Dustin Williams Video: I Got the Keys to an NSX Type S!

Posted: 2023-09-18 17:00:06
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thank you to @BridgestoneChannel for having me out to this amazing test day! Today we got to test the brand new Potenza Race tires on the Acura NSX Type S and we also got to drive my favorite tires, the RE71RS, on a TCA Civic Si race car!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign At least this time we get to race some cars quick hit stop before we head on the plane good morning dude let’s go cheers all right now we can go to the airport Thank you I literally can’t believe I’m doing this again you have TSA pre-check right yeah I think uh that would have been that would have been strike one biggest advice TSA pre-check plus clear that’s the way to do it all right ready for your first Adventure I’m ready let’s go

Oh my god dude clear Game Changer right best thing ever the lady really hooked it up walking you all the way through and I’m feeling good that’s today’s advice clear plus free check Next Adventures taking us to Atlanta hi hi thank you accomplishing that doesn’t work see you guys thank you Have a good one thank you We made it oh well that escalated quickly welcome to Atlanta this trip we are super official we have traveled again I literally can’t believe I’m like living out of a hotel basically we’ve traveled all the way to Atlanta to race some really cool cars and I’m super stoked if

You guys have been watching me for a while you know how this goes we had a dinner tonight and it ran super long and I was doing some work so today I didn’t really didn’t really film too much today but tomorrow we’re gonna be racing some really awesome cars driving on some

Really amazing tires and I get to take you guys along and I am so excited for what tomorrow is going to bring and I think you guys are gonna be pretty stoked on the cars gonna be racing tomorrow and getting take you guys along for uh but anyways it’s midnight and I

Have an early wake-up call tomorrow let’s get some sleep in I’ll see you in the morning That’s almost like welcome to Atlanta Motorsports Park last time we were here we had a great time racing some cars but today we’re here for something a little bit different again we are here with Bridge shown and I could not be any more excited usually when it’s a Bridgestone event we have a

Lot of fun and today we’re here for a very unique opportunity to not only race some cars but also test out some really awesome tires you guys watch the channel for a while and watch all of the competition the racing stuff you guys know that I love to run the Potenza re71

RS which we’re going to be driving today with a bunch of other tires as well but this is a very unique Driving Experience because we’re not just racing any cars we’re racing some pretty insane Vehicles today first up we’re gonna be racing the Acura NSX Type S but then moving along

To the TCR Honda Civic SI so we are getting to also work a little bit with Honda and Acura today and testing out the Bridgestone tires on their cars it’s going to be a fantastic day and I can’t wait to take you guys along I’m so what

A unique experience this is insane to seeing the lineup is into the SI yes so this is going to be really cool like I told you guys I run the Potenza re71 RS which we’re going to be driving in the TCR Honda Civic SI which you know we

Model my type R after a lot of the TCR car has been developed so incredibly and we kind of take what they do with the TCR cars and develop it a little bit into what we do with our Type R we’re gonna be running the audio swrs on the

SI but we’re actually testing out bridgestone’s new tire today which is the Potenza race on the NSX and thankfully or the group that gets to take the NSX out first later on we’re going to nerd out get some science aspects in there of the difference between what the Potenza race is versus

What the Potenza re71 RS is but finally get to drive an NSX on track last time we were with Bridgestone I think we were doing the winter driving school we actually got to drive the NSX in the snow and that just made me really fall in love with the newer NSX nobody

Actually get to drive them on track and at a really incredible track we’re gonna have some fun but also we have a couple other modules today with uh Nissan Z a BRZ and somewhat autocross driving it’s just gonna be an entire experience so let’s go ahead and get started we’re

Going to hop into the NSX The other one the yellow dog here we’ve got the banana NSX now it’s only right it’s only a sign it’s only right that you get I gotta get the yellow ones I’m so excited to actually get one of these on track so we’ll be racing in the Potenza race Tire which is kind of a spec below the re71 RS which is fine it’s more of a Supercar performance hpde track tire so um kind of like a Str more of a Streeter

Version of the re71 RS we got the banana NSX let’s do it all right while we’re driving I figured overlay some knowledge for you guys on these tires because they do have some really awesome options and a application for for any type of driving like I said

We’re on the Potenza race tires right here these are a step under the re71 RS and this is kind of for your daily driver but also your attractive you’re gonna be a lot more comfortable a lot more noise resistant if you are a every once in a while track guy and uh you’re

Looking for something that you can drive to and from the track in but still have full comfortability on the street the Potenza race is probably Dude okay there’s a pack unreal the car is like actually like pretty squirrely it’s a lot of fun these tires are definitely a little bit less grippy than the re71 rs’s but it’s like expected but your NSX is incredible so good it just looks and sounded amazing out there it’s

So much fun they play it right after the NSX we get to hop into the TCR Civic SI which if you guys don’t know is the purpose-built race car for Honda that they developed for their actual racing and we get to go drive it right now a

Test the RS7 Morris is as you guys know that’s what I run on my car this is going to be very similar to the type R obviously way more developed let’s go take a look at it absolutely ridiculous I think we’ll get a better in-depth look in just a bit but

