Dustin Williams Video: How I’m Really Doing | Japan, New Builds, Life

Posted: 2023-06-30 17:00:33
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thought we’d have a chill video today! Wanted to sit down and do a Q/A with you guys. I answer some questions about life, business, and cars! Make sure to follow my Instagram to get on for the next one.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Special little package here all the way from Down Under Australia this is really exciting because it’s for the R32 GTR you guys know we’ve been waiting for this for a long time but we’ll talk about this in a video to come it has been absolutely nuts here in the

Shop and as you guys know we’ve been doing a giveaway so huge thank you to everybody that entered in and supported us on the giveaway it’s really exciting give us some time to sit with the sweepstakes company while I go through everybody’s online entries as well as

The mail-in entries and we will be sure to keep you guys updated on when we’re actually gonna make the call for the giveaway but I mean even beyond that we have so much more coming up and since we just finished the giveaway we’re kind of in that in between period where we’re

Gearing up for our next project and things to come for the rest of the year because we’re right smack in the middle of the year I can tell you guys that the second half of the year is gonna be just as crazy or if not more crazy than what

We’ve done in the beginning part of the year so I’m very very excited but with that being said kind of like I said things are going to be a little bit crazy we have so much travel coming up we’re gearing up for our next builds we have two three actually really big

Builds coming out that I’m very excited to share with you guys so that’s why for today’s video I figured we’d do something a little bit more chill I wanted to kind of hang out with you guys and and just do a q a I really feel like

Over the past eight to ten years however long I’ve been doing this we’ve created this awesome community of friends and I really do value all of your opinions and this awesome kind of a relationship that we have you know I read every single comment that you post on the videos I

Try and get back to as many DMS as possible I love getting to sit down and like I said kind of just hang out with you guys so I figured as we’ve been going 100 miles an hour non-stop from the beginning of the year until now and

It’s about to get even crazier coming up I figured this would be a perfect time to just sit and do a q a and kind of recap everything with you guys if and if there’s any new viewers to bring some questions and just general things that

You guys want to know so I asked on Instagram I’m here for you guys to send in some questions if you guys don’t follow me on Instagram you definitely should we got a ton of really really awesome shins and I’m excited to answer some of them for you

Guys today so we’re gonna scroll to the very bottom and just go from there I usually kind of prepare for this but I just wanted it to I just wanted to go with the flow today and have some fun so let’s get started we’re just gonna hop

Right in I’m just like I said go from the bottom and move our way up I want to start making videos but don’t know how to edit or what to use any suggestions guys this goes with anything in life you just you just gotta do it you just gotta

Go for it and figure things out people aren’t gonna hold your hand or tell you how to do everything so if you really want to do something you’ll do the research to know what you need and start from the basics and teach yourself and become proficient in whatever you really

Want to learn so my advice for someone looking to pick up edit and film is literally just grab your iPhone there’s a ton of editing softwares that you can download on the App Store that just don’t even cost anything film and edit things on your phone your daily life

Whatever and just start there and learn from there and if you want move to maybe uh editing software on your computer and watch YouTube videos on how to edit it’s just the initial step of doing it oh this one is actually very exciting Japan in a van too info on that coming very

Soon yes of course Japan and Van 2. this is a really good one from Jose and he asked what card do I regret getting rid of I think I really regret getting rid of my first ever Evo the white Evo I love that car so much the Evo was such a

Dream car for me and I feel like at the point when I sold it I had kind of done everything that I really wanted to do with it and if if I could go back and do it again I would just build it completely different I feel like I was

At the stage where I just wanted to do what the craziest idea in my head was and that was the the off-centered turbo kit with the hood dump I mean it was crazy but it was awesome and I definitely do miss that car but I would redo the whole thing with the knowledge

That I have now and just like the difference in style like oh man but I really really do miss that car my white Evo was amazing this is a pretty good one um a tough one actually too what’s what’s running on your mind when you’re setting out something new and

Challenging this is a loaded question because it’s a lot of things but primarily what I really think of is ways to succeed and ways to ways to make it work a lot of the times I have crazy ideas that I just have no clue on how

I’m gonna get it done but I know in my head there’s a way and I think that’s very important there’s two kind of ways of thinking it’s it’s when you have this crazy idea for example Japan in a van taking a taking a van and traveling across a completely foreign country with

