Posted: 2023-05-19 17:00:12
Author: Dustin Williams
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Well, here goes nothing! In today’s video we reveal the new giveaway car.. a wrecked r35 GTR that we will be rebuilding for you guys! This will be our biggest build yet and the most exciting! We also get another tour of Cole’s collection.. seeing more of the Sierra Sierra evo, diesel R35 GTR, and more!
Sierra Sierra Evo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n3grE8WB0Q

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Welcome to the video guys now I know you have all been waiting for the reveal of the next project car and the next giveaway car but before we hop into today’s video I quickly wanted to let you guys know that the brand new Boba collection is live right now on the

Legends media site I quickly wanted to run you guys through everything that you can find currently on the site right now and don’t forget every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend site is one entry in to win so really quickly this is the all new Legends Boba Matsuri

Collection let’s live right now we have two brand new hoodies this green and the cream color that I’m currently wearing right now as well as two brand new shirts one in the cream as well and then of course we also have a black now along

With all this stuff we have two new hats a ton of accessories like patches stickers and so much more and we even and we even restocked some of the older items for you guys so you guys can find everything on the site right now and of

Course if you are a VIP member you can get up to 10 times the entries we just revamped the entire Legend site out of three new tiers to the VIP membership as well as an exclusive VIP Facebook member for where you guys get an inside look at

What we do here in the shop and an early look at projects cars things that we’re doing you guys actually got to see the giveaway car a little bit early which is really cool so I’m gonna go ahead and leave a link to Legends as well as the

Legends VIP page down in the description box below so you guys can check that out and check out the entire revamp it’s really really cool but with that being said thank you guys for all the support I really hope you love this next project and this next reveal it is it definitely

Holds a special place in my heart um well I don’t want to explain too much you guys will see in the video do me a huge favor check out the legend site sit back relax enjoy today’s video oh there it is it’s cool nice to officially meet you dude

I think it’s time to show you guys what we’re picking up for all of you I think it’s time to show you guys what we’re picking up for all of you and like I said our biggest and most ambitious project car giveaway car whatever that we’ve ever done now the cool story about

This is I actually mentioned when I was filming Cole’s GTR that Tim and I previously when thinking about what car we were gonna race had looked into actually getting a wrecked R35 GTR to build as our time attack car Cole saw that and was like Hey I actually have a

Wrecked R35 GTR if you’d be interested and lo and behold I’m here picking up a wrecked R35 GTR that we’re gonna be rebuilding and giving away to you guys We’re buying it sight unseen this is the first time that we’ve ever seen the car in person or anything and so it looks as to be expected here it’s it’s a pretty dang good car you know I wanted to build it up for myself I had some of the parts

And pieces it’s a buddy of mine’s car and his I’m not going to tell you exactly who okay so it took a stop sign hit there didn’t break the oil cooler but definitely damaged it right hurt the rocker panel so that’s you know missing right right

Um the main damage is in the the front end of the car obviously so some stuff on the underside but it’s all like just cosmetic stuff there’s this little ding in the fender we’re gonna do a full little inspection here when we get it back to the shop but we got some

Souvenir Parts at the shop that we could use to repair this thing along with what we’re actually getting from coal here which is gonna be a little bit of a secret we’ll show you guys that once we get deeper into the build of the car but

I wanted to come pick this up and show you guys this is our biggest project that we’ve ever done this is the gonna be the biggest project the most ambitious but also one of the coolest project cars and giveaway car cars that we’re ever going to do so you guys know

How much I love GTRs how much I love racing and we’re going to be combining those two things with the build of this car and none other than Cole helping us out here too as well which is is so don’t make the same mistakes that I do

I’m gonna talk and I think you can build a really good car this is yeah like r35s are such good cars they’re amazing yeah people like I can’t believe they had all this technology you know 2008 2009 I know at least into cars so you hop in

This thing even today yeah let’s check it out dude shape it’s got an updated super clean whatever iPad style Center radio and stuff so oh no way okay well it’s a little a little spicy yeah Really already okay yeah she got the ECU Tech like dongle there in the center console oh sick perfect okay so we can give you guys a little bit of sauce man this is so sick this is actually like really really clean yeah no it’s in great shape oh my gosh

Super nice Interiors all here guys it’s very very clean on the inside I love the OEM steering wheel the 35 Studio it is very very good I’m super happy it’s still here a little carbon beds wow still put everything into our mode it’s got stock suspension still yep nice

Okay that’s cool too I am yeah it looks like super super freaking excited dude sounds really good we got a lot of work to do but the car already is is so great in and of itself I am so pumped for this I can’t wait to

