Dustin Williams Video: I Found My Dream Porsche…

I Found My Dream Porsche...

Posted: 2023-06-12 17:00:35
Author: Dustin Williams
Day in the life! In today’s video, we take you along to a cars and coffee day in the life. We check out some awesome cars and go through our usual weekend!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Thank you All ready I’m redeeming our failed floors and coffee experience you’re gonna go to an actual Cars and Coffee Tiana actually picked that she wanted to ride the Z so we’re taking the Z today and I figured we take you guys launch for a little day in the life

Right let’s do it this is pretty much this is pretty much it this is the day in the life right here Dustin’s driving and we end up at a canyon yeah yeah I figured if we’re gonna go to cars again we don’t even draw it driven to see oh

Look at this look at oh look at this little umiat action look at her and her convertible oh she’s a sweet old lady living her best life I’m telling you I want to do a Miata on the channel so bad I’ve been saying it for so long hey to ask them if they

Would like to see me please guys I want to do a Miata like a giveaway Miata I feel like and just make it super freaking sick old JDM style yes exactly like look she’s living her best We’ll see at the farm you know what no this is like what industry the the classic hakone fog I got my initial deep boots on oh God I’m ready Wow now this is Cars and Coffee don’t worry guys there’s actually one happening yeah excuse us what I’m looking for a person Anyone remember that scene in um Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will Smith was like it’s Portia and she was like it’s poor shirt I don’t know never mind come on it’s more it’s Porsche no it’s poor shot that’s what it is that’s what it is I

Got it all right I really don’t know where we’re gonna go there’s there’s that little Volkswagen bus It is yeah thank you we think we made it to a real crazy coffee heck yeah thing is looks just like yours except it runs coming okay promise so cool you know does he gets a lot of attention it does and we never take it anywhere this is one of my favorite cars

That you have and you this is the car that Tiana likes the most out of the entire fleet and I don’t understand I guess I know why you’re a Z fan so it makes sense well I never realized how much detention it actually gets it’s I

Know and it’s the color and it’s you don’t see them on the road This a DeLorean that’s pretty cool this is actually sick oh my God oh such a clean out effects We said the same thing at the same time look at these Neons let’s go check it out these are sick we will eventually we will everyone and if we get a hundred we do it 100 what 100 comments of neon okay all right okay some Graham lights here look at

That side I like the kit I like the roll cage look this thing is cool yeah supercharged that’s really really oh my gosh Oh do I love it this 911 is color that’s cool oh my gosh wow it’s so good goals dreams I would die you know I’m not a huge fan of like the convertibles or the Target tops but how cool is this it’s beautiful it’s so sick I used a classic vintage Portugal

Blinds in with all the supercars here it’s pretty sad it’s just so cool as long as we can have whatever that is this thing is good love me a good Type R this guy knows what’s up look S like they potentially may have been tracked before fantastic but also very cool he has the optional upgraded wing in the rally red with the carbon and red weaved Wing that was really cool but it looks great on white too that’s one option I wish that rfo5 came

With that’s the upgraded wing and it’s like a little more aggressive too it’s sick I think it’s so cool oh my God it’s the turbo version too that’s so cool the wing is so good special guest what’s up what’s up guys and we’re in the soup I’m gonna go see

If there’s parking by where we park and we can hang out but it is raining today and people are already leaving which kind of only 9 47. I know which kind of sucks but make the best out of it perfect Supra it’s so good make goals in life okay it’s a booster seat

Uh 911 Turbo I want to see the dad and daughter that drive this this thing is so cool oh my gosh you need one ultimate goals one day one day Alex one day I love the play too oh yeah I did this Wing it’s so perfect JDM Portia oh my God

Okay this is by far my favorite car here but there is another Euro that I’m not a huge BMW guy that’s that’s t-money’s thing but if there was one like ultimate BMW that I would want to buy the E30 M3 oh my gosh this thing is beautiful it’s

So mint Alex how sick is it it’s amazing it’s perfect it was owned by Paul Walker was it really what Paul Walker’s M3 from the Paul Walker collection that’s nuts no way it’s got this bear Jackson seal number and everything from Paul Walker’s collection yeah yeah

Look that is pretty insane that makes it so much cooler damn Oh Absolute dreams one day one day oh all right people love the Z dude I’m telling you it’s a show stopper okay well unfortunately it was a little bit rainy today and it was a little slow people are already leaving and it’s still early but we’re gonna make a day

Out of it and we’re this time at least we got to the car meet that’s the thing at least there was a car meet in the parking lot sell food now and just have some fun on the way back in the canyon hey thank you so much bro of course love

The hoodie dude I love your videos thank you for watching man voice man have a good one guys how you doing how you doing thanks guys randomly see Chris forsberg in the squad on the freeway that’s insane what are the chances oh my God hahaha It’s cheers guys Well we got to drive Tiana’s favorite car all day now we get to drive mine we’re in the fl5 uh we told you guys we’re gonna take you guys along for our entire day and when we got back we literally just crashed on the couch so it wouldn’t be a

Day in the life without going to Target and searching for Pokemon cards we’re gonna take you guys along for the rest for a day we’re gonna go Pokemon card hunting we’re gonna get some food and so that’s our dance and that’s pretty much that’s what we do that’s what we do

