Dustin Williams Video: Installing a JDM Varis Widebody on My WRX! Pt. 1 FRONT END

Installing a JDM Varis Widebody on My WRX! Pt. 1 FRONT END

Posted: 2023-09-13 17:00:25
Author: Dustin Williams
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The Varis Kit is finally going on! Today we install the front portion of the kit, which included the front bumper, fenders, and side skirts. Thank you to @meguiars for trusting me to build this car to display at their SEMA booth this year. Make sure to come check out the official reveal!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Welcome back for the complete WX makeover now if you didn’t watch the last video you guys need to stop what you’re doing right now and go check out the previous video where I talk about this entire building we are doing the complete varus wide body on our 2015 WRX

And getting this thing ready for SEMA now really quickly I have to give a big thank you to Maguire’s for trusting me with building an incredible car like this and getting to display it at their booth at SEMA so if you guys want to come see this car in person and see the

Official reveal of this car you can find it at the outdoor setup for McGuire’s at SEMA this year like I said we are completely revamping this car this is why I want you guys to go check out the previous video if you haven’t already we

Go over so much and you know like kind of the history of this car you might be asking why did I choose varus for as long as we can remember varus was my absolute dream kit the Pinnacle of Motorsports styled arrow and body kits and something that I fell in love with

Very very early on and as you guys know I love Japan I love the small JDM bits that we get for all of the cars in here and varus being a Japanese Aero manufacturer that makes some of the best looking kits you guys know I fell in

Love I mean vars has been around for a very long time making kits for all types of different cars and for me at least the Pinnacle of what you can get any car that I have the chance to put virus on we do we have the Millennium Jade R35

GTR in the back we have the varus hood on the race car fk8 and even on this car what I could afford back in the day after my car got completely demolished by a drunk driver we were able to get the varus front bumper and that was the

Extent that I thought I would ever be able to do on this car and today we are finally making My Dreams Come True by starting the complete kit for this car may not seem like it but SEMA is coming up fast we have a little bit less than

Two months left to go to get this car ready and we’ve got to do an entire wide body kit take this thing to the body shop get it painted get the Bodywork done on and get it ready for the very very beginning of November that leads us

To sort of a crunch time and we’re just gonna hop right into it this car already has a body kit on it which means the fenders are already cut holes already pre-drilled and there’s a lot of stuff that we would usually have to clearance that’s already been clearanced now with

The new varus front bumper it actually comes with a wide body lift that is much different than the lip that we currently have right here give you a little sneak peek in here it is ginormous we’re going to show you guys piecing this car together I’m going to leave a lot of

Stuff unshown for you guys so we can really reveal it to you once the car is completed but anyways I think for today we’ll be starting with the front end of the kit and making our way back as we get things on Tim are you freaking

Stoked for this or what listen six years ago Dustin said I want a virus kit for this car six years later it’s happening I think it’s gonna like re make you fall in love with this car yeah I mean the goal is to set out to build the best WRX

Out there and one once you guys see the finished product I think that you’re going to be just as mind blown as I am now the interesting thing about this virus kit can you can you hold that up for me Tim bro um I thought that this is going to be a

Replacement Fender but actually it just sticks right on kind of like this one does and one thing that I really want to do different with the vars kit compared to what I have on it now is I don’t want any rivets I don’t want any bolts shown

Anything and one of my favorite things about this kit is you can make it look extremely flush and extremely clean so that is exactly what we’re doing instead of using nuts and bolts where you’re going to be molding this kit to the call making it look streamlined with no

Rivets no bolts no nothing it’s going to be clean and it’s going to be simple when you do the varus kit it completely changes the entire shape of the car and especially if it’s all seam sealed and nice and smooth it’s going to be insane

So that is the goal for this and with our body shop they actually don’t want us to keep anything mounted on the car so what we’re going to be doing today so we can test fit our wheels and see what our wheel situation is going to be mounting the front bumper mounting the

Side skirts but taping up our fenders to see if we need to go wider on the wheels if I kind of need a smaller Wheels whatever the case we got to figure all that stuff out and make sure everything fits so our mission today like I keep

