before done stuff on Legends that went live today

Um before we get into this I also want to let you guys know that June 17th we are having the Legends charity car show we’re giving back for a good cause giving back to our local animal shelter we’ve done that before but all the information will be on the screen right

Here for you guys to check out uh it’s gonna be an awesome car show we’re gonna take the fleet I hope to see you guys there we’re gonna have the booth we’re gonna be doing some racing at K1 Speed we’re gonna have a food truck it should

Be a lot of fun come out sport a good cause see some awesome cars do some racing at K1 and let’s have some fun today right now you guys can find the new the new Legends collection that just went live this is the premium Signature Collection meaning there’s our highest

Quality apparel as well as some of the coolest accessory stuff that I just think should live on the site um some like some like accessory things so let me just run you through real fast we have brand new Legend socks these are absolutely sick we have black and white

We have the premium Signature Collection t-shirts which are our highest quality t-shirts that we’ve ever done they’re drop shoulder a little bit heavier you can see here if you can tell the material it’s very very cool very I’m styling you know Daddy done yeah they look sick they’re very very cool we have

Black and gray but they’re premium stitched as well they’re beautiful right here we got two new hats right here all this stuff’s I don’t know if the t-shirts will live on the site but the accessories and stuff are gonna live on the site for you guys to purchase and

Stuff like that so we have two new shirts two new hoodies we got the socks but if you come look right here we got tons of accessories look at all this stuff we got a multi-tool oh we can use this for lots of things we got stickers

This guy’s really cool we got little keychain guys we have pins we got a freaking mouse pad how sick is that and then we have Koozies we even have rubber coasters when you get them smell them because it does smell like rubber it’s pretty cool anyways all this stuff is

Live on the site right now ready for you to get your entries in as you guys already know VIPs can get up to 10 times entries depending on which level you guys have so enjoy hope you guys liked today’s video let’s hop into it tell me Welcome back to the GTR rebuild Series in the last few episodes you guys have seen us completely transform this GTR and today we’re making another step forward so today is actually the last mod before this thing gets dropped off for rap and gets a full color change

Which we are so excited to show you guys if you didn’t watch the last couple episodes pause this one go check those out we just did the wheels and tires the body kit fix some of the wreck damages in the front and it has come out amazing

I am so stoked now before we get started as always you guys can win this GTR all you guys have to do is head to the Legends media site every one dollar is one entry in to win this GTR and if you guys are VIP you get 10 times entries

With our new VIP program which you should check out because you get so many other benefits like early access to the drops exclusive deals and you get exclusive merchandise that no one else gets every single month it’s awesome now in the previous videos we’ve been focusing mainly on cosmetic stuff we’re

Switching it up a little bit and hitting on some performance while I unbox what we have for today Tim Bros in the background you’re getting some things off so we can just get right to work I’m excited now we do have to say a big thank you to our friends over at Ma

Performance you guys already know every single car in this shop we have worked with ma performance with and the GTR is no different this is awesome and this is some parts that if you’re a GTR owner you can also get from ma performance now granted these are made

To order these aren’t currently in stock but if you want them they can make them for you and they’re actually really really sick so we’re going to open up a smaller box here first because we have the beautiful Ma performance intakes now if you guys remember when we were doing

Our repairs up front we found out that this car has two different intakes up front so it’d be nice just to have matching brand new ones comes with Filter Shields we have very very nice k n intake filters couplers and everything you guys need to install should be pretty easy and best

Of all give us some more boost noses now for the big item that I’m sure all of you guys are here for the exhaust and this thing is absolutely beautiful now the map exhaust is absolutely beautiful one thing though is we had them kind of special make ours because we didn’t want

The Mufflers on ours now our exhaust is fully straight no Muffler no resonator so it should sound pretty freaking awesome and unknowing to us we actually had an exhaust on the GTR and we didn’t know that before we actually ordered this but I’m really happy that we still

Got the ma performance exhaust because looking at the one that came on the car it’s very interesting Tim made a cool little Discovery here this thing has an old-school MagnaFlow Muffler back here but it’s only going to one side of the exhaust how does that make any sense so

It looks like they did a y here and then it’s it’s straight pipe here and then it goes into a muffler on that side which is very interesting because like why not just do the whole thing I don’t know and that makes sense as to why this

Car is so loud even though it has this giant muscle right here so it’s just going to let you know how loud the map one’s probably gonna be I wonder what it’s gonna what the different I’m sure it’s just it’s gonna sound better and cleaner but I don’t know if ma

