Dustin Williams Video: I Found My Dream FD Rx7… | Slammedenuff Gatlinburg

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Posted: 2023-10-04 17:00:33
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thank you @FitmentIndustries and @slammedenuffusa for having us out to Gatlinburg 2023! This was by far the best event we have ever been to. Thank all of you guys for taking the time to come out to the booth and hang with us for a little. It was so great getting to see all of you and hear your stories! We got to take the Porsche 911 to the show and view some really amazing cars. Through the video, i show you guys some of my favorite builds. One of which, is @joshuafreeman Rx7 FD. It was absolutely amazing!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign good morning guys I know it’s super dark welcome back to the Gatlinburg series it’s another very early morning but today is show day I’m gonna be rolling into the convention center gearing up for the entire weekend honestly we were up so late last night and then up so

Early this morning it doesn’t even feel like I went to sleep you know it’s brutal but it’s an so worth it if you guys didn’t check out the last video you definitely gotta go watch that we took the P car to the dragon and we had a crazy fun for it

Annoy the neighbors too much let’s try and get out of here the 911 is so loud but this morning we’re rolling into the convention center and like I said just getting the legend screws all set up and ready to go for the entire weekend Saturday and Sunday is show day so let’s

Go see some awesome cars thank you I guess foreign good morning and officially welcome to slam enough Gatlinburg today is show day one of two show days but the first show day of Gatlinburg we are set up and ready to go and I am freaking pumped really quickly Gotta Give a massive

Thank you to our guys over at fitment Industries for having us out and having the poor shower only because of them that we weren’t able to get the 911 out and I am so pumped all of our Wheels tires suspension everything comes from fitment so if you guys need anything for

Your cars I’m Gonna Leave a link to fitment down description box below we got these very nice LM from fitment Industries so if you guys need anything for your cars they can hook you up but like I said the Legends Booth it’s all set up and ready to go this is crazy

This is a lot in the show started Tennessee’s wild yes this place is packed filled with some of the most amazing cars that I have ever seen I’m excited to take you guys along and hopefully meet a bunch of you guys today too everybody talks about how big and

How fun this car show is so I’m excited to see what Gatlinburg is all about the show starts we always gotta walk around see some of the amazing cars that are here you guys saw this yesterday at the pre-meet I know it’s loud but we’re gonna power through this so many

Incredible cars here today and vendors the vendors are actually really cool here too this is so good A little fd2 spoon I guess it’s a fa5 but full spoon Livery on this thing spoon everything oh that’s sick if the show is this good today I know what happens tomorrow because it’s a

Whole new set of cars tomorrow the same cars won’t be in here tomorrow I’m actually really digging this color I love the meisters on it too man it makes me kind of wish I had a WRX at the show next year if we get the chance to come back we gotta take the

WRX some OG e-clips no we still have a set of eclipse hiding in the back of the garage it’s so deep I can crawl in there that is gnarly we have an OG set of equips just hiding in the shop one day we’re gonna have a car that we can put

Them on they won’t fit the Porsche that would have been cool though that won’t fit but foreign this is my favorite color combo for Wheels the work specific like matte gunmetal gray with the polished bronze lips I love these yes remember that’s what I had my first set of wheels on the

R35 GTR they were this color and the work two-piece CRS I missed that setup the super is beautiful you probably can’t tell yeah but in the light it thank you sorry job but we got some people over here what’s up guys what’s going on you guys ready for a gallon oh yeah for

Stopping by there you go man thank you thank you nice okay what car’s out of um nice okay got you right here’s cool wherever you want me there you go man thank you so much yes just for Gatlinburg and this is the first time we ever come yeah so this is

Like the first one that we ever went to was actually in Austin it was like our first ever slamming up so this is like this is a whole nother level like dude yeah literally galliberg is the real deal literally even even just outside even just outside is insane but yeah 18

Hours come from Harlingen Tech Brownsville South Padre Island all that so sick thank you guys for coming out yeah thanks guys it’s important the GTR cause too look at that a little pretty sure it’s like my favorite you got a card too they’re so sick dude we gotta

