Dustin Williams Video: I Bought My DREAM JDM Widebody Kit!

Posted: 2023-09-11 17:00:38
Author: Dustin Williams
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After years of wanting and dreaming of this kit… we are finally doing it. Today is the unboxing of the Varis Widebody for my 2015 Subaru WRX!
Thank you @ArtofAttack for always helping me find my JDM parts!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

The WRX is finally back from its full engine build and making close to 500 horsepower and in today we’re going to be starting the complete makeover and restoration of my WRX I’ve been hiding something for a really really long time let’s dig into it [Applause] [Applause] I think I have a lot of explaining to do okay I think I can speak for a lot of us and especially those of you that are OG’s to the channel and saying that this what’s behind me has been a dream for years and years and years so for those

Of you that may be new to the channel I kind of want to travel back down memory lane here um because a lot of you guys might not know what this car means to me or you know what this car really is and this video is extremely special because

I am truthfully fully making my younger self’s dreams come true with this and so I want to talk to you guys a little bit about this car and you know what this entire build means to me and hopefully means to you guys as well back in 2014

We bought this 2015 WRX brand new and since then it’s completely changed my life this was the car that really started everything for me and yes of course we had the Civic SI but when I say started everything for me this was my realistic dream car back when I

Started all of this you know I was 16 17 years old driving a Honda Civic and one of my favorite cars of all time was the WRX and the STI and when this one came out it became my dream car I fixated on

It so much and when I got this car I was kind of at the point in my car building life I guess you could say where I was kind of phasing out of my of my I guess you could call quote unquote ricer era

When you’re a new car guy and I I feel like a lot of people can relate to this too you’re a new car guy I had just entered into the car world when I got my Civic with the Civic it was the first car that I ever really modified you know

So you’re plasti dipping the wheel as you’re plasti dipping the badges putting the stickers on you know doing all the goofy little I like to say racer mods to the car and when you’re a new car guy all that stuff excites you and even to

This day you guys know all of the small stuff I absolutely love and that stems from when I first started modifying cars but anyways I feel like when I got this car for the first time I was really in that stage of finding who I was and my

Style of car building my style of video because at that time I’ve been making videos for years and getting this car was such an achievement for me what I love about all of this so much is that you can go back my channel and watch the progression leading up to this and see

At the point when I got this car that everything really changed for me you know I was in college I had a job I was able to afford parts and at that time I built this car up to to what my affordable realistic dream spec was I think the culmination of everything and

Still to this day one of my favorite versions of this car is when I built it with the HT Auto flares and I had the work vsx wheels on it still had to save on trunk had the APR Wing I mean the car was fantastic I worked so damn hard to

Do that this car’s been through a lot with me from a wreck very early on when I first bought the car which led me to getting the ing’s N plus one bumper which at the time was the first one really in the US which was crazy because

It was so cool to have this car with an aftermarket front bumper I had never done that before you know building the Civic I had never had an aftermarket body kit or anything like that you know I was doing easy lifts you know the little like garage door and rubber lips

That you can like put around your front bumper which I still think are cool but you know I had never had a real JDM bumper and you know this was at the time when I was also learning about GTRs and Japanese car culture and it’s so cool

Because you can go back and see the first time I ever got to see an R32 GTR in person you know I drove six hours from where I was in Mississippi up to Memphis Tennessee to go to an importer when the R32 GTRs and the gtsts had just

Become legal and go review one anyways I had just gotten I was just getting into you know learning about gdm car parts JDM car pieces and cars and whatever and you know that that era of this car was my absolute favorite but I think ever since back then we always knew about

Varus and varus to me was absolutely unobtainable it was something that I could have never imagined that I’ve always wanted but could have never imagined this car has seen so much with me and has traveled the country with me I mean from building this thing to my realistic dream spec to traveling to

Different car shows all over the south Florida Atlanta Virginia Texas all over to you know having the unique opportunity to when I graduate college move out to California in literally weeks after I graduated college loading this thing up and driving it across the country to be able to afford to actually

Move to California and you know take literally everything I own and go go to a completely different place with no family and none of my lifelong friends it took a lot and especially to be able to afford it I had to sell a lot of the

Stuff off of this car and one of my most prized possessions and one of the things that I was most proud about were the wheels and before I moved to California I had to sell my work vsx’s to be able to have some money to actually move out

There and be able to live and figure out things I’m my own and that’s something to this day I still regret but it’s forever ingrained in my mind because like I told you guys this car has been through so much with me and never in a

Million years did I think back then when I was getting ready to move from Mississippi to California that we would have any of this much less what’s behind me anyways uh we get to California and my life really changes and obviously it changes for the better I’m learning so

Much you know it’s like culture shock Mississippi to California it’s completely different I’m I’m working for myself trying to make ends meet and figure things out everything really changed for me and and in that you know YouTube became my full-time job and with that I was able to start trying out

Different cars you guys know we bought the Evo and then and that crazy series started and then we and new experiences and new things and honestly new passions opened up you know you guys know how much I love GTRs and buying my very first GTR the R32 GTR opened up a whole

New world for me in that aspect and over the years the WRX Kai kind of got pushed on the back burner but it’s always had a special place in my heart I mean this is the longest I’ve ever kept a car my whole life and I can’t see myself ever

