Dustin Williams Video: I Traveled to HKS For a Secret JDM Project..

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-09 17:15:01
Author: Dustin Williams
Check out HKS here: https://www.hksusa.com/
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Thank you HKS for this amazing opportunity and hearing out my crazy idea! In today’s video, we travel 5 hours to go see HKS USA. I’m so stoked to announce that my R33 GTR will be heading back to SEMA with Advan Racing and I will be working with HKS to build this car!! Today, we pick up a bunch of the parts to start this build.

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Good morning guys we’re going on a road trip well today is definitely something that I never expected but something that’s going to be insane and I will definitely explain more when we actually get there but we are heading all the way to Arizona for a trip to HKS USA we’re

Going to be picking up some parts from them getting a little shop tour and I figured one of our best friends Ryan lives in Arizona might as well make a little trip out of it and take you guys along cuz I mean this is an insane opportunity once we make make it there

I’ll explain to you guys what this is all about but let’s have some fun man so I figured uh we haven’t really driven the fl5 type R and this is such an amazing car let’s make a little road trip out of it so we’re taking the fl5

Heading to Arizona and going to HKS USA it’s going to be a fun one sit back relax and enjoy the video guys 1.9 mil take exit now we also have a hefty 5H hour road trip ahead of us the CTR still currently has 2,000 M just cross 2,000

Mi so this will be a nice way to further break it in put some miles on her and just have some fun that’s what this car is made for so we are going to be using every inch of this ginormous back seat so you guys will see what I mean in just

A bit I’m so pumped for this our first and only stop of the trip the tip bar is so close to making get 400 Mi but we were going to be 50 Mi short it’s always like a game trying to see how good of gas mileage you can get

At least on like road trips I don’t know maybe I’m weird but 32.7 mesp gallon this car is just fantastic so we’re about 2 hours away car is feeling great super comfortable fun to drive perfect road trip car but also but also the perfect tuner car so

We are so close I’ll see you guys when we officially make it to Arizona oh my God 5 r road trip is brutal but Type R very good quick side quest to pick up a special guest that’s going to help film and just hang out with us for our trip but after

Almost 4 500 miles I can most definitely say Type R best car he also doesn’t know that we’re here so let’s go sneak up on him I was like what is that damn this thing is so awesome this is Ryan’s daily Ryan has an assortment of cars but this

Is daily a 2.0 Supra it’s a 2.0 yeah so like everyone asked me why’ you get 2.0 why’ you get two dude this thing gets great gas M gets like 33 miles a gallon yeah it sound crazy dang with some what what color is this

So it’s like a I forget the color it’s like something like I like it it’s dude it’s got like a purple Hue in it just needs some suspension to set it off and it’ll be it’ll be gold the beauty of this is it doesn’t have that electronic

Suspension so I can just put coil on all right food HKS that’s wild that I’m saying that you know if these weren’t like $25,000 over MSRP I probably would have bought one so where we going look at this watch this hold on let’s see will pop up if I just oh look at

This wait listen listen to this listen to this starting route to HKS that’s that’s cool turn left oh they have a little gr Corolla here too dude this is so cool arve what no way H gu are just here in the middle of the desert why is it in

Arizona that’s the real question this is soome this is like 10 minutes from my house it’s like we’re in Japan but we’re in the middle of the desert in Cal in Arizona this is so cool okay well I I’ll explain to you guys when we hop inside we’re going to go meet everybody

On the HKS USA team you guys don’t know now you do there’s an HKS USA side that handles business in America and fortunately for us especially for Ryan it’s only 5 hours from me and 10 minutes from Ryan um but no one really knows about it no you can’t really come here

It’s just for May distrib I don’t know let’s go find out meet meet the team oh okay I need to make a call so cool man B some pieces so I’m going to have a little meeting with HKS but before we do that we’re going to get

A little tour of HKS which is probably looks a little weird to you guys cuz it’s like a doctor’s office in here but like I said it’s all like operations between Japan and us and maybe marketing distribution all that kind of stuff here they do have a small Warehouse on the

Back where they’re housing a couple of cars and maybe even some parts which there’s making sure that we can film everything I don’t know if there’s any confidential information back there but uh oh it’s so good oh okay wow 0 to 100 through the door yes oh my gosh so HKS

Demo Supra with the full wide body on it wow is this another sign we saw banana super on the way here it would really suck if you had to buy one of those dude a GT we got the 86 wi body without the wing kind of too yeah it’s

Sweet man I love that they both have white Advent GTS what do you got there oh my gosh just going to take it for a oh take it for a rip yeah okay wow it feels so beefy yeah oh braed L Max seats as well in here

Let me uh let me get set up here gosh it’s almost like you need one it’s not every day you get just sit in HKS demo Supra so that is pretty insane man Wow Let’s what are you guys doing to the Z okay so everybody this is kaito this is who I’ve

