Dustin Williams Video: I FINALLY Did It…

Posted: 2023-09-08 17:00:36
Author: Dustin Williams
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We finally did it!! We secured 1st place in the FL5 Type R at a local track day event AND we finally got to drive an A90 Supra… ON THE TRACK!! I’m so in love with my Type R, but the Supra is one INCREDIBLE car!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign this is a special moment because this is our first oil change in the fl5 so our last thing on our list for today for track prep is an oil change for the first oil change we have 1500 miles on the edges like the first ever oil change

Which is really nice because we also did a track day so it needed it either way but since we are tracking this car and using it for track days while still Street driving it we’re swapping over to the VR1 typically for the stock car you’ll use ow-20 but since we are racing

It it’s getting high heat lots of wear the VR1 actually has a high zinc content which helps with wear protection so we’re actually swapping going a little bit with a heavier weight 10w30 just to help prevent anything and this is also we run in the race car thank you Track season is upon us and that means we need lots of practice as the weather starts to get cooler more and more track days start popping up and also more and more competitions start popping up really for the rest of the year we have a lot of competitions coming up that

Means getting as much seat time as possible is the most important thing before those competitions you guys saw us do all of the little upgrades to the f05 I kind of consider this as my quote-unquote seat time car for the FK so we’re not putting too much stress in

All of our actual competition parts and everything that we have going on for that car this car is basically stock with very minimal mods but similar similarly similar similarly similarly to the FK just without all of the Power and arrow so I consider the f05 as a really great

C-time car that I can drive to and from the track 30 miles per gallon and feel comfortable on the way to and from the track but also so I’ve said some really great times at the track so with that we have a very fun track day coming up for

You guys we get to test the new alignment the new brakes and of course run the car with the brand new VR1 oil that we put in and just have some fun and get some practice in so we’re heading out to SoCal Drivers Club which if you guys are in Southern California

And looking for a track event to go to so-called Drivers Club is the absolute best organization to go with there’s no traffic it’s opened open testing all day it’s great for beginners all the way up to Advanced plus and they have competitions now which is super cool starting route to Chuckwalla Valley

Raceway I haven’t been back since we blew up the S2000 so this is going to be a very interesting track day um anyways we’re gonna go up the night before hang out with everybody and have a full day at the track tomorrow and have some fun

So we’re all packed up ready to go see you guys at the track you guys know that along with cars another one of my big passions is health and fitness and whether I’m racing at the track building cars in the shop or traveling for events I try and eat as

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Get back in today’s video Thank you All right I gotta show you guys this this is actually pretty rad so out in Chuckwalla we are in the middle of the absolute desert I’m talking like middle of nothing nearest gas station is 20 miles away but out here you can get track cabins how sick is this so it’s

Kind of like mini camping out at the track tracks right over there but you can rent some cabins and it’s a little cabin check real fast this is so dope this is my first time ever staying in the Chuckwalla cabin so check this out here I’m not Jersey okay look at this oh

Oh my gosh this is absolutely insane we have a fridge yeah I could have brought some freaking meals oh my gosh so this is gonna be our home for the night let’s check out the room in here this is absolutely insane perfect 996 on the wall in red nice this

Is where we’re gonna be camping out for the night stoked well got everything set up and ready for the track doing a little bit of editing I just picked this up today and I was really hoping to play Starfield on it but unfortunately I left before I could finish downloading and

There’s no freaking service here so rip to that idea this thing is absolutely sick though batteries are charged I’m gonna try and get some sleep it’s gonna be a super fun track day with so many friends tomorrow I had a track I haven’t been to in years and it’s the opposite

Way so it’s not clockwise so it’s really different we’re gonna have a good time it’ll be a lot of fun to test out the fl5 and get some sea time in before the competition starts so see you guys in the morning good morning let’s go race some cars

All right today we’re messing with some pressures we’re gonna do 28 in the rear and 26 in the front to hopefully get these get these rear tires to slide a little bit but as you guys saw we got the new brake pads a new fluids in yeah

New oil new brake fluid and this thing should be ready to rip like I told you guys it’s a little bit different number one I haven’t been to the track in two years but also it’s backwards we’re going the opposite way to normal so double learning curve there but I think

It’ll make for a fun day we’re gonna get our tire pressures ready and foreign to be completely honest I have no idea what I’m about to be doing so we’re just gonna figure it out together hopefully we can uh try and stay a little bit behind this Camaro

And how we’re supposed to go but you know I hope I definitely didn’t turn trash can for long all right let’s see what we do here tear tires rubbed a little bit it is a big ass Bowl here oh my gosh that’s scary a little double Apex action

I kind of like it this way another double A type fashion I just don’t know where I’m gonna be breaking power feels fantastic 2032 for our first time gear in two years and counterclockwise I’ll take it obviously we can improve a lot but that’s actually not too bad there’s so many cool cars

Out here today that con Edition 86 brembos but what I’m super excited about is Mike’s car over here if you guys been watching the channel and have watched to track Day videos you guys have seen the progression of the boss boss Supra hi it’s just now it’s now it’s unbelievable

Yeah it’s like Fair yeah I know see it oh baby the RS future Arrow last time you guys saw this car it was just like in no era you had just done the suspension and broke your suspension yeah rip to that now it’s full on race

Car craziness this thing is so sick I mean you can see all the venting he did up here he’s got a massive splitter and the RS future Wing back there now and wow I don’t think they saw the Brembo brakes either no this is uh they do a Camaro ZL1 kit that’s

Retrofitted to the supran like BMWs and I gotta say it’s like really good this is why I can’t come to the track with you because I’m I just I want a Supra I need a Supra you’ll drive one today I think I might put a little sprinkle of a