A language that I can very very very minimally speak by myself and get from the very top all the way to the very middle and like it’s very easy to think of a million reasons why that wouldn’t work or why I shouldn’t do it but I think the important thing is when

Setting out on a crazy easy idea or a challenging goal that you guys are setting out is ways that it can work take the negativity out and tell yourself that you can do it and think of ways and think of things to make it work in my experience at least from 15 year

Old that started this YouTube channel to where I am now nothing is impossible you just have to have that dream and honestly not even a dream have that Vision that vision of reality a dream is one thing but having a vision of reality that you can make it happen you’ll

Figure it out you guys are just going off this is uh this is a really loaded one this question is how are you really doing and that’s a great question I feel like this is very appropriate for the theme of this video just because I want

To talk to you guys like we’re just hanging out how am I really doing I mean in the grand scheme of things we’re good I mean Tiana’s healthy I’m healthy Sparkle is healthy we’re doing good um and I can’t complain on a larger scale honestly I am very stressed and

Despite my what looked like at face value all of this granted it is but all of this isn’t just all fun it’s a lot of work and a lot of stress and a lot of planning scheduling I mean I mean we’re running a a real business here and you

Guys get to see the fun aspects of it and not necessarily so much of the amount of work that we have to put in the amount of stress that we’re going through whether it’s developing the Legends website or making sure the merchandise is taken care of or figure

Out our next build or how we’re even gonna do the build there’s just so much behind the scenes that doesn’t get shown that um even though yes we’re having so much fun in the times of Our Lives I mean it is it is honestly so much stress and

Late late nights getting things done and of course you know with running a business um there’s a lot to think about whether it’s just things that might not even be relevant in your head like quantities of item and if we over order items or under order items in customer service then of

Course scaling what we do in the shop you know doing bigger and better builds and figuring that out and maybe taking on more sponsors which requires more ad space in the videos and on on on social media I mean there’s so many factors that go into what we do that you guys

Might not think about that is extremely stressful and to be honest it’s like I’m a little burnt out right now and that’s not to say that I’m not loving what we’re doing I’m not having fun and I’m not constantly thinking of new ideas it’s just this year’s been a lot and we

Have grown a lot but with growth comes growing pains and we’ve definitely had a lot of those this year but without the growing pains we wouldn’t learn and wouldn’t be able to do what we’re currently doing today and you know the crazy part is I kind of said this you

Know the 15 year old 14 year old Dustin that started this YouTube channel I just fell into this this wasn’t something that I planned on you know back then YouTube wasn’t a career or a job it was just something that you did for fun and it’s quite literally what I did I made

The stupidest silliest skits with my friends and got my Honda Civic and decided to film doing some modifications on that and you know one thing led to another and we ended up here and through that process I’ve had to just figure things out I have no idea what in the

Hell that I’m doing we just have to figure it out step by step and you know that even makes it a little bit harder as well and that’s kind of more where that stress comes from now granted we have an amazing team Jessica is absolutely killer at what she does and

I’m sure all of you guys that have ordered through us with Legends or come to the car meets and you guys can see that she does help out a lot and has taught me so much through this process um but still it’s a lot for something

That I had never planned on or something that I I don’t know how to run a business I don’t know I never knew how to do that or how to manage a big garage like this or do sponsorships with amazing I didn’t know how to do any of

That I just figured it out and that kind of goes back to our first question you guys start from the basics and work your way up and if you really want to do something you’ll figure out how to make it work and you’ll figure out how to run

It and be good at it and I feel like that’s still what I’m trying to do but we’re taking it step by step and you guys are there with me every step of the way next up what is your favorite quote um some of you guys know this probably a

Lot of you guys know this but my favorite quote is right here actually my first tattoo that I ever got and it says do more it’s simple straight to the point but it’s true I think in every scenario every situation there is an opportunity to do more and go that extra

Step that let’s say the normal person wouldn’t take for easy example when I was starting out in YouTube and I was living in Mississippi and I kind of had the choice to take the easy route a lot of you guys know those you or you may

Not know it I graduated college with a degree in criminal justice and I was actually going to go be a police officer or I had the opportunity to actually move to California and you know do freelance videography and photography and you know work for throttle and all