Get it back to the shop like go over the entire thing look what we got to do and like just dive into this build fully because it’s going to be one hell of a car I’m super excited it was a score I cannot believe we’re doing this I can’t believe it either you

Sure you want to do this every time we get a car I’ve always asked you these things this is so cool you guys know how sentimental I get when we build like a really freaking sick car and this is going to be one of the sickest cars that

We’ve ever built and you guys have no idea what’s in that shop that we’re taking home with us to put on this car it’s going to be insane Thank you To continue this on I hope you guys are really excited about our GTR but Cole has more surprises up his sleeve so before we load that guy up into our trailer and start taking it back home Cole has a little surprise here in this trailer and he’s actually going to take

Us to his other shop in just a bit to see some more of his crazy cars so all right cool give me the background on what the heck this thing is so this started life as the Cobb tuning time attack GTR first car that I ran at Pikes

Peak in 2015 car retired shortly after that sat under a cover in the corner of the shop for like six years and we had this crazy idea it started as an April fools joke that we would put a Ford power stroke engine into the 035 [ __ ]

Kidding me nope so it all started as an April Fool’s joke and now we have one of the dopest builds to ever happen with an R35 oh my you are joking me no we’re going after the Pikes Peak record the diesel record so it’s got a compound

This is the small turbo there’s two turbos what that’s the small one so the big ones another dashboard like behind uh right next to me holy [ __ ] dude so six liter Ford power stroke super duty uh made 1074 horsepower the other day and 1700 foot

Pounds of torque oh my God so we were just testing it out of the track yesterday what who are you I don’t know man I’ve just been busy here in the workshop and I have a rad group of dudes I was not expecting any of this this is

I’m very happy we bought the GTR from you like that’s that makes me feel good about what we’re getting I’m glad I’m getting into share some of this work with you this is amazing dude so like if these cars are wild if any viewers like

Want to like get into this or it might be a potential like if you want to work with you where can they find your so we have a YouTube channel um life Motorsport okay and we it covers a lot of our races and stuff like that so we

Give uh insight into the builds um we don’t upload a ton but when we do this really high quality okay a lot of Storytelling um information on this car all of the races that we’ve been going to for years are on there so yeah if you

Want to see what world time attack is like you want to see what Pikes Peak is like we give a really good in-depth look okay sick yes I’m definitely gonna link that for you guys because this is like holy I never thought I would see something like this in my life so okay

Well when we 3D scan the engine and we have the scan from the chassis and it fit like we put it in the between the frame rails were like it actually it works like if you look at the maybe you can see the exhaust manifold to the frame rail

Oh my it’s like on it a business card we made it a rear wheel drive put like a quick change rear end in it okay so could handle all the torque big Power um it’s got the four-speed like automatic truck you’re kidding we got a paddle shift why so yeah it does some

Weird things um but the Aero balance is excellent because it’s the same Arrow package we went on Sydney and the weight balance is actually really good because we have this is one of four radiators this size we have three more of the size in the

Trunk so I’ll take you to the back of the car and you can see what that looks like oh my God so it’s tough to kind of see um but maybe you can peek through here oh my God so there’s three radiators stacked in like a square pattern so

There’s a roof duct in through the rear window and that feeds air into the three radiators and so they’re stacked in a box pattern and then there’s also two oil coolers behind that yep right there you see the little black ones here um and then there’s four water pumps

It’s just insane so is this gonna be going to uh World Time attack as well where does this run okay okay um testing for Pikes Peak okay we test at Pikes Peak in a little over three weeks um we had an engine issue last year that

Stopped us for making it to the summit sorting that out right now um yeah we’ll test there in a few weeks and then June 25th is race day at Pikes Peak and yeah hopefully we get the the diesel power we will be watching that for sure also shout out to our boys over

At vibrant that is uh that is so cool this is Pinnacle stuff here dude look at the quality of this dude at 160 miles an hour it’s making around six thousand pounds again speechless speechless is is an understatement here uh I cannot wait to see this run that’s incredible so I’m

Glad we got to take a peek at that should we load up the GTR yeah we can do that we’re gonna load up the GTR and we’re gonna go see what else Cole’s been hiding from us here there’s no telling it’s insane foreign Congratulations I’m stoked man I’m stoked I think we found a Hidden Gem here from you no I’m excited to have you guys put it together yeah it’s gonna be super sick it’s gonna be a good project [Applause] thank you last thing before we had Nicole’s second