Without this car because again it’s it’s what really started everything for me and now I look around at everything that we’ve built the shop all the cars that have come and gone and stayed there’s one car that’s been here every step of the way no matter how many road trips

Miles wrecks that this thing has been in it’s always been by my side and now I think it’s time to build the car that 20 year old Dustin never thought would ever be imaginable phase one part one stage one whatever you want to call it was of

Course the fully built engine and stage two is completely revamping and turning this car into everything I ever could have dreamed of and I guess with that stage two of the build is a full varus wide body kit for the 2015 WRX Now first of all I have to give a big thank you to Art of attack they always help my crazy JDM dreams come true I mean from the spoon S2000 to the vars R35 GTR now to the entire full kit for the WRX you guys are looking for JDM

Parts or wanting to get those JDM Parts part of attack and help you guys out but for today’s video we’re gonna be unboxing all of this stuff seeing what we’ve got to work with we are getting so close to SEMA that this car has got to

Be together and brought to the body shop as soon as possible so we’re gonna try and knock this out as fast as we can but for today’s video we’re just going to be unboxing and taking a look at all of these amazing vars Parts because this deserves this out of everything that we

Do to this car deserves a full unboxing so you guys can see exactly what we’re working with and the quality of parts that we have here with that let’s go ahead and get started all right well we Front fenders I don’t know why but I’m a little nervous oh my God oh it’s so good we literally guys have everything holy I don’t even know where to begin fenders okay let’s uh We’re not gonna do all of it I will save some spice and some juice

For our video all like little accessory stuff but let’s at least do like one side I feel like one side will be good so you guys can get an idea of how gnarly this kid is if you guys don’t know what Forest Japan is I mean like I said Pinnacle of Japanese Motorsport

Motorsport styling body kit it’s it’s fantastic so we’ve got fenders we’ve got front bumper let’s go ahead and rip out the fender and the front bumper Yes oh my God okay now yes we already have the vars front bumper but I figured if we’re gonna be reworking the entire body doing new paint and taking this thing to the body shop might as well get everything new so we are gonna be replacing the front bumper with a brand

New bars front bumper and it still makes me just as excited I think after the front fender let’s do side skirts so now this is going to completely change the car I’m talking like I am trying to build the best WRX out there and feel like this is going to completely

Complete the look that I’m going for and not only did we get the side skirts but we also have carbon extensions but I mean I’m just we’re not getting we’re not getting fully into it today I’m saving the meat for the next video when we start doing the install portions that

You guys are just getting the potatoes today okay so let’s go ahead and let’s go ahead and line up the side skirt this is going slowly insane okay but it doesn’t stop here because we have one last box and something that is really really lacking

Is the rear end of this car so let’s go ahead and do our last and final varus box and check out the rear bumper and rear fenders I need you guys to experience this with me because it is absolutely ridiculous the amount of pieces that this kit comes with is insane this

Is going to be the rear fenders the carbon bits and the rear bumper let’s go and rip them out Look at this it is absolutely insane Oh my God I don’t think it’s fully hit me yet but now it’s like sinking in this this is gonna be insane I mean look at it it’s incredible and this isn’t even all the pieces it’s literally like a giant adult Lego set I mean look at the detail in this thing this isn’t even the entire kit we still have pieces left in the boxes I just wanted to give you guys a

Little overview a little sneak peek at what’s to come I don’t want to take anything out of the plastic yet or really into until we’re actually piecing the car together but I am so freaking stoked guys what you’re about to build is one of the craziest wrx’s if not the

Craziest WRX of all time we’ve got the built engine now we’ve just got to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and create something iconic that is the goal for this I want this WRX to be legendary and I think what we have in

Store for you guys is really going to blow some minds but take a quick look at it I mean the rear bumper has got to be one of my favorite Parts the intricacy of the vents The Styling the shape I mean it is insane it’s aggressive it’s

Elegant I mean this is gonna completely transform the car I am so damn excited I mean even the side skirts I think one of the pieces that I love the most about the WRX is even on the stock body versions are the side skirts I mean when

All of these pieces of the paws all together I mean this is going to go into the door and completely change the shape of the door and I actually I don’t want to tell you we’ll go more into detail on what we’re gonna do with the kit

Um once we start like I said piecing it together uh but it’s gonna be really special and like I said we’re doing it right the first time I hope you guys are ready well as you guys can see we have our work cut out for us and even though

It may not seem like it Seema is coming up fast and we have four cars going you guys will learn a lot about that once this little project is done and off to the body shop we’re gonna get started on this kit front to back and get this

Thing to the body shop as soon as possible so with all of that being said I think this is a perfect time to end today’s video and like I said I gave you guys the potatoes today the meat is coming up and I’m so excited to show you

The complete transformation of how this car looks now to what it’s going to look like in a couple of short months so with that being said thank you guys so much for watching today’s video this is an absolute dream come true and if there’s any piece of advice I can give to you

Guys right now is to follow your dreams and work as hard as you possibly can because you have no idea what you’re capable of until you try I for sure had no idea that we would be here right now and following your dreams can be very very powerful anyways I hope you guys

Are excited as we are about this is going to be insane as always thank you so much for watching if you have not already make sure you guys hit that like button leave us a comment down below dreamwrx um I think that’s a very fitting for

This and make sure you are subscribed to follow along with this build and everything else that we have coming along because it’s going to be a crazy ride once again thank you we’ll see you guys for the next one pea salad Foreign