I gotta hop in and get strapped in and all that good stuff and let’s go have some fun Foreign that’s like my dream S all right I don’t think I really need to talk too much on the re71 RS is these kind of speak for themselves this tire is developed to go as fast as humanly possible as fast as you’re able to and from my personal experience they are fast they’re consistent they last a long

Time and overall probably the best track tire to grab right now this tire is all about performance all about Grassroots race cars and the fastest tire that Bridgestone offers thank you um How is it dude this thing is unbelievable you were definitely honestly yeah absolutely that was ridiculous awesome thank you so much yes that was insane thank you so much it was fantastic yeah I didn’t hold you up did I no okay you took him out yeah yeah automatically

I was like okay you’re gone there’s so much lighter it’s it’s fantastic yeah that was awesome dude you were you were sailing it out there thank you thank you yeah you take all that stuff out of there you lighten it up like that oh my gosh he almost does everything better

Almost yeah thank you thank you oh my God that’s just not even fair oh my God talk about a dream come true the car has all the grip it feels like I compared to my type R because it really is so similar just It Feels So feather

Light but unlimited grip with others yes and everything else it was insane time to give you guys a little bit of an overview of the TCA Civic SI right here so we have Corey Corey you’re part of the race program I guess races this car

Right yeah so can you tell me a little bit about so we have an after school after work uh race program at American Honda and we got Associates from all over our nation on our team and we basically build these cars after work and we main race at the end of the year

Is the 25 hours at thunderhill dude that’s one of my dreams I I really want to get into Enduro and that’s kind of you know where this spawned right so you guys were racing in Enduro all over and you’re I guess your next event is thunderhill right it’ll be thunderhill

We’re gonna build one other car for SEMA okay and then uh the next thunderhill and uh last year the Bridgestone uh 71 RS is we got first and second in our class that’s tired dude so our race car we have a basic uh mindset on just modifying the bare minimum stuff so a

Little bit uh stock engine uh we got wheels and tires Titan sevens and a radiator uh upgrade we got a bigger brake kit from Paragon the rear brakes are stuck we just use a padget a rear brake pad okay and we add a little bit

Of Arrow so gnarly and then rv6 we have a couple uh suspension upgrades and uh we’re running the kw’s uh all four around wow so that’s pretty much the setup right yeah but you got they have it so dialed in that it’s really unlike any other car that I’ve been able to

Drive which is my favorite part you guys have just figured it out so gnarly it’s a race car exactly that’s the point it’s just very raw wow so as far as cooling goes the only really upgrade that you guys have is the radiator yes and obviously like the duck Ding and wow so

Rad I love getting to look at all of this and like the engineering behind some of the ducting right here is going straight into the brakes we have a big opening right here for the radiator and the intercooler wow man this is so awesome to see guys get a look at the interior

Fully gutted have Honda management which is what we use I really want to get this aim screen for our Type R kill switch wow as you guys can see I’m completely and totally geeking out right now but I have some ideas that we can throw out our Type R

Now getting to drive this and see how this handles and reacts man thank you so much this was awesome no problem let us know how we can help you guys Next up for our day something a little different we’re rocking the Z but this time doing something really different we’ve got the uh we’ve got the auto Z let’s put her and put her in Drive baby different to what we’ve been doing today we actually have a little Street Drive

Course so you guys know that I love how do I put this in oh there we go manual so you guys know that I love driving in the canyons love driving Toge in Japan and that’s exactly what we get to do today we are currently on the

Vitenza sport so I actually run these on my GTR and funny thing we actually took them is this how I get out right here well I actually took them on the track when we filmed the TV show banging gears I took the GTR on the track with the

Potential Sports not super ideal for this tire uh but for this application on the Z Driving Canyon roads fun windy roads it’s going to be great oh I kind of like the auto dude uh-oh so this time we have an auto Z 2023z you guys know that I have the manual 525

Horsepower on mines this one’s stock but with an auto trans let’s go have some fun not bad Next up we have the Potenza sport I run these on a couple of my cars that I don’t really track like my R35 GTR basically the potential sport is a summer Tire all about more responsive driving more responsive handling um just a more fun summer Tire it’s comfortable handles really well in the

Back roads and in the canyons why does it sound that good why it’s I mean I’m in love next up we have the brand new is this our BRZ it is brand new Subaru brz86 whatever you want to call it but we’re actually rocking a brand new tire setup

Bridge still contends up all season our Sport All Season so basically kind of like we just drove in the sea but an all-season tire and this one’s gonna be really fun because we get to go on a wet autocross skid pack Wish me luck what autocon we’ll see how this one plays out all right last but not least we have the Potenza Sport All Seasons you guys already know whether you’re driving your Fun sports car in the rain dry snow All Seasons got you guys covered and it was

A blast in the Rainy autocross as you can see we have one last chance to hop into the the Civic SI race car but before we do that I gotta get the mad scientist here behind the tire let’s talk a little bit about the 71rs because this is my

Favorite tire so tell me a little bit about the 71 RS what makes it so fast there’s a an interesting question what goes into the engineering as far as like make making it fast but also like how much of the tread because the tread looks so cool how much of it is useful