Saying is to start with the front of the car and make our way back but first off let’s rip everything off this car foreign that’s so gross dude it’s so crusty and old oh no this needed to be replaced dude could be hasn’t seen the light a day for five years

Dude it’s crusty it is crusty this needed to happen but the good thing is all of this is about to completely change so crusty and spider Webby it’s crazy how much different it already looks I mean it’s completely naked everything is off this had oh this thing was really crusty

Give me some gogs we should get Dustin some like snorkeling goggles yes some Gog Safety First People okay we gotta cut some stuff so this actually helps us Mount our um our front fender they want us to cut literally everything off of this like side molding piece and only keep this

Portion so I’m gonna go ahead and eat all this plastic off and this will help us melt new feather because like I said we’re not riveting we’re going to be molding the entire kit so it’s gonna be really nice luckily for us we already have the whole car cut so it’s just

Small things like this I need to get done yeah let’s get started this is all we need it’s beautiful it’s going to go just like boom now we have something to connect our Fender to next up we gotta cut this guy up all the way just how this is

Cut so this guy I’ll just able to melt some somewhere somewhere in here I’m so serious what no tactical dusting yeah look at me this is great hold on I’m ready hold on flip it down dude he looks like Iron Man uh our amazing sponsor Miller of course hooked

Us up with all the safety gear for our welding stuff but this can also be used for Stuff such as grinding and cutting the body off your car so to be safe because I don’t want a blade in my face we’re going to use all the safety stuff

From Miller and next and I mean this should be the last thing that we have to cut um we are going to follow the line of the plastic portion that we have right here just so the actual Fender sits right inside of here so I’m going to cut

All that out and make it sit oh I just got straight back cover but I think I think we can try it out should we try the fender Monumental moment everybody first piece has been open and is going to get tested look at the details on this

It’s so sick make it look so aggressive cars got 500 horsepower to have sick wide body it’s the full package oh my god well that’ll sit in right are you sure about that because I don’t think it does that’s how much wider it is so my previous kit sat right inside of here

And now uh it’s a it’s a little bigger you want to put the wheel on real fast yeah so before we actually tape this and mock it up properly we’re gonna pull the front bumper off and do the front bumper but I’m just curious about how is my wheel gonna fit that’s

Actually perfect what I really want to do is remove some camber and add in some meaty ass tires 285s 295s put down the 500 that we make while still looking big beefy and have the style like this is actually gonna be perfect oh my God and like all of this is gonna

Connect to like carbon accents we’re gonna have a massive so dude we have to literally cut all the way up here take this off all right cut along this line so what is it so if you guys take a look here uh the vars has some really aggressive vents on

Top of the fenders here and with our old kit we I’d obviously have to cut but now since this has vents the vents are the uh the fenders the fender that’s still here shows through the vents so we’re gonna go ahead and cut a little bit more off of our Fender so that

There’s no Fender a pre-existing Fender showing through our Fender vents now if that makes sense so a little bit more to chop off all right okay oh I gotta cut a little bit down here too has to do the job I think no more fenders in our vents guys

That actually fits absolutely perfect that’s pretty insane that is sick it is super aggressive super juicy but it is like elegant you know it’s so dope Fender’s done I think I’m gonna start ripping off the problem all right what’s really cool is this entire kit like pieces together it’s very very nice

And before we can mount the fender we have to mount our new side skill now we’re gonna do this very Loosely like I told you guys this car is going to the body shop as soon as possible and The Body Shop wants all of the stuff not

Pieced together on the car so they can just get right to work so we’re gonna put this on without any of the carbon extensions or anything like that just to see this mocked up to be able to fit all of the front end of the car on to see

How everything fits so go ahead and move to our next peace besides your face dude this car’s gonna be unrecognizable it’s gonna be insane okay so let’s take a look so this is gonna be fairly easy it looks like it’s just tap screws that hold this together and then like I said

It pieces together with the rest of the kit which is how everything holds on together oh that’s nuts that’s a step oh my God this isn’t it we have massive carbon extensions so this is really cool guys take a look the fender actually connects to the side skirt here okay you got it

