Dustin Williams Video: I Bought My First Porsche

I Bought My First Porsche

Posted: 2023-07-14 17:00:37
Author: Dustin Williams
Well guys, WE FINALLY DID IT! In today’s video we reveal my first ever Porsche! This is an absolute dream come true!! Introducing my 1983 Porsche 911 SC. The plan is to stay true to the Porsche heritage and make this the ultimate drivers car. I can’t wait to take you guys along.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Well I hope you guys are as excited as we are for the Porsche reveal this has been such a dream for such a long time but before we get into the story of this car which by the way is absolutely crazy I want to let you guys know that the

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Pictured we actually have sparkle plush she definitely check those out they are on the site and ready to go for you guys right now it’s gonna be the first link down in this description box below check it out for us but let’s go ahead and hop into today’s video

Well I guess it’s not too much of a surprise anymore and I really hope you guys enjoyed that reveal as much as I enjoyed actually creating it I guess say hello to our new 1983 911 super Carrera You guys know how much of a dream car the GT3 RS was for me but before we get there I kind of wanted to rewind and start at sort of the beginning which is where this comes in now before we talk about the car I wanted to talk about the

Story of the car how I even came to get this car what made me want this car in the first place and just give you guys a rundown of how cool the history behind this car is we took a ride in Cole’s rwb Porsche and that just blew my mind from

There I kind of became obsessed I guess you could say and it even brought me back to I think it was almost like six years ago I wanted to pull this up for you guys because I actually made a documentary from one of my friends and a doctor back where I’m from in

Mississippi I did a documentary of him and his dream Porsche and ever since I rode in Kohl’s rwb like I said I just kind of became obsessed in like in the history in the culture of kind of where the 911 star started and the entire Legacy that Porsche created with this

Car lucky enough for me we actually found this Car locally but before we get into that let’s talk about the history yes okay really quickly guys we are here trying to gather our thoughts because we could really make a 30 minute video about this car just from all the history

That we have on it and this is what really drew me to want this specific car and I tried my best to figure out how to bring this all to you guys but you know what we’re just gonna send it because it’s a lot and it’s super cool

Okay I’m gonna give you this okay I guess we’re just gonna start from the I think okay we should start from the beginning what’s this this it’s it’s really crazy okay number one like I told you guys this car is a 1983 Porsche 911 Supercar SC 911 SC this car was bought

Brand new from let me find this guy’s name oh Dr Matthews this car was bought brand new Dr Matthews by Dr Matthews in 1983 1982 whenever whenever it was but the interesting story is Dr Matthews quickly after he bought this car actually went to jail for fraud

But what makes it even crazier is we legitimately have the original original newspaper article the original newspaper clipping from the article that’s that talks about his arrest and I guess the the crime right so this is actually dated the Sacramento Bee Saturday November 20th 1999. how insane is this

And also we have yet to read this I wanted to read this so bad and Dustin wouldn’t let me until we did this video so we have no idea actually future done here we’re gonna save this full story for you guys for another time because it’s honestly too good and I feel like

It needs to be a full video so put a pause on that and let’s hop back into the video again like I said the beginning the history of this car is is really what makes it it’s like the car in general is is perfectly imperfect and

We’ll get to that when we do the walk around but number one how cool is it that we have the original 1999 newspaper article of his arrest okay next up what which is almost even cooler than the whole arrest story is the car was left

At a shop and shortly after he went to jail someone else bought it and I don’t want to give out any names or anything like that but on August 6th 1999 the car was purchased from a woman from a woman on lean sail and the car had 26

554 Miles when she purchased it off of the lean sale now what’s really cool about it is we have we have the original handwritten letter from the woman that actually purchased the car after Dr Matthews went to jail and the woman had this car all the way up until like

2021 or 2022 and sadly she passed away but what makes it so cool is we have literally all original documentation I mean she hand wrote a letter when she purchased the car talking I mean she states who she bought the car from what type of oil is it what does it say

Castro 2050 oil and the engine has to be 180 degrees to check the oil and get true reading I mean like so detailed I mean she even wrote when the registration was due November 16 1999. how crazy is this so we have handwritten letters from the previous

Owner and like I said she sadly passed away well after that one of the neighbors somehow took possession I’m guessing a family member might have sold it to him or something like that he did a little bit of work to the car oh let me back up actually when she had the car

She actually had the engine and transmission completely rebuilt and we know that because because I mean you have all these records yes I don’t I mean it would take me forever to go through this but let me just give you like a little bit of it we have complete

Records of literally everything done on the cars since 1983. now if that doesn’t scream freaking amazing I don’t know what else Goosebumps I’m just talking about it well it’s just so rare the car is older than you are completely built engine and trans um so I guess after her neighbor took

