Dustin Williams Video: GTR Gets The PERFECT Stance & Fitment | Rebuilding Wrecked R35 GTR Ep. 4

GTR Gets The PERFECT Stance & Fitment | Rebuilding Wrecked R35 GTR Ep. 4

Posted: 2023-05-29 17:00:25
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, we finally get to install the new wheels, tires, and suspension on the R35 GTR. We got the new Rays GramLight 57FXZ wheels, bridgestone potenza sport tires, and ultra JDM Tein suspension. All of these parts together made this look & feel like a completely different car!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Thank you [Applause] today [Applause] for 20 inch wheels is surprisingly very light and welcome back for another episode of the GTR rebuild series this morning we are heading to the tire shop because we got to get these juicy wheels and tires mounted so that we can actually do the suspension we are also

Gonna be doing suspension today and it’s gonna be really convenient to get the wheels and tires melted and put on today so we can set the car exactly where I want it give it the perfect ride height and then this thing will be ready to go

For wrap number one I want to remind you guys that every one dollar that you spend on the legend site is one entry into win this GTR and VIPs and get up to 10 times entries with the new VIP program I’m gonna link it all down below

But also I have to give a gigantic thank you to fitment Industries they have been the best partner not only on this build but on all of the builds for the channel and this year they’re just absolutely incredible not only do they make it easy

To find things that are in stock or even tell you when things are out of stock which is very nice but they can help you guys find the perfect fitment no matter what your car is they have something for you along with the giveaway I’m gonna go

Ahead and leave a link to fitment Industries down below as well do me a huge favor go check them out if you need something for your car no matter what it is they can hook you guys up we’ll talk more about that later but first let’s head to the tire shop All right The wheels look incredible we have Tim at the shop currently working on the GTR started getting everything off of the car that we need to get off for suspension and the wheels you guys have no one of these wheels full set of wheels on any car ever in my history of building blocks

Thank you guys I’ll see ya all right we are loaded up let’s head to the shop it’s on the suspension dude stop what you’re doing I need you to look at this look how absolutely ridiculous can I say it holy those are so sick are these oh my God I

Am so salty that I’m not keeping these neither fitment if you’re watching this I need another set I mean I haven’t shown them yet because I want to put the I want to do it at the end but whoa all right I’m guessing you uh been having some fun over here already

It’s a pain in the butt so okay we’re gonna unload these and show you guys what we’re getting started with it’s time to get working on the GTR next up we went full JDM for you guys and we are installing tane monosport suspension on our R35 GTR this is a really great set

Of suspension perfect for daily use like I said but also it is adjustable for those of you guys that want to tighten the dampening and take it to the track or go for spirited driving on your local Canyon or Toe games this is a great suspension that I am super fortunate

That fitment Industries actually had in stock and ready to go just like our brand new Wheels now I cannot stress this enough if you guys are looking for a set of suspension wheels and they even do a performance check out fitment Industries they make it super simple to

Find exactly what you need but not only that it lets you know if something’s on back order or if they actually have it in stock which is really nice because most of the times when you go to these parts websites or parts companies they don’t specify whether the parts are in

Stock or not and one thing that I personally really love about the Ministries is that they let you freaking know if it’s back ordered or if it’s in stock and thankfully they have detained suspension and our raised Wheels in stock ready to go do me a huge favor go

Check them out even if it’s just to browse even if you’re looking for your dream wheels and setting a goal of what you want give them a look enough of that you guys know how this goes we’re gonna install suspension we’re gonna set the wheels on and then we’re gonna get the

Perfect ride height on the GTR let’s do this Thank you The worst part about a GTR suspension install actually you know what any Nissan installed are getting all up like how do you even is the interior bolts to get your rear suspension out five we’re doing it so you guys don’t have to there it is oh please don’t fall please look at that

Good to go never seen it Ace Ventura number one down Thank you rear suspension complete time to move on to the fronts Foreign Thank you Thank you we still don’t know if it’s the right ride yeah I know Whatever you know what time it is they’re behind us and right there [Applause] is that your thumbnail yes suspension is installed and the moment I know you guys have all been waiting for in the moment Tim and I have been waiting for you guys don’t even know

What they look like yet so I figured let’s just go ahead and reveal them to you guys this might be my favorite set of wheels that I have ever put on a car they are beautiful and these are the brand new oh gram light 57 sxz wheels made by race So I hope you guys are as stoked as we are on these they look absolutely fantastic now when I first saw these I knew I had to have a set and once I saw them actually mounted on the tires instant regret knowing that I actually won’t be able to keep these for myself

But it’s all good because it’s only go to one of you guys and I am so stoked to see one of you rolling around in these they are absolutely beautiful you guys know how much I love tees but I don’t know man these might start taking the

Cake on some builds here this fits so well with the design and the look of the car that I really wanted you guys know track spec just aggressive sharp lines it’s got an intricate design which you have a nice aggressive wheel style but still looking elegant it’s very very

Nice and like I keep saying I’m absolutely in love has all the goods the Rays engraved in the side as well as the made in Japan but my favorite has to be the gram light logo that’s been laser etched in the side of the wheel it gives

It just a very nice like flat kind of race look I guess I don’t really know how to explain it but it’s absolutely beautiful and I’m so excited to show you guys what these look like on the car so our wheel specs are going to be 20 by 11