Performance is going to make it much louder because it’s already super loud but this thing does have a y-pipe and downpipes already which thankfully we didn’t get so that’s already there all we have to do is the exhaust portion and it’ll just be way nicer than having this

Unknown janky I kind of think it’s a custom exhaust it may be an old-school MagnaFlow exhaust I really have no idea but having a nice brand new one with the beautiful Ma performance welds this is just going to be 10 times better so we’re gonna go and work on getting

All of this stuff off so we can start uninstalling this exhaust to put the new one on for you guys and it should be amazing all right before we get started uninstalling the exhaust I’m going to quickly give you guys a little sound clip so that we can compare this to the

Anime performance exhaust I just want to do it for my own personal for my own personal beliefs because I want to see if this Muffler makes a difference versus this because of how loud the car already is like it’s shooting one side straight one side Muffler and it’s it’s mostly just straight right

Here I know it sends it right there it’s just straight and then the I don’t know what’s going that way y’all I’m very curious to start it again and just put my hand over there just to see what’s coming through okay we’re gonna start the car real fast

Like nothing coming out of this side dude I just got pooped on look at me oh God just got pooped on well you know it doesn’t sound bad no it is only coming out of one side though is it really yeah the straight pipe side yeah so that’s why I’m so curious

That’s why I’m so curious to see if the straight like the actual oh my God that’s disgusting yep here’s to see it makes a difference okay I haven’t shown that I was waiting for you it got me but it also got the floor some exhaust juice Old exhaust is off old crusty exhaust should I say this is a great thing that we’re replacing this exhaust because this is absolutely disgusting so we have old exhaust first are very beautiful and my performance Boom all right map exhaust install is complete we ended up having to use my actual OEM GTR tip so whoever wins this car is getting my OEM tips from my original exhaust on my R35 GTR because those ended up actually not fitting on the M8 performance exhaust so these are

My OEM tips super cool and they look very very nice so before we actually start this thing up I want to go ahead and do the intake so if we come take a look over here well actually the front Bumper’s on so you can’t really tell but

We do have two separate intake filters it just kind of looks janky and I rather swap that out for a completely brand new set and I think the wrinkle black is going to look really nice in here as well not like a stealth look so we’re gonna go ahead and remove the front

Bumper so we can get these intakes off and we’ll show you guys what the map ones look like Foreign Look how disgusting this is this is filth this is filth we are just upgrading for you guys we’re gonna get rid of this nasty junk that was just getting sucked up in and put it with this nice shiny brand new filter and where’s the old pipe another difference here

We got more girth durability Jank not drink thicker yeah that’s how I fit this guy inside of that guy oh that airflow I guess they’re getting the good stuff all right those were actually very very easy to get out we’re gonna go and swap over our math sensors

And then we’re gonna go ahead and throw these guys back in you guys will get all the suck power and all the blow power with the exhaust all right Good morning day two actually uh we’re gonna take a quick intermission and pause on the GTR build because we had a crazy time crunch if you guys can see there’s no trailer no truck in here we get the FK loaded in and so that Tim can

Start making his way all the way to Michigan so we put a pause on this and didn’t even do the first start yesterday but I’m gonna do it for you guys right now we still have it on the lift because I want to make sure there are no leaks

With our exhaust and then we’ll take it out for its first drive but let’s finally hear what this freaking exhaust sounds like so you guys just get like a legit cold start because it is uh nine o’clock in the morning here we go it is so much better oh yeah so much

Muffler oh yeah oh that’s really good a little bit no leaks and she’s good to go so the idol already so much better Oh my God that is so much better you guys have to what sounds like now that’s how a proper GTR should sound [Applause] Foreign That was an absolute success massive success with the intakes and the exhaust I am beyond stoked but this is not what we’re ending here today we’re actually dropping this car off to finally get wrapped I want to take you guys along for that remember because pH

Graphics I don’t know if the role of the color that we’re using yet has come in but if it is maybe I’ll give you a little sneak peek oh baby we got our first our first freeway entrance boogies oh it’s good this is my uh it’s my

Actual real first time driving the GTR that’s not it’s not around the shop the definition of smiles per gallon or wins this car you are just gonna have the time fantastic but anyways actually before we head to the Wrap Shop we are going to be heading to a legend

HQ because we are doing the giveaway I wanted to do a little prize for some of you guys who are making orders and I’m gonna go sign some orders for a little bit before we actually drop this off to Dan and also I want to show manager