Yes maybe oh Boba yeah yeah we kind of have to yeah I know you guys are gonna ask about the plans for the fl5 and this car is actually going to SEMA we have some really cool stuff planned for this but I told you guys a while back when we were actually modifying this that we have some stuff coming from Japan and it

Should be here either well it is the middle of June so either middle of June or early July we’re just waiting for we’re just waiting for it to come on the boat from Japan it’s gonna be very cool I’m very excited but it’s going to SEMA

So stay tuned we got some really cool stuff coming now [ __ ] mom oh come on we’re looking pretty dry back here do we have any new stuff see if we got lucky what’s it even called I don’t even know it’s called I’m just a long paldea

Evolved this could be this could be a new one hold on let me see oh it is it’s one it’s a single okay oh okay we found one this is uh dang it I think I think it’s worth it even if we came just for one maybe it’s a good sign

It was it was in the incorrect location you know yeah it was hidden it was hidden okay well I guess we’re gonna do that that single guy that’s all we got all right well yeah we came from the new sad paleo evolved we found one so we’re gonna rip

It down that’s this [ __ ] that looks good the olins the t-37s and the Sonic Ray Pearl I love this car so much all right it’s gonna look even better with all the new stuff that we have okay car rips all right that’s a good word it’s a good rib

Okay this is our first pack of paldeo evolved ever okay let’s go ahead and rip this is the trick to opening even the Legends trading cards is how you open them take the tab finger down Air Pro I’m a pro not too bad here they’re a little bit more vibrant than

The last set the last ones were so dull well we get a hollow well they all come on we get a special art rare wow very cool Pikachu card what’s next oh we got a pull okay all right that counts last one uh okay well we got an EX card pretty

Basic but first pull up how they evolved not too bad all right next up before we go eat our secret spot yes we’re gonna go to our secret location for Pokemon cards not many people go to we’re gonna go check it out then we’re gonna get our favorite weekend food our favorite

Weekend restaurant I’ll show you guys what it is all right secret location should we Tom oh we can’t see it that’s so anti-climatic all right we’ll just let’s go Barnes and Noble and the tree’s blocking it not too but it’s fine it’s Barnes and Noble guys book recommendation for anybody looking

For something to read it’s from The Silo series on Netflix or it’s based off this book super good Barnes and Noble never fails us we got two three packs so we’re gonna get some good stuff from Alex um if you guys don’t know out but you

Know Alex who’s in the big other video yeah all right we’re gonna rip these and then get some dinner T-money usually has better luck than I do so she’s gonna do one I’m gonna do one but we’re gonna jump all the packs up so we don’t know which camera okay then we

Have to pick and then there’s been one specific card Aerodactyl alternate art that we have we have tried for so long to get and hundreds and hundreds of packs of this so we have never pulled it but I want it so bad because it looks like Jurassic

Park we’re hoping it’s in this pack you just buy it nope it’s not the same jungle What’s your what’s your good luck in the comments for us please I want this one and this one okay and this one well okay here we go okay we’re wearing the same hoodie I know how cute are we here we go oh I gotta get a hit damn it you’re already ahead

First hit already ahead oh whoa got me so far so this is pretty good these packs are like too easy to open I hate the gray border nothing on mine nothing oh I’m about to I’m about to beat you Mom oh that’s a good one yes we

Got a full art trainer here that’s our first big hit that’s sick all right I’m two for two let’s go Let’s see dang nothing nothing for you either all right I win not too bad we got three pulls out of that and a floor trainer that’s pretty sick okay last but not least please just get it so we uh we can stop buying these packs all right all right

Well I’ll just freaking get it right now and it’s on camera I will literally scream you jinxed it you jinxed it you jinxed it ah nothing son of a we’re gonna get that damn card one day let’s go eat And our guilty pleasure weekend food Bill’s Barbecue T-money gets the ribs I get to have chicken also the Yankees game is on I have no idea what that even means but it’s not like sports so Well this is where we’re gonna end today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed I know this was a super random one but we wanted to take you guys along for a little day in the life I hope to see you guys next weekend at our charity car

Event it is June 17th from 12 to 4 P.M at the K1 speed in Ontario if you guys are in the area we would love to have you come out bring your car bring a donation for our local animal shelter we’ll be doing racing have giveaways uh

Or try and bring a lot of the cars if there’s any specific cars that you guys want me to bring let me know down in the comments below because obviously we can’t take all of them but I’m gonna try and take as many as I can I want to know

Which ones you guys want to see the most so make sure to come out to our charity car event as well as if you guys might have missed out on our most recent collection uh on the legend site we have our very last and final drop coming out

This Friday and it’s the new Circa team collection you guys saw me rock this at grid life this is so sick this is gonna be our last drop in our last collection of the giveaway so if you want to get your entries in make sure to check out

The legend site this Friday 10 a.m Pacific time which is going to be the reveal of the GTR wrap as well so if you guys missed out on last week’s drop this week’s drop is just as awesome with all of our new circuit team stuff very very

Cool and every one dollar that you guys spend is one entry in to win our giveaway GTR so don’t forget to check that out I hope you guys enjoyed and stay tuned for all of the awesome videos this week we have a 32 video going up on

Wednesday and of course the reveal of the giveaway GTR going up on Friday and I hope to see you guys at the car meet we’ll see you guys the next one if you haven’t already make sure you guys hit that like button don’t forget to subscribe to the channel leave me a

Comment down below we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out