Yep yep good let’s shoot yes I don’t know I call it on the camera but holy this is this is absolutely ridiculous what is going on oh my God this is this is what we waited 10 years for Tims ever since I got it I’m so glad that you did

This like this is what we’ve always dreamed of man this is I really want to put the back piece on but we’re gonna we gotta wait we gotta wait we gotta wait look at this guys look at this juice oh my God I got the meat baby and it’s so

Cool too because it’s like vented it’s all functional like like I said it’s like the Pinnacle of Motorsports Arrow body kits and it’s insane so like I said we are not gonna be mounting it completely The Body Shop does have a lot of work this kit is fiberglass so there

Is gonna have to be smoothing and everything that’s probably just gonna kill that feel that so this is going to get molded uh typically you would just rivet this in and it would kind of be like well no it’s like we had on my previous kit but all of this is gonna be

Smooth there are no they’re going to be no rivets showing like I said it’s going to be sealed it’s going to be elegant something beautiful and it’s gonna be freaking aggressive let’s give you guys a little tease a little carbon tees you guys know that we love carbon here we

Love our accents we love our aggressive bits and this is pretty insane wait no is it that big what yeah yes oh this is ridiculous you’re in the danger zone it’s a Crocodile Dundee over here this is insane that’s massive you said I’ll eat your dinner holy this car is wild

So I mean we’re not gonna put it on right now but we have massive carbon extensions that go down and flow on the side of the side skirts no words I mean lucky for us we already had the front bumper on so the vars bumpers always look so funky without the front

Lips on them and then you put the front lip on it it’s just insane uh we are going to take all of the carbon pieces to the body shop and get them really coated just for Extra Protection you got it sucked in yeah well this little guy right here happened during shipping and

Uh thankfully this car is going to the body shop anyways and it’s going to get covered up so thankfully just not in half so aside from this everything is really amazing it fits perfectly along with our side skirt um thankfully like I keep saying we’ve already clearanced for this bumper so

There’s no really cutting that we have to do for the front end um and that’s depending on the massive front lips that this thing comes with which you guys will see later on but what this what the front bumper does come with now for the kit is this

And this is how the front bumper is going to mount this is pretty ridiculous okay so this piece now comes over here that’s absolutely ridiculous mine doesn’t really wind up currently but the front bumper is going to mount up where the radiator support is as well as Mount

To our Fender right here and we even have custom little brackets that actually still work down here that will help hold this bumper up um because with the front lip it does become heavy and start to droop so to prevent that we have custom little brackets that we will

Use to hold the front bumper Rod let’s go ahead and tape this up we can see how she looks we’re going to give you guys some sauce here I didn’t want to but it’s only right this looks too good to not show you Madness oh dude it’s it’s a lot of beef here

Look at the size of it it’s just it’s so Jesus right like that oh my God I can’t see it but does it look great it’s huge we’ll get from up here this is totally different it’s completely different thank you insane it’s our mission for today was a

Giant success this is insane I can’t believe how much different it is from the kit that we previously had or just the front lip I mean the amount of girth in this carbon lip is ridiculous the crazy thing like it’s the exact same bumper bumper but with these pieces

That is going to look yeah because that’s incredible a little bit of camber yeah I think we’re gonna get some meteor tires we’re gonna re-barrel this make it look a little bit different she’s gonna be set and ready to go thank you well part one wraps here honestly

Editing this video and filming these videos reminds me of why I love doing what I do so much and it’s bringing back old memories of when I first started working the WX when I first got this car and I’m so excited for you guys to see the finished product of this car because

I really think it’s gonna blow some Minds we have some unique stuff coming up for you guys uh but anyway I’m gonna wrap up editing this video this is part one part two is going to be the rear section of the car and this thing will

Be ready to get dropped off for paint I am so damn excited and I hope you guys are too so that being said I’m gonna go and end today’s video thank you guys so much for watching as always if you haven’t already make sure you hit that

Like button leave us a comment down below and make sure to hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already we have so much coming for you guys and you’re not going to miss out on it once again Nikki McGuire’s and we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out