Dustin Williams Video: I Imported THE Tokyo Drift Evo to JAPAN!

Posted: 2023-08-10 17:00:20
Author: Dustin Williams
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WE ACTUALLY DID IT!!! From finding this car 2 years ago, getting it running 15 years later, and now we finally got the Tokyo Drift Evo to JAPAN! We have SO MUCH planned while this car is out here and i can’t wait to take you guys along. In today’s video, we pick up the Tokyo Drift Evo from the Japanese port and get it ready for Fuel Fest!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Laughs Thank you Ohio good morning guys off to a good start like I told you guys yesterday today is Judgment Day luckily we’re able to get a ton of work done this morning I got up at like 4 30 a.m just because time Jane it was definitely worth it we have a little bit

Of time before Masa comes and picks us up and we head to customs for our secret Japan car project you guys aren’t caught up to date on what we’re doing on this Japan trip go check out the first episode the video before this one what starter day out we have my usual

Convenient breakfast onigiri and some Boss Coffee Come by foreign the Japan saga continues today we are finally heading to customs to hopefully release the secret Japan car my best guess is that it’s going to take at least a day to do it so obviously we hope they release it today but if they do release it I’m thinking it’ll be

Tomorrow but today is absolutely a necessity dude it is pouring now an absolute necessity because I had to be here in person to show documentation on the car as well as my physical in-person passport so we’re heading to Yokohama to go to the Japanese Port hopefully

Release my car from customs and now it’s absolutely poor drenching one thing I don’t think I I remember to mention to you guys is we actually traveled to Japan during a typhoon multiple typhoons so I don’t know if it’s gonna hit us directly but we are

Going to get all of the app mouth and reign of it so just to add to the whole fun story aspect of everything we’re also here during a downpour foreign Let’s do this thing fingers crossed boys put some good luck down in the comments for us we’re doing the dang thing Come on But it’s technically if everything goes as planned and there’s no hiccups at the Port all the paperwork is okay the car should be released tomorrow morning so I mean everything up into this point has gone absolutely crazy so hopefully this is a good sign it’s just gonna work it’s

A recipe for Success when nothing goes as planned everything is a headache it waits the last minute it’ll just work out but everything was dropped off at all the correct paperwork now it’s just a waiting game and yep we can figure out what to do today for the rest of the day

I can’t believe I’m saying this surely after we dropped the paperwork off me and Masa were getting lunch and we got the call we’re gonna do it let’s go the New Japan car is being released from customs and we’re actually going to get it today but first

We’re gonna go pick up all the paperwork so this is your passport here we go and I think we need this because Nissan told me to keep it in stock it is officially official Masa we’re heading to pick up the car this is insane I cannot believe this is a real

Life right now I I think by this point you guys know exactly what car we’re picking up from the dock but it’s still hard for me to believe that this is actually happening all right let’s head to the shipyard and pick up my car Thank you So fun fact about where we’re heading right now this area where we’re picking the car up from is daikoku and this is actually the main purpose of what daikoku is for my videos you guys know that that’s probably the largest and most well-known car meat or car show

Spot in Japan well its main purpose is actually a port for importing and exporting and a large importing and exporting of vehicles and that’s where our vehicle is being imported from and we’re actually I can’t believe we’re picking up this specific car from freaking daikoku this is just insane oh

Yeah I hope like you guys understand how crazy of I mean this was years in the making and months and months of planning paperwork I mean we’ll talk about it later but right now I think we’re about to pull into where my car currently is oh I see it I see it

Here it’s really here okay I’m like a little kid right now guys I’m so sorry okay I gotta grab the paperwork it’s time I can’t even talk I’m absolutely speechless that this is here right now Masa wow we freaking did it I guess it’s time say hello to the Tokyo Drift Evo

In Tokyo You guys are not going crazy I’m not going crazy we shipped my Tokyo Drift Evil all the way from America to Japan to be our new Japan car we can’t drive the 34 anymore and I figured I was thinking about purchasing another car and then I remembered we have the actual

