Dustin Williams Video: How Bad is the Damage..? | Rebuilding Wrecked R35 GTR Ep. 1

Posted: 2023-05-22 17:00:04
Author: Dustin Williams
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The Wrecked R35 GTR begins… in today’s video, we assess the damages to the wrecked R35 GTR. We see how bad everything is, go for the first test drive, and take a look at some of the parts that will be going on to the GTR. Get ready!!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

How actually insane is this grandfather and and Son two black GTRs was so much time in history between the two this just blows my mind I’m so excited for this Thank you Case you guys have been living under a rock this is our new project slash giveaway car for you guys if you guys haven’t seen the past two episodes definitely go back and check those out we traveled 10 hours all the way to Salt Lake City Utah to meet our good friend

Cole the owner of Life Motorsports to actually pick up this GTR now as you can see it’s a little a little hurt here we have a wrecked R35 GTR that we’re gonna be rebuilding and giving away to you guys it’s gonna be so awesome but the backstory is really awesome too because

Cole is such an awesome guy but before Cole had the car the previous owner actually got into a wreck and I think the story goes he hit a stop sign and it just completely demolished the front end of this car now the goal here today is

To take a full in-depth look at the R35 GTR to see what we’re getting ourselves into see the modifications that this car currently has because when I bought the car I was actually under the impression that it was stock and from the rear the exhaust and the pictures actually look

Stock it’s not stock at all it’s actually very very loud so we’re gonna be taking a deep dive into this car just to see everything that this has driving the cars seeing how it drives and just getting to know this car and what we’re getting ourselves into before we

Actually start the rebuild and the build of this car so starting out with the assessment of the GTR as you guys can see the front end took the brute force of the damage the crash beam saved the front end of this card thankfully from what we can

See here there is absolutely no frame damage which is really really nice actually even where the fender was hit doesn’t even look out of place either what really got the most damage was definitely the bucket here we are missing like a little piece of plastic that pulled oh okay that holds the

Headlight in but thankfully we got that part figured out which you guys are seeing just a bit and it also looks like our intercooler piping got a little banged up in here but for the most part I mean that’s really all the damage up front thankfully no airbags deployed we

Don’t have any check engine lights from the oil cooler here also it could have been really bad if the oil cooler was punctured and leaking oil thankfully the cooler is still holding oil and it just looks like it was dented the frame of the oil cooler is busted so we’re gonna

Have to figure out if we can bend this back to even hold our new oil cooler on but we’ll figure that out when the time comes either way I’m happy that this is the the most of the damage here um and it’s really not that bad the

Thing that I am noticing up front as well though is this car has two separate intakes which is very very weird I’m very curious to see what exactly this thing has because in the previous video when we revealed the car Cole told us that this car actually is tuned we have

An accutek little dongle thing so that we can actually get this car retuned and figure out everything that this has so um when we’re done taking a look at the exterior we’re actually going to lift this thing up because like I said I thought this thing had a stock exhaust

Definitely does it and I’m very curious to see if this thing actually has down punches so let’s move on to the side very strange the front wheel has zero damage which is really nice we are missing a side skirt but it looks like we still have all of our side skirt

Mounts which will be really nice when we get our side skirts back from the body shop oh this is kind of busted right here about to bend that little piece out right there but looks like we still have all of our mounting points which is and

Maybe not back there I don’t know let’s look this looks like a little bent up right here we’ll have to figure out once oh yeah this is all cracked okay so we’re definitely have to figure out our side skirt mounting but it looks like we have all the holes actually it looks

Like it just completely ripped the side skirt off can clean off what happened is it probably smack the stops on the stop sign went Kakao and then went under the car like that oh yeah straight up straight yeah and if you look back here we have a slit

In the tire and a slight damage to the wheel but the wheel isn’t bent which is nice it’s just chipped so it’s still holding air there’s actually really nice Wheels but we are going to be changing these for you guys getting you a new set

Of tires and a new set of wheels which are even sicker than this and then we do have a little bit of damage back here to the rear bumper a little chunk taken out of the plastic right here which is no big deal as far as that goes that is the

Damage on the GTR yes she’s banged up but it’s nothing Tim and I can’t fix and we have some really really exciting stuff for you so before we actually show what we’re going to be putting on the car let’s get this thing lifted up and see what she has under the hood

What we discovered here is strangely it does have intercooler piping it looks like the upper piping is you know why they did that we have HKS blow off valves and they change the upper intercooler piping to be able to fit the blow-off valves but didn’t do the lower intercooler piping or the

Intercool what that is very very strange either way the good news is we’re back working with extreme turbo systems and we have the extreme turbo systems from mount intercooler just like the one that we have on my R35 going on this thing but I’m sure this thing sounds Super Rad

With the HKS blow-off valve so later on we are going to take this thing for a quick drive so we can hear what it sounds like but as you can see we’ve got some cobwebs on this this obviously hasn’t been hasn’t been driven in a very

Very long time so we’re gonna do a full fluid change get everything cleaned up in here replace some piping replace some things and get this thing back to Oliver Glory so that’s actually very cool now with seeing this I want to say we’re almost positively going to have downpipes let’s check it out All right well that is uh oh my God it has downpipes downpipes it looks like actually yeah we’ve got catted downpipes nice not a bad deal but why is it so loud still you see it’s leaking right here oh yeah all these gaskets look pretty pretty destroyed look at this one