Been speaking with over at HKS and secret project that we have going on but before we hop into all that um give us a little tour of of HKS here so it’s very small in the US yeah uh basically we do a lot of prepping for show cars

Especially for SEMA or or if we do any like I guess R&D I guess uh we don’t have any Engineers so we don’t actually produce any products here right so this kind of like for distribution and marketing for here in the US uh it’s mostly for marketing as well as getting

In touch with our authorized you they have some special projects going on with the Z which is not what we’re working on but it’s very very cool what are the plans for the Z I saw you guys have a new widebody coming out is that going to

Be on keep it under WRA so this is this will be at their SEMA Booth this coming year which they’re kind of keeping it under wraps on what’s going to go down but judging by the other two demo cars I’m sure you guys can put two and two

Together what’s going to go down with this wow I think we might need some H an HKS exhaust I love the red too you really don’t see many of the these out so this is super cool but like I explained to you guys it is a little bit small here

But they have some parts some demo cars and they do a lot of their marketing here for the USA side so pretty freaking cool to see in person so more on the cars later now we got to get down to the fun stuff we did it this is going to be insane I

Think it’s time we tell you guys what exactly is going down here now the thing about this is all of this is going to have to fit into the typ bar now I guess while K while Kaio is sorting through all the parts they have here I guess I should

Tell you why EX exactly we’re here it’s for this boat this year has been so crazy for us from getting the WX ready to be at SEMA so now getting the Z ready to be at SEMA today I can’t believe I’m about to announce this but we have another car

Not not finally but we have we have two more cars going but for today the r33 GTR is officially going to SEMA and it’s going with Advan racing wheels to make this build really special you guys know the 33 GTR needs a lot of Lo aside from

Just getting new wheels for SEMA I wanted to do something very special for this build I think throughout my entire you know YouTube history and career and you know all the cars that we’ve built one of my favorite Parts manufacturers companies somebody that I I truly love

Is HKS and I thought for the r33 what better way to build this car for SEMA than to use all HKS so I decided to reach out to HKS and get everything that I wanted for the r33 GTR and that is why we are here today I came out to HKS and

Got almost every piece that I would do to put my take on an HKS demo car now we’re building the r33 GTR like like I said pretty much like I were to personally build hkss demo card so I can’t believe we’re working side by side

With HKS on this and being able to you know build the r33 GTR of my dreams and granted this is just a start this is an incredible start now I don’t think we’ll unbox everything today I just wanted to take you guys along for this like for me

At least historic moment I mean 20-year-old me or you know I was 16 when I started this YouTube channel 16-year-old Dustin would be so proud and in shock to know that he’s number one I’m in hkss that’s number one that’s freaking cool but number two to be able

To be building you know what I could consider an HKS demo card for me personally that’s just absolutely mind-blowing and quality of the parts the caliber of the parts they speak for themselves and when we get this St back to the shop that’s when we’ll start the

Build and you know show you guys the surprise at the end uh we did have a little meeting today on you know some cool ideas that we wanted to bounce off of each other and I think when you guys see this card SEMA you are going to be

Absolutely shocked but anyways I think I’ve explained it enough here we’re going to let Kito come in here and piece out these parts we’re going to pull the fl5 back here and hopefully be able to load all this stuff we’ll we’ll see also 37-year-old me losing his mind let alone

16-year-old him so yeah yeah totally that’s going to fit oh that’ll fit oh dud we’re so good yeah we’re good oh this isn’t the exhaust no that’s got to be the exhaust the exhaust no way I think everybody here will be surprised at what can fit in a

Typon you’re taking that out of the box no oh yeah no way that’s going in the car and that’s got to be coilovers yeah even a year ago when we visited HKS in Japan never in a million years would I think that you know I would be here

And you know being able to be working with you guys this is the beginning you guys know um there’s a lot more to a build but this is what we can get currently uh in time for sea at least so afterwards I think there will be some

Some really cool plans coming up but for now I cannot even believe all of this stuff was about to go on the GTR so let’s load her up in the uh in the ti bar literally talk about overnight parts from Japan I just driving from the front

Of the lot to the back of the lot put in perspective I literally drove to HKS and we’re picking up parts for my SEMA r33 GTR what the is going on we were in that meeting and I’m I’m a fly in the wall I’m losing my mind

Listening to them like you guys don’t even have any idea like no idea it’s crazy okay ex exhaust first both of you kaido what do you think I’m honestly surprised listen Okay I want everybody to hear this right now I drove 5 hours from California to here 34 m per gallon

Won first place at my recent time attack event and just fit an entire HKS exhaust lost everything else in this maybe this is this is questionable the both of these are questionable the other two will go in the other two will for sure go in that’s

Impressive push it to the side we might be able to get yeah yeah see that is I am actually I’m eating my own words right now is it going to go in there no way no shot I don’t it is though what everything’s going to fit

WIP wipe in the cardboard boxes this how you know it’s good look at reason number 896 while you need to type R you’re fit antire r33 GTR building here easy oh shock get out of here dude damn oh dude that red is so good