Possession of the car he had it for a couple of months um shortly after that one of my friends here not too far north of us actually found the car and drove up all the way to Sacramento bought the car drove it all the way back down he had it for

Maybe one or two months and then decided to sell it so that he could afford a GT3 RS congratulations to John but that’s where I found it and it’s so cool just because we have everything original and the car isn’t just a car it you know it

Comes stories a story and like I don’t know it just has like passion behind it it lives a life it did I mean think about this woman that drove it for the last first world what a cool lady number one 30 years or something like that and

You know had it till she passed away um but even beyond that in this book right here we have the original uh owner’s manual but not only do we have the owner’s manual where is it not only do we have the owner’s manual but we also have we also have the original

Salesman’s business card in the owner’s manual how insane is that Ed if you’re watching this I have I have the portion I hope you still work at poor um so I don’t know it’s a time capsule yeah that’s what it is even before we purchased this car we had no idea about

This story and I actually went to go look at it because I really wanted to make sure that this is something that I wanted to dive into you know like I said this is something so completely different that we’ve never really done before I don’t know I just didn’t want

To hop right into a GT3 I wanted to start at the beginning to truly appreciate what these cars are and I think I I’m fully there it’s it’s incredible I’m obsessed you know I’ve spent the last three months like seriously diving hardcore into parts and

What I should do with the car and how to maintain it properly and I mean even this lady she knew you had to turn the engine 180 degrees to get a proper reading you know it’s just things like that is what makes a Porsche Porsche and

Uh I’m just really excited so that’s the abbreviated version of the store three in the history of arm 911 SC now I guess let’s show on the car yeah let’s go let’s go see the car eat as you guys know this is a true driver’s car and I’m staying true to that Persona

And and that Vibe of the car so like I told you guys a little bit ago this car is perfectly imperfect this car was driven this car was beaten on and that’s what makes it so special I mean if you come to the front here this car was left

Out in the sun for pretty much all of its life it has natural patino which is honestly one of my favorite Parts I love that it it shows where and it shows that you know it’s been used because that’s what these cars are for they’re drivers

Cars and my goal with this car is to make sure that that sticks I want this car to be driven I want us to have fun with it I want to stick at the car shows all over and just have a good time with it so this is the light blue metallic I

Think they call it uh I really love the color especially when I saw it that’s kind of what drew me to it something that I’ve never had it’s something I really like but I mean as you guys can see you can see all down here I mean

It’s pretty beat but again that’s really what makes it It’s Perfectly Imperfect and in buying one of these cars I wanted something that I could make my own and this is the perfect candidate for that it needs love it needs TLC um there’s so much room for this thing

To be modified and to be better and I really wanted to find something I can make my own and this is like the perfect building block one of my favorite things about the car is the shape I mean it is so unique and there’s nothing I mean

Still to this day there’s really nothing quite like the shape of this car that’s kind of also it really draws it to me but if you look back here even we still have the original 911 SC badge this is something that I am so stoked on because

A lot of the times I see the badges ripped off you know owners tend to keep them or they change out the Trunks and they don’t put the badge back on this one has the badge and I’m super stoked about it now let me actually do this but if you look back here

I’m lost bad boy it’s really it’s nothing special it’s stock but I mean stock rebuilt you know we still have the original 3.0 engine uh it’s got the original trans just everything’s been rebuilt to make sure it’s it’s running properly and it’s reliable now I do

Think there’s a few things that we can actually change on this to you know help with cooling make it run a little bit better idle a little bit better but for the most part this car’s been fantastic like I said Tiana and I have been driving this thing Non-Stop and it’s

Never skipped a beat uh I’m in love and it sounds really cool should we start it for him heck yeah let’s do it okay So beefy it’s so good and what did it like look at the engine Good car it’s really really good and I wanted a shell I wanted a shell to put some weird engine in but I’m really happy I found something with the original running engine in it so like it’s just meant Plastics the sound the feel of it it’s

Slow it makes like 150 or 180 horsepower something like that but it’s the funnest and the fastest 180 horsepower you can get and it just sounds insane let’s shut the boot is it the boot or is the front the boot like I’m a JDM guy you guys gotta help

Me we’re learning I figured let’s go ahead and show you guys also the frunk and call it the frunk until we figure out the proper terminology here because this is also oh one of my favorite Parts if you guys come look at the badge it’s been sitting

In the sun so long that it’s like faded that it’s like faded and I was talking to our friend Brian at Top Rank and he actually said that you can send these badges out to like get redone or something like that but I kind of like

The fade yeah it like matches the car yeah it’s kind of like the patina though yeah you know okay but let’s open this up yeah look at that very clean very nice but if you guys look back into here we have the OEM original spare but also we have the

OEM tools that have never been opened or used right here still in the plastic bag and in the little leather case here also we have nice battery I mean horns you know oh all the good stuff I mean it’s just so clean and not a bit of rust

