Dustin Williams Video: I Let My Wife Modify My Truck..

I Let My Wife Modify My Truck..

Posted: 2023-07-17 17:00:13
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video we continue with the build of my 2024 Chevy 2500HD! The goal with this truck build is to build the ultimate, all-in-one Overland/track day hauler. Today, we installed bed rack so we can start adding accessories!
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*2015 Subaru WRX*
APR Performance GTC300 Carbon wing
Work Meister 18×11 +15 265/35
Crown Carbon Crafting Widebody
Seibon Carbon fiber hood
Tomei Exhaust
Invidia Catless Downpipe
Fujitsubo Headers
ETS intake
Cobb AP
Pro Tune
Fortune Auto 510 Coilovers
Sway away front/rear sway bars & end links

*2005 Mitsubishi Evo VIII*
Voltex Front Bumper
VIS Carbon Duckbill Trunk
Rays Gram Lights 18×9.5 +12
Tomei Expreme Catback Exhaust

Dustin Williams Video Transcript

What’s up guys welcome back to the channel welcome back for another episode in the the operation ultimate rig operation Expedition we keep trying to yeah you can’t come out okay really fast I do want to say thank you guys for all the support on the first truck build

Episode I didn’t realize how many of you guys would actually be interested in an Overland truck so I think it’s really cool but number two a lot of you guys don’t like the great white buffalo meat they’re not into it really yeah it’s either too many people have used it in

The past or doesn’t fit I don’t know never heard of it me neither but they they apparently they I want to know okay all right then what are their suggestions I’m gonna throw one out the yeti that’s a good one have you ever heard of that one yes I feel like

Everyone called yeah I don’t know I want to see their suggestions okay operation to be continued sure we’ll figure it out today we got some really big mods for the truck and I’m super excited because this is the the like the really I guess you could call start of the bill so we

Have two massive boxes here and before we begin I have to give a big thank you to our friends over at Trail built off-road for partnering with us on our Overland truck build I’m very excited because we used them when we did the jeep jeep came out fantastic I expect

None other than that for the truck now today we have two of our bigger mods which we’re gonna go ahead and quickly unbox now the real yeah the real challenge here is hey I would like to point out I’m now wearing closed-toed shoes those don’t even count tell me

What you meant but if you watched the first video if you know you know as I was saying the real challenge here is it’s when when you boil it all down it’s basically just me here so you’re more of like that might be the worst thing you’ve ever said to me emotional

Support but these are two very very heavy pieces of equipment that we’re gonna have to assemble oh geez that’s some good guns we’re gonna do our best today literally weighs three times as much as I yeah we’re gonna do our best today and we’re gonna hop right into it let’s get started I

Already know what you’re to do Dustin waits for any excuse to use his little knife that he got I love things this is my top snives FDX 66 Lincoln bio just cut it really is just cut the Box open it’s a good it’s a good night oh my God did you just freeze

Oh oh man This is going to make an absolute mess but it’s going to be let’s see what we have here there’s really seafoam this whole thing yeah now to be completely honest I’m not a hundred percent sure what we have in these boxes I know what they are but I don’t know what kind of

Thing they are so we we’re trying to find stuff that was in stock and readily available to start the truck fuel because we do have a little Adventure that we’re taking at the end of August and I wanted the truck to be able to do that so let’s just this is like How much fun does this look like do you want my honest answer yes it’s gonna be a lot of fun it’s gonna be sweet think of it think of it as a really heavy duty Ikea set wait that’s so true yeah you’re right okay so let me tell you guys so what we

Have here is the addictive desert designs Chase Overland rack which is gonna be really sick now this is kind of like stage one of how I want the Overland build to be so we wanted a rack to be able to mount things on like a tent different equipment that we need

Um all of the good stuff just just in case we need anything and that’s where this comes in it comes completely disassembled and we have to figure out how to melt this guy onto the truck do we know how to do that absolutely not but Tiana’s very good at building Ikea

Things so I think we can I think we can figure it out anyways this is gonna be really sick and this is Step number one of turning this truck into the ultimate Oh come on God pay attention Okay what I am Gathering is that this is going to go in between the bed and the rack itself but now that I’m looking at it I probably need an extra pair of hands so if you want to something else Foreign I think we’re looking good so far I think we’re gonna move on to the next step and put the crossbars over Okay so this one though is different than all the rest because this has the hard 90 angle and neither one of these do so that’s either the closest or the

Furthest probably closest okay look at this we’re really doing it that’s pretty cool so we have our first Cross Beam on and the goal here is to get it as even as possible so do you think that we should put bolts in this and then do these three next or no we

Should do these two yes put them all without bolts and then see how you like it you just love it hauling some race cars in this bad boy and camping at the track oh geez going to be sure it looks really good on does it look sick yeah it’s perfect I love

The matte block okay so next up cross beams yes let’s do it Nice like I said we gotta make it all even but I like it Oh okay last one ready then we can get the full look at least before we tighten all the bolts shove her in powder down spanking hell yeah that’s freaking dope it looks so cool this thing isn’t even like that really like I know we haven’t put all

The bolts in and tightened it but that was not difficult at all no I don’t know and it’s like super solid too I mean obviously we gotta we haven’t even put any bolts in or anything but I want to drop down and see what it looks like let’s check it out

Damn that is pretty sick I love the look that it gives it’s just like this is what I had in mind for the truck that is so gnarly okay gives it more like of an aggressive look you know it’s definitely more yeah 100 that’s super dope it looks