Wow so before we head out I had to get a picture with the fo5 with all of the HKS demo cars it’s only right in front of the building so let’s head up front and get some shots all the HKS USA demo cards in one place

With my typ bar at HKS USA this is actually wild never in a million years would I have ever thought we would be here right now be here sweating this is crazy 107° definitely a bucket list item that I never even could have dreamed about checked off the list today they’re

Moving the demo cars back in it is a scorcher out here today they’re moving the cars back in and they actually have a little location if they want to take us to to show off a couple of things so we’re going to head to one more location

With the HKS team and check out what they have in store for us but freaking cool to be able to get shots in front of hcast with the sign with the demo cars I mean come on insane once in a lifetime opportunity I’m so excited guys so

Excited for the future and as quickly it’s like hitting me all at once being able to do this and thank you guys so much much and because of you guys you make this possible and I’m so excited for the future let’s see this thing roll

Out so we tell them where we’re I don’t know where we’re going but hkss has a secret that they are taking us to I guess they have some demo cards so I know I know where we’re going and I’ve wanted to go here for a while now um I know he’s

Going to love it you guys are going to think it’s sick um I guess I can sort of say there’s some cool cars there okay so I think I my guess is we’re going to some kind of collection that has some cool hkss cars maybe or something you’re

Close anyways we’re following the HKS Corolla and we’ll see you guys when we get to our undisclosed location I’m just letting you know it’s going to be insane yes you’re going to your jaw is going to drop to the floor but we’re here so we’ll see you guys in a sec holy

wow you to guess what it was y he trying to guess you have RBS too yeah yeah I guess what is this place called what is this am my secret Batcave of amazing JDM Cars just wait that’s I mean there’s better what where are we quick little backstory from

HKS here this was the first ever first ever full HKS 2.8 L car broke records at a couple of different tracks and Jordan here who owns this entire collection of just insane cars bought it it’s really cool I guess they wanted to come show me

Cuz it’s a 33 can we uh pop the hood have you driven it is the real question oh yeah yes quite quite a on the street it’s got uh they put uh brake lights on it power windows so oh my gosh totally look this WOW think you D this quite good actually yeah

Proba that’s pel pump dudee the fuel pump is gnarly look at the titanium so this is all done inh housee at HS wow titanium intake right here ridiculous insane thank you dude this is one of the coolest pieces about the whole car in my so all the guys I asked but I wanted

Them to like be on the car forever oh my gosh everybody that built the car signed dude what a cool piece like that’s like the forever car you know oh dude forever yeah I mean like there’s there’s really no amount of money you know I think

Everything can be for sale to a degree but not this car that is like sentimental value that is so cool dude Mak sense yes dude what a man cave this is insane I never go home it’s hard there’s a shower proba wouldn’t look at this that’s so cool so much like little

Memorabilia stuff dude this all right guys we’re going to have to come back here to make an entire video on the collection cuz I oh it slides oh not only does he have an insane Sim setup but look at this view dude look at the he’s got this is absolutely gold we’re going

To come back and we’re going to make an entire video on this at at some point man thank you so much I appreciate it dude awesome you oh and right back out to oh my God that was the craziest day ever and we’re not even done we’re not

Even done have dinner tonight okay well that collection was insane like I told you guys we are definitely going to make it back down here for track day and come see this guys and get a full video on this guy’s collection um insane but for now I’m exhausted we’re going to go hang

Out at Ry ‘s house for a little bit and then we have dinner with the HKS gu so see you guys at Ryan’s apartment he we are finally home guys know those like really long trips but really quick trips at the same time this felt like one of

Those and a really eye openening trip that that really put things into a perspective for me and one of those holy moments just being in HKS so like I said when I was there thank you guys so much for making all of this a reality

For me and this is just one more insane project that we have to wrap up this year and there’s even more that I haven’t told you guys about but of course as you guys know the typar the typar made this 10hour road trip absolutely fantastic a fun comfortable

Car with tons of storage that we stuffed all of this HKS stuff in for the r33 GTR build now over the next few videos you guys will see the r33 GTR build it’s going to start with all of this and end with a major surprise that you guys will

Get to see revealed at SEMA and I am so damn excited but I’m going to go and end this video here I’m sure this is a long one so those of you guys that have stayed this long thank you so much this is truly a dream come true for me I mean

15-year-old Dustin when he started this YouTube channel would have had number one no idea that we would ever have a dream shop like this but also so to be working hand in hand with HKS and you know building a car of my dreams for the Advan racing booth is truly unbelievable

Um we have a lot of work to do I’m going to wrap this one up we’re going to get started as always thank you guys for watching if you have not already please hit that like button leave us a comment down below let’s do uh I feel like it’s

Appropriate to do a # do more for today’s comment #d do more and don’t forget to subscribe we will see you guys for the next one peace out