Which is is so nice put this back you know this is going to be a great road trip car at some point we’re gonna take a road trip in this and it’s going to be oh geez put a roof tent oh God I just gave him an idea I’m not even joking

Um to be honest we have never even put it on the lid so I’m not sure what’s underneath the car let’s take a look at the wheels here these are in my opinion some of the greatest Wheels you can get for these old vintage Porsches I mean in

Just the look and the style of them that really complement the style of the car these are the Speedline three-piece Wheels now these are originally I think they’re they’re a really weird spec and we do have some crazy spacers in here so I do want to take these wheels off get

Them rebuilt at some point to a proper stack for this car make them fit a little bit better without having a gnarly spacer so these will come off at some point and we’ll get a new set on here just while these are getting built but this is honestly one of my favorite

Parts about the car especially because you get the Porsche badge along with it okay I think this is like probably one of our last pieces here but another really big selling point of this car for me was the interior and how believably clean it is but also it’s black a lot of

The time you find weird colors like cream or maroon or Navy or you know anything like that this is actually black so let me take this we have a complete interior and it is beautiful I mean the seats like we have Aftermarket seats of course like this

Isn’t OEM but these are actually very nice we have full Dash all of our gauges work uh we have an aftermarket radio and this actually works along with the speakers and everything our AC is a little bit itchy so we don’t necessarily have the AC but again most of the time

You’re driving this car with the windows down no AC anyways I mean it is a true Cruiser but all the door panels are intact we have like these upgraded little door opener things right here also the little secret pocket still works I mean it’s all just really good

And one of my favorite Parts about these cars is that they’re so analog and I mean the only Power thing that you have are windows you don’t have power steering you know power brakes I mean it is just it’s the definition of raw and that’s something that I really love in

Cars I mean you guys know from all of my old school JDM Cars the reason why I love those is because they are they’re true drivers cars they’re just raw feeling cars and that’s what I really love about this car right here I mean even in if you guys look in the rear

Granted we have all of our shooting stuff in here because we just got done filming but I mean the rear seats are in such amazing condition these these fold down to make like a little table back here it is just it’s so cool and the design of this car and what Porsche did

It’s just incredible and I mean ultimately one of my favorite purchases I’ve ever made in my entire life foreign [Applause] Thank you Foreign now I know one of the most asked questions I’m going to get is how does this thing drive and that’s what we’re going to go over next because I am so excited and like I keep saying it truly is a driver’s car now this is something

That Tiana and I have been doing every single week almost since we freaking got the Porsche and uh we love we have a super good Italian spot that we have close by us we just I don’t know why we’ve made it a date night out of it but

We take the Porsche always to our Italian spot we figured this time we take you guys along as well let’s go ahead and hop in for a drive and talk a little bit about how this thing feels Smells like vintage a European summer in the 80s that’s literally what it smells like it really does it’s so damn good and in the Reveal video at the beginning of this I really wanted to like capture the aura of like that vintage classic style and hope you guys liked it and

Kind of got that video from it yeah and like I want this I want this entire build series to kind of feel like that I mean again it’s something completely different than I’ve ever done before and I’m just so excited to hop into something completely new this one’s literally obsess honestly I

Kind of like to get the OEM engine stroked and like fully built at some point oh it is it’s the biggest smile on my face again it’s not the fastest car in the world but it’s the big driving this car so everything be solid and good this car does not make

A squeak which blew my mind when I first when I first drove it is you expect you know a 40 year old car to have it’s quirks which of course this one does like a nice squeaky clutch pedal but other than that the car is super solid

But super stoked on though is the shifter so if you use hating spring so it doesn’t oh it doesn’t go back to the center but it really cars in neutral it just feels feels one thing that we do have on order is solid assembly shifter that’s going to

Make the Driving Experience this really really nice but I mean foreign I can have a normal conversation in here uh rear engine the car’s loud but not too loud to where we can’t just enjoy riding in the car you know so this is what I’m talking about if you look at this like

That’s just just floppy the slowest rear entrance but the most fun well the most fun and then oh it’s so good so good yeah such a show stopper now the amount of Thumbs Up we’ve gotten from kids from kids from old I stop in the middle before we make sure [Applause]

This happened on one of our date nights we’ll pull up and up and park and people walk out of the store or restaurant they are in come about five so the goal with learn ahead to our little hook see that was a good job guys Prime parking for tonight I know for real close to this just good Wow Oh I’m parking So good can never go wrong with Italian that is true all right one of our favorite things to do after dinner though is we have this really cool like downtown strip it’s so dope tons of like little bars restaurants and stuff one of my favorite things after dinner I’m sure you guys

Can relate to in your cars is to just drive down this trip and do some cruising you know Thank you