Of that and I took that risk that summer after I graduated college packed up my entire car me and Danny drove from Mississippi all the way to California and I’ve been here for maybe I think six years now it’s crazy but like I said no

Matter what it is whether it is being a content creator or being a doctor or engineer you know whatever the case is I always think there’s opportunity to do more and take that extra step that you normally would okay we got some we got some car ones in here let’s answer this

One this is uh this says what got you into time attack this is really funny I mean of course just like everything else in this garage Japan I stumbled across Japanese time attack videos on YouTube a few years ago and I kind of just got obsessed I’m sure you guys have seen dog

Fight you guys might have seen shoebox um I found their videos on YouTube and I just became obsessed with how gnarly these guys built their cars and and their their Quest at scuba circuit to go sub one minute and just the tuning style I’ve always loved Japanese cars but then

Finding the circuit lifestyle of Japan and the time attack lifestyle of Japan completely just changed my world of of what I knew of what I wanted with my cars and that’s why I constantly always build my cars to be able to go to the track if I want to take them and usually

They kind of end up turning as race cars but it’s because I love it that’s because it’s just my style and what I’d gravitate more towards there’s just something about building the car out to its utmost potential and something about taking this car that this thing that

You’re building and taking it to the track and just pushing it beating the out of it and pushing it to its limits I mean I just love it and the aggressive styling the meaty tires the big Arrow I just fell in love and that’s what got me into time attack I bought

Last 2000 uh art of attack helped me get into local track days and it was just kind of over from there now I’m just now I’m just completely obsessed and anytime I have time to go to the track or a free weekend we’re there with that type R and

Soon to be the fl5 I really want to take the fl5 at some point but uh for now we’re busy developing the fk8 okay this is actually a pretty good one too what drives you to keep growing the channel and the brand and you know that’s

A very easy one for me I guess because I’ve always been a very driven uh very creative minded person what what’s the point of this if you aren’t continuing to move forward and if you are wanting to do more setting yourself goals and there’s never been a sense of

Complacency with me I’ve never been like all right this is the point where I’m at and I’m comfortable here I’ve always had that urge to want more and and do more I guess um like I said I’m very goal driven so I always love having goals for myself

Whether it’s to hit 750 000 subscribers a million subscribers or sell a certain amount on Legends or or you know get Legends into retail stores for everybody I mean I always have a goal I’m always trying to do more and I think that one is just to become successful in for

Myself for for my family I think there’s a sense in me that just wants to always succeed and and of course I don’t I have failures I have and I have goals that maybe take me two steps forward and then I fall 10 steps back but that’s all part

Of growing a business growing a brand and you know working for yourself like I keep saying it it’s figuring it out and I think what keeps me wanting to grow and wanting to and wanting to expand is that want to succeed and not want to always push myself further and to

Ultimately do more and what’s next in all this I have no freaking idea this would actually be pretty cool someone asked would there be a possibility at some point to own a shop in Japan um definitely a goal is to have my own place in Japan whether it’s a shop or a

Little apartment house in the countryside you can probably tell I think about this often um I definitely want to own property at some point in Japan and I think that’s another really big goal that I have on my vision board is to definitely at some point own property in Japan hopefully

Sooner than later but that’s for another story what are you looking most forward to for the future for yourself and the Brand This is a hard one because honestly I don’t know what the future holds I always try and like I said I never expected any of this so I have no

I have no real plan as crazy as that sounds I I really don’t I mean yes of course every year we set goals for ourselves and you know come up with ideas that I want but excitement stems from I mean or or My want really is just

To create a long lasting impression on this community and what we have here I don’t want people to forget the amazing stories of of the generation that I love you know the 90s Japanese cars and and that style and just I hope I leave a good impression on the community when

Everything is all said and done that is that is my hope to inspire a generation to know that they can do whatever they put their minds because if a kid from Mississippi like me can achieve what I have so far um anybody can do it if I can do it so

Can you and I just want that generation that younger generation or older generation to to see that to see that if if you work hard and you put your mind to it and and you are disciplined and you do set goals for yourself that your dream is achievable oh man well the

Dream of an NSX come true I sure hope so man that is definitely on the list of cars that I would love to own as NSX but for now we got a lot of stuff going on in the shop we have some big projects coming up for this year and hopefully