Do more trading cards I want more we got to do more how do you build this thing is look at this thing foreign we have never been to a show like this this is awesome you guys are cautioning at the booth we wanted to take a little

Break to come see some of the more amazing cars look at this shout out to Randy eliminate sticker yes as long as you promise to like this video watch this video oh yeah comment okay I thought it was you yay that’s sick that’s my favorite one that’s the best one absolutely insane

Attack style RX7 well I would love to film it but I know there’s so many you know and look it just never happens no take it over here man reminds me of Japan all the attack style cars that we watch in Japan I wonder if we actually races it that would be cool

Interiors wild carving doors this thing is crazy shout out to Art of attack and my friends over at dogfight so sick this is a good miat I like the light baller vs I don’t remember I think we need to make a Toge spec Miata I just want most of the wall of

Neon okay let’s would you guys rather like a Toge spec miat or would you rather like a stancy boy miat we’ll let them choose okay nice I love it okay where do you want it uh right there got you this is the coolest setup I’ve ever seen

Man this is pull this out for me I gotta check this out dang are these are favorite ones out of the packs R34 I have to be my favorite dude yeah this is so such a cool setup thank you man I appreciate that dude where’d you guys come from Knoxville

Yeah okay super close thanks for coming by man okay like right here yeah okay you ready for this I don’t want to paint it there you go man thank you very much oh will you marry me what happened I don’t know what to do right now congratulations bringing in group Hogs

Bring it in here I’m so happy for you guys I’ll be expecting wedding photos Okay congratulations that’s incredible uh you got we showed you guys this earlier in the video but I think the only R34 here 34 sedan yeah this is sick man full Advan Livery you don’t even

Love your car this is she everybody and he actually got a legend sticker and wants me to put it somewhere see I’m my man okay where do you want it wherever you decide dude I don’t know those are our friends and Maguire’s gonna hook this guy up to clean his windshield real fast

Is pretty good yeah right there right here yeah right there is it level um let’s go oh yeah that’s sick man thank you here give us the rundown what’s all done in this this is sick so obviously four-door R34 GT gtt has a rv25 oh that’s a big guy

Intake manifold some radium fuel ready yeah I’m trying to make some kind of like gritty theme and everything’s pretty fun dude it’s sick what kits on this so let’s pretty much the Z2 install front end nice I got the garage yeah yeah and after a custom front splitter I am not too sure

They’re sick though but they’re sick yeah The Edge guard right here dang man super dope for Carlos in here this will get closer inside I’m running Max ECU this is super dope dude I love seeing really sick thought out builds man uh I won’t have to be like a

Time attack street car yeah so I’m gonna take another track next year perfect thank you brother I know I showed you guys this car yesterday but Josh’s FD has got to be the cleanest FDI I’ve ever seen built rotary’s got the Millennium Jade 10 out of 10 but it’s even cooler is the

Interior that matches the bay look how sick this is Josh 10 out of 10 dude guys this is Josh you guys have seen Josh before last time we did this dude was at tuner YouTube but it was with your SBI yeah Josh also has these incredible idea tell us a

Little bit about the RX7 It’s like got a built rotary all that good stuff so it’s a bridgeported rotary it’s uh makes 540 wheel horsepower nice and it gets down shoots like Mega Flames yeah what I love about Josh’s build though is he doesn’t stop with power or like style you go

Like all interior like you do it the best like in every aspect I mean so clean all the little details in the bay like the red the Millennium Jade it all works so well thank you I appreciate that yeah and then you hop in the interior here oh that’s so scary

It’s so sick look at this look at the dash too the door cards dang make me want a rotary dude yeah you better get one that’s that’s another JDM car we don’t have it’s an RX7 this thing is beautiful yeah one day I’m gonna make it out to where Josh is and

We’re gonna we’re gonna do something together you gotta drive it you’re making me want an FD I know I do go to the crib and like we can drive the chase here come before good life I should I should we’re gonna make it happen this