Tokyo Drift Evo why don’t we bring it home and have a real Tokyo Drift experience in freaking Japan and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do Tokyo Drift Evo has made it all the way to Japan now the real question is will it start I cannot believe this right now there’s

So many factors that I’m like how am I going to drive this thing here how am I going to do tolls I have so many questions I’m so stressed out and I’m so happy all at the same time this is going to be insane oh God oh god oh go out out out

It’s so rainy time of the car yeah so oh my God we’re literally about to drive the car for its first time ever in Japan and it’s pouring so we need to grab these slips back to the office over there so yeah just oh my God

This is so humid and sweaty and gross and I can’t roll the windows down because it’s pouring that’s all gonna work out it’s all fine oh now oh my gosh it’s literally pouring outside okay we’re gonna go try and find some shaded area no so this is real life we had to pull

Over and get a couple of shots because I just like dude a 15 year old me watching Tokyo Drift looking at this car right here in Sun’s Garage in Han’s Garage in Tokyo Drift inspiring me to get into JDM Cars I own the actual Tokyo Drift Evo

And we delivered it all the way to Tokyo what it’s just dude remember 15 year old me couldn’t believe it 20 year old me with the white Evo wouldn’t believe it I still don’t believe it in the cars here we have so much planned for you guys we

Wanted to stop in this little box we have an insane view of the Bay Bridge right behind us I mean this really feels like it’s home we are just gonna have so much fun with the Tokyo Drift Evo taking it to the Tokyo Drift spots taking it to

Meets showing it around it’s going to fuel Fest So speaking of that we’re running a little bit late so we gotta drop this thing off the top rank so they can trailer it to fuel Fest but we had to stop get some shots in before we we

Go drop it off for the day me and Masa came up with this idea exactly exactly yeah there we go so remember guys when we went to uh the Tokyo Drift Toge with the R34 when when we went to this restaurant place we talked about I I had

This idea of bringing this exact car to freaking Japan and we did it we forget it believe what we’re done I have to ex I have to explain so much to you guys but right now is not the time I’m just so freaking pumped I’m gonna get some

Footage we got to go to the gas station and we have an hour and a half two hour drive to PDI so we should get going Oh ready let’s hit some gas station yes Oh my God It’s hot it’s humid I’m sweatier than I’ve ever been in my whole life but this is gonna be so worth it our first Japan fill-up and also doesn’t help that this car is extremely difficult to fill up in the first place but uh working good so far very weird

Driving left hand drive on the left hand side of the road much more difficult than driving right hand drive I it’s weird it’s gonna take something used to let’s go to top rank Here we go first drive on the expressways of Tokyo what they don’t tell you about Japan how bad a traffic is I probably brought this hurricane at the worst time possible because it’s hot it’s humid and it’s really really wet it’s been traffic for a while longer so you guys it’s offering Foreign Foreign All right ah we made it On I cannot get over the fact that Evo is at Top Rank right now it’s just such a different experience you guys are so used to seeing and I’m used to seeing the R34 GTR here and now we actually have one one of my cars from America

Here in such an iconic car as well I mean this is just it’s insane back to what I was saying we have a very busy couple of days coming up uh fuel Fest is actually in two days and none of the car made it the car is gonna be at the top

Ranked booth at fuel Fest Japan in Fuji Speedway which is so cool and they’re actually kind enough to trailer their car up for me they’ll have to drive it up and they can load it in early for me and then uh once fuel Fest is over I’ll

Have the car completely for the rest of my time in Japan to do whatever we want so Toge runs night runs daikoku I mean just so much awesome stuff with the Evo coming up but we’re gonna be leaving it here today at Top Rank so they can take

It to fuel Fest and we got all the top ranked guys geeking out here it’s it’s just so cool and it’s so rare to see if left-hand drive cars here Laughs [Applause] This is where we leave the Evo this is where we leave the Evo and we’ll see her at fuel Fest that’s insane dude this car’s literally gonna be at Fuji Speedway in hokane I mean it’s just blowing my mind now back to Tokyo for some dinner before dinner we’re making a quick pit

