Dustin Williams Video: How Much Power Does the FL5 Civic Type R REALLY Make? *SURPRISING RESULTS*

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-03 17:00:15
Author: Dustin Williams
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Monumental moment here our first full fill up in the fl5 type R what’s up guys good morning welcome back to the channel we rushed out of the house this morning because we actually have let’s go I love the gym baby we actually rushed out of the house this morning

Because we have a dino session this morning not a dino tune a dino session meaning we’re putting the fl5 type R on the dyno to see how much power that this thing outputs bone stock now yes we have an intercooler but that shouldn’t change our power rating our power output on the

Dyno too much at least I don’t think so we’re gonna be testing the car bone stock today so that when we add modifications we’ll be able to see how each mod affects the car and how much power each mod helps us so filling up with some 91 unfortunately California

This is as high as we go and then we are going to head over to power metric to put this thing on the Mustang dyno and see how much this thing actually makes I think that’s gonna be really really cool because we do have a few modifications

Coming in a few quote unquote power modifications coming in for the type R you can’t tune this car just yet and we’ll talk about that in just a little bit cool to see before we install everything how much this car makes so I was wondering to fill up a Type R 42 bucks

Not too bad I said to the dino today’s video is sponsored by Honda and today we’ll be checking out the new styling on the fl5 first up we’re going to be taking a look at the redesigned Wing Honda has kept all of our favorite pieces of the previous generation Type R but has

Revamped them just like the redesigned Wing poking at the back moving on to the front of the car we’re taking a look at the redesigned LED headlights the headlight redesign is amazing the LED’s new housing give the car a great New Look along with the rest of the Interior

You have a redesigned display you have everything that you need at the tips of your fingers whether you’re in Comfort mode or plus r mode so the f05 has a ton of amazing features if you guys want to learn more about this car you can head to the first link down in the

Description box below oh different let’s do it Mustang Dino this is the coolest part yeah it’s so necessary they didn’t have to do it but they did you know nice little touch Follow me this is going to be the first step they’ll find we put on this Dino really We have made it to the oso six shop which houses the dyno the power metric tunes on we’re here with our boy Nick all right Nick what’s the plan for today the plan for today is to finally see what the new fl5 Civic Type R does on a

Mustang dyno which is a wheel horsepower type yeah so I probably should preface this by saying Honda promotes their crank horsepower today we’ll be finding out the wheel horsepower which is nice yeah because typically obviously it’s going to be lower because the drive drivetrain loss right so that’ll play

Into effect with the transmission clutch wheels tires and this will give us an accurate reading yeah and then while I was telling them earlier on the video too this is going to be really nice because now anytime we do modifications we can really see how much each thing

That we do actually bumps up the power exactly the benefits of each part now yeah so this is going to be what we would consider a Baseline and that that’s just your starting point and from there any modification after this we get to compare it and cross-reference it to

Make sure it’s actually making power like we want that’s six so when doing a baseline Dyno like this what’s the process we’re gonna like get the carpet tab do three poles and out of three poles we’ll kind of get kind of either we usually pick like the average one now

Right not the highest one not the lowest one just one it’s right in the middle but at the same rate a lot of it has to do with the preparation on getting the car strapped down on the dinos because little things could affect the change in

Power so uh as long as we dial in the preparation of it and we make sure there’s no wheel slip with when you’re actually rolling it on the dyno any of you guys that are thinking of doing the f05 are currently doing the fl5 and you know Baseline numbers hopefully this

Helps you out a little bit so we’re gonna find out also this is a Mustang dyno too so what it reads like 13 lower 12 lower compared to a Dyno jet Okay cool so keep all of those factors in mind as well Foreign Yes the car is basically stock we do have the very nice PRL intercooler helping us with Cooling and keeping the heat soak away I’m very excited to see what the actual Baseline of this car is going to be we didn’t actually get to do we will do on five it’s gonna be very

Very nice so he’s getting all the parameters and stuff set up in here and then we’ll get started so right now we’re gonna do the vehicle speed loss so we have to get it up to like 100 miles an hour and just let it Coast down okay Thank you so we got everything dialed in we did the vehicle loss we did the RPM calculation everything’s still strapped down the car’s still and now it’s time to do it number number one pull number one pull uh temps right now are water temps 188 oil temps that’s actually

Pretty decent for not even having the fan on exactly yeah and uh honestly it’s really cool that Honda actually integrated all of this we’d have to plug in a scanner or yeah that’s one of my favorite features like not even having any gauges or anything like that and