Is so dope I think I might need a rotary after this man this is good please I would love to see your take on a rotary yeah let me know Down Below guys don’t be sick with the butterfly doors too big baller Ina we have a special guest I’ve been

Trying to catch him all day but this guy is just too crazy man look who we have the real RV guide right here you already know about hey you know what my voice is always shot I got one more for you bro all you’re gonna do it you’re gonna do

It all right ready yes all right here we go here we go RB power thank you I want to talk to this guy all day we’re literally right across I know right you’ve been too busy Bro you’ve been busy I’m so happy we finally got to

Meet you come here I’m so happy and day one that was 10 12 hours of absolute non-stop Madness yeah you guys are incredible we love you all I mean this is what we love the most being able to come to events talk to all you guys see

All you guys in person and it’s just the best getting to connect on like personal level you need to see all the amazing cars here too like Jesus Christ I feel like Gatlinburg isn’t just a car show it’s more about like I don’t know the the vibe of being around everybody and

Your friends in the cars it’s cool it’s super cool it’s like nothing we’ve ever experienced yes so we’re gonna pack up everything we gotta leave all this stuff because there’s another full show with completely different cars tomorrow which is ridiculous but tonight we’re gonna go eat with the fitment industries guys

Take you guys along I I think my one of my favorite cars of the whole event is that and it wasn’t even inside I’ve been seeing it all weekend it’s like there’s like a car show outside yeah it’s just I don’t even know how to describe this event other than awesome

Varus Type R I love it super good I missed my 240. can I get another 240. what is that like your fifth damn it so true but I do love them I do you should here’s the thing truthfully I’m gonna be honest right now should get one

Should get one just do it just do it do it get one make it super nice just do it I just do it it is still just as crazy as last night but I already get some dinner at Farm kitchen I love eating here because it reminds me of

Back home with all the southern style dude I’m gonna come back 800 pounds but I love it welcome to the farm perfect way to end the night he is still working look at this I wanted to get the most country thing on the menu country fried

Steak but the real deal is chose a big juicy steak guy no steak bro like I was so anticipated it’s okay my boy Austin we’re gonna cook a steak tonight oh yeah oh yeah I mean it kind of looks like it I think so oh man don’t worry guys still going strong out

Here all hours of the night all night I could just like I don’t in here for a second people do they just pull out chairs R.I.P own the ogs no Wagon Gang yeah I let Dad’s sick little subi gang too man you know I like that the Porsche is

In the show but you want to cruise down the street listen next year if we come back we’re gonna do a two-car setup do one car in the show and one car for cruising now would be the sickest dude it’s just it never ends okay well look at that over there

And we’re gonna do underglow I’m a I’m a fan all right we can literally be here all night so we’re gonna we’re gonna get out of here we have finally made it oh that’s inaccurate here we’ve finally made it home and another insanely long day but

I’m gonna go ahead and end today’s video here expect to do this all over again tomorrow and I think it should a daily Vlog for you guys we’re gonna get we’ll get some daily uploads for our time in Gatlinburg because there’s so much that

Goes on every day in it and I want to show it to you guys so of course just like last night I would dump the rest of the footage and try and get a little bit of sleep because we’ll be at the venue again all day tomorrow with new cars

Like I said and should be a pretty perfect end to our Gatlinburg trip but anyways I’m gonna go and end today’s video here um I said this every time we do a show but thank you guys so freaking much for coming out without you guys none of this

Would be possible and you know like I say it’s our favorite thing to come to these shows and get you guys to come out to the booth and come see us you know it really means a lot so I’m excited to do it all again tomorrow like I said new

Cars hopefully a lot of you guys get to come on Sunday as well and see us at the booth but one more day to go it’s exhausting but some of the most fun I’ve ever had thank you fitment Industries and thank you slim enough for having us

Out all right let’s get some sleep and I’ll see you guys for the next video if you haven’t already make sure you hit the like button and leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys for the next one yes