Dustin Williams Video: Installing RARE JDM Body Kit on the 350z Pt. 2 | Building Fast & Furious Style 350z ep. 7

Posted: 2021-03-12 18:00:01
Author: Dustin Williams
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Day 2! In today’s video we tackle the front end of the 350z! The Greddy body kit has ben AMAZING so far! In this episode we installed the new front fenders and the sideskirts! This car is COMPLETELY TRANSFORMING and i’m so excited for you guys to see the finished product!!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Good morning guys and welcome back to the channel this is gonna be part two of the gretty body kit install and i am so pumped you guys didn’t watch the last video definitely go check it out because we installed the all-new gretty gt body kit front bumper and in today’s

Video we are moving on to the front half of the car so in order to make sure everything is all lined up and good to go we’re going to go ahead and do the brand new side skirts these side skirts are sick this is like the ultimate

2000’s body kit and it’s just gonna be so good so we’re gonna be doing the side skirts and doing the side skirts will also help us in doing the front fender we’re gonna be installing both of these today completely transforming the front end of this car

And it’s going to be amazing so let’s go ahead and take a look hey guys before we get started with today’s video don’t forget you can win this 350z all you have to do is head to the first link down in the description box below every one dollar that you guys spend

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Furious style build is coming so make sure to get your entries in we have two weeks less than two weeks left less than two weeks left to win this 350z so like i said head to the first link down in the description all right let’s get into today’s video

Already which looks absolutely amazing now today is where the fun starts we get to chop some things up and really start seeing this entire body come together so first off what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and remove the oem side skirts and install the new gritty gt

Side skirts and this being that this side square will always be in that location no matter what we don’t really fit anything it just goes now for the front fender the front fender actually lines up with the side skirt extending the body so in order to make sure that this is perfect

We need the side skirt on so this is actually gonna be pretty easy there’s just a bunch of clips on the oem side skirt that pop out and then we can pop this guy in we’re just gonna hop right into it today like i said we are on a tight schedule for this

This car goes off to wrap in two days so we’ve got to finish this car as soon as possible so i’m gonna jump right into it and let’s go ahead and start ripping off this side skirt [Applause] We’re stuck all right pretty freaking easy first side skirt is off now it’s just an assortment of clips and 10 millimeter bolts underneath the car super super simple now if you guys watched yesterday’s video the front bumper actually lined up spot on with all the oem clip holes very

Curious to see how the new side skirt lines up so let’s go ahead and check it out mock it up a little bit and see what it looks like oh you haven’t tried it yet quick update we were actually just hitting the uh the jack stands which was not allowing

The side skirts to sit properly but as you guys can see again i don’t know how but everything lines up we got tim bro working on the passenger side so he’s already almost mounted his side skirt up and i’m working on the driver’s side today

So i’m going to go ahead and mount this one up as you guys can see now literally all the holes just line up perfectly i don’t know how gretty did this because like this actually never happens but all of the holes line up perfectly this is just gonna look

So freaking sick guys take a look this is like a little sneak peek the ground clearance is just gonna be awesome as well so all right let’s get into it i’m gonna shut up pretty much mounted this is where it’s going to sit but like i said

All of the clips are good to go in here check this out guys and boom now that we actually have all of the door clips in i’m going to go ahead and go underneath and install all these little 10 millimeter bolts oh my god dude perfect fit bro

Perfect this might be even better than the spoon kit uh it’s like right about yeah like this is nuts dude okay so as you guys can see we have everything installed i mean this side skirt is freaking in there dude oem fitment that’s my favorite part about this everything fits it’s not

Jake door closes fine it all lines up perfectly as you guys can see oh my god we hold this for me tim the real test fit here is gonna be the fender so as you guys can see this is how much extra the body kit gives us without actually being

A true huge wide one okay that’s honestly my favorite part about this kit let’s check it out so we’re going to line up the this guy oh my god dude look at that fitment look at this that’s perfect and i mean look at the door too though like that’s

Good it’s not like completely fit we’re about to yeah exactly we have to mount up the lights and everything but oh my god dude you guys are getting such a sitcom i’m i’m gonna be jealous i’m so sad when this is gonna be done look at this this is gonna be

[ __ ] sick man holy crap all right well i’m super super happy with the fitment here now the fun part begins we’re gonna have to cut the fenders drill all the holes do the weld nuts actually let me show you guys what we got to actually mount this up So for the fender installation we actually got some allen bolts well knots this is my preferred hardware on installing like over fenders and stuff like that it just makes it super easy to take on and off so basically once you screw the allen into the well nut this rubber piece expands