They have right ready for you to go so even on track days like it would have been very helpful on our code today all right I’m gonna set up uh the RPM so like the start RPM stop RPM that ends at 7000 RPM and we’ll start at 1900 so try to send it Here it is what are we looking at the first results 316 foot pounds of wheel torque sick that’s so much more than I thought oh yeah yeah Power in 316 torque on Wheels to the wheel run yep so we’ll do two more we’re gonna let it cool down for about a minute and

Honestly if the tips is more important so it started around 185 and then 190 for the oil temp and as you can see it only went up to 197 oil 10 yeah for a full pull yeah so that’s sick okay this is good wow where’s your guess what would you guess your guess

270. I’ll say 285 285 293 horsepower and 3 -0 do your math numbers and more on this same Dyno Sk8 by the way 268 horsepower and 314 torque wow so almost 30 horsepower and one torque very interesting it’s very surprising you can pull You need a little bit more dude that’s all water temp 210 and then oil test 199 okay still pretty normal so two minutes and let’s see what yeah so this what this is showing us is that PRL intercooler is that definitely helping with system temp yeah plus this thing is wow

And remember this is a Mustang Dino to the wheels 294 and 316 torque hopefully we can see those numbers one more time and come over to average it’s a really good car Rhonda oh my gosh ball at number three this might be our last one That’s it it’s a consistent that’s insane I think it’s safe to say that iPhone 5 stock with the exception of an intercooler makes really really right out of the box there’s no real like power upgrades or tuning have 294 horsepower and 316 foot-pounds of torque toriel horsepower and torque called a Mustang dyno

Comparing all three runs right made the same on every single one horsepower wise and only the torque was off by like one right so it’s very very consistent it’s very look at the chart too wow and with tuning we could really clean up that and make an hour band

Available for these for sure these guys honestly right now as is it’s great the most incredible like Street slash week yeah it is I’m so pumped I’m so surprised it’s the real the real kick here Nick is the intercooler plays in the power nuggets I would look at it more

That’s what I think as well like it’s more of a preventative our modification that’s more of a mud yeah it allows for more air like the stock intercooler versus the pr on one if you guys didn’t watch that video go check it out a ton of more air coming

Anyway we really really know is to have the stock interview yeah but that’s what you do a comparison side by side but you know done finding any of them just off that alone that makes the upgrade worth it yeah that is so sick now we’re also talking about the

FK the stock FKA right in that car on this Dyno made 260 4 horsepower 268 to 68. so there you go that’s clearly the fl5 making a lot more power yeah what do you think this does on the dragster put them out I have no idea we’re gonna find

Out you can simulate it simulate it let’s pop in the passenger seat will you do it oh God okay given this isn’t a prep to track and you’re not gonna crazy launch it but rolling into it was yeah see what kind of numbers it is so this is the Dino’s drag racing simulator

Quarter mile obviously we want we don’t want extra Road grade or anything but there you go you’ve been to the dragster before yeah of course so it has a Race Street and you just treat it like that it’ll start the timer and just go and just go through every year until you

Reach a quarterback do it like even in like like first gear like I can pin it yep Oh my God you’re scaring me okay I would just don’t launch it yeah but uh at least this will give us some okay pretty close all right so There we go okay go ahead 14 seconds dude and on the track like what all the Publishers did yeah this does 13 .5 in the corner really so it’s like pretty accurate this Dino is actually very active so again I guess it’s wheel horsepower and yeah you’re not launching it right on track

Prep right that’s pretty sick dude this is a great car that’s pretty crazy guys Dino could do that they do this on more cars oh yeah over time we can see how the temps act just by simulating that we’re driving on the road going up a grade on a mountain

Right so it really has a lot of features that can kind of save us time from having to you know do Street pools right there or go to the track just to figure it out yeah I mean dude the performance on this car has been so great so far

I’m excited this is really cool success 14 second quarter mile hey successful Dino day I’m very excited to continue the build on this and see where it goes I mean just to see this over 500. yeah just just from today there’s a ton of potential with this car Honda did a fantastic job

I am so stoked on how awesome this car did and honestly I’m genuinely surprised at how much power it made on the Mustang dyno to the wheels that just tells us that there’s so much potential with the f05 and once the ball starts rolling

Um I think this is going to be a really really amazing platform much like the fk8 is we’re gonna go and wrap up today’s video we’re actually about to start working on the fk8 and start dealing with our Engine with that car we have some exciting news to tell you guys

On that which will be in which you guys have already seen I think with all that being said I hope you guys are as stoked as we are on the fl5 and all that’s to come with this car and really with how well it did today so once again thank

You to Nick and the guys over at oh so sick as well as power metric for allowing us on the dyno and thank you to Honda for sponsoring today’s video if you guys have not already make sure to hit that subscribe button leave me a like down below and also leave me a

Comment on what you guys are most excited to see with the fl5 and stay tuned for what’s to come we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out