Shop I know how crazy that sounds but uh really quickly because I I want the viewers to understand how along with everything else in the shop how damn cool it is that you have the Sierra Sierra Evo in the shop so really quickly can you quick pitch on like what the

Sierra Evo is and like how did you how do you why why how do you have this it’s it’s another weird story uh how I ended up yeah but um to me it was the most iconic time attack car it was the top us time attack team like 2010

Um they went down to World Time attacks a battle with the best teams in the world just the style of it the looks the fact it was a Team USA car I mean it’s on it’s on par with the Cyber Evo oh it was it was the second fastest car in the

World two years consecutively and uh it was on Pace to beat it when a turbo blue it was oh my God so this is exactly as it rolled off the track in 2011 after the last World Time attack event that it went to so there’s still bugs from

Australia on the front bumper way dude yeah there’s you see that is so cool some of the bug splatters so it’s exactly as it came off the track it was quite the battle and it kind of set the precedent for what high-end time attack looked like and before the arrow War

Started this car still today has the highest top speed mile per hour at World Time attack no whale it’s like 176 miles an hour oh God maybe even higher I forget exactly what the number is I know Baker knows yeah um this was when they had all the engine

Building yep figured out but they didn’t have the aerodynamics figured out so this is it’s really cool stuff like very simple canards and stuff right yeah very simple front splitter come look at this rear diffuser so because nobody was figuring anything out with these cars aerodynamically at that point

What worked so this is the diffuser based off of a formula Atlantic Car very high down Force Open Wheel car so they use that is the basis to form the tunnels to which they put on this good Lord dude so that is some very tricky aerodynamic stuff that they had going on

Back then but if you look at the wing look how small just a little baby Wing it’s a cute little one for 9 100 horsepower or whatever this thing happens today it looks like an F1 exhaust back here dude so the team that built it Tierra Sierra came from Oak

Wheel racing they put like six drivers into IndyCar so they were a very very high level team and you know they got sick of that series and the owner of the team Dennis went to budwell and we saw some time attack stuff oh my god dude

That’s so cool so our home track yeah he he doubled down and said I’m gonna I’m gonna run a proper time attack this stuff looks pretty cool and yeah built the Evo out and campaigned at a very high level he was at button Willow and Ian Baker was there like 2008 2009

Something like that and he said if you win this event I’ll ship your car to Australia and he shook hands with Baker and they won the event oh my God Australia so knowing the players involved and everything and how iconic this car was I didn’t I never got the

Opportunity to see it run I was at the racetrack and I heard that the team manager that built this car was at the track so I was like I gotta track this time um and so sure enough uh I found him and he told me the history of the car and I

Said where is it you know because the car just disappeared uh he said I think it’s in an airplane Hangar near Tahoe so I got on the on the hunt found the the no way emailed him didn’t hear anything for weeks and I just said I’d love to

See the car it was really important to me and like my decision the career path uh and he said you can come check out the car this day this time be there okay oh my God I didn’t want to ask too much but I said hey can I bring my video guy

So we can capture you know video of the car and give a little story so we made a little video uh called The Lost Sierra and it’s a little you know a little background story on the Sierra Sierra is on your Channel right now yeah I’m gonna

Link it okay yeah please do it’s a so it meant so much to me it was the first time I got to see the car in person yeah here like the War Stories of the team and all the the struggles and headaches and development and camaraderie and

Everything that went into like being a top level team uh so man that car even meant more to me at that point uh and then Dennis the owner of the the team made me a deal I couldn’t refuse video he said you know I think you’ll take

Care of the car now it’s just a timepiece in here that’s so sick I would never change a single thing on it yeah it’s just an iconic car yeah so I have a very similar story and you guys know what the card is one last ride in the Porsche here oh My storage shop that is becoming my primary spot as I split up uh shop space between Sierra and live Whoa it’s a mad scientist in here dude you basically are geez if this doesn’t scream mad scientist laboratory I don’t know what else does dude Shop number two is also just as cool as shot number one so this is insane this is my favorite car what is

This it’s an R32 gtst just a couple Drive um but it’s got so it’s a [ __ ] box but it does all the race car like yeah triple disc clutch super tight rear end giant turbo the like the lag is a novelty right right to dig in and you

Listen the Hood’s all faded and everything but it makes like 600 wheel on on race gas like I love it or something but uh party get a little scary yeah so this thing is like my favorite ship box ever ogt37s too I appreciate them but I think

Everybody needs a car like that though right yeah totally that’s why I say it’s my favorite car yeah all the cars I have like to go out and scare myself this one yeah this is the one I love it set a mood the rwb oh okay okay I like