Behind the fender making it to where uh the fender are making it to where the well nut can’t be removed from the fender so really easy to use and gets the job done so we’re using that now we have grand master tim over here actually lining up

Where exactly we’re gonna be cutting so the fender looks like it holds on to about right here of the fender especially because we do have a fender bolt that connects the front bumper to the fender so looks like we’re gonna be cutting from here all the way down the arch to the end

All right i’m going to send it maybe we’ll go a little bit lower i don’t know if we can even get anywhere it’s pretty it’s good so like this is this adds like an inch or so so okay tim you ready yeah safety first safety first boys So there she is tim oh we got fender liner connected okay so as you guys see we do have the fender liner still connected but hey fender’s cut let’s go ahead and get this fender liner off and i’ll show you guys what she looks like okay center and the fender liner is out

And good to go and we have clearance now look at this all right side number two we’re gonna go ahead and knock them both out at the same time here we go [Applause] Uh right same thing now we’re just going to cut up cut out the fender liner boom good to go all right guys good news everything is cut everything is actually perfect we have tons of clearance down here on the fender now i guess it’s time that we install the fender here it is

Oh my god this is so sick dude i love when things just work out you know what i’m saying okay one more dude all right let’s go home just for fitment reference here guys look at the look at the fender to door ratio right here look at this boom dude it’s money

It’s gonna be so good so we have a hundred thousand little screws to do into the fender thing so now i wanna show them what it came with okay yeah because like this is this is definitely 2 000 era hardware this is what they wanted us to do

Okay with double-sided sticky tape and self-tapping self-tapping screws so this is what they want you to use but you know it’s not 2000’s anymore so also oh we’ll show them this in the next episode yeah this is actually a super super cool piece you’ll see that in the next one

You’re right tim bro yeah okay so we have a ton of these we’re going to go ahead and knock them out once they’re all drilled we can go back and actually start making the correct size hole for the well nut so let’s go and get started

All right guys we have all the fender holes drilled now we’re putting in the well nuts here as you can see very nice and go right in now it’s time to go and put the fender on and we have the front end of the car ready to go So Holy crap guys oh my gosh it looks amazing like i don’t think you guys understand how good this kit actually fits i mean all of the body lines follow each other along the kit from the front bumper to the fender all the way down to the

Side skirt that goes all the way through i mean like this is just such a cool kit and best of all it all just matches so perfectly so we got the front fender on and this thing is mounted hardcore i mean like mounted to the car like probably even better than stock it’s

Like perfect we have all the bolts in everything is good and it just looks super super clean oh my gosh dude i cannot stop staring at it like the vision that we have for this car is just so good i cannot wait for you guys to see this entire thing

Come together with the rest of the kit and then the wrap and the wheels and everything i mean this is going to be absolutely insane i mean she’s fat but like you know she’s not because she’s only one mil wider i mean the crazy part is that like this looks

Like a for real wide body just because of how much it extends the actual body of the car without giving you a crazy width one mil isn’t that insane but it just looks so much different like we said in the first episode this honestly really just changes the entire

Look of the car the entire body of the car transforms with this kit i mean we’ve only done the front of the car but look how much better this looks from the front over oem so much more aggressive with the front bumper and then the fenders to match with the side skirts

Damn son this is amazing boom dude just look at this you guys can get a better view of the entire side of the car right here that is freaking beautiful give you guys a little sneak peek here that’s all you get me and tim have been looking at the

Fitment of the wheels and the kit and i’m just shocked at how awesome this came out like this is probably my favorite part of doing a car is just completely transforming the exterior and really putting like what i love about cars into it so i mean just like with my with

My varus gtr which was a huge passion project and my s2000 which was another one of my massive passion projects this is the same thing i mean turning this 350z that we bought into a masterpiece like this is just going to be so awesome i’m so happy to

Take you guys along with this build and actually one of you is going to win this thing that’s insane to me but i am just so unbelievably happy at how well um the entire kit is turning out i can’t show you guys the side yet so you guys have

To wait till the end in order to see the wheels but the front of the car is is amazing and we’re only halfway done in the next episode you guys are going to see the rear fenders and the rear bumper but for today i think we are all done

And good to go and check this thing out the side skirts and the front fenders i mean this car has just completely completely transformed holy crap man the ultimate 2000s fast and furious style 350z is coming along guys