Supra today Mike just let me drive this car and have a little bit of fun I’m just gonna you know Ferry around the track but it’ll be fun dude especially with the wing it’s not overstory at all in fact it’s now understeering so okay I’ll be used to that then so we’re gonna

Go out with Mike in just a bit and see him run Oh also before we go back out I have one person I want you guys to meet and that is John right over here a lot of you guys don’t know this because we didn’t really film any of it but John is actually who I bought our Porsche from

What’s up dude our purchase helped him with his purchase here it’s Gonna Keep brand new gt3s you went from a SC to a GT3 RS like a madman this beautiful GT3 RS which he’s going to be tracking today unbelievable dude it all worked out yeah

I’m so excited to see you rip this thing does that have an exhaust yet it’s uh just a side Muffler that leads okay sounds good this is my favorite part yeah oh it’s so good baller dude so oh also Center lock Advan GTs on gyrodisc rotors insane guys oh of course voltex wing

Of what all right the squad’s going out we’ve got Mike and his Supra we’ve got the hakone Edition eight six let’s call it in the type R have some fun today thank you thank you foreign well dude it’s it’s a battle now it’s a battle we’re fighting for JDM Street

Class I just passed him by tenths of a second I can do it I’m gonna try man when it was about to pack up and leave and then nope I believe in you all right here go the boys he’s got to get five tenths of a second

To beat me in first and he’s gonna try and go fast you’re on a 55. he’s an absolute sideko let’s go watch him all right getting ready to start his flyer let’s see what he runs I ain’t got enough Tire left dude it’s in the car but I don’t have the tires though no you got it dude hey that was fun as hell though dude hell yeah man I’ll see you back out there all right after a hard-fought battle this was so much fun

That was awesome man super awesome man it’s good having great competition it is Born born ready for this that was also super fun this is my first time ever getting to drive a super on track I know I’m gonna turn around tomorrow and want to go buy a Supra so you guys got to talk me out of it I’m gonna give you the the corn juice

Yeah yeah oh we got the good Go Juice here but yeah I’m gonna put you on my map too okay perfect 470 Wheels oh that’s scary unless you want the the sauce no no no he give you the sauce give me whatever you’re comfortable with give me the rundown what’s all done to

It Okay so how much all the suspension’s been done all SPL stuff minus the Caster bushing up front that’s something I have to do uh Titan seven 18 by uh 10.7 yeah yeah re71 RS is on their eighth track day so they’re pretty warm but I’m

Nice to my tires yeah uh downpipe tune Flex Fuel intake so just basic bolt-ons RS feature Wing yeah full Arrow package yeah oh baby traction control all the way off oh God Have fun you’re not coming in foreign I’m a little scared here we’re gonna go have some fun it’s so big it’s so big oh it’s really good guys oh it’s so pointy oh it’s fast it’s really fast all right foreign Foreign That is ridiculous I gotta make a confession to you I forgot to put you off the kill map oh that’s why I was so [ __ ] fast dude God 201 I might just like it’s so good dude wow dude that was insane it’s cheating right it’s so good it’s

Like it should have nothing should be that fast it’s insane oh my God There’s No Going Back that was insane dude thank you so much now my addiction is just gonna go higher and higher you know that was I mean for eight day old tires new car like this thing felt incredible

Planted now I mean straight out of the box they’re fantastic but when you have something built to this spec it’s just where do you even go from here I know I mean I mean you’re at this point you’re competing with something like that exactly I mean you throw on a

Ball yeah and your ceiling I I’m pretty sure is like 700. maybe I’ll have to go shopping this week oh well we’ll see well we’re heading out and I definitely didn’t expect this but our first our first Podium for the event that’s pretty freaking cool the iPhone 5 did good

Today I’m super stoked ended out today with a 202.3 and beat our competition by five tenths of a second so I call that a win now it’s freaking hot and we’re gonna get out of here all right two and a half hours later we have finally made

It home taking our first ever Hardware back to the shop this is honestly so freaking crazy I had no clue that we’d be taking home first place at today’s event but this is really cool and I know it’s just a little local event but this means a lot it’s my first ever trophy

That I’ve ever won while driving this kind of motivates me to work even harder to number one get that car in the corner ready but also continue building this little thing because this is so much fun to have as a c car what other car can

You load in a full day worth of track stuff in Wheels tires tools drive to and from the track 30 miles per gallon comfortably with AC go and go consistently run fast times the type R is an amazing car and it just makes you want to get more C time also the fact

That we’re on Old I think this is its second or third track day on these Potenza re71rs not even the new rs’s just the old R’s we were able to consistently run 203s two of twos and ended up winning with a 202.35 which is pretty incredible for track that I know

I’ve said in a million times the track that we haven’t been to in years plus never done the counterclockwise I am super freaking proud of this and I hope this also motivates you guys or get you guys interested in actually tracking your cars as well because what I try and

Preach to you guys is to drive your freaking cars this is what they’re made for and it just gives you a new sense of purpose with your car and a new sense of fun to actually just race and drive your car responsibly but Toge most importantly track it’s just so much fun

But anyways it’s Sunday I’m gonna try and go relax a little bit I got a couple of videos got a couple of videos to edit for you guys still waiting on some Porsche Parts here um also still waiting on a ton of stuff for the type R so hopefully all this

Stuff comes in and we’re going to be super busy in the shop anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video it was a ton of fun with the CTR we are definitely going to be out I think our next day is at Buttonwillow I think that’s coming up so my personal favorite

Track out here so stay tuned for that thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below let’s do hashtag P1 baby let’s do that hashtag p1baby don’t forget to subscribe we will see you guys for the

Next one peace out Foreign