Jessica the car because she hasn’t even seen the GTR yet so I think that would be pretty fun all the good noises damn first fill up Wheels are freaking sick what do you think oh my God it’s crazy right I don’t really want this part it’s freaking sick let’s go for a quick drive okay holy holy cow dope man Ager Jess say a little Vlog no this is like wrong I’m supposed to be driving

Absolutely not what I I definitely want to drive it you know yes I’ve driven way cooler cars than this Dustin I don’t think so yeah what I definitely have I drove a GT3 RF oh my God are you kidding me pretty sick right we just did the exhaust in the index oh my

God that I made it a lot of it okay but no pull over right now I want to drive this oh my God I might I’m gonna try not to I don’t know I’m kind of not like super good at that then maybe you shouldn’t drive with a package

Like if you forget to shift it just like you’re driving up super loud so yeah let’s just keep in on it I mean I know how to drive a stick I’m not stupid uh we all know we remember you’re gonna go and paddle yep we’re

Gonna try it no you’re an auto there you go no seriously you were in order oh okay okay now you’re in paddle okay Okay oh my gosh don’t forget the chef oh God I forgot something okay we’re in auto job I’m going to the shop go to the shops Do we have breaks oh my God yes we have breaks oh my God crazy we make it back you guys can win this card get back I swear just watch over talk get me out of here God on a real note what do you think smells a little like race car ish yes

Perspective but it might kill you you know no it’s really cool it like it has some like good balls it definitely it does right it I explained it as like it’s like it’s what a g charger feel like yeah you know I saw somebody say something about like not putting it on

Like bags or whatever but yeah I think bags are cool and cut it feels pretty raw right that’s my favorite part it feels like the older GTRs it’s like nice but not too nice yeah it’s a race it feels like a race car but also you could drive it every

Day but I mean for real it’s like equivalent to the one you have yeah like it’s not like way different I thought it’d be like I don’t know when you say old you think like oh it’s gonna like four years newer than this one okay

Yeah it’s I really like it I mean I would totally buy this car seriously and I wish I could enter to win I know right we’re gonna go sign you guys’s entries now kind of unfair they want to win imagine I I say the winner just like

Doesn’t take the car the winner better be freaking exciting I know we’ve had so many giveaway entries seriously you guys have been sort of excited but I’m hoping the winner of this car is like I think Beyond this thing is really cool yeah and you’ve got so many more things to do

To it yeah so after this we’re dropping off the wrap today oh cool all right so we’re back at the warehouse now and I know I told you guys I wanted to show you a little bit behind the scenes of what we do here at Legends or

What the team does here Legends and this is the HQ this is where we keep all of our merchandise I mean you guys can see we have OG blankets we’ve got banners we’ve got we’ve got posters Flags I mean all of our stuff is all on these shelves it’s

Actually pretty crazy and we restocked some of you guys’s favorite older stuff as well for the giveaway in case you guys want to go back and get some of that stuff but we keep all of our stickers and Jet tags here so it’s easy and all marked out for when the team is

Shipping and packaging orders so actually today while Chad over here ships out some orders I am going to include some signed stickers with maybe like a little note or something in each order Chad yes what do you think about the GTR so far as six well so Chad knows the

Color what do you think about what do you think people are gonna think about the color I don’t know what to say I don’t want to give it away to make it look Sinister I can tell you that make it look Sinister so anyways hopefully some of you guys saw the

Instagram post get your orders in today and get a special little surprise Foreign last but not least our final stop for today is going to be the DH Graphics so officially drop off the GTR for the color change I’m really excited I hope they have a roll of vinyl for the color um so I can give you guys a little sneak

Peek but either way this will get dropped off right into Good Life Michigan tomorrow so DH Graphics will have the GTR for about a week and a half to get this thing a nice and wrapped perfectly for you guys we’re about to pull up right now and go see if they

Have the color special delivery for the boys giving this away I know right Jesus Christ to you right now it’s like a Manish image yeah they’re super it almost looks like a wall George she’s officially yours thank you sir we will take care of it you’re the winner

Saying goodbye for now how’d she looked rolling she looks really good guys the next time you see this car it is going to be completely different Unfortunately they didn’t have the roll here of vinyl that we’re using but that’s even better because you guys are gonna be completely

Surprised when you see it now like I said I’m leaving for about four days so when I come back they may be working on it I’m gonna get a ton of content of them working on the car wrapping it disassembling it all that good stuff so

I have a lot of content when I get back but for now we’re saying goodbye I love you Guess the Color yeah yeah better be stoked you actually it’s gonna be good