That you have like your every every different mood car you know and he was telling us before before we picked the camera up but this is his s13 land speed car yeah so Moto IQ kind of made it famous so there’s a bunch of articles on it

Um about the efforts to go 200 and they never made it there so I’ve got it here I’m gonna put it back together uh and I’m gonna go 200. I love it and so I want to be the world’s fastest s chassis you’re very unique I mean this is a d

Stroked 1.5 liter SR20 yeah super strange well it fits the rules sure um so the one of the unique things about it is it’s pure stock body so you try to find an s13 that’s not hammered right right look at these tires try and find one of these oh my gosh

Just super super clean it’s it’s stuck and clean as you can get because it’s a stock body classroom it had to fit uh to those rules for the classing hence the d-stroked engine and the stock body uh amazing it was a sr15 sr15 they just

Wrote it in with a sharpie this one oh God is one of the rarest cars I own okay so it’s one of only 10 ever brought into the U.S it’s uh oh my gosh TRD 2000 GT Factory TRD wide body this car was at SEMA in the year 2000. how old were you

In 2000 not old enough to know what this was me either dude this so Factory Toyota wide body so you see how slow it is but it was based off this off that says they had ggtc racing and so in 98 they said hey Toyota was going to do a

Special edition wide body uh in Japan they built Factory cars right with that wide body in the US they only imported 10 kits so this is one of ten this car number seven actually if you go into research the history some of the kits disappeared so there’s less than 10 ever

Built U.S cards cool who are you dude just so like under the radar you know this is so freaking sick dude so I love it it’s super clean it has the original like 91 look how ugly the steering wheel is just a big old like probably the same

Steering wheel as the Camry yeah at that point the t-tops this is so cool and the wide body just like that it’s so tidy I love the license plate trd2000. oh you got a license plates good oh God oh Jesus you got an FD in here too dude come on

Come on I told you a fast and furious changed my life yes oh my God one of the first dope car standard FD dude FD so of course I had to get the Toretto license plate dude it’s got Volks on these two wow man you

So this one’s pretty cool I can pop the hood on okay crazy but super clean has some Grady bits in here and that’s sick man I like the OG like turbo Shield dude the the white car’s got a turbo timer on it oh it’s so good every single

Time man I dig it oh cool this one’s a super Coal got a pretty flexible schedule this was amazing dude and I’m sure all of you guys appreciate it as well um definitely check out the life YouTube channel for all of your your cool stuff tell them to post more go comments I’m gonna post some more stuff he’s got way too much

Cool [ __ ] here for him not to post so dude we’re gonna get the GTR back thank you again man this was amazing we’re definitely gonna see him again this is turned into the brand new car reveal to just one of the coolest tour collections like I cannot imagine buying

A car from a better person like that was just so cool and of course if we ever have any uh any questions or need any help with the GTR Cole is obviously going to be our guy like that is just what an absolute Legend the people that

He knows the things that he’s seen that he’s like been able to do I’m super stoked they were able to buy this GTR from him and to be the sickest build series of all time so we are going to start our uh our 10 hour Journey back home tonight

And hopefully make it back by a couple hours so I’ll update you guys once we make it back to the shop oh I know where that piece goes bro drip complete did my first back-end job with uh the Great White Buffalo and I think we did pretty good we’re gonna unload the R35

GTR finally and it is going to be officially home at the shop I am so pumped How absolutely ridiculous is this situation that we have going on right now you have two in your possession the GTR is home excuse the mess that we have going on in here we have a lot going on in the shop right now but I did want to

Hop in hop in really quickly to say I hope you guys are super stoked about the giveaway we definitely have our work cut out for us but the plans that we have are going to be so awesome and I’m so excited to take you guys along this

Journey our first ever car that we’re going to be rebuilding and it’s going to be amazing and I couldn’t think of a better car and a more fun car to do than a GTR so if you guys stayed this long in the video I feel like you guys deserve

To see a little sneak peek of what we have coming and uh let me just tell you it is pretty freaking awesome that’s all I’m going to show you but get ready for one of the coolest and the most fun builds that we will that we have ever

Done on this channel it’s about to get crazy so thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend site is one entry into win and we have the new revamped three-tier VIP system for you guys to check out as well

Um if you guys want to help support the channel support what we do in this shop erasing everything please consider joining VIP and becoming part of the squad we have an exclusive Facebook group and just so much more it is so cool so either way hope you guys are

Stoked I will see all of you for the next one where we will be assessing everything wrong with this car and seeing what this thing has because it has a few surprises so thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave

Me a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out