It changes the whole the whole truck yeah it does for real that’s crazy heck yeah that’s what I wanted okay did it now to bolt everything in make sure she’s mounted hardcore and I think we’ll be good for the rack update I think we’ve put in like 57 bolts

So you have to do four at the top if that works for your truck because again it’s all Universal then two on this side two on this side on every one so now we are tightening all of the top ones and then we’re gonna tighten the ones that

We did down here at the bottom for the sides but this is pretty much let me step back this is how it’s gonna look and honestly it was not that difficult could have been worse now the difficult part is tightening 50-something bolts how much are you sweating right now it’s

A good sweat doing like a little rice for moms anymore these are manly mods that take muscle heavy steel this thing is freaking in there we’ve got everything bolted down and we have a fully functional roof rack do some dips there’s nothing more American than this picture right here it honestly looks so

Good it looks sick right yeah look at that bad boy oh man where’s the nut button when you need it this thing is thing is sick it came out so good unfortunately we uh it’s eight o’clock we ran out of time for the secondary package we have

In here so oh guess that means we’re gonna have to make another vid you guys have to wait for uh the next episode to see what we have going on to this bad boy maybe a little bit of time since we’re traveling We’ll order some more

Stuff to mount on this thing so we can just do like a full Bedrock assembly thing you know what I’m saying but for now let’s actually close the bed and really check this thing out it looks so sick I know dude you’re shaking the whole truck

Super melting yeah so the drug or they do recommend to like retain everything after 100 miles which we’re gonna do and just periodically check on it since it’s not like welded in or anything like that but I mean this thing’s pretty damn solid I’m just stoked at how it looks and all

The stuff will be able to put on it because I like stuff you know what I’m saying I was waiting for I like stuff with this install done we can head on oh that’s some real look at that if you guys want anything for your off-road build Jeep truck 4Runner or

Whatever the case check out Trail build I’m gonna leave them in the description box below it’ll be the first link for you guys to check out in case you want anything having to do with off-road over Landing they’ve got it covered obviously super sick so we’re just gonna go ahead

Clean up wrap up everything and we’re good to go for today Oh what do we think unreal or anything else oh I didn’t even think about that look at this bad boy holy moly this is a tactical machine White Eagle I think we have to go with white eagle we’re gonna let the comments decide all right fight it out I think

The build series is Expedition operation Expedition too I don’t know help me I don’t know this is so damn sick though look at this guys she is coming along it’s crazy how little of a thing like little you know quotations of a thing that is but makes such a big difference difference with

The truck can do gas cans I was just gonna say you gotta get the gas cans on the side watch it oh this bad boy up here this thing’s gonna come really in handy with everything that we have planned I’m so still this is so rad all right

Let’s head back up also shout out to diodynamics the lights are still looking super good we do need to figure out our fog light still but we’re working on it Thank you from Italy what’s up guys a little bit weird ending of the video but me and Tiana are actually having a little summer vacation here in Italy traveling the country if you guys have been following along with Instagram or my other socials you would know this is

Tiana’s bucket list like dream trip and we’re actually traveling across trying to travel across the entire country of Italy and uh we are currently on the Amalfi Coast and it is absolutely stunning I wanted to let you guys know that I do have videos pre-filmed for the

Entire time that we’re out of town so I think we’re in Italy for 12 days so the next few videos that you guys get are pre-filmed but wanted to make sure that you guys have content rolling out as we’re still here so I’ll be editing and reading comments and stuff like that of

Course but wanted to update you guys on our little adventure adventure that is back trying to take a little bit of a break and relax it’s been super crazy and it’s gonna get even more crazy and I told you guys we have lots of travel

Coming up in this is one of our big trips and it’s been absolutely fantastic so far if you guys want to keep up with all of the travel stuff that I do follow my Instagram you guys know that one of my favorite things to do is Adventure

And explore and travel so I do post a lot of that let me know if you guys want to see an Italy video should I film like a travel Vlog of us through Italy it’s already been about four days so I’m a little bit late on it but I’m curious to

See if you guys would be interested in watching that and seeing some of the places that we go because this is by far we’ve done Rome so far and we are on our last day of the Amalfi Coast before we head up to Tuscany and like I said it’s

Just been absolutely amazing we just got back from the beach we were actually right over there where you see all of the houses and the places and the mountains over there called um you know I forgot what it’s called what was that place called that we were just at

All the houses and the buildings and the mountains are it’s a city called Positano at the beach and it was absolutely insane one of the craziest places I’ve ever been in my entire life so if you guys want to see some of that let me know but be sure to follow my

Instagram so you guys can stay up to date with all of the amazing stuff that we’re doing but I wanted to quickly end this video and let you guys know that even though we’re on vacation I’ll still be working and reading all the comments and really quickly I also want to say

Thank you guys so much for all the support on a Porsche reveal I literally cannot believe it I mean it’s something that’s so different and I was a little bit nervous actually but I’m so excited you guys are just as stoked as I am and this build is going to be absolutely

Fantastic once we get back that’s when the build starts but for now I have some pre-recorded videos like I said to make sure you guys have content rolling out so with that being said thank you guys so much for watching today’s video if you haven’t already make sure to hit

That like button leave me a comment down below let us know if you want a Little Italy Vlog and make sure to hit that subscribe button we’re gonna go back to enjoying the day and I’ll see you guys in the next video Foreign