Stop and give you guys an Insider look at how muscle lives uh I don’t think I’ve ever been inside of a Japanese apartment so it’s gonna be a fun actually not the while I went to your parents house yeah I miss Mama and Papa Masa yeah let’s see uh the Masa household foreign

That’s exactly what it was wasn’t there let me see dude this is pretty sick actually dude yeah so this is uh this is Masters you have like a little upstairs storage area yeah that’s the Loft this is masa’s crib it is my it’s my crib dude I would love to

Get something like this just so I could have like a like a mini garage and like a mini how like if I could find a house that was this side that had a one garage space underneath it and like this is above the garage instant buy this is so

Dope but I’m gonna come get some stuff for Masa and then we’re I think we’re gonna get Yakiniku tonight sounds good after a super long day all right let’s get out of this freaking sweat dungeon dude time for dinner Perfect way to end a super long and exhausting day but it kind of sucks that we have to drop off the car before fuel Fest but we have it all for next week which I’m super excited for and it gives us some time to rest and process everything and

It won’t be as hot for me driving up to Hong Kong it was just almost well exactly a year ago we talked about this and now you’ve driven it dude it’s so crazy we driven it through Tokyo we drove it through actually parked at Tatsumi for a little bit Yeah guys we

Have so many awesome plans I mean ideally hopefully that on this trip we have some time to take it through Shibuya Crossing and like kind of recreate that iconic scene from from Tokyo Drift But like I said so many plans if you guys have any suggestions

Or anything that you want to see with the car here in Tokyo let us know down in the comments but uh we’re gonna enjoy some of me oh well that is a wrap for day one with the Evo officially in Japan oh man I am completely and totally wiped out really

Quickly I just want to talk about how much this actually means to me I mean you guys know how big of a role Tokyo Drift played in me just even becoming a car guy and discovering JDM car culture and how much it meant to me while I was

Able to find that Evo and revive it and now to actually take it to Tokyo it’s hard to find words on how grateful and how just unbelievable of an experience this is like in my head I’m trying to come up with words to describe to you guys and I’m just speechless man there’s

So much that I want to do while it’s out here and while it can’t stand definitely um we are going to have it out here for for an entire year so throughout this year we’re going to be taking it all over to different together is all over to different movie locations to

Different cruises shows I mean we’re gonna get the most out of it and I’m so damn excited it really feels like this car is home I mean I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate you know still having the Tokyo Drift Evo and really celebrating that we’re even able to

Revive that thing after 15 years this is the perfect full circle moment of being able to take this car out here and just really appreciate and have fun with it like it was meant to like it was meant to I mean really living in the footsteps

Of Sean from the movie it’s just oh my gosh it’d be so crazy when we take it to Shibuya Crossing and just all this all the places I’m excited and I hope you guys are too um it is a huge accomplishment and a huge bucket list item for me I mean you

Have no idea how hard we’ve worked on this and the opportunities that fell through because of because of uncertainties with this car you making it or what’s going to happen if I can’t drive it or Insurance the registration out here I mean the fact that we got

Registration to be able to drive this thing freely for an entire year is insane the risks that we took all the money spent for this and it all paid off we really did it oh today is a good day very successful day but uh I’m gonna do a little bit of work

Here I’m so tired the heat really takes out of you and that drive from Yokohama all the way to top ranking chibo is brutal so I’m gonna try and do a little bit of work get some rest and uh get ready for the long rest of the trip

Because coming up is fuel Fest and then lots of travel around and shooting with the Evo so get ready hope you guys are excited this is definitely a different Japan trip than or used to but it’s gonna be worth it and the memories that are going to be made with this car on

Japanese soil is just imagine when the thing goes back to back to the US I mean the stories ah anyways I could go on for forever so I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this video up thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed episode two

Vlog number two daily Vlog number two there’s so much more left so stay tuned if you guys haven’t already make sure you hit that like button don’t forget to subscribe we’re on the road to a million and leave us a comment down below we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out Foreign