One day maybe next year you know who knows a JDM car world is crazy right now I feel like I have to answer this one and this one says what is your ultimate dream car or dream car Fleet if money isn’t not an issue Tom from Europe Tom

My ultimate dream car would have to be the 992 gt3rs I am absolutely head over heels in love with that car but the fleet the fleet would have to be the GTRs are my forever cars if everything had to go away the cars that I would keep the 32

33 34 and R35 GTR but if I could have a dream it also to have at least one air cooled Porsche as well as the 992 GT3 RS I think that would be my my dream Fleet favorite build from another YouTuber I think Adam lz’s R34 GTR is my favorite I

Love that car so much this this is a good one have you ever considered going into Pro amateur racing and I don’t really I don’t know what Pro amateur racing kind of means in the time attack world I guess but something that I was really really interested in that I’m

Trying to find the time to do is go to racing school and actually get my competition racing license that’s something that truly interests me and um you guys know how much I I love racing and time attack I think getting my competition license to do wheel do we

Were racing or you know just for for driver skill is really really important so that’s something that I would love to get into one day and you know and you know of course driving GT3 GT4 I mean that would be a dream come true as well

And um but we’ll see where life takes me will we ever see another stance build on a new car sort of yes the next the next couple of big builds will most definitely not be track cars and will be more of show cars also with that being said we are so

Close to 750 000 subscribers and at 750 000 subscribers we are going to be revealing the secret car the new secret car we’ve had it for a couple of months now I’ve been driving it here and there some of you guys have spotted me and have seen it but it’s pretty freaking

Amazing and I’m very it’s different than anything else that we have in the shop it’s a completely different world but I’m excited about it beer of choice I think my beer of choice I’m not a huge beer guy but if they’re Sapporo I’ll drink some Sapporo or I’m more of an IPA

Guy I really like ipas I don’t really drink like like Miller or Bud Light or anything like that but if I had to drink it either be a Sapporo or an IPA so many miotic questions in here we want to do a Miata but if we did the Miata it

Would be the next giveaway car I’m gonna do a really sick like old school 90s Japanese style Miata build it would be sick but not a Miata in the garage forever I think so again we had a lot of questions about Japan we’ll be back in

Japan in August for a very very special week of videos it’s going to be really cool when I’m excited all right we are going to end the Q a with this question because I feel like this is a really good question um this says out of everything you’ve accomplished what are

You most proud of and this is extremely extremely hard to answer because there’s so much to be proud of um but I really think it’s not anything that I’ve really done it’s more of I I’m extremely proud of the life I’ve been able to create and the confidence Within

Myself to know that I can achieve those things it’s very very easy to get down on yourself and and tell yourself that there’s things that you can’t do and kind of tell yourself that the dreams aren’t achievable or those things are crazy you can’t do that and I’m just

Very proud of myself of showing myself that I can’t achieve those things and and I can do whatever I put my mind to and and just this this crazy life that we’ve been able to build um that’s really what I’m I’m most proud of and continuing to build as well

Doesn’t end here this is really just just the beginning of everything like I said I hope to inspire Generations down for me or above me and and just hopefully they can take it from my experience and knowing that you can do whatever you set your mind to as long as

You love it as long as you have a true passion for it you can do it boom okay I feel like that was a pretty awesome q a we got kind of deep there this is what we’re gonna go ahead and end it I’ve already told you guys we are absolutely

Crazy coming up there’s a lot of travel coming up there’s a lot of waiting that’s going to be happening for parts Etc if you guys stayed till this long I’m going to give you a little sneak peek of something that we have back here

Um if you made it all the way to the end you’re a real one and you deserve to get a sneak peek now this is only only for the real one to stay till the end so don’t leak it don’t leak it out of out of this okay I’m trusting you guys

This is uh this is your sneak peek hopefully you may or may not know what that is but uh I’m very excited and that is what’s to come thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today hopefully you enjoyed this q a hopefully give you

A little bit more of an insight as to what we do here what’s kind of like inside my head and let me know if you guys want to see more of these because honestly I really enjoy getting to just hang out and talk with you guys

Sometimes so let me know but with all that being said we’re gonna go and end it if you guys have not already make sure to hit that like button leave me a comment down below and of course hit that subscribe button if you are not subscribed already because we are so

Close less than a thousand away from 750k we’re gonna be revealing the new secret car so thank you guys again and we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out