Plus 18. so it definitely is an aggressive stance for this car but it’s going to look really nice especially because we went 25 mil 25 mil wider in the front with the new fenders so let’s throw these on and see how she looks Dude What why why is it so good it just what what the kit it’s everything works perfectly oh my I’m gonna need you to hurry up though because I’m going to lower the car guys okay do the honors brother these look absolutely just better than I can imagine and I

Have no idea what the color of these rules are but when we get the wrap it’s just gonna it’s gonna be insane oh my gosh oh oh oh dude are you joking me the height from Factory from tane Factory has already been said and preload has already been

Set this is perfect and I don’t think you could have picked a better ride height oh my God that’s money look at that it looks amazing my wheel specs like my hair my wheel specs on another level another level okay holy like you couldn’t ask for a better stick though

And dude the way the Wii how like the wheels have that concave face it just flows so well with the front kit right here and in the back you have all the beef because the 305 tires dude dude I can’t wait I can’t wait for the

Rest I’m just in this I cannot wait till this is all one color let’s get her on the ground dude yeah it’s good on the ground dead yeah dead I’m dead I see exactly what I wanted for the car it just flows so perfectly everything everything you know what we got to do

Test drive dude GTR feels so good with suspension it’s so this is remember when we did the same exact test drive same exact route how soft the suspension was this is infinitely better and like I said it’s 28 way adjustable yes so we put it right in the middle for you guys

So it’s right in the middle of soft and hard and whoever wins it can adjust it to their liking but right in the middle feels perfect did you just lose direction a little bit Everything feels good there’s no suspension noises the suspension feels great we’re good to go

I’m so sour I’ve had this long enough to take it to a track a Road legal legal yes wait I’m doing it wrong I’m not gonna get anybody to buy the entries don’t forget your entries I can get out of here well another night another modification to the GTR I I got another one no your dad skills are great but I’m trying

To show the wheels okay I can do the worm no you guys enjoyed the show like I was saying wanted to wait once again until sunset because I just feel like the lighting out here is incredible the wheels look so good I don’t mean to brag but I have impeccable taste

Yeah no but seriously these wheels look fantastic I could not be any happier with number one how they look but also just how great the fitment is with the old with the 25 mil wider fenders up front and then even the fitment in the back I went a little bit thicker and did

A little bit of a heavier Tire or a little bit of a beefier tire and The Stance is phenomenal and the fact that the tane suspension came out of the box already set perfectly for the car that is a 12 out of 10 scenario that is so

Freaking cool so not only does it look great but it rides great and this is going to you guys I am so freaking excited so we have one more day or one more video for you guys of the last modification before this thing goes off

To the Wrap Shop to DH Graphics to get its complete color change and you guys are not gonna recognize this car after it’s all done I’m very very excited a lot of you have already guessed the color do you know did I tell you the

Color I told you the color you did but I’m gonna steal it at the while you’re going at the wrap shop and we’re gonna wrap it with sparco’s face actually you guys probably like that so um it’s gonna be really good I’m very excited to show you guys the final

Product but like I said I just wanted to get some quick shots of the car at Golden hour because it just looks fan freaking tastic and I hope you guys like the choice as well so let’s head up [Applause] Foreign [Applause] I would like everybody to take a second and appreciate this beautiful Masterpiece this is what I like to call a dud Burger do another Chef duck night here in the Williams household every night is Chef dog night because I’m the only one that cooks let me clear something up I cooked she

Doesn’t know I cook it’s just not nearly as good as it does this is yours we have condiments on the side I was very surprised at how many people were actually interested about the the duck cookbook here the thing it has to happen what you guys need to realize is

I don’t really know how to cook I just make things and it comes out good let’s go around for dinner but before this I want to show you guys something that’s really really cool a quick unboxing this I want you guys to see it this is this

Might be the coolest thing I’ve ever received ever in my entire life you guys know that I’m a massive fan of Initial D I love it anyways there was a picture that went viral on Instagram of a set of Nike Dunks that were Initial D D Initial

D inspired look what we got today this is so cool because the actual creator of those shoes watched my videos of us in Japan and actually sent us a legit pair to a86 dunks that went out of stock last year when they did the limited release

Look at this are you ready for this let’s do it oh I am not a shoe guy at all yeah first of all look at what I’m wearing first of all that’s my thing I don’t care about shoes at all I just wear Vans and I’m happy with my Vans but

This is the coolest thing of all times uh customized by no brainer no-brainer is a designer makes really cool like Concepts and stuff and it’s just went so viral that they did a collaboration and they made them but relax look how sick these are okay truthfully though like the camera

Doesn’t do it justice like the colors like an off-white cream yeah yeah exactly you’ve got the fujiwara tofu shop right here 86 up here it’s just so freaking cool it’s actually super super sick and I couldn’t be any more stoked thank you so much no-brainer you can see him right here

You guys should definitely check out his Instagram he has a ton of really cool concept shoes now I was gonna wear these to the shop but Tiana gave me a strict no I wrecked him I pressed right here and she was like don’t do that does he

Crease them I don’t really care I’m gonna wear them everywhere anyways but no no okay not to the shop but out but I just wanted to thought I’d show you guys these because these are just I’m so jelly anyways we’re gonna enjoy our dump Burgers I hope you guys are stoked on

The GTR build and how the wheels and tires came out like we keep saying every one dollar spent on the legend store is one entry and to win the GTR so don’t sleep on it we’re gonna enjoy our dinner watch watch some parks and rec and we’ll

See you guys for the next one make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe see you guys in the next one peace out