Factor versus making it look really really cool so for a tire like this it’s all function okay so like this tire looks however it needs to look to be as fast as humanly possible and it’s really all about the team that designed it and using it on a racetrack doing the

Development so in Japan sakuba circuit everybody knows it that’s where this tire was designed that’s where this tire was honed so as part of development we got a couple of vehicles the engineers go out to sakuba like a couple times a month do the testing comeback like was

It faster nope all right back to the drawing board how sick is that but just having this like that be where this is all grown from that is so damn cool okay I’ll let you continue and the cool thing is so like Motorsports is is global you

Know people we want to go just as fast in Japan as we do here in the US and so when every every time you have that commonality like everything just kind of comes together and so Japan says this is the fastest Tire we could develop we

Could bring it over here yep you guys did a great job so Enduros autocross time trials like it seems to work pretty well with everything right so can you explain kind of the tread pattern here and what makes it so fast in the compound sure so the biggest thing

That’s different between this and the last gen is the asymmetric tread pattern which is good for a couple reasons so this tire is all about corner so that’s why it’s got this big outer shoulder block here to absorb all of those forces and the other thing that goes into it is

The tuning of the stiffness of big outer shoulder block but the inner ribs are also tuned for specific stiffness so that in cornering your footprint kind of looks like a triangle like all that outside force is here and what we’re trying to do is make it less triangular

How do we make it deflect in a way where you get the most the most contact area you know what’s really cool what I enjoy about the 71 RS is not only is it fast but it lasts that’s the crazy thing you can set a heater lap but stay consistent

Throughout the track they even run these tires for days so that’s that’s all that’s part of those footprint mechanics I was talking about even pressure distribution but that’s all the compound and the difference between tires like this and regular road tires is these are designed to operate at high temperature

So high temperatures are kind of the enemy of rubber sometimes and so very specialized chemistry goes into this to make sure that this thing is you know it warms up quick and when you get those track temperatures on you it’s what 80 degrees out here today it just stays

Super consistent throughout that man that is so cool so today we got to test out a little bit on the new Potenza race tires which is also a 200 treadmare Tire if you guys don’t know this is 200 tread wear the race is 200 treadwear what makes these two tires different so the

Race is a little more Street oriented so you look at the tire there’s a little bit more of like grooving in it water channels for it and so it’s really meant for you on a daily drive your NSX come do a track day drive it to work the next

Day you can do that you can do all that stuff because I know you do I do on the 71 RS but you’re not going to have quite the ride Comfort you’re not going to have quite the ability to evacuate water that you would have on something that’s

A little more Street oriented so it’s kind of like same flavor but just a little bit different for somebody that prioritizes those Road manners over going as fast as humanly possible Right the race is just a little bit harder compound so those are kind of those fine-tuning differences that we do to

Tune for those you know a little bit more Street oriented a little more track oriented maximum grip man the more you know that is I’m just nerding out right now this is so cool but my top in the car and have some fun I think you will Thank you foreign Well it’s hard to say goodbye but time to load up and we’re gonna head back to the hotel oh my gosh I am so tired but this is our last event for a while so I’m gonna push through all right long day awesome day but the perks of doing these kinds of

Events with amazing companies like Bridgestone are to hang out with everybody and have dinner so far last night here I’m gonna take you guys along for dinner go get some food and then we’re gonna head home is anybody willing to come on stage and just go ahead and pick any card you like

Are you on that one all right take it show it to everybody I’m not looking oh that’s a good card now we’re gonna put inside do you want to shuffle it or do you trust me all right all right would you recognize this part if you saw it again no what was the

Card I do remember you remember all right I’m going to show you the top card and be honest with me is this your card no no wait hold on hold on Feel that magical room all right uh what was the card you picked go ahead and open your hand Oh we had a magician at the table the whole time can you do a magic trick for the Vlog we got you check it out we got a ring right here rolls right here put it on the index pops off it looks like it goes there

It’s on the pinky three two one and it looks like it really comes off like when you take it off it slams right through it again you can examine it make sure it’s real but it’s always looking whoa that blew my mind that was good after a

Crazy long day crazy long travel few days I guess we’ve made it back to the hotel and we’re gonna head home in the morning incredible day with Bridgestone getting to drive the TCA Civic SI was a dream come true along with the NSX and all of

The other amazing cars we’ve got to test out with the tires Bridgestone if you’re watching this thank you so much for this incredible experience and I hope you guys learned a little bit about the tires today hopefully I can persuade you guys to try out the Potenza re71 RSS and

Any of the other tires that may fit your needs because they really are fantastic and as someone that personally uses them and puts them to work I can personally attest and say how fantastic fast grippy comfortable the just normal street tires are they’re fantastic and I can’t recommend them enough I’m gonna head

Home and hopefully not travel for a little bit so we can get some work done at the shop and we’ll see you guys for some exciting projects that we have going on at the shop continuing the WRX build starting some new stuff it’s gonna be really exciting so thank you guys so

Much for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out Foreign