Dude well someone tried the RTV that one back together okay well myth debunked we definitely have an exhaust from the back in the pictures it looked stock because these are stock exhaust tips but this is obviously an aftermarket is this stuck yeah this is a stock deal I didn’t know

It was carbon yeah as an aftermarket aftermarket exhaust looks like a custom exhaust actually looks like a custom exhaust here um it has the y-pipe that’s also resonated and then we have what looks to be catted downpipes with really weird O2 sensor bungs I’ve never seen that before

It’s too fake the system that it’s it’s probably those probably aren’t cats they’re probably resonators it’s the fake the sensor to make it seem like it’s restricted that’s why it’s so loud probably we already have a new ma performance exhaust for this car so we’re gonna be replacing this entire

Exhaust anyways oh does it nice oh sick very cool has it been upgraded yeah so with this car guys it already has upgraded brakes and brake pads we have steel braided brake lines we’re gonna oh my God this thing is destroyed I think you’re right the uh the stop sign went

Straight underneath it and just wrecked it good thing it didn’t damage any of this which is crazy and it’s good like this is bent but it really looks like it’s possible to just bend it back right because it just looks like if I even flown this down yeah I can get it almost

Back to where it was perfect okay so I mean there’s damage but the damage really is not that bad it’s all easily fixable this thing did it did its job and protected the pan the transmission the exhaust isn’t all beat up which wouldn’t have mattered anyways I am

Stoked this is so freaking cool so this thing has lots of like really good goodies but it’s also just a really good car which is awesome now that we know what this thing actually has let’s take it for its first drive see how she drives in I guess we just gotta get

Started we’re gonna be showing you guys what exactly we have for this car um so you guys can get prepared for the build because it’s gonna be pretty awesome but first let’s go for a drive foreign okay oh man this thing is just remember we don’t have a front bump right now

Feels good it feels solid definitely needs an alignment but the car was wrecked so if the car feels this good right now that’s a very good sign foreign stock Springs I can feel it for sure I’m stoked how are the brakes they’re upgraded I’m just happy the car drives this solid which means

All the damage has definitely been just cosmetic mmm and then if we put it back to shadow it drives normal makes all the good R35 GTR noises too we got the trans noises you can just feed it just wrong that’s what I love about the older version GTRs this is a 2009

Mine’s a 2013 and the older GTRs from 2013 back are the more raw feeling like more clunky transmission GTRs and for me that’s what a GTR is more clunky just raw feeling car and this definitely has that feeling and these good noises it doesn’t make

HKS noises oh and I was just about that it doesn’t make H cast noises at all but it has H gas ball valves either way the car feels great it feels a good Baseline yeah it feels like a GTR should feel so we’re gonna pull this thing in and let’s

Show you guys the bulk of all the parts that we have as you guys can see we definitely have our work cut out for us but with that being said this is going to be the biggest project that we’ve ever done and one of the most fun and

The coolest now here we have pretty much all the stuff that we have to rebuild this car now you’re probably saying to yourselves what about the body I’m not going to show you guys the kit until we get to that point but come take a look

Over here this is pretty much what we have going on the car we have brand new Bridgestone tires which are absolutely sick the same ones that I actually run on my R35 GTR beautiful set of raised Wheels provided by our good friends over at fitment Industries along with JDM only

Obtained suspension I’m very very excited for this to give this car a much better ride quality as well as a little bit more low to go along with the new wheels and tires that we have now over here we have we guys know we got to rebuild the front

End of this car and we have some parts over here to help us rebuild that headlight brand new Alpha oil cooler from AMS we have our suspension intakes so we can actually have some matching intakes on the car and a brand new exhaust with beautiful welds that is not

Going to leak from our friends over at Ma performance which I am all super super excited like I told you guys this build is going to be absolutely awesome and the end product is going to be amazing and you guys are not going to miss out on this Thank you that is where we’re going to end today’s video I hope you guys are excited as we are about the GTR build it is going to be it’s going to be so good I am very very excited those of you who saw the sneak peek in the last video know what

The Kit’s gonna look like and it’s a one-on-one Custom kit it’s it’s awesome and it’s really gonna set this car off so of course I want to remind you guys that every one dollar that you spend on the legend site is one entry into win and we just revamped our VIP program so

VIPs can get up to 10 times entries on everything and if you take a look at the legend site here you can actually see the entries that every item gives you guys and if you have an account with us on Legends you can keep track of all of

Your entries added up totaled so that you guys know exactly how many entries you have totaled up and here’s a new VIP program as well where you guys can figure out which tier is which and what it actually gives you it’s really really cool so definitely check out the legend

Set if you haven’t already I’m gonna link it down below for you guys and get your entries in because this is just the beginning we’re actually about to start the build right now once I get done with this video and start putting things back together fixing it and potentially doing

The kit we’re gonna see how today goes but either way thank you guys so much for watching I hope you’re excited like I said if you haven’t already make sure to hit that like button leave me a comment down below and make sure not to forget to hit that subscribe button I’ll

See